tagMatureMy Landlady

My Landlady


Part 1.

When I was 22 years old, I began boarding with a woman in a city distant from my hometown. I had just begun a new job, having been laid off for a few months in my own town. I was trying to rebuild my funds to pay for my own apartment and pay off some old bills. My mother had contacted an old friend and arranged for me to live with her until I got back on my feet financially.

I was obsessed then with females of any kind. Mary, older than me, was certainly not a sex goddess. She was a bit more than twice my age and was very matronly in form with wide hips and large, pendulous breasts. Her only child, a daughter, was working and living in California. Mary was also a widow of more than five years, and my board payments helped her increase her income from her own wages.

What shocked me, when I arrived, was that Mary bore a very strong resemblance to my own mother. She laughed when I mentioned this to her and told me that people used to think that she and my mother were sisters when they were young girls. Within a few days of moving in, I perceived that Mary was treating me like her own child, increasing the motherly image in my mind.

"Do you mind if I call you 'son?' instead of Walter," Mary asked one day while setting out our breakfast.

"No, not at all, but why?" I replied.

"I always wanted a little boy, but I had only my daughter."

"Could I call you 'mom'?" I asked; an inner perversity had caused me to ask for that right.

Just a slight pause, then she said, "Of course, son."

I had recently read some stories about younger guys and older women having sex; some even dealt with guys fucking their own mothers. I was fantasizing at times about having sex with Mary, and I would let my eyes roam over her when she wasn't looking. All I dared was look because I was afraid that she would kick me out and tell my mother if I tried anything. Perhaps I was attracted to her because I had no friends yet, male or female, in this new city. My former girlfriend had split soon after I had been laid off. I was horny as hell, I was obsessed with Mary, and I constantly thought about pressing myself against her ample naked curves. These evil thoughts only increased my horniness and helped me masturbate with greater pleasure, and now we were "mom" and "son."

When Mary would serve our supper in her kitchen, I would sneak looks at her while pretending to read the paper. I could watch her body move under her clothing as she bent, reached, and turned. Breakfast was even better. She was always in a robe over a thin nightgown with bare legs and feet. Just two thin garments lay between my eyes and her naked body, and I could detect large nipples under the cloth. Sometimes I had trouble rising from the table due to an immense boner. We had somehow started referring to each other as "mommy" and "my baby boy."

I could imagine her large breasts hanging over my face as she rode my hard cock. Mary probably had giant nipples, like thumbs, that I could latch my mouth onto. She could suffocate me with those large, soft boobs, and I would die willingly in a state of erotic bliss.

Her mothering me and her resemblance to my own mother gave my obsession a stimulating incestuous twist. I realized quickly that this made my fantasy even more exciting. My lust was driving me nuts. I had to have her soon, no matter what the risk. I even began to think of ways to rape her or drug her and schemed how I could get away with it.

Mary was a quiet, somewhat reclusive woman, and other than her work, she never got out much except for shopping or a dinner and movie with a few lady friends. She had never married again because she was a bit shy and didn't take many opportunities to meet men. She would often tell me that one friend or another would talk about fixing her up with someone, but she would always say that she believed herself to be too unattractive. If she had only known her effect on me!

I imagined that Mary needed to have her pussy opened up again, like a virgin, after so many years of disuse. My fantasy now contained the double excitement of fucking both my new mother and a virgin at the same time.

Mary had occasional headaches, and I began offering to massage her neck and shoulders to help drive them off. My eager manipulations were, although amateurish, successful, and soon my hands roved over her neck, shoulders, and back whenever she needed my attention. Usually Mary would be seated for these massages, but occasionally she would be standing and I would be pressed against her back. By keeping my mind on my fingers, I avoided probing her buttocks with my hardening cock.

Mary, having lived alone for so long, often bathed or dressed with doors partly opened. If I were careful, I could see her now and then as she undressed or washed herself. A couple of times I could see her in the tub from the crack of my door. I would masturbate there, watching her wash her body and shooting my load onto the back of the door. My obsession was really driving me crazy, I began jerking off a couple of times a night, and I just couldn't get her out of my mind. I didn't care about the young babes any more.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by the light in the bathroom. When I pushed open the door, Mary was standing there pressing a wet washcloth against her head. I noticed that she was dressed only in a thin nightgown, which clung to her curvy body, showing me the heavenly shapes beneath.

"Baby, my head hurts again. Could you please rub my neck for a while?" she whispered, seeing me standing there.

"Of course, mommy," I answered. I moved behind her and began kneading her neck. We were now both facing the mirror over the sink, and I could see her eyes were closed as she enjoyed my fingers on her neck. After a few minutes, Mary began to make little purring noises, and my fingers roved widely over new areas of her soft, smooth skin.

"My baby boy, you always make me feel so good," she sighed.

"Yes, mommy dear."

I slipped my hands inside the top of her nightgown to extend my massage to her soft shoulders. Mary leaned back against me. Up until then my cock was behaving, but her ass, brushing against it through my thin pajamas as she shifted her balance, was causing my penis to become increasingly erect.

"This is so good, baby boy. Am I bothering you too much by asking you to do this?" she asked.

She was bothering me; she was definitely bothering me. I answered, "No, mommy, I don't mind, so long as it makes you feel better." My hands and fingers kept working her soft flesh. "I love you so much, mommy; I want you to feel good."

Suddenly she leaned forward, causing her ass to press hard against me. I felt my hard cock slip between the cheeks of her ass. "Oh!" she gasped. "I'm sorry, baby; I lost my balance."

"It's OK," I answered, but my cock sprang out through the fly of my pajama bottoms. Before I could do anything about it, she turned toward me and then lowered her eyes to my crotch, which now had a large, fleshy hook for her to see.

I felt my face flush, but Mary's eyes were staring at my cock. "I'm sorry..." I started to say, but Mary interrupted me.

"I didn't know that I was having this effect on you," she said. Now she looked up at me face, examining my expression.

"Yes," I replied. "You are a sexy, lovely woman."

"Do you actually think I'm attractive?"

"You are driving me crazy with desire."


"Yes, mommy, really. I'm crazy for you because you are so beautiful. I want you; I want you now." There, now it was finally out in the open, and I didn't care.

She stood there silently for a moment. Then she lifted her hands to the top of her nightgown and undid a bow. The gown, assisted by a few wriggles, slid down her body and lay crumpled at her feet. I had been right; her erect nipples were as big as thumbs and jutted out from her rosy areolas, making my mouth water in anticipation.

"Now do you want to have sex with me?" she asked. "Now that you can see my sad, old body, do you still want me?"

I stepped back and looked her up and down. I saw her fleshy thighs, her protuberant belly, her thick pubic hair, her soft, drooping breasts, and her anxious, pretty face. She was all I had imagined her to be. I wanted her so bad.

"If you only knew how much I have wanted you," I replied. I let my pajama bottoms join her nightgown on the floor and lifted my top off. I could see her eyes examining me. I put my arms around her and hugged her to me. Our naked flesh met at last. "More than anything else in the whole world," I whispered. "I love you so much, mommy."

Her face turned up to mine, and we kissed lightly, then more deeply. My hands were stroking her back. Her hands clutched me against her tightly, and I felt her shudder. At last she pushed me back, so she could look into my face again. She was silent for a moment. "You understand, my baby boy," she said, "that no one must ever know about this."

"This if our special love," I replied. "This is between you and me, and no one need ever know of it."

She smiled at me. "Then it is all right," she said in a quiet whisper, but the calm of her voice did not match the emotion in her face. "I can't become pregnant," she said. "We must be so careful. I can't let you enter me tonight; we might make a baby."

I looked at her face and she lowered her gaze. She could see my cock pointing right at her eyes. I knew that she wanted it inside her as much as I did. I did love her, and my fertile cock could do harm to her. I could never permit that.

"We will need to be very careful then," I promised.

I knelt before her, reached up with my lips and took a big nipple into my mouth. I massaged her ass with one hand and fondled her second breast with the other. Mary leaned into me and put her hands on my head, fluffing and stroking my hair. After I turned my mouth to her second nipple, she began to moan faintly. I let my hand slide down the crack of her buttocks and slipped it between her legs. Mary slid a foot across the floor to spread her legs farther apart.

"You are making me feel so good, my baby," she said while she caressed my head and shoulders. "Am I being a good mommy to you?" she asked. Her words were revealing something to me. Perhaps she also had the same incestuous thoughts.

"Mmmmm," I replied, nodding my head yes as I filled my mouth with her soft tit. My fingers were now between her damp labia, stroking her inner lips and probing her vagina.

"Oh, my baby, this is so bad, so wicked, but so awfully good," Mary moaned as my fingers and lips stimulated her.

I knew something really bad I wanted to do. I picked her up and put her down, seated on the counter edge, and began kissing her pussy. I felt her hands grab my hair.

"Baby, no! What are you... oh, my god... ohhh... ohhhhh!"

Before she could object further, I was well into lapping her wet cunt. Soon the fingers, which had started to pull me away, were pushing my face against her furry mound. Her curvy legs lifted and wrapped around my head, her heels digging into my back. My lips and tongue worked her sweet pussy enthusiastically.

"OH! OH! OHHHH! AAAGGHHHH" she cried and became rigid. I had not yet finished with her and stroked her pussy again and again with my tongue lapping up her sweet juices. Mary grunted and shook a few more times as I ate her out.

Finally, Mary, gasped, "Oh god, my sweet baby... I can't take any more... I'm not used to this." I gave her one last lick across her clitoris before pulling away, feeling her body shudder. I kissed and kissed her inner thighs. Mary stroked my head.

"I love you so much, mommy," I murmured.

"I've never done that before," she admitted quietly, "but it was so good. It seemed so vulgar, but I couldn't stop you."

"I've heard that many women really like it, so I wanted you to experience the pleasure of my lips on your pussy," I answered. "We can enjoy each other with our mouths, and no babies will ever happen." I was gently caressing her body.

"Can I please you somehow?" she asked. Mary, I realized, had somehow been sheltered from the arts of love.

"I want you to suck my penis, mommy," I said.

Mary acted surprised. "You want to put it into my mouth?" she asked. I nodded yes. I helped her down from the vanity counter and then pressed on her shoulders. Mary understood; she knelt down in front of me. She took my penis in one hand and my balls in the other, looking up at me, not understanding my need.

"Suck me, mommy; suck me off with your lovely mouth. I whispered. I edged my hips toward her, placing my cockhead just in front of her lips, urging her on. She took the head into her mouth and start sucking and laving me with her tongue. As I directed her, she took me in deeper and then licked me like an ice cream pop. After I had suffered enough, I had her wank on me while she sucked. With a loud groan I began to squirt my semen into her mouth. Mary gulped down each spurt and sucked all my cum out. Finally I eased her mouth from my waning cock.

"Was that good, my baby?" Mary asked as I pulled her up to me and hugged her close.

"Oh god, yes, mommy," answered. I kissed her lips, and she probed my mouth with her tongue, now flavored with my semen.

"I like this new game, baby boy," she said. "Come on to bed now; we need to get up for work in a few hours." She led me to her bed, leaving our nightclothes on the floor. Soon we were asleep once again, nestled together.

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