tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Lesbian Rape Ch. 2

My Lesbian Rape Ch. 2


"Spread her as wide as she will go and tie her legs" barked Lisa. I looked up at the dyke and she had a gleam in her eye that I knew was not good for me. The 2 girls each grabbed an ankle and pulled my legs apart until I thought something was going to tear. It really hurt and I moaned into the gag as tears ran down my cheeks. I shook my head violently trying to beg Lisa not to continue but to no avail. The girls re-tied my feet to the bedframe and I was left totally exposed and available. Lisa walked over to the bed and said "What do you think now bitch! Still enjoy taking my girlfriend?"

I shook my head no but that only seemed to make her madder. She moved down between my legs and started roughly rubbing my clit. Then she moved in with her face and bit my clit, chewing very hard. My clit is rather big and it was easy for her to bite. It hurt like hell and I tried to squirm out of her grasp but it was no use. She continued to chew and to my surprise, I came! "Look at her" Lisa shouted "She likes this shit! Well let's see how you like this." She moved up so that she was sitting between my legs, reached down and started to spread my lips. Then with no warning, she forced her right hand into my pussy with one stroke. I thought I was going to pass out from the tremendous pain but I didn't. She immediately start slamming her fist in and out of me and soon my pussy adjusted to the size and I began squirming and bucking against my will. I came several times, very hard and long while Lisa fucked me with her hand.

I felt something moving around my head and when I looked up, the dyke was removing the gag from my mouth. Good I thought, I will scream as loud as I can and hopefully someone in a next room will hear me before they replace the gag. The dyke moved up on the bed and that is when I noticed that she had a huge strap-on dildo. It was black, at least a foot long and as thick as the wrist of the arm that was currently violating my pussy. She removed the gag but immediately replaced it with the head of the dildo. It was so big that I could just barely get my mouth around it but that didn't stop her. She kept pushing the big dick into my mouth and as it entered my throat, I started to gag. I thought I was going to get sick right there but she didn't allow that to happen. She pushed the dildo into my throat and soon the harness was against my face. "Fuck the bitch's face as hard as you like" Lisa told her. "Just keep her quiet because she isn't going to like what I'm going to do now."

I was really frightened but didn't have time to think about it because I soon felt something poking at the entrance to my pussy. Something else was trying to enter me along side of Lisa's arm. I tried to kick but my feet were tied too tight. It was no use, I was at their mercy and all I could do now was hope that I got out of this alive. I couldn't see what Lisa was doing but I could feel what I thought were fingers prying at my already filled pussy. I soon began to feel them enter along side her arm and while I couldn't tell how many there were, I was being stretched beyond belief and the pain was unbearable. I must have passed out for a short period and when I came to, I could feel Lisa still working at my pussy. "Well bitch" she said. "Welcome back. In case you don't know it, I now have 4 fingers of my other hand in that cunt of yours and getting ready to go for the whole hand. Bet you never thought you could take 2 hands in that dirty cunt of yours!"

At this point the pain didn't seem quite as bad as before but when she tucked her thumb into the palm of her hand and pushed against me, I passed out again. When I came to this time, the pain was incredible and not being able to see what was happening, I could only imagine that she had gotten both of her hands in me. I soon found that I was right because she began to move both of her fists in and out of my pussy, both with different movements. Again my body began to betray me and although it was terribly painful, I came. I don't think I have ever cum so hard before or since and I couldn't believe that this was happening. Lisa really start fucking me hard and I felt like I was again going to pass out when all of a sudden I felt something poking at me ass. At this point I had nothing left with which to resist so I just laid there, hoping that this would soon end. I looked up and the dyke had removed her blouse to expose her tits. One of the other girls was sucking on her tits which made her drive the dildo deeper and harder into my throat. Several times I thought I would choke to death but I was now adjusting to the monster that invaded my throat and I decided to just do what they wanted.

I could feel something enter my ass but had no idea what it was. The angle of entry made it hurt even worse and I tried to raise my hips a little to provide easier access with a better angle. That seemed to help a little and soon I felt something bigger entering my ass. "That's it baby, work those fingers around and loosen her up a little before you do it" Lisa instructed. "I'll never get my hand in her ass" I heard the girl say. "She is too tight with your hands in her cunt". "Never mind about that bitch, do as I tell you and start working those fingers to stretch her out" barked Lisa. The girl did as ordered and started moving her fingers around in me. I had no idea how many were in there but I could tell that she was adding more as the pain increased. I thought for sure that they intended to kill me by doing these things and that there was no way I could survive having 2 hands in my pussy and 1 in my ass.

The girl in my ass kept working her fingers and I could feel my ass adjusted somewhat to what she was doing. The I hear Lisa say "OK baby, it's time. Open her up like she's never had it before and don't be shy about it." I felt my ass expanding even further and the pain increased until I didn't think I could stand it any more. Just as I felt like I was going to pass out, I actually heard a "plop" and a tremendous pain shot through my whole body and I passed out.

When I came to, I was alone on the bed with only one hand untied. The room was completely empty. I looked down the bed and saw blood and immediately got scared. I was sore as hell but I reached over and untied the other hand. Then I sat up in bed and looked down between my legs to see a mess that you wouldn't believe on the sheets. There was a mixture of blood and fecal matter and my first thought was that they had ruined me for life. I untied my legs and looked between them for a closer inspection. My pussy was slightly torn and very sore. I couldn't see me ass but it appeared to be still bleeding slightly. I slowly got up and staggered over to the mirror and bent over so I could see my poor ass. It too was torn but not as bad as I expected.

I then saw a note on the nightstand and went over to read it. When I picked it up, there was a polaroid picture under it. The picture showed me being assaulted with both of Lisa's hands in my pussy, the had of the young girl in my ass, and the dyke fucking my mouth with the dildo. The note read: "Revenge is sweet, my love. There are plenty more pictures and a video where this came from and they will be distributed widely if you ever report this to the police. I know you probably don't believe me but I promise that I will be true to my work as long as you remain quiet. There are some new clothes for you in the closet." It was signed by Lisa with a lipstick mark below her signature.

Happy to be alive and to have survived the ordeal. I took a long hot shower and got dressed and left the hotel. I have never told anyone about this before and hopefully if you read this Lisa, you won't get mad. I never did and never will tell the police but I just had to tell this story because of my recent fantasies about it.

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