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My Last Stop


What I am about to tell you is a true story. It happened in the fall of 1997. Every year around September U.P.S. (United Parcel Service) hires a lot of new drivers. It’s a temp position for the Christmas holiday. I had just completed my commercial driving course and I needed a job. A friend of mine knew a supervisor at UPS. My friend Dave told me that his buddy might be able to get me a job.

Dave called me later that night after he spoke to his friend. He said that I should go to the Elmsford distribution location the following day for an interview. I was really excited. I always admired the UPS guys; they looked so cool in their brown uniforms. Plus, how hard could delivering packages be? When I arrived at the warehouse the next day I was totally disappointed. There must have been 100 other guys filling out applications. To make things even worse, I was the only black guy there. “ Fuck," I thought to myself. I don’t stand a chance. White guys ruled UPS in Westchester County. Come to think of it, I can’t even remember ever seeing a black UPS man in Westchester. I suddenly felt really uncomfortable. I had hung out with white people all my life. On many occasions I found myself in the same situation, being the only black guy in the room. It never bothered me. But this was different. This was competing for a job. The odds were not in my favor.

I sat down and filled my out my application. It felt like it was a waste of my time. I really wanted this job. The starting pay was $15.75 per hour, but what where my chances of beating out these white boys? After about 30 minutes of filling out this long multi-page application, I still felt uneasy. At least 30 other guys finished before me. They placed their application forms in a big pile. The two UPS human resources representatives didn’t say a word to them as they walked by. I completed my application and headed toward the desk. After I laid my application on the desk, one the UPS guys picked it up. “ Oh you’re Will!”

I stopped dead in my tracks. “ Yes,” I said. We shook hands and he started to ask me some questions. All the other applicants were staring at me. He told me that my friend Dave told him about me. Then he asked me to come back tomorrow for a road test. I was really excited. My boy Dave came through big fucking time. I left that warehouse feeling good. My life experiences taught me that the key to everything in life is who you know, not what you know.

The next day I took the five-minute road test and passed it with know problem. After the test, John (the UPS rep.) told me I got the job. Damn, just like that I was in. He told me I had to go to Brooklyn, to complete 4 days of training. I couldn’t believe it. I went home totally blown away. I was going to be a UPS man. All I thought about was wearing that brown uniform.

The training went very quickly. On the last day, they told us where to report. They told me to report to the Elmsford Distribution Center and that I would be working in White Plains. I hit the jackpot. White Plains was my hometown. While passing out the uniforms the trainer said, “ Fella’s women seem to love this uniform. Be careful because this brown uniform is going to get you a lot of pussy.” Everybody started laughing, but the trainer said, “ I’m dead serious guys. You won’t have time to chit chat with the ladies, so have your phone numbers ready.”

I remember looking in the mirror that Monday morning. “ Damn I look good in this uniform,” I thought to myself. The Elmsford Distribution Center was broken up into three sections, by zip code. I was assigned to 1060, which was White Plains and a few other small towns. At 8:45 am they had roll call. In White Plains alone there were 40 other drivers. I was shocked, I would have never guessed that it took 40 UPS men to service my town. And just like I had thought there was only one other black guy there. Out of 41 drivers, two of us were black. No wonder I never saw any black UPS guys in my town.

They hooked me up with a guy named Steve, he was white of course. He was pretty cool. We got in the truck and took off to start the route. Steve was around 35 years old. He had been working for UPS for about 11 years. He was married with two kids. Our day started out fast and furious. First thing we had to do was deliver all the next day air packages. Those packages had to be delivered by 10am. He told me to drive while he punched in the information into the DIAD (die-add). I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the procedure of signing for a UPS package. The DIAD stands for Delivery Information Acquisition Device. It’s a very expensive and sophisticated peace of equipment. We did some training on it at the training facility. Steve told me everything about it. He told me the DIAD tracks everything you do, down to the minute. When you sign for a package, the driver returns to the truck and slides the DIAD into a slot on the dashboard. The device then sends a signal to a satellite in space, then the satellite send a signal to a mainframe in Texas. He hated the DIAD because it not only tracked the package it tracked the driver. “ Holy shit,” I said. He warned me to be very careful. After the mad dash to get the next day airs delivered, we were finally able to start my real training.

We went all over town making deliveries. He showed me the ropes and introduced me to his regular delivery customers. I met a shit load of people all in one day. Steve told me to get to know these people cause I would be seeing the same people every day. We delivered to many places of business. I had never met so many fine secretaries and receptionists in my life. We made a delivery to this doctor’s office, and Steve told me to check out the receptionist. When we entered the office, I new exactly which one he was talking about. “ Hi Denise,” Steve said. She was about five foot seven inches tall. She had blonde hair and was blessed with big plump tits that were busting out of her blouse. “ Hi Steve, how are you doing today?” she said. “Man she was hot I thought to myself.”

“ Who’s your friend?” she said smiling as she stared at me.

“ Oh that’s Will, he’ll be your driver during this years holiday season.

“Hi... Will,” she said in a flirting manner. I put the packages on her desk and then I handed her the DIAD. I stepped back and let her and Dave chit chat for a while. Denise seemed to be all into Dave. They whispered to each other back and fourth. I couldn’t hear a damn thing they were saying. Finally they were done .She said goodbye to Dave. Just as we were about to walk out the door I heard “ Bye Will.”

I turned and said “Bye Denise."

All I saw was a mouth full of teeth. She had huge smile on her face as she flirtatiously waved goodbye. When Steve and I got back to the truck (for those of you who work at UPS- the package car) he said, “ What did you think man, was she fine or what?” I said, “hell... yeah... man, she is fine” and then he said “Guess what?... I’ve been banging her for two years. “ No way man... are you fucking serious!..."

" Hell yeah!! I’ve been fucking the shit out of her ever since she started working there. “ But what about your wife man?” I said to Steve. “ My wife has no clue. I told her that every other Saturday was a mandatory workday. I meet Denise at her apartment in the Bronx and fuck her all day long.”

Like all men Steve loved to brag about pussy. He told me all kinds of stories about Denise. He told me how she loved it in the ass. Then he started telling me stories about all the other chicks he banged on his route throughout the years. I couldn’t believe it. Steve said, “ I don’t know man its something about the browns (the UPS uniform) that gets these women all excited. You’ll see bro ...your gonna get a lot of pussy.” I thought to myself, “SHIT!! There’s only one thing on earth I love more than pussy, and that’s new pussy.”

We continued on with the rest of the route. I couldn’t get all of Steve’s stories out of my mind. Guys often tell alot of lies about pussy. I didn’t get that vibe from Steve though. We had lunch around 2 o’clock, after we finished most of our deliveries. Then we started our pick up. We went back to a lot of the same customers we delivered to earlier. It’s was like we made a big loop. We ran around town loading the truck we just unloaded. I was getting tired at this point. I had no clue UPS guys worked this hard. Finally Steve said, “Last stop bro.” I couldn’t be happier to hear those words. Our last stop was a little gift shop. Steve told me to always make this my last stop. He then said, “The lady that owns this place wants us to come as late as possible. It wasn’t a traditional storefront; it was more like a converted old house. We backed the truck into the back of the place and headed for the back door. Steve pushed a little buzzer on the back door. As we waited in the back of the store for someone to answer the door, Steve said “ Be nice to this lady man, she’s a big customer.”

The door buzzed and we entered the back room. The back room was full of big boxes; there was a big table with all kinds of shipping papers, tape and wrapping material. A female voice yelled from the front of the store, “ I’ll be back there in a minute Steve.” A few moments later an older women entered the backroom. “Oh... hi fella’s.” she said.

“Hi... Mrs. O’Connor,” Steve said. Mrs. O’Connor was a tall woman, about 5’10," she looked like she was about 50 years old. She had red hair, cut short to one side. She was wearing a two-piece light blue matching skirt and blouse. She was a little on the heavy side, not fat, she was what you call full figured. She looked very sophisticated. The one thing that really caught my eye was her figure. Her hips flared out into a sexy hourglass shape.

From the front view I could tell right away she had nice plump butt to go with those wide hips. “Hi...Steve... and you are?” as she extended her hand to me. I said “ hi... Mrs. O’Connor, my name is Will. Mrs. O’Connor had an absolutely incredible smile. It was warm and very sincere. Her handshake was soft and delicate. Being that close to her during our introduction, allowed me to see how pretty she was. Yes, she had a few wrinkles around her eyes, but they were actually quite attractive. Suddenly the front door rang. Mrs. O’Connor said, “I got a customer guys, help yourselves to a cup of coffee, I’ll be back in a second.”

When she turned around and headed for the front of the store I was not disappointed. My eyes locked onto the sweet sexy way she walked. Her ass was beautifully shaped, and her hips matched her plump ass perfectly. Steve said, “Didn’t I tell you she was a nice lady, she always puts on a fresh pot around this time of the day for us.” We drank coffee while we processed her packages. I couldn’t control myself. Through the open door leading to the front of the store I gazed at Mrs. O’Connor. She looked so lovely standing there in front of the register. Her hips moved from side to side. Steve noticed what I was staring at. “You got to be shitt’in me man...you like that shit,” he said whispering.

I responded, “ Naahh... man, I’m checking out the customer,” which was a huge lie. Thank god there was a lady customer at the register. Mrs. O’Connor came back into the room to finish up her paperwork. Steve told Mrs. O’Connor that I would be covering her area throughout the holidays. Mrs. O’Connor said, “ Does Will know that I’m always the last stop before he heads back to the warehouse?” Steve reassured her that I would make her my last stop every day. Once again she gave us that warm and sweet smile of hers. “ There will always be fresh coffee when you get here Will, don’t be shy, just help yourself.”

Steve and I worked together for the next three days to complete my training. The following Monday I would be on my own. It was hard work. The closer we got to the holidays, the more packages there were to deliver. There was one thing that kept me going all day. I couldn’t wait to see Mrs. O’Connor. I didn’t’ know if it was the fact that she was my last stop which represented the end of a long workday. Or, was it the fact that I found her very attractive. She was so nice to me. Like she promised, she always had a fresh pot of coffee on the burner. Mrs. O’Connor’s packages were never ready when I arrived. She always had just one more package to prepare for shipping. I didn’t mind at all. It gave me a chance to catch my breath and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.

The next few weeks leading up to thanksgiving were hectic. There were so many fucking packages to deliver and pick up, it made me sick to my stomach. Thanksgiving week I was excited. Finally, I had a shortened workweek. I really needed a few days off to rest. Mrs. O’Connor and I became quite friendly to each other in the weeks leading up to the thanksgiving weekend. We talked about all kinds of things. We talked about life, family, and all the usual stuff. Monday was a miserable day weather wise, snow, sleet and rain. It was the perfect way to start off my week. When I arrived at Mrs. O’Connor’s shop, she buzzed me into the back as usual.

She was in the front taking care of a customer. On this day instead of her normal skirt and blouse, she had on a tight pair of jeans. The view from the back was incredible. The jeans she had on hugged her plump ass, and they caressed her wide hips. I wanted to walk right into the storefront, bend her over the counter, and slam my cock into her. Man she looked good! Even though I thought she was an attractive woman, I never really fantasized about her like this before. I said to myself, “ man she’s old enough to be my mother.” Then I started to think differently. All kinds of nasty thoughts popped into my mind. She had the body type that I always searched for in a woman my age. In fact she had an even better body then some of the girls I dated previously. Her body was built for fucking. Yes, she was an older woman, and yes, she was old enough to be my mother, but my cock didn’t care about that as it started to harden.

“Hi Will, how are you doing on this lousy day?” she said from the front of the store. I replied, “ I’m fine Mrs...O’... O’Connor.” I could barely get the words out of my mouth. When she walked into the back room, I was blown away at what I saw. Mrs. O’Connor wore her jeans high up above her waist. Her blouse was tucked into her jeans. As I gazed down her body I noticed her small round tummy, which slightly bulged out a little. Continuing my lustful gaze down her body, my eyes stopped suddenly at the site of her crotch. It was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. The crotch of her jeans was buried deep in between two of the fastest pussy lips I had ever seen in my life. White women seem to have a special power that black women don’t have or just don’t display. It has always amazed and baffled me, how the fuck white women were able to get the crotch of the jeans to split their pussies. Her pussy looked so fucking meaty.

I am so glad I was holding a big box at the time she walked in or she would definitely noticed the big bulge in my brown pants. “ Hi Will,” she said awakening me from my daydream. “Hi Mrs. O’Connor, how are you doing today?” I had a wicked little smile on my face, and she noticed it. “ No dress today Mrs. O’Connor?..." She replied “ no... not today Will, the weather is horrible.” I don’t know what got into me. It just flew out of my mouth. “ You look really great in those jeans Mrs. O’Connor... you should wear them more often. I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth. It was silent for a few seconds; I didn’t think she expected me to say something like that to her. I was ready to immediately start apologizing. Then she smiled and said, “ You really think so Will,” as she bent her head down and took a little peak at her own body. I was so fucking relieved to hear her say that. I still considered her to be a friend and I would never want to ever disrespect her. “ I haven’t worn jeans in a few years, I think I put on a few pounds since the last time I wore this pair,” she said giggling. Without thinking, my mouth did it again, “ If you did gain a few pounds in the past few years, they sure ended up in the right places.” That was it... I fucking crossed the line. Mrs. O’Connor put her hand to her mouth, stunned by my words. Then her warm smiled appeared as she lowered her hand. “ Oh you’re such a sweetheart Will,” but compliments like that won’t get you a bigger Christmas tip... mister,” she said, as she headed back to the front of the store.

As she walked back to the front of the store, I noticed an extra little swivel in her hips as she walked. It was definitely one of those check out my ass walks, that you ladies just love to do. I could barely concentrate on the packages I was getting together. Visions of her meaty pussy buried in those jeans, occupied all my thoughts. I couldn’t see her from the back room, but I could hear her giggling to herself. I would have given anything to know what she was thinking about. I hurried and finished up the paperwork. I said “ Goodnight Mrs. O’Connor, drive home safe...."

" You too Will,” She yelled from the front of the store.

Wednesday arrived just in time. I was exhausted, I couldn’t wait for this day to end. Of course the weather was bad, just to make my day even more frustrating. It was very cold that day and around 4:30 snow started to fall. “ Can this day get any worse,” I thought to myself aloud in the truck.

I was so happy when I finally backed the truck up to Mrs. O’Connor’s store. After Mrs. O’Connor buzzed me threw the back door, I headed straight for the coffee pot. She was in the front of the store. I shouted “ Hi Mrs. O’Connor,” but there was no response. Then I noticed she was talking on the phone. I took another peek at Mrs. O’Connor, and noticed how she was dressed. She wore a long, beautiful white dress. She was slightly bent over resting her elbows on the counter, talking on the phone. After she got off the phone she went to the front door and I heard her lock it and she turned of the lights. I guessed she was closing early today since the weather was bad, and tomorrow being thanksgiving and all. When she entered the back room, I immediately knew something was wrong. Her usual warm smile was nowhere to be found. “ Is everything okay Mrs. O’Connor,” I said in a very concerned tone..."She stood there with a blank look on her face. “ I’m ok Will,” she said in a very slow and barely audible voice. Unexpectedly her hands went to cover her face and she bursted into tears.

I didn’t know what to do. My heart went out to her. I had no clue why she was standing there crying. I did what came natural to me. I walked over to her, not sure of how she would respond to me, wrapped my arms around her and held her tenderly. I wanted her to know I was there for her. I think I startled her at first. Then she looked into my eyes for a moment, she felt the concern in my soft embrace. Then she buried her head into my chest and started crying even harder then before. I felt so bad for this sweet women, I thought to myself “ What the fuck happened to her? Did someone die in her family?” That’s it I thought to myself someone close to her must have passed away. I remembered her telling me that her mother who she loved dearly was in a nursing home.

She cried like a baby in my arms. I took my hand and stroked the back of her head to comfort her. “ Don’t worry Mrs. O’Connor everything is going to be all right... everything will be just fine.” She slowly started to recover, but she didn’t say a word. She held me tightly around my waist with her head still buried in my chest. So many times had I fantasized about holding Mrs. O’Connor in my arms but not like this. I said to her “ Is it your mom, Mrs. O’Connor?” She was still whimpering when she said, “ No Will, my mom is fine.” I few seconds passed, then she said “ Its my husband, Will.” I thought to myself “ Oh shit, maybe her husband was in a fatal car accident or something.” I did not expect to hear what she told me next. She said in the saddest voice I ever heard,” My husband is having an affair with a younger women.” Then she started to cry again. It was not what I had expected her to say.

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