tagMind ControlMy Late Uncle's Gadgets

My Late Uncle's Gadgets


"How does it work?"

Sally stood by the door to the bedroom, looking at the strange egg-shaped device on the ground. It came up to her waist, and had a deep saddle shape carved into the top it, clearly designed for sitting in.

She had been extremely sceptical when Toby had called and announced that he had just "come into possession of" a gadget from his uncle Carl's property. All of his friends knew about "Uncle Carl". The wider world was more familiar with the moniker "Kazorov", a fake surname he had taken when first setting up his empire in online pornography.

Parties at his house were the stuff of legends, although neither Sally nor Toby had ever been invited to one. Sally wasn't a porn star and the family would never have forgiven the corruption of one of their own, so Toby had never even seen the inside of the house.

Carl's had built his fortune on the sort of content other networks of pornography sites could only dream of : Fresh faced, innocent-looking young actors and (mostly) actresses looking as though they genuinely enjoyed every moment of uninhibited passion. All of the viewers agreed - it didn't look like acting. It looked like ecstasy driven by desire.

The biggest rumour of all was that he had recruited most, perhaps even all of his female performers during the parties at his house. That made an invitation to one of Carl's parties the hottest ticket in town for every red-blooded male with a pulse. Not that anyone who'd ever been to one was talking.

So Toby had inherited some sex-related paraphernalia from his late uncle Carl. No doubt deceased in a manner many would envy, and had called Sally to tell her about it. Of course Sally, who had as vivid an imagination as Toby when it came to his uncle Carl, had told him not to touch it until she got there.

And what it was, was a silver egg. A little higher than the seat of a chair. It was clearly designed for sitting in. In fact, the anatomical shape of the thing indicated that this was a device that had been created for a girl to sit in. The saddle was deep and form-fitting. It would curve up quite high in front, not quite approaching the belly button, and behind it also rose in a curve of metal that would cover the tail bone. The hips would come down on either side of the egg. The girl sitting in the egg would need to be fairly slim, or she simply wouldn't fit, and not too tall, or her legs would be too long for the grooves in the side of the device.

The inside of the saddle was covered by some soft of rubbery skin that appeared soft to touch. Through this skin, a pale blue light was apparent, varying in intensity and seemingly generated by many little points that were spread evenly about the surface where the girl in question would be sitting.

Given the extreme anatomical correctness of the design, it was obvious that the girl sitting in it would need to be naked, or at the very least wearing nothing more than a thin layer of fabric such as tights, in order to be able to comfortably fit. Given where the device came from and its likely intended function, Sally was betting that naked was the only way you were supposed to sit in this thing.

On either side of the egg, deep grooves came down from the hips, into which the girl's legs would fit. To get her legs into the grooves, a girl would have to lift her feet off the ground, bend her knees and, squeezing her thighs together, slide her legs entirely into the device, adopting a sort of half-kneeling position.

That this was some kind of sophisticated sex toy was obvious. Sally had instantaneously wanted to try it, the only problem was her history with Toby. They had tried to date, but for whatever reason it hadn't worked at the time. From the way he looked at her from time to time, she was sure there was still interest on his side, and that he hid it for the sake of their friendship, for which she was grateful. Using a sex toy he had recovered from uncle Carl in his bedroom was likely to upset the balance of their friendship.

"You want to try it." He said.

Well, no point in hiding it now. "Well, yes... but we're not dating any more, and I'm not sure it's appropriate to be doing this in my ex-..."

"Oh grow up", he cut her off with a smile, "It's not like I've never seen you naked before. From the design it certainly isn't something I can try, and I'm as eager as you are to find out what it does. Besides, I'm single, and even if I wasn't, Kasia and Penny would never have wanted to try, so it's not like I'm even emotionally cheating on anyone by seeing you naked. I don't have to touch you for you to be able to try it. And fianlly, unless you're hiding something from me, you're single too, so no guilt there."

Sally rolled her eyes at the reference to his two most recent ex-girlfriends. He'd clearly chosen them for their ten-out-of-ten looks, and not for their spoilt demanding little brat characters.

She wasn't shy, she just didn't want to create problems with their friendship. The device came from the most legendary porn mogul in the world, from the inner sanctum of his empire. She didn't know if Toby would get to keep the device very long, and so she might never have another opportunity. The decision was already taken, really, she just had to finish justifying it to herself.

"One condition", said Toby, "I get to watch."

Well, she'd expected that. A few more moments of hesitation, and her mind was made up. She kicked off her shoes and started to unbuckle her belt to take off her jeans.

"Turn around while I take these off, you can look again once I'm sitting on it".

Toby thought this was ridiculous, since if the device did what they hoped it would do he'd shortly be watching her orgasm, but he didn't want her to change her mind, so he turned around all the same.

He heard her struggling with the skin-tight jeans as she tried to get them off her long legs. He could imagine her hopping on one foot, and then the other. Finally, the sounds of struggle stopped, and she told him he could turn around.

She had sat in the device, but her feet were still on the ground. She looked a little confused. Her jeans were in a pile on the floor, a small black g-string on top of them.

"That is the weirdest sensation ever. It feels incredibly soft, like warm silk, and it's flexible. It's changing shape to fit me". She blushed. "It's really erotic and it hasn't even done anything yet."

"You have to put your legs in it as well," Toby pointed out.

The device's shape forced Sally to lean forwards slightly as she sat in it, the curved part of the device that covered her tail bone prevented her from leaning backwards at all, and the shape that fit around her pelvis angled it forwards slightly. If she took her weight off her feet, she wouldn't be putting weight on her bum, but rather on the upper thighs and on the bottom of her pelvis, between her legs.

She gradually took the weight off her feet, and felt the device adapt slightly, spreading the pressure evenly everywhere. The way the machine held her was incredibly intimate. She could feel her sex pressed against the smooth inner surface of the saddle, the softness of it gently cupping her most intimate parts and never breaking contact. The back of the saddle was shaped to fit her buttocks, and this had the effect of separating them slightly. She could feel the surface of the saddle against every part of her, and the soft surface's contact with her anus was a level of intimacy she had never before experienced, and contributed to a growing arousal.

Her feet came off the ground and her legs naturally found the same curve as the grooves in the sides of the egg. Given how slim they were, it wasn't hard for her to slip her legs entirely into the device, where they were enveloped by the same material that was cupping her up to her waist. Once her legs were inside it, she was able to take a little of her weight on her knees, which made everything even more comfortable. The soft surface of the inside of the machine seemed to gently hold her legs everywhere, caressing her almost imperceptibly.

After having taken a moment to get used to it, she looked up at Toby. "What do I do now?"

"No idea. There's no buttons, no controls, just a power cable, and it's already plugged in. I guess you just wait, or something."

Waiting in this position was a little embarrassing, the sensation was like being held up by an incredibly gentle but strong hand that was placed between her legs. It was incredibly intimate, she was being touched everywhere, and she knew her face was beginning to flush with arousal under her blond hair, and that Toby would be able to tell.

After a few seconds, she was getting too embarrassed. "I'm going to get off."

But she couldn't.

Nothing appeared to have moved, but for some reason, her legs seemed to be trapped inside the device. Her ankles and her knees were gently held in place, and when she tried to remove them, all she felt was the silky soft surface rippling against her thighs and behind her knees. She tried again, pushing harder, trying to find a way out, but all she managed to do was get the rippling sensation to go all the way up to her inner thighs, like a caress. A sensation that robbed her of her strength because it took the intimacy to new levels.

"Toby, I can't get out of it." She sounded a little panicked.

"Don't worry, I think it's just starting up. I think it was waiting for you to try to get out."

Having made the decision to get off the saddle, she didn't want to be stuck sitting naked in a machine that wasn't allowing her to leave. She felt too vulnerable and the fact that Toby was standing there watching her made her feel incredibly exposed, even if she was wearing her t-shirt.

"No, Toby, I really want to get off now."

She started to struggle again, wriggling her legs and just dealing with the ripples that reached up to where her thighs met her sex. "Toby, give me a hand, or unplug it, I want to..."

She had stopped in mid phrase, shocked by a new sensation.

The device had gently gripped each of her buttocks, and was now spreading them further apart, exposing her anus completely.

"Toby, I..." Her eyes suddenly widened and her words caught in a sharp intake of breath.

Something warm and wet had suddenly made contact with the skin between her pussy and her anus. It felt like a particularly soft tongue. In the time it took her to figure this out, the tongue had smoothly licked from there over her anus and back again. Then it came back up and started to lick in circles around her rear entrance. She was being held in a position where there was absolutely nothing she could do to prevent the device from touching her in any way it wanted, and in the shock of sudden arousal, her vulnerability was the only thing she could think about other than the wet licking she was receiving.

She realised a little late that she had been moaning. Toby was grinning like an idiot.

"Stop.. ugh.. laughing at me and help me get off this thing. Ohh."

"Are you sure you want to? Isn't this what you wanted to experience?"

He couldn't tell what was being done to her, given that he couldn't see what was happening inside the device, so he couldn't understand. She wasn't about to explain it to him either. She had expected a vibrator, perhaps something that penetrated her, but she hadn't expected something as incredibly intimate as a rim-job, something she'd only ever heard about because no guy was ever going to go anywhere near her rear entrance as far as she was concerned. So she had no idea how to handle the fact that not only was an incredibly versatile tongue now licking her somewhere she had never before wanted to be touched, but also that she was finding it so incredibly arousing.

"It's too much, I need it to..." The machine surprised her in mid-sentence again. The slippery appendage had circled several times and finished dead centre. The pressure increased and the tongue seemed to narrow and harden, while the lubrication increased dramatically.

"Oh no..."

She tried to clench her ass, but the pressure and the lubrication gave the device an advantage, and the appendage seemed to be wriggling ever so slightly at the tip, arousing her further and encouraging her to let it in.

Suddenly she felt a second tongue, wider, softer and as wet as the first, sliding directly against her labia. The sensation was so sudden and surprising that she lost control for an instant, and in that instant she relaxed enough that the first appendage had slipped past her muscles and was now deep inside her anus. Despite her theoretical aversion to anal sex, the sensation was so incredibly overpowering that she moaned uncontrollably.

Panic-stricken eyes looked up at Toby, who was now laughing softly and looking at his ex-girlfriend with fascination. It occurred to her on some level that he didn't seem very surprised at this turn of events.

She was encased below the waist in a giant silvery egg, her hands were pressed against the front of the egg above her sex. Her long blond hair was tied up in a ponytail and her neck and face were flushed. Her mouth was half-open, and her eyes were mostly unfocused, except during those moments when she remembered he was there, at which point she looked directly at him, deeply embarrassed, before the machine would distract her once more, and her attention would turn entirely inwards at the sensations she was experiencing.

Her entire body felt like it was humming.

The tongue-like appendage embedded in her ass had hardened further, and widened inside. Then it had begun vibrating extremely fast, tiny oscillations at a very high frequency that she could could feel through her entire body.

Her attention was now entirely on the sensations she was feeling, Toby's presence remained a source of deep embarrassment, but she knew she could do nothing about it now. Even if her legs had not been held in the machine, she would be unable to lift herself off the vibrating dildo given how wide it seemed to have become inside her ass. Her helplessness began to feed into her arousal.

The second tongue made another appearance, this time licking around the bottom of her vagina before sliding up and down, lubricating as it went. Not that lubrication was really necessary at this point. The tongue made its way to the top of her pussy, carefully avoiding going anywhere near her clitoris, and while it continued to stimulate her, a second dildo slid smoothly and without warning into her sex. Quite apart from the incredible feeling of penetration, the manner in which she was taken made it completely clear that she was not in control. She practically orgasmed right there, her back arching and the loudest moan yet escaping from her.

The dildo slid in and out of her several times, provoking further moans, before settling deep inside her and vibrating at a different frequency to the one embedded in her ass.

Her breath was now coming in shallow gasps, and her hands had moved up to her small breasts, kneading them through her black t-shirt. She was no longer aware of Toby standing by the door, looking at her. Her eyes were shut.

Through the maelstrom of sensations, she felt hands under her elbows, and allowed her arms to be lifted above her head. It felt natural at this point to allow her body to be handled. Most of her attention was on the sweet vibrations between her legs and inside her, and on the tongue that would lick at her labia, then lick tantalisingly close to her clit, before dropping down and circling the device inside her pussy, making her aware of the hardness of the cock that had penetrated her.

Her t-shirt was lifted off over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra beneath, and it felt good to be naked. She was dimly aware that the hands underneath hers on her chest were Toby's, but was so far past caring that she merely encouraged him, caressing his hands as they stroked and lifted her small, pert breasts.

The sensation seemed to go on forever, and she had long since lost track of time. She was sweating with the effort of her arousal, muscles in her belly clenching and unclenching. She was at the point where she had forgotten where she was and how she had got there. Every time she began to get used to the sensations, the device would alter something and her arousal would spike again. One of the dildos would slide in and out a few times, or would curve and rub against her inner walls, or a new tongue would appear out of nowhere and lick around the dildo penetrating her ass.

Toby stopped caressing her breasts and stood back to admire the scene before him.

Sally was grinding against the machine as best she could, the various penetrations limited her range of movement so it was more of a writhing, squirming movement. Her breathing came in gasps, and she was bathed in sweat and flushed red in the face and neck. Her hands had moved up to her breasts as soon as he had stopped his caresses.

The headphones in her ears had been there almost thirty minutes now, and she hadn't noticed them even when he had slipped them in. He had no idea what she was listening to, the instructions had been explicitly clear and had indicated that it would be extremely unwise for him to listen to even one minute of the sound that they carried. If the results were as advertised by Carl in his extremely brief explanatory note, then Toby could deal with not knowing how they were achieved. The headphones were plugged into a small recessed socket at the back of the egg, just behind Sally's ass.

Toby pulled out the second silvery contraption from its hiding place behind the sofa. This was little more than a seat, but one which had been designed with a specific intention in mind. He positioned in in front of his squirming ex-girlfriend and rapidly stripped off his own clothes. He positioned himself in the seat, which meant that he was semi-reclined, slightly elevated and with his legs apart, his pelvis placed directly in front of Sally's face, such that by leaning forward, her head would be in his lap. Between his legs, against the skin between his scrotum and his anus, was a sensor. Apparently this could detect his level of arousal as well as the moment of orgasm, and would interact with the egg. The sensor was a soft patch of fabric that felt very pleasant against his skin. A tiny sample of the material that encompassed Sally's entire lower body.

He was already hard, which was good. This instructions said he had to be hard before the thirty-second minute of the recording started. That was seven seconds away.

Sally had become progressively more desperate for an orgasm. Whereas for the longest time she had been constantly amazed and distracted by ever-increasing levels of arousal, for some reason, this was no longer sufficient. She knew that the orgasm would be the strongest she had ever experienced. She had never been this aroused before, her whole body was being played like a musical instrument and she could feel the crescendo coming. She wanted it more than anything. She didn't know what to do to make it happen - she wasn't in control and felt helpless to hurry it along.

At some unknown command, she opened her eyes and saw Toby in front of her, naked and erect. Within reach. His cock was beautiful. In her aroused state, it was the most wonderful thing she could imagine. The instant she had opened her eyes, the cock inside her had seemed to pulse and her vaginal muscles had contracted in response. The dildo was sliding slightly in and out of her now, encouraging her.

She knew what she had to do.

Her right hand abandoned her breast and came up to hold Toby's cock at the same time as she leant forward and took the head into her mouth. The second his cock had passed her lips, the rhythm of the cock inside her increased, and the tongue between her legs had started to lick very close to, but not directly in contact with her clit.

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