My Lana


I find some comfort in the fact that she feels even more awkward than I do, not because I wish that feeling for her - not at all - but it makes it possible for me to assume some kind of leading position again, as I know she wants and needs. I sit with my knees together, and deliberately confuse her even more by abruptly bending forward to get my drink again. Her eyelashes flick open for a moment, almost instinctively, and I meet that incredibly beautiful gaze of her once again. She must have seen something in my eyes, because after having looked down again for a brief moment, she gazes directly at me with a newfound confidence that almost surprises me as I put my glass to my lips to take another deep swig.

And as soon as this infernal nervousness lets go for a moment, the heat once again flushes through me like a fireball. Lana is now sitting back on her haunches, her chest even with my decently paired knees, and her face an open study of this intriguing combination of nervousness and anticipation. The red lips part slightly, and I can see the shining, pearly white teeth and a faint hint of her tongue. That tongue that would like nothing more than pleasure me to the end of days. I gasp involuntarily as the notion strikes me, and Lana's eyes falls on my tits as my chest heaves in response to my sharp intake of air. I feel my globes press against the cups of my bra, stretching the shirt in a way that makes me feel very sexy and desirable. I know my tits are not that big, but on occasions like these I've got the feeling they even swell a little bit extra with the ardor of my passion.

"Dear, beautiful Lana," I murmur, more to myself than to her. "I still cannot comprehend that this is really real... I just cannot."

When she smiles beautifully up at me, I just can't help it any longer. Slowly I let my knees slip apart. Just a little at first, but then I use my hands to swipe my skirt a little higher, allowing me to spread enough for her to be sure she can get a glimpse of my silky white panties under there. Her eyes are glued to the spot and she groans almost painfully as my motion is stopped by the new limits presented by the confines of my skirt.

All of a sudden we have both forgotten all awkward feelings we might ever have had. As Lana lets her torso slip very slowly forward, we're both completely breathless, breathless from real and unadulterated passion.

She lets her hands touch my lightly trembling knees and then slip them up my outer thighs on both sides until they reach the edge of my skirt. Her fingers dig persistently in under the edge texture, and then slip underneath, gently pushing my skirt further up as they continue caressing the skin of my thighs. Suddenly my skirt is all up to my crotch, and the smell of my arousal hit my nose as a mental slap in the face. Do I smell that much? Am I really so aroused already? Won't she be appalled? The nervousness flares up in me, and I feel myself stiffen up once again. I force myself to relax though, hoping she hasn't noticed this latest brutal sting of uncertainty either. Lana wants a confident and strong lover, and I must do all that I can to give her what she wants... just the same way she would like to give me what I want. I will soon enough find out if she likes it or not. So I fight back my instinctive urge to hide away, to close out and shut down, and instead let myself slump slightly lower on the coach, resuming my slow opening of thighs until I'm spread almost obscenely open in front of my lover's hot gaze. In the process Lana has almost unnoticeably slid her hands up under my thighs and butt and kind of embraced my hips as I went along. She stares breathlessly at my panty-covered crotch, following the spreading of a wet patch from the centre of it with almost staring eyes. I just can't help it, even though I know it just makes my feeling of uncertainty worse. But I already feel the tip of her finger on the top of my waistband, slowly crouching inwards to get a grip, and the knowledge makes my passion mount to almost uncontrollable levels. I gasp, and as the fingers start a gentle pull, I'm almost too eager to raise my butt to allow the lacy material to slide down over my hips and butt and down my upper thighs. Obviously I need to close my thighs again for it to move further, but Lana is leaning back in an almost trance-like move, allowing for me to let it slip down past my knees and down my calves. I lift one high-heeled foot at the time to get all out of it and get on to the next exciting level as soon as possible.

Then, when the final moment - the moment of moments -- arrives, the uncertainty hit us both again. I sit with my knees closed, like before, and Lana sits back on her haunches, like before, an none of us seem to know how to make the next move. Are we really ready for this? Really? Can we actually go through with it now that it is going to happen for real? Somehow we both feel that once we proceed beyond this point, there's no turning back.

I feel lame, my heart thumping, and I have to stop myself from attempting to stroke my skirt down along my thighs again. But I can see that Lana feels the same way, and that she won't be able to break out of it either. Not without my help - or without a common effort, to be more precise. I get grip, really forcing myself out of my nearly paralyzed stage, and start the process of getting the final, decisive move done with. I reach out for Lana's hands and gently place them on my knees. For a moment I can feel a light resistance in her hands, but then she seems to grasp my intention and let me guide them down to cover my knee-caps with incredibly soft palms.

When I start to move my knees apart again, I'm unable to look into her eyes. It tortures me, because I know she would love the eye contact as I slowly expose myself fully to her. For the very first time. But I have to look down. I'm just feeling her eyes trying to find mine as I go. But then I can sense her gaze dropping again, and I know exactly where it is now homing in. The movement I started myself is now followed up by her as she almost impatiently push my knees further apart. My heart race wildly in my chest, and passion and fear fight fiercely for the dominance of my soul. But the passion wins. I know now that she cannot dislike the smell of my arousal, because I would have noticed any signs about it already. On the contrary, she seems just as arduous as she always said she would be, and as I slip a little further down on the couch she bends forward and let her dark, beautiful head slip in between my open thighs. Her hands leave my knees with a final little push outwards and slide gently under my thighs in a swift and elegant swerve to once again cup my butt and pull me the last bit out to the edge.

I'm as spread and exposed as I've ever been before in my life.

Part 4

Lana is still nervous. Her fingers are still trembling lightly as they stroke my skin. But she is calmer than she was just a little while ago, and I'm not in doubt if she would really go through with it or not. And I feel that I'm getting more grip of the situation myself too. And finally the time is right for me to raise my eyes and seek out those of hers. I know how much she likes the eye-contact -- she's told me so on numerous occasions -- and I know I'll do anything to do my part to her satisfaction.

I meet her dark beautiful eyes as her head slowly moves forward against me. The mesmerizing gaze is like a shock to me, and I feel the passion literally bubble up my body as she start to shape her lips for the first kiss of life, the first unifying kiss that we have been talking about and longing for such an endlessly long time. I feel the wetness push on, and for a moment I fear that it will leak out of me in rivulets even before the magical moment can occur. As she moves up close, and I can feel my pubic hair tickling her nose, I feel myself make an almost unconscious pelvic lift to meet her before I completely wet down everything, and she make a small squeal of delight as she plants her lips on me and goes in for a deep, almost sucking kiss that has me trembling all over. Her sigh of passion flatten the wiry curls around her nose, and her eyes drop down to focus her full attention to our first, worshipful kiss.

My hear feels like it is bumping loosely around my entire chest, and a scorching heat spreads out from my loins and all the way out into my arms and legs. My toes curl up in my shoes from the sheer intensity of the magical touch and I feel the trembling run in uncontrollable waves throughout my body. I'm stiff like a log, and it isn't until Lana suddenly lets go with an almost purring 'mmmuuuahhh' that I sink back a little and get some control of my body again. She looks up at me with a happy smile, the wetness of me already shining on her lips and her chin, and I manage to return her smile in an almost surprisingly natural and relaxed way.

"Do -- do you like it," I ask breathlessly, more in a clumsy attempt to calm further down than to actually get to know. Right now I couldn't stand another moment of awkward tension between us.

"I love you," she answers with hooded eyes, almost matter-of-factly, looking me deeply into the eyes as her tongue makes a sweep along her lips to sample more of my hopefully divine taste. Then her eyes seem to almost slip slowly out of focus as her eyelids drop and she once again bend down to put her beautiful red lips against my now fully swollen vulva. She makes another long, deep kiss, adjusting her position slightly on the floor as she goes. Then I feel the tongue. That magic, incredible tongue. The very tongue she has promised me will bring me to heaven and back again a million times! At first it's just touching its tip lightly against me, then I feel her open up more and start to slide it gently up and down my cleft as she moans against my pubic bone. I start trembling again, the waves of lust getting stronger by the minutes. My clit is already bursting hard, and each time her tongue slides up close to it, it feels like my whole belly is melting in liquidized heat. Under the cups of my bra my nipples are equally erect, and I can't resist the urge to put a hand into the left cup and massage one of them with trembling fingers. My other hand move down to find Lana's hand half way under my butt, and I almost forcefully pull it free and let my finger entwine with hers as I let my head fall back to the neck cushion with a gasp. It's just too much to bear. She's doing it so incredibly good! The tongue keeps on sliding up and down, stopping right under the base of my clit, driving me stark jumping mad with the overwhelming sensations, making me twist and arch around as the passion takes more and more hold of me.

I know it's not just the pleasure. It's the fact that it is Lana, the real flesh-and-blood Lana who is doing this to me. The very Lana that suddenly materialized out of my fantasy computer world just a few hours ago, and who is now kneeling on the floor in front of me, doing the thing that we have both dreamt of with such incredible passion and pleasurable yearnings. That's what's making it so unbearably exciting, and which makes an otherwise tolerable stimulation completely impossible to withstand. I can feel my juices flowing freely out of me, and I start to fear that I won't be able to control anything at all even with the gentle level of stimulation I'm exposed to at such an early stage in our lovemaking. Somehow my wetness seems to be no problem at all though. That messy wetness that always used to bother me when I should enjoy a happy little moment alone with my lovable long finger or my private little buzzer friend. It takes me another moment to realize why. I know where it is going! Her tongue captures it elegantly, like a cat at the milk bowl, without even interrupting the methodic stimulation of the base of my aching clit. I don't even notice it. I just feel her stimulation, that incredibly concentrated stimulation, now ever so gently easing itself upwards, until her tongue concentrate its work firmly under the base of my clit, right across my dribbling urethra, lapping gently but still almost greedily, making the melting sensation in my belly develop into a raging firestorm that seems to come out of control any moment now.

Now I can feel her short tongue- swerves down to capture my wetness, and the short interruptions are the only thing that prevents me from losing control that very moment. Still it soon becomes very difficult to withstand, and as the firestorm increase its rage and starts to flare down my thighs and up into my chest, I suddenly realize that I'm already about to pass the point of no return.

As I feel the knot start to tighten in my belly, I gasp hoarsely and reach down with my free hand to grab hold of Lana's dark head. She knows what's coming and braces herself by grabbing on to my hips and taking in all of my pussy as my other hand flies up to help the first one hold on to my sweet lover's head. The knot tightens to an almost painful level until it kind of explodes inside me, bursting all of my pent-up passion and joy out in a veritable flood wave that splashes against the back of Lana's throat as she closes her eyes in intense concentration to hang on with me through the build and peak of my gut-wrenching climax. I scream out and bounce around wildly on the couch as I hold desperately on to the dark head in an attempt to keep her in place throughout the duration of the biggest orgasm of my entire life. But I wouldn't have to worry about that at all. Lana hangs on grimly, squealing in unparalleled joy as she does, her hands like a vice around my wildly bucking hips, and she even manages to keep up her incredible tongue stimulation as she continues to drink down my deluge of passion as it flows at her. In my insane ecstasy I can feel it, and I can cherish it, but I have no capacity to marvel about the incredible devotion required to actually do it. But her mouth is like glued over my pussy, and as I sometimes even pull her head the wrong directions in the throes of my orgasm, she still manages to stay in position and follow me all the way through until I finally start to calm down and somehow get back to my senses.

As I do, her grip around my hips lets go too, carefully at first, but then it transform into a soft stroking of gentle fingertips as we both sink back down onto the cushion of the couch again, her beautiful dark head still following me dutifully as her hands slide from my hips over to my belly to stroke it heaving curves with gentle, sliding movements.

Her lips are still pressed against my pussy and her nose is buried in my pubic bush, and she shows no sign of letting up as she continues to stroke my belly, giving me an additional feeling of comfort from the almost painful knot that tightened up in there seconds before my orgasm struck. I let go of her head and use my hands to grasp hers, lovingly holding around them in a gesture of deep and heartfelt gratitude. Deep inside I know she probably enjoyed is just as much as I did, but at this moment it was impossible not to feel the deepest kind of gratefulness one person could possibly feel for another. And the deepest kind of love too! An intense feeling of love and compassion fills every vein of my body, and as she finally lifts her gaze and looks up at me, it is just impossible for me not to be overwhelmed by emotions. All of a sudden my tears flow freely, and a thick lump in my throat makes it impossible to utter any kind of understandable sounds at all. Her eyes overflow too, and we both cry tears of sweet happiness and love for a few minutes as the enormity of the situation really gets to us. I urge for her to come up to me, and she raises her mouth from me to meet my request. As she does, sticky strands of my generous deluge stretch out between us, and we both have to smile at the delightful crudeness of the picture as she uses her tongue to snap them over before she comes up to me for a good, old-fashioned cuddle.

"I love you too," I whisper, and she smiles at me more beautifully than I've ever seen a girl's smile in my entire life...

Part 5

Her mouth is still wet, shiny and sticky with my juices of passion, but I cannot resist the urge to put my head behind her neck and pull her head down for a deep kiss. I taste myself clearly in her mouth as I let my tongue travel seductively along the pearly white rows of her teeth. I put my hands on her sweet perky tits through her blouse, and she puts her hands on mine. I notice she doesn't have a bra, and her nipples protrude stiffly against the palms of my hand, displaying her trembling arousal for me, and I again have to remind myself that I in fact am an attractive woman. I really have to, because I still find it almost impossible to believe that a dark, young beauty like Lana can in fact harbor such passions for an old woman like me.

We kiss long and breathlessly as our hands roam all over each other's bodies through our clothes. I feel an intense urge to pull them all off her, to feel her nakedness against me, but somehow I still feel unsure if that is the right thing to do yet. She's told me a million times how her dreams and fantasies are all about pleasuring me, so maybe I should just let things run their natural course and kind of follow the flow until that becomes the right thing to do, all by itself? Yes, that must be right. I'm sure Lana will want it, but this is the moment for the actual realization of our fantasies, not the time for a 'regular' love session between two equal partners -- as we of course are.

We break our kiss and both come up for air, looking each other deep in the eyes as we gasp for breath and hold firmly around each other's tits. A drop of saliva stretches from Lana's lower lip and down into my mouth, and I devour it with a humming sound that clearly indicates to her that I'm still hot as hell and ready for more of her delightful service. Yes, that is definitely a part of the natural flow at the moment, and I smile up at her and whisper and inaudible 'again' as I let go of her tits to raise my hands and give her shoulders an ever so gentle downward thug. She understands immediately and her face again becomes a mask of sheer, unadulterated passion. Oh, how I love her like this; those eyes completely foggy with desire as she lifts herself slightly to start her downward pass, letting the tip of her nose touch the texture of my stretched shirt down between my tits and further down my body.

As her face passes the buckle of my belt and the pushed-up heap of my skirt, her hands start to caress and massage my belly again. I never actually thought about it, not even as she did it after my first orgasm, but that devoted massaging of my lower tummy -- my rounded belly - is exceptionally comfortable, kind of soothing the ultimate lair of pleasure, both pre and post ecstasy; the very centre of my most divine and profound womanhood. Now her dedicated fingers do the trick again, making me almost mad with lust as they kept on caressing, accompanied by the wet trail of kisses traversing downwards toward the stray locks of my pubic bush. Oh, it is completely crazy, completely impossible to endure a second longer. I have to mobilize all my strength to fight the urge to grasp her head and just force that beautiful face down where I want it. But I really want to let her follow her own lead right now... her own mood. I know how important that part is for her enjoyment. And I couldn't stand the idea that she wouldn't be enjoying it all just as much as I do. Still, as her face nuzzle away in the taft of my wry and wiry curls, it strikes me with a hot tingling in my belly. Wasn't it on second thought exactly what she wanted? What she secretly craved for? After all? Maybe she actually don't want to have the lead in the progress of it? Wasn't that what she had told me on numerous occasions? Not directly of course, but in her own masterful way of sweet and passionate indications. Yes of course! How silly of me. Of course that's what she wants, and of course that's what I'm going to give to her...

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