tagFirst TimeMy Last Summer at the Lake

My Last Summer at the Lake


I wiped the sweat from my brow as I got out of the car. I looked up to see that the massive cabin had changed little since we last visited. It was still it pristine condition, as dad had insured it would be. I remember when he had the cabin built. I was all of 9 years old. He showed me his plans to have the thing built and assembled in Canada, then disassembled and brought down to our land in northern New York to be reassembled on site. It had cost him a fortune, but my father was never one to spare any expense. He always had to have the best of everything. Including a custom-built cabin as our family's vacation home.

So, here we were. In the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. We came here every summer for the entire month of July for as long as I could remember. We always arrived a few days before the fourth, so mom and dad could prepare for the big party they through for their friends on the lake. This year was different though. This would likely be one of my last trips up here for quite some time. I would be heading off to college in August. Following in the footsteps of my grandfather and father, I would be headed out west to a prestigious Ivy league school where I would be studying law and likely taking over my dad's law firm one day. Although I was excited to leave for school, I was really looking forward to this time with my family and hopefully getting to see all of my friends on the lake one last time before I had to enter adult world.

"Want me to get your bag Amber?" my father asked.

I looked over at him. He was tall, thin and his hair was greying faster than he would have liked. His gentle brown eyes had always been the calm to my storm. I was a daddy's girl through and through. Leaving him was probably going to be the hardest part of moving out west.

"No dad, I got it," I said, taking my giant bag from him.

"Be careful that thing weighs more than you do!" dad said jokingly.

I giggled as through the bag over my shoulder and headed towards the cabin. Mom had already made her way inside. As I entered she was already barking orders at the cabin's summer staff.

"We've got to get some items in town for the party. I'll make a list," mom barked.

As I tried to squeeze by her she noticed me. "Amber...after you are unpacked I need you to take the boat down to the Ganford's, and see if Alice would allow us to borrow some of her tables for the party."

"Ok mom!" I said as I continued my walk towards my bedroom.

"Amber Amelia!" Mom said rather loudly.

The use of the middle name always stopped me in my tracks. "What?" I quipped, looking at her. She stood in the kitchen, leaning against the massive grey granite island. She had a pen and writing pad in her hands. She looked pained, or anxious I couldn't place it. My mom was a beautiful woman. She was tall, had long blonde curls that went to her shoulders, big dark blue eyes, and a face that had wrinkled little with time. Dad had always joked that she was his "trophy wife," and in a lot of ways he was right. Though, she definitely knew it. She and I didn't have the best relationship. She had pushed me in the direction she thought I should go all of my life. It had always irritated the hell out of her when I chose to go in the other direction most of the time. But, in many ways I was my mother's daughter. At least the mirror often told me so. There was no denying she was my mom.

"Amber..." mom pleaded. I could tell she didn't want any attitude from me. I obliged.

"I got this mom...I wanted to go and see Will anyways," I said.

Mom's eyebrows shot up at this statement. "Really?" she asked.

I gave her a stern look to shut her down. "Yeah mom...Will Ganford...you know...we've been friends since I was about three," I said jokingly.

"No honey, that's great. Have fun and don't forget to ask Alice about the tables!" she said.

I rolled my eyes as I nodded and heading up the massive wooden stairs to my bedroom at the top of the stairs.


My room at the lake was very similar to my room at our house in the city. Purple walls (though accented by one wall made of logs), a queen sized bed with a white comforter and pillow cases, a large white dresser, photos of my friend's from the lake and back home in the city, and it had a bathroom attached to it. It was a perfect room for a perfect princess. Or so people had joked. I tossed my bag on the bed and walked over to the massive window. The view was stunning. My bedroom was one of the two that overlooked the lake. Dad had all of the trees cut back from last summer so now I had an even better view of the lake and all of the people on it. I watched as people fished out of their canoes, jet skis whizzed by, and boats chugged along. They were all out enjoying the beautiful summer day, which I intended to do myself.

But before I went to change into some shorts and a tank top, something caught my eye. I looked off to the left of my window, in the direction of our guest house which sat at the edge of the lake. There among the tall pines that surrounded the guest house I saw a sudden movement. I was even more surprised because the movement was coming from the roof of the building. I watched as a man climbed up a ladder onto the roof. I didn't know anyone was working on the guest house. Dad hadn't mentioned anything on the ride up from the city.

The man was a bit far away, but from what I could see he was very tall. He had his shirt off and was just wearing a pair of beaten up blue jeans. He had a tool belt tied around his thin waist. He reached up to wipe the sweat off of his forehead. He had on a pair of white work gloves. I couldn't tell if he was older or younger from my distance from him. He was covered in sweat. I didn't envy him working in this extreme heat. I watched him for a moment when he suddenly stopped. I froze as he looked in the direction of my bedroom, as if he saw me too. This was quite crazy because I was so far away and hidden by my sheer purple curtains. But, he stood there for the longest moment, observing the house before he turned back to his work.

I felt a shiver run up my spine for some odd reason. What the heck was that?


I had changed into a pair or white short shorts and a pale pink tank, with my red bikini underneath. I wore a bathing suit under my clothes practically every day when I was at the cabin. You never knew when you'd have the chance to take a dip so it was always best to be prepared.

I went down the stairs and entered the massive open concept great room that included the living room, kitchen and dining room. Mom wasn't there anymore. She must've gone to town to pick up things for the party. I didn't see dad either.

As I went over to the massive stainless steel fridge to grab a snack before heading to Will's, my brother came out of the half bath that was next to the kitchen.

"Hey squirt," my brother quipped.

"Hey yourself dorkus," I retaliated.

My brother Tom was about as tall as my dad, standing at six feet. He had the same blonde hair and dark blue eyes as me and my mom. But, he had my dad's features, the long face, strong jawline and high cheekbones. One could definitely tell we were related, but we didn't look as much alike as some other siblings I knew.

He was older than me by three years, but we were pretty close. It was just the two of us growing up, so we tended to gravitate towards one another since we were all each other had. Though, we definitely had our spats like other siblings. He was about to enter his final year of college at prestigious university in New England. He hadn't followed in dad's footsteps, opting instead to go into teaching. After this final year of his undergrad, he was going to enter the Master's program and hoped to teach at the college level after graduation. My parents had been surprised by Tom's decision to become a teacher, but it really wasn't that big of a declaration as both of my mom's parents had retired from the field. Tom was close to both of my parents. He was definitely the apple of my mother's eye though. Where I was a daddy's girl, he was a momma's boy. It worked though. Our family balanced each other out well.

"Where are you headed?" Tom asked as I grabbed an apple from the fridge.

"To Will's. Mom's got me on party duty. Got to beg Mrs. Ganford for some more tables," I said.

"Well, that shouldn't be too hard as she wants you to be her daughter-in-law someday," Tom joked.

I gave a nervous laugh. "Whatever," I said closing the fridge door.

"Hey...who is that down by the guest house?" I asked my brother.

Tom looked at me, "Oh that weird guy?" he asked.

"I don't know. Is he weird? I saw some man on the roof working on it from my bedroom window."

"Yeah I think his name is Ben or Brady, something like that," Tom said.

"He's replacing the roof. I met him yesterday when I got here," Tom added.

Tom had arrived the day before the rest of us. He was taking the month of July off from his summer job at a summer camp in Vermont to spend it with us here at the cabin.

"Yeah he doesn't seem too bad, just quiet. Dad said he's staying in the guest house while he fixes it up since he's not from around here. He did some other things to the cabin this spring too," Tom said.

This was news to me. I usually knew the comings and goings of people at the lake. I shrugged my shoulders. "Cool," I said as I went out the backdoor and went down the steps that headed to the lake.

I went down to the dock and bent down to untie my green kayak I used to made quick trips to and from friends' houses on the lake. As I was reaching down to grab my life vest off the seat of the kayak, I felt a hand reach down and touch my upper back.

I jumped up as I screamed. I whirled around expecting to see my brother.

Instead I was greeted by a man I had not met before. He stood not more than six inches in front of me. His hands had grabbed my upper arms to keep me from falling in the lake. I looked up into his eyes. They were a beautiful shade of emerald green. His eyes were accented by his manly face, covered in fine stubble of jet black hair. His hair was a mess, strands flowed in every direction. It was long enough to run a hand through, but not long enough to tie up. But, my eyes were drawn to his lips. They were plush and pink.

I steadied myself as the dark thought was shaken from my mind.

"Hi, I'm Brooks," the man said removing his hands from my arms and offering me his hand to shake.

It took me a moment, but I realized he was the man from the guest house.

"Oh hi. I'm Amber," I said offering him my hand in return.

As I took his hand I felt something come over me. Something electric. Something I had felt only one other time in my eighteen years.

I could almost feel my face flush.

"Nice to meet you Amber. Your father has told me a lot about you," he said flashing me a beautiful smile.

Ut oh.

"Oh I hope only good things," I quipped.

"Oh of course. He's very proud of you! He tells me you are off to law school this fall?" Brooks asked.

I nodded my head, suddenly at a loss for words.

"Well I just wanted to come down and introduce myself. I'll be here for the rest of the month fixing the guest house roof. I already did a bunch of work inside," Brooks said proudly.

"Yes, my brother told me," was all I could muster out.

I hadn't noticed but I was still holding his hand from the shake. I let go. How mortifying.

"Ok, well I better get back to it. I'll see you around. Enjoy your kayaking! It's beautiful out there!" Brooks said.

"That's my canoe right there," he motioned to a beautiful canoe tied off on the other end of the dock.

"Made her myself. I take it out whenever I need a break from the roof," Brooks stated.

It was gorgeous. I had seen shows on television about how they were built, it was a lot of work. I was suddenly impressed by his craftsmanship.

"She's a beauty," I said to him, smiling.

He looked at me then and smiled, "I could say the same thing myself," he said winking. With that, he turned and went back up the stairs towards the guest house. I wasn't sure if he was talking about the canoe or myself...


The entire trip across the lake was spent trying to figure out what had just happened. An older man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties, perhaps even older than that, had told me I was beautiful. I think. It was all pretty confusing. Not to mention he had turned me on. When his hand had grabbed mine I felt it. I squirmed around in the kayak for a moment just thinking about it. There was no denying he was attractive. But, I had to push those twisted thoughts from my mind. What the fuck was I thinking?

I docked my kayak at the end of the Ganford's dock then started to walk up the steps leading to their cabin. The Ganford's summer home was almost as impressive as ours. Though, there was something even more impressive with the Ganford's, because Will's grandfather had built the entire thing by hand way before ours was even constructed.

I knocked on the glass door facing the lake. Mrs. Ganford opened it.

"Amber!" she exclaimed as she wrapped me in a gracious hug.

"How are you darling?" She asked.

"Oh I'm doing good Mrs. Ganford. Happy to finally be done school and off to college soon," I gave my textbook answer.

"I know I cannot believe you and Will are going to be attending the same school this fall. I cannot tell you how happy I am to know he'll have you there. Just knowing he'll have one friend already there in California makes the transition a bit easier for me," she said.

I could tell she was genuinely excited for us. She was also nervous for her son. He was their only child. I could only imagine how difficult it must be for her to send him off to the other side of the country. She was a kind and gracious woman. She was shorter than me, standing at about 5'5." Her brown hair was cut short, but styled beautifully. Her light brown eyes balanced out her birdlike features. Mom had told me that they had done some modeling together in their younger days. Yes, my mom was a model once upon a time. Imagine the MILF comments I got about that...

Alice Ganford had always been sweet to me. In many ways she was like a second mother. Afterall, they lived near us in the city and when we were at the lake. Her son Will and I had grown up together. We attended the same private schools growing up. We had the same circle of friends. So, our families were intertwined in a way. Not to mention our fathers were best friends from their days at the same university Will and I were about to attend. Will of course, was going to be studying law as well, as his father had. And his father's father had and just about every generation of Ganford's from the time they came to America.

"Mrs. Ganford. My mom wanted to know if we could borrow some tables for the party. I'm not exactly sure how many she needs. But, I know she's expecting a lot more people this year as they are making it kind of a sendoff party for me and Will too," I asked.

"Of course Amber! I'll go call your mom right now before I forget. Thanks for letting me know sweetie. Will is upstairs in his room if you want to go say hi," she added before running off to call my mother.

I smiled at her as I darted up the stairs towards Will's bedroom.

I knocked gently on the bedroom door. No answer. After a few more knocks, I opened the door gently. It was unlocked. As I entered Will's room I didn't see him anywhere. Much like my own room at the lake, his had the same layout. Except his walls were painted a sage green and his bedding was some sort of nautical print.

He wasn't in there. But, then as I was about to exit the room I heard a noise coming out of the bathroom attached to his bedroom.

It was quiet at first, but then it got a little louder. It was still quiet enough where I doubt one could hear it from outside his bedroom. I crept over to the door of the bathroom and listened.


There was a moaning sound. It was Will's voice. I could pick his voice out of a million in a crowd.

He was doing something in there he didn't want anyone to know about. I reached for the doorknob and quietly turned it. As I gently opened the door, I could see Will standing in his stall shower. He had the shower door wide open. He was naked and rubbing his dick furiously with his right hand.

He had a look of pure pleasure on his face as he rubbed his cock. I watched him for a moment. Will was a sight to behold. He was the same height as me, standing at 5'8," his body was muscled and toned in all the right places, his sandy blonde hair was kept short and spiked. He had a beautiful face. One that had graced the pages of a few magazines once upon a time when his mom had took him to some modeling jobs. He looked at me now, his brown eyes catching mine.

"Amber..." he said half embarrassed.

I walked over to him then. I took his right hand as he let go of his cock. I pulled him out of the shower and onto the bath mat in front of the shower stall.

I lifted my tank top over my head and tossed it on the ground. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. Will hissed in appreciation.

"Oh..." he moaned.

I took the entire shaft in my mouth and sucked it hard. Harder each time I came down to the base of it. I did this for a while before pulling away. Will reached down and yanked my bikini top up so he could see my perky tits. He reached down and fondled one of them as I licked the shaft of his cock.

"Mmmm...that feels so fucking good!" Will said as I took his cock in my mouth once more.

We played this game for a few more minutes as I sucked him and he teased my nipples.

It wasn't long before Will was telling me he was coming. And he did, violently unloading his cum in my mouth.

I fixed my top and put my tank top back on as I walked over to the sink to rinse my mouth out. I had swallowed the load, but wanted to get the taste out of my mouth.

Will grabbed a towel from the wall and wrapped it around his waist.

"Wow. Amber...that was...amazing," he said as I turned to look at him.

I winked at him. "That's what friends are for right," I said as I walked over and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll let you get dressed," I said to Will as I exited the bathroom and went back out into his bedroom.


Will came back out a few minutes later. He was dressed in nothing but a pair of brown board shorts.

"Thanks for that," Will said laughing.

"After a week here already with my parents I thought I was going to go nuts. That was a great stress reliever," Will said joking.

The Ganfords has arrived at the lake a week prior to us. They always left as soon as school let out for the summer.

"I know right. We just got here and I'm already looking for something fun to do," I said, sitting on his bed.

Will walked towards me. "Yeah?" he asked seductively.

Ut oh.

As Will walked over towards me that feeling came back. The one I had felt when I shook Brooks hand on my dock. I could almost feel my pussy get wet.

"How about you let me return the favor?" Will asked coyly.

"If you want to I wouldn't say no," I said gingerly.

Will reached down and pulled my shorts and suit bottoms off in one quick move. He left my navy blue tennis shoes and white socks on.

Once my shorts and bottoms were deposited on the floor, Will started kissing the inside of my thighs. Tenderly working his way up my right thigh until he was at the apex. He started to inhale deeply. I was somewhat mortified.

"God Amber! You smell so fucking good! I can't wait until the day you let me finally fuck your sweet pussy," Will said matter-of-factly.

There was something hot about it. With that, he started his assault on my pussy. Licking and sucking in all the right places. He never inserted a finger though. He knew that was a no no. But, his tongue still found my clit and it didn't take long for him to bring me over the edge. I came hard onto his face as he rubbed my clit with the palm of my hand, running his fingers through my tiny bush as he did so.

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