tagBDSMMy Lactation Slave Ch. 04

My Lactation Slave Ch. 04



I arrived in Omaha early Saturday morning, a little after eight AM actually. I had tried to convince myself that I really didn't miss Melinda at all but I knew damn well I was lying to myself. It had taken me no more than eight hours to admit that she had indeed become the most important person in my life and not even a call from my brother in California had brightened my day.

The transformation of the loft into a full blown discipline chamber complete with sound proofing, sound effects and flickering torches combined with a vast assortment of costumes for Big Tits to wear had been my brain storm. The heavy arched oak door accessed a torch lit chamber lined with walls now resembling the rough hued rock of a medieval castle dungeon.

The plush carpet was gone and textured flagstone tile covered the floor as the half dozen flickering torch lights let the cameras now remain in the shadows to record our play sessions. I was so looking forward to her donning the long gowns that snuggly forced her lush tits to almost tumble out of them then after tying her in place I would either rip them off her or cut them away as I tortured her delectable body for hours on end.

I had found another dealer that handled her line of breast bridles and had ordered three models for her one which I had packed along with her specially designed cincher and lingerie for the ceremony later this morning. As per our agreement Jessie kept me apprised of her progress and I felt a deep sense of pride hearing how she was adjusting to servicing members of the same sex as well as handling unexpected situations.

I heard my phone chirp, recognized Jessie's ring tone and touching the switch on the dash answered, "Yeah Jessie?"

"Just a quick update Jack, she spent the night chained at the foot of our bed and I really worked Maria over but good. She's ready for the test, how soon will you be in town?" the other Dom asked.

"I'm just exiting off the 233 exit now Jessie."I replied warmly.

The other Dom chuckled and he quipped, "Can you find your way to where we had the party?"

"Oh hell yes, in my sleep." I retorted with resolve.

"Cool. I'll bring the girls and be there in half an hour. Make sure you hide your car and Tony will take care of the rest." The other Dom assured him.

I found the house in about fifteen minutes and parked my car behind a screen of hedges then moved to the house where the Negro man met me with a warm smile and a welcome cup of coffee. He led me down a set of steps to the basement and pressing a button concealed under a table accessed a long passageway. I gave him a sly look and he retorted." This accesses the old waste oil tank that they had under the implement dealership. I cleaned it out; steam cleaned it and set up a total waxing tank in it. I can dip a female in it and remove every bit of hair from her in about six minutes. Now the heat is a bit intense but I go slowly, allowing them to adjust and usually before it's over the silly sluts are really enjoying it. My sub says it's a very relaxing thing." He chuckled and retorted, "I brought two younger Doms along to roll the wax off Big Tits; they will drive her nuts. You wait and see."

I pumped out my udders as ordered by Jessie and placed the milk in the kitchen fridge before he ordered me to put on my sandals along with my collar and cuffs. I meekly complied and wasn't the least surprised when he loaded us into the back of his Hummer and drove us away from his house about a quarter past eight.

I glanced over at Maria and found her looking back at me as she brought her finger to her lips signaling me not to ask any questions and I swallowed hard wondering just where we were going. It wasn't till we passed the gate to the sprawling metal building for the party that I realized just where we were and a tremor of dread washed over me. I knew who owned this place and the memories of the two encounters I had experienced with Tony were not my most pleasant.

The Hummer rolled through the waiting open door and stopped as I saw the dark skinned man waiting me with a coiled whip in his hand. I fought down the cold chill that coursed through my being as I felt a wave of outright fear wash through me. What had happened, had something happened to Jack? Why did he have a whip and for what purpose?

Jessie opened the door and reaching in he slid his finger through the heavy-duty ring on my collar and pulled me from the seat to all but hurl me to the floor as he growled, "Here she is Tony, she's all yours!"

I struggled to my knees and assuming the required position ignored the chill that lanced through me as the man stepped forward and looked down at me. I kept my eyes lowered knowing full well the cost of not keeping my place. The man produced a leash and attaching it to my collar he drew me to my feet as he snarled, "Follow me you worthless cunt!"

I meekly trailed behind him keeping my hands behind my head as he strode across the room to a door that I didn't recall ever seeing before. Just past the door a set of concrete steps led the way down into a dimly lit storage area that I noticed was converted to a very well stocked discipline chamber. I heard footsteps behind me and seconds later I saw Maria also on a leash being led by Jessie.

There was a sound across the room and I looked up to see two unfamiliar men standing there looking at me with knowing grins on their faces. I quickly lowered my gaze but it was too late as one quipped, "The big titted one looked at us Tony, she gets her tit's worked over by me."

The other one chuckled and retorted, "Fine with me I get her mouth on my cock after her treatment in the tank."

The mention of the word;"tank" brought a low moan from Maria and my fears increased as I wondered just what was in store for me. I didn't have long to wait as Tony lowered a power wench from an overhead I beam with a four foot spreader bar attached. Jessie connected my cuffs to it after checking to make sure they were snug and he double checked the carabineers that held me to the bar before nodding to Tony.

The black man forced a ball gag into my mouth and secured it as he quipped, "Can't have her screaming too much." I felt my body being lifted from the floor and I hung there as Tony flipped a switch on the wall. A six foot diameter metal door built into the floor lifted on hydraulic pistons and when it did the heat and bright glow from the opening filled the chamber.

I stared at the glowing opening and then back at Jessie. My mind went into overdrive as I wondered what they were going to do with me. Tony pushed my helpless form across the floor and as he did the heat rose around me. I looked down past my jutting breasts at the glowing blue contents of the pit and felt my stomach rumble in utter terror.

I franticly looked at Maria and found her looking back at me. She could clearly see the growing panic in my eyes then to my stunned disbelief she smiled and winked at me. Toni's voice came from a foot or so away as he spoke, "The first few seconds of a wax dipping can be the most frightening. The wax is not hot enough to burn but it takes a real pain slut to enjoy the way it feels. Most subs have an orgasm at some point when they try it. Let's see how many times this cock hungry slut comes."

I silently observed from the shadows as the hoist slowly lowered Big Tits into the hot paraffin. I could see every expression on her face as her taunt body was eased downward, the wax enveloping her feet. Tony stopped the hoist allowing her to adjust to it as we had agreed. There was a mixture of anxiety and disbelief on her face as the heat penetrated her lower limbs and then with a soft sigh of resignation she let her body go limp.

Tony gave me thumbs up and I nodded back as he allowed the hoist to lower her voluptuous body into the tank inch by inch until it covered her lush breasts. He waited a few seconds then reversed the direction lifted her from the glowing wax, leaving a thin coating of blue film encasing her form.

He used a gloved hand to push her away from the opening and then lowered the lid before moving to her and cupping her chin in his hand made her look at him as he insisted, "Are you damaged wench?"

Big Tits swallowed hard and shook her head to the negative as he turned to the two men and decreed, "You want her; you roll off the wax."

I glared at Maria as I tried in vain to get her attention, the residual heat from the tank was still radiating through my body. I had used every ounce of resolve to comply with my master's orders and now this? The heat radiating from the wax had heated the rings through my outer labia to the point that they were all but searing my clit and the sensation of the liquid as it hardened on my sensitive flesh had driven me over the edge. The heat to my barbell studs had aroused me beyond belief as well.

I somehow managed to control my body but never the less the orgasm rocketed through my form like a tidal wave and only the gag in my mouth had kept me silent. Even as the men moved their hands over my warm glowing flesh I wondered how was I to hold back the growing tidal wave of raw sexual need that still held me in its grasp.

I was offered no respite as the two men went to work with an enthusiasm that let me know they were old hands at this. For some unknown reason my entire body was hypersensitive to their touch as they rolled the wax from my delectable curves.

I shivered as the two strangers worked systematically rolling the blue soft wax from my body, even as they worked it down my full udders towards my nipples I knew I was in trouble. The slight tugging at my flesh was sending jolts of sexual delight through my breasts straight to my brain and I bit down hard on the gag as I fought to remain motionless. The man on my right tugged the blue wax from my stud adorned nipple and when he did a jolt of bliss shot through me like a bolt of electricity.

I shivered under his touch as the pleasure in my pussy built and I tried desperately to focus on anything, anything at all that would stop this. I could not fail my master. Not this close to the collaring ceremony that would make me his property! I blinked back tears as I looked over at Maria and found her looking at me with heart- felt compassion and empathy in her eyes. I suddenly realized that she had been through this ordeal herself and knew first- hand what I was experiencing.

I had known Big Tits long enough that I could read her body language like a book and I felt a stab of sympathy for her. Tony had assured me that there was no way any woman had ever been through a wax dipping and not had at least one orgasm. I had seen the tell tale undulation of her hips in the assent ion from the tank and knew that her hard fought battle with her own body had cost her dearly. But the true test was still to come and I felt confident that she would be the woman I had come to love and trust.

I remained motionless in the darkness and observed as the two younger Dom's worked the wax from her stomach and dropped it into the catch containers before starting on her lower body. I smiled as she let her head drop back in order not to see what they were doing. She was fighting desperately to maintain her last vestiges of control. I had to admire and respect her efforts to keep her word to me, in spite of her setbacks.

  • * * *

I found myself simply going through the motions as we were again reloaded into the hummer and drove across town to another building where Jessie led us through an empty loading dock area into the back of a very exclusive beauty salon and had our hair done along with a facial , manicure and pedicure.

I knew that Jack was going to be very disappointed with me and how could I blame him? All this time I had convinced myself that I was totally under his control and it had never even entered my mind that another Dom might place me in a position where Jack's orders would be out of my grasp. I now knew that I was not as self disciplined as I had thought and because of that I had no right to wear his collar, I had to tell him, before it was too late and I humiliated him before the other Doms.

I managed to keep my place until I got back to Jessie's home then I waited till we were in the house before I made my appeal. I wasn't sure how Jessie was going to respond but I knew that I had to be honest, even if it offended his sense of authority. I moved into the living room and dropping to my knees before him I bowed my head and spoke, "Master Jessie I realize that I was instructed to obey you as I would my own master. However it is imperative that I speak to him at once, his honor and position as a Dom is in peril and I dare not fail him in this regard."

Jessie looked at me for several long moments then he asked, "You would dare to openly disobey your master Big Tits? You would have me openly allow you to violate his decrees?"

I hung my head in shame and fighting back the tears I confessed, "Master Jessie under the strain of the waxing I failed my master. It is not proper for me to continue with the collaring at this point. I must beg you to allow me to contact him and offer myself for his discipline. If it means you must punish me then so be it."

I waited as the lean man looked at me for several long moments then he plucked his phone from his belt and handed it to me. With a broken heart I took it from him and entered Jack's number as I bit my lip not sure how to tell the man I loved that I had miserably failed him.

The instant I saw the number on the display I knew it was her and my heart pounded in my chest as I flipped open the phone and spoke, "Hello Big Tits."

There was silence on the line then she whispered, "How did you know?"

I smiled and replied, "I know because I know you, because we have a connection that goes beyond mere Dom and sub. I know why you're calling too."

I could tell she was crying as she sobbed, "Master please come and get me, I cannot shame you before the other Doms. Take me home and punish me, break me, I need to be yours!"

I spoke to her with a firm yet tender tone of voice, "Big Tits, who's in charge here?"

"Oh Master Jack you are, forgive me please?" she implored me, totally broken.

I smiled and retorted, "You have made me very proud today my precious one. You have passed your final test with flying colors. Tony knew you would not be able to withstand the wax dip. The true test was whether or not you would risk punishment to tell me before the ceremony. You risked it all, my pet and in doing so you have proven to me that you are indeed worthy of my collar and other symbols of ownership. Every sub is placed in positions where things are beyond her control, the test is how she handles it. Your openness and honesty is what I was wanting and you came through. Let me speak to Jessie."

I extended the phone to Jessie as I whispered, "My master wishes to speak with you sir." I waited as I heard him speak and tried to still the pounding of my heart in my chest. Jack knew, somehow he had known and in spite of my ordeal he was still committed to me as my Dom and was going to continue with the ceremony.

I swallowed hard as the impact of his word actually meant, in essence he was saying that his love for me allowed him the option of overlooking my imperfections and to treasure me as his most prized possession. I blinked back tears of joy as I felt hope again burst into life in my breast and I vowed to make sure that I was a better sub than ever before.

Jessie hung up the phone and turning to me he spoke and his words stunned me, "Melinda I am instructed to put you in a "time out" mode for the next hour, whatever that is."

I jumped to my feet and flinging my arms about his neck hugged him as I declared;"It means I am free to do whatever I want for an hour." I had no idea just how precious that hour was to become before the day was over.

I was resting on the bed in the guest bedroom when they silently entered and took me. The hood was over my head in mere seconds as they held me down and secured my wrists behind my back. I struggled fiercely thinking this was some sort of cruel trick some of the Dom's might be playing on Jack until I heard Jessie's voice, "Relax Big Tits it's all part of the preparation for later."

I went limp as the unseen male's secured wrist and ankle cuffs about my limbs then one of them hefted me over his shoulder and I was carried out of the house over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I was placed on the cool metal floor of some sort of vehicle and I heard the doors being closed before the truck started moving. I lay there totally helpless as unseen masculine hands teased and caressed my naked body.

I knew better than to protest, these men obviously had permission from Jack to seize me and I kept my place as a proper submissive as we sped down the road towards an unknown destination. My lush creamy udders got more than their share of attention as the men pinched and tormented my thick long nipples and generous E's. I bit my lip fighting down the unspoken protests at this harsh treatment totally unaware that it was merely an appetizer of what was to come.

The truck stopped then backed up to a loading dock and seconds later the men were exiting the vehicle dragging me from it to again carry me up a ramp and into a building of some sort. Their footsteps became muffled and I later discovered it was carpeting on the floor as they swatted my exposed buttocks and giggled at my wiggling about.

The twin door opened at the side of the room and I stoically watched as Ken carried my slave across the room and eased her off his broad shoulder to deposit her on the floor at my feet. I reached down and with one firm tug pulled the hood away as I declared, "I see you have recovered my property, did she give you any trouble?"

Ken nodded, "A little, she thought we might be stealing her from you."

I chuckled and smiled as I retorted, "Now you fellows would never do that, now would you?"

Tony laughed and retorted, "Oh hell no! Not when we get to play with her while you watch!"

A shiver of raw anxiety coursed through my form as I listened to the men that towered over me. I managed a quick appraisal and discovered that there were over a dozen Dom's all standing about like a school of sharks with the smell of fresh blood in the water. I recognized a few of them as the men from the first trip to Omaha a few weeks past and knew that I was in for a real ordeal.

Jack reached down and grabbing me by the hair pulled me to my feet as he decreed, "As I told you gentlemen on the phone the other day, Big Tits has never had much experience being disciplined by other men. I feel it is only proper then that she be properly prepared for the ceremony this afternoon. Bring me the bridle if you please Tony."

I stood before my master my head bowed as I caught a glimpse of what the man held in his hand and a sudden wave of fear swept over me. I knew what it was in an instant; I had sold several of these very metal and leather harnesses over the past year. I also noted that it wasn't for decoration either as evidenced by the row of wicked little needles that lined the inner surface of the base ring and the angled ones lining the back of the second smaller ring.

I had worn the decoration model before but had never had the courage to try the punishment model. I meekly extended my arms and Jack eased it over them as Jessie reached around behind me and holding up my lush generous udders he guided them through the larger rings. I felt the sharp points scraping across my swollen flesh and gasped loudly as they raked the length of them leaving bright pink lines in their wake as Jessie drew the leather straps back behind me.

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