tagIncest/TabooMy Lesbian Mom

My Lesbian Mom


My father was very controlling of my mom and me, forbidding her to have male friends unless he knew them saying they were all perverts who would try to steal her from him or do something bad to her, and me from having female friends fearing they would cause trouble or I may impregnate one of them.

He too believed homosexuality did not exist and people just pretended to be gay to take advantage of those of the opposite gender. When my best friend from high school Sean revealed he was gay, daddy accused him of trying to get closer to my mom and ordered me to stop being friends with him. Sean then showed dad a photo of him and his partner holding hands and kissing and dad said it was all staged so he could gain his trust.

Knowing he was wrong I was mad and wanted to show him right but he put me down easily. I knew mom was furious also and begged her to divorce him, but she could not pay the costs of college and living on her own. We took comfort in one of her childhood friends, Verona, and told her of dad's behavior. She then revealed she was a lesbian, surprising mom and me, and would support us in whatever way possible. We thanked her, but warned to not reveal her orientation to my dad as it may infuriate him.

She and mom kept spending time together and I could tell by their facial expressions and body languages that they were getting attracted to each other sexually. Wondering what lesbian sex was like I began seeing girl-girl porn and it turned me on instantly. Mom and Verona were so attractive and young looking, being the same age, and the former having me when she was just 15, and I hoped one day they would have sex with each other and love it so much mom would finally get the courage to leave my dad for Verona. I know many found it gross for a young man to picture his mom naked and having sex, but it did not bother me.

One night while at Verona's home, I was relaxing in the guest room when I heard her and mom talking and laughing in the master bedroom next door. I then heard kissing noises and ran to the door. It was slightly opened, so I got a peek of them kneeling on the bed kissing while taking off each other's shirts. They had cute bras on and took off each other's pants revealing their cuter panties and feeling each other's bodies. They kissed while removing each other's undergarments.

This was the first time I saw mom naked and wanted to go in to get a closer look, but was afraid they would stop, so I stayed by the door watching as they kissed each other's necks and chins. Verona had a very hot body too. Then they lip-locked, fingering each other's vaginas. At one point, mom kissed Verona breasts as they hugged and felt each other's bodies.

Verona then lay on her bed with her knees bent and head sticking out the edge as mom stood on the floor with her pussy atop her face facing away from her body to let her lick it. I saw Verona's and wished I was licking it. At one point, she masturbated, which aroused me more. Mom about faced and fondled Verona's vagina. Verona kissed her buttocks. When Verona licked down her butt crack and sucked her anus, mom bounced and orgasmed. It was the first time in years I saw her feeling happy.

They got off as mom leaned on the wall facing it and Verona sat on the floor behind her to lick her ass. At a point mom moved away from the wall and had just her hands on it. I wished I was kissing down Verona's sexy back as she kept kissing mom. She sat in front of mom, who put her legs on her shoulders to let her lick her pussy. I saw mom's soft round ass and badly wanted to kiss and lick it. Verona got on all fours on the floor and mom stood in front of her with her legs between her head and bent over so her torso was atop Verona's back to kiss her butt, finger her pussy, and suck her anus. She at a point urinated on her head, which Verona seemed to like.

Mom got on all fours on a recliner Verona sat behind her to kiss her buttocks, finger her vagina, and suck her anus. She then stood up to pee in her anus, likely to get back at her for peeing on her face before, but mom seemed to like that. Verona then lay under her with her knees bent to make the 69 position, as the women sucked each other's vaginas. I licked my lips in pleasure having seen women in that position many times in porn videos.

Mom then sat up to feel Verona's legs as she kept fingering and licking her vagina, then sat by her legs with her face between them to kiss them and suck and finger her vagina. Verona orgasmed, bounced and ripped off pieces of the recliner and wallpaper behind it. It made me wish I was sucking her pussy as mom kissed up her stomach and breasts until she was atop her as they kissed. Mom kissed the right side of Verona's neck as they felt each other's bodies.

After a brief talk about how great this was, they kissed again. Verona then kissed mom's forehead, put her head on her chest and caressed her like a kid. This was the first time I saw two ladies have sex in person. I loved it and hoped next time I could get a better view without being seen.

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