tagGroup SexMy Life as a Sex-Party Boy

My Life as a Sex-Party Boy


Chapter 1

I've always been a pretty average guy; medium height throughout my life so far, average build, always got Bs and Cs in school, graduated pretty much in the middle of my high school class, did basically average work in college, got a pretty good job, better than some of my friends, not nearly as good as a few.

So, I'm a pretty average fellow like so many of us.

But, I do stand out in one area and I really didn't begin to realize it until I had started into middle school; it's my cock.

It never seemed all that large when I was in elementary school. It was usually flaccid and when it was that way, it really didn't look especially large. Then I went to middle school and the thing was, in the locker room and showers, we usually didn't have erections so I had little to compare my erect dick with.

Now I know you're probably wondering just how big it is and I'll get to that in a minute (come on, ladies, be patient) but the truth was, back then in middle school, I didn't realize that, when hard, I was rather longer and thicker that most of my peers.

Watching porn at a friend's house didn't tell me, either. I saw some pretty big ones on the internet but just figured that was more or less the norm.

Little did I know until Missy Arnold came into my life. It was my senior year in high school, she was the prettiest girl in our school and quite sexy. She was two months older than I was, I'd just turned eighteen.

I took her out a few times, dances and stuff and she invited me over after school one day. Once we got in her house and had a snack, she had me up to her room and, once inside, she grabbed me and started kissing me.

Well, it wasn't my first experience with kissing and such but, I'd never had sex yet and she quickly had me on her bed with her up over me, tonguing my mouth as her hand rubbed the lump in my pants.

She raised up off my face and asked, "Just how big is your dick, Owen? It feels huge."

"I don't know, like all the rest, I guess."

"Oh, no it isn't, let me see it."

She really said that, let me see it.

I looked up at her and asked, "You want to see my penis?"

"Get it out, Owen, you might just be glad you did. I want to see it."

Well, I figured it was in my best interest to take my dick out which I did.

"Omigod, Owen, it's huge," she gasped, "It's bigger than any I've ever seen, even, well, um, a guy I know who's twenty-five."

"It's just what I've always had, I guess."

"How big is it?" she asked. I told her I didn't know and she told me to wait, she'd be right back with a tape measure.

Well, I knelt there on her bed with my dick pointing up and she soon came back.

"Now, is it as hard as it can get?"

"I don't know, I guess so," I lamely answered.

"Well, let's get it as hard as we can," she said and bent down as I felt her wet lips slide over the tip of my cock and down the shaft to begin sucking me up and down.

It was the first time any other person had touched my dick, especially with their mouth, and I almost fainted when it first happened. But then the feelings came with it and I almost swooned it was so good.

"Oh, Missy, omigod, that feels so good," I gasped as she lifted up and put the tape measure along side me.

"Seven and, um, three-fourths, wow, that's the biggest I've ever seen. Have you fucked many girls with that?"

"Um, no, not many. Well, I guess, not any," I admitted.

"Would you like to?" she asked.

What a question, I thought.

"Sure, I'd love it," I told her and she asked me to get my clothes off as she began pulling hers off.

We were soon standing there looking at each other as she reached to hold my cock in her hand.

"God, you are huge."

"You are so beautiful. You are anyway but like this, wow, you should be in Playboy."

"Thanks, that's sweet," she gushed and put her arms around me, pulled me close and kissed me ramming her tongue in my mouth and grinding her middle against my hard cock.

Then, gripping my dick, she led me back to her bed, pulled the covers away and had me lay down as she lifted my cock up in admiration.

"Well, let's see if I can stuff all this inside my pussy," and she got up over me and gripping me, lowered down and twisted and turned and wiggled and writhed pushing down all the while until I kind of popped into her, at least the head.

"Whew. This isn't easy," she said as she pushed down some more getting a little more of me inside. Then she moved up and down some which felt so good and was soon scissoring all the way up and down on me.

"You are huge, Owen, and you feel so good inside me. Oh, you're gonna get a whole lot of my pussy, I hope you know that."

Well, that's when I first knew that I was above average at least in one category, not a bad one at all, in the grand scheme of things.

I fucked Missy for the rest of our senior year years and a whole raft of her girlfriends. She would show them a pic of my cock that she had written my cell number on lengthwise along the shaft in Magic Marker. It didn't wash it off for several days after and I had to skip gym a couple of times to avoid the possibility of explaining it.

But, Missy, bless her, kept me supplied with girls who wanted to sample my endowment, most multiple times. I even had one girl's mother ask me to see it. Then she wanted to try it herself, but that's another story for another time.

Through my last year in high school and through college, I was in constant and heavy demand, I got a lot of pussy and by the time I was twenty, my friend measured eight and three-quarters inches. There was one sorority party where I was the sole invited guest but, alas, I must tell that another time as well.

Anyway, college was where I met Nicole, who became my wife.

She was a pert curly-headed blond with a to-die-for curvy figure. She was interesting and fun and had a libido that outdid any girl I'd ever known. She was ready just anytime at all. Her enthusiasm for all things, but sex, especially, was simply stellar. She was fun to be around and fun to be in, if you understand my meaning.

So, after I graduated, we got married and she graduated early the next year. Nicole started two years after I did but she was a demon in school, taking extra courses and doing summer courses as well, so she did it in less than three years.

Now, fast forward about five years and I'm twenty-seven and she's twenty-five, we're happily married and living in a small suburb of Chicago. We were both working when Nicole was told she was being laid off in a restructuring move.

Like so many couples, we immediately tightened our belts and she started sending out resumes.

A couple of months went by, then, after supper one evening and several more glasses of wine, as we were discussing the lack of replies to her resumes, she told me an idea she had.

"I've been wondering if I shouldn't just go ahead and start my own business. I've had an idea I've been looking at," she said.

"Really? That's great, like what?"

"Um, well, let's have another glass of wine as I tell you my idea," so I poured us full and she went on, "Well, I was thinking of doing home parties."

"Oh, Avon, Mary Kay, stuff like that?"

"Nooo, more like sex toys, dildos, vibrators, sexy underwear, nighties, stuff like that."

"Well, can I come along?" I asked jokingly.

"That was exactly what I was thinking, having you come along."

"Like to make sure everything is safe and on the up and up?"

"No, more to show off that huge cock of yours."

"You're kidding."

"No, we can put it to good use. I'll show you on the computer some companies that provide the products, there are some things that we could have you demonstrate like a cock ring that vibrates, you know, stuff like that."

"You really mean that I'd just haul it out in front of a bunch of women and demonstrate sex products?"

"Sure, I was thinking of having a tip jar for you so the gals could encourage you to get it out and let them have a feel, maybe even jack you off, suck you, something like that?"

"I better cut your wine off, hon."

"Why? I think it would really be a great business. You've got what it takes to pull in the customers, so to speak."

"You really mean for me to pull it out for a bunch of women, even grandmas?"

"I think most of the women interested are younger but, well, why not grandmas? I think we should try it. See what we could make on it."

"But, if it got back to work it would be a bit embarrassing."

"We live outside Chicago. I could market it to Chicago women, there's so many the chance of anyone knowing either of us is pretty remote. And, I'd get their name and address beforehand anyway."

"You really want to do this? Really?"

"Really, I do."

So I had her show me the supplier's websites and, well, there were a number of things I could demonstrate on my endowment for a little extra fee as Nicole suggested.

She showed me all manner of men's and women's sexy clothing, cock rings with and without stimulators, lubes that she suggested they could try out on me, more vibrators that I ever thought possible, the catalogs went on and on. She'd really researched the whole idea and had decided on a supplier to sign up with.

One of her marketing ploys, of course, was me or, at least, a part of me. For her party-services listing on the internet, she offered each person inquiring about having a party, a picture attachment of her assistant, 'Justin,' which was the name she'd picked out for me. She was to be known as 'Alexis' for business purposes. The business was 'Naughty-N-Nice Home Parties,' and she got a bank account set up and a franchise arrangement with the supplier.

She photographed me from the shoulders down standing at our kitchen table with my cock laying next to a banana. She had even picked a rather small one at the grocery store for comparison and, well, I certainly did look well-endowed.

Then, she posted a notice in an alternative newspaper website and we waited.

It wasn't long before we were getting inquiries and she picked out one that really seemed good from a Hayley who was very interested in getting her six girlfriends together the next weekend for a toy party. She asked for the pic and Nicole, alias, 'Alexis' sent her the shot of 'Justin's' cock next to the banana.

Within minutes, she sent us a copy of her email to her six friends which included my pic.

An email popped into Nicole's inbox almost immediately wanting more details and saying that she was definitely interested and impressed. That made me feel pretty good.

Nicole, posing as 'Alexis,' emailed her back with details that she had worked out, particularly a shot of the thong I was to wear and some of the items we would both be modeling and demonstrating. Some were just part of the deal to hold a party, some were added-cost extras like my modeling several vibrating cock rings and a taste-test of several flavored lubricants and some chocolate coatings each attendee would put on my cock.

The taste testing and the cock ring modeling were an extra cost for each woman who wanted to participate. The vibrating cock rings were also available for demonstration for an extra charge. Nicole had added that in case any of the women would want a quick fuck with my featured cock. I asked her several times if she really wanted that as part of it and then she told me how much she planned the extra cost to be and I quickly agreed.

The package arrived from the toy supplier and we both had a hell of a few days trying out the dildos and cock rings and vibrators along with the lotions and lubes and other fun things they offered. She had ordered some clothing as well, though none of it covered much. There were the usual slinky negligees and crotchless panties along with several thongs I tried on. She even stuffed a twenty inside so I could pull it down to take it out exposing my cock as I did. It was really fun and we fucked like rabbits all week. Even if it wasn't making any money yet, it sure was making my cock a happy boy.

Chapter 2

The party was set for Friday night at seven at Hayley's house in a Chicago suburb and in attendance there would be her friends Terry, Sheila, Nikki, Christina, Dana and Erica. She even sent us pics of all the women and, while they were dressed, all sitting around a table in a bar or restaurant somewhere and an arrow was drawn to each woman with her name nearby, they looked to be in their thirties and attractive. I was sure getting excited.

We pulled up at a very nice house with a number of nice cars parked in the circular driveway, even two BMWs and a Jag. We unloaded two cases of products and I wheeled them up to the door as Nicole rang the bell.

"Oh, Alexis, great, come in, we're all here and so excited. Ooooh, this is Justin. Mmm, we've been waiting for him," and she led us in to a large family room where the other six women were.

We were soon introduced around and Nicole, alias, 'Alexis,' explained the set-up for the evening and that there would be a number of special events that were extra cost along with an order form for each woman.

We started out with some negligees and other female lingerie which got us some orders right off, especially some of the crotchless items which I held to my face and wiggled my tongue through the opening. Lots of giggles and quite a few orders resulted.

Next, Nicole got out several vibrators and put them on the coffee table. She had worn a tee and a short skirt with a pair of featured crotchless panties so she asked if the girls wanted to see her do a demo.

They all jumped in with both feet and she sat across from them and spread open, creating a few murmurs as she began caressing her wet, labia with one, a blue model of average length and girth that would be a good starter. She ran it around her labia then up inside, talking the whole time about how it felt, where else it could be used, then had me show how a man could tease her pussy and clit with it.

We sold seven right there.

Next was a dual head model for the pussy and clit that bent just right to get the g-spot as the clit finger did its work. It had three speeds for rotation and vibration which she had me demonstrate on her with a running commentary on how it felt.

Then, she used some cleaner and asked if any one wanted to try it for themselves.

No one moved for a minute, then one woman put her hand up.

"Would you like to try it on yourself or have Justin use it on you? That's twenty dollars extra but I've trained him specially myself."

The woman, Erica, a petite redhead pulled out a twenty and put it on the table, then stood up, pulled down her panties and put them on the sofa next to her, sat back down and put her feet up on the cushion under her, spreading wide open. She was beautifully-shaven except for a long, thin red-haired line running up to her abdomen.

I took the vibrator, knelt down in front of her, kissed the tip and began running it's buzzing tip along her plump, wet lips taking side excursions to her clit every now and then.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, I want one of these. How's it feel inside?" she moaned and I eased it up inside her, putting the rotation on medium along with the vibe rate as I pressed the clit arm right where it's supposed to go.

"Oh, oh, my god, that is so good, incredible. Oh, fuck me with it, mmm, yeah, ooooh, like that," she groaned as I moved the handle toward her and back varying the angle and pressure on her clit.

"OH, OH, AYYE, UUH, uuh, mmm, oh, I want one of those, omigod, that's awesome, what an orgasm," she cried out.

Chalk up seven more orders.

"Now, ladies, Justin wants to show you what he's wearing under his shorts," Nicole said as I slipped them down and stood there in the thong bulging with my cock.

"Go ahead, feel the nice leather, he won't mind, nice, huh?" my wife asked as I went from one woman to the next as each gently but enthusiastically felt my package.

"Oh, I want to see it, Alexis, can I put a twenty in there so he'll show us?" Hayley asked.

My wife nodded and our hostess pulled the top open and stuffed a twenty inside making sure she also got another quick feel.

"Let's see, I better take that out," I said as I pulled the thong down and let my cock out.

"Omigod, it's huge," said Nikki, a tall blond. "Am I wet, look at it, girls."

"Here's a twenty, can I play with it?" Christina, a dark-haired woman asked. I took her twenty and took a step closer as her fingers wrapped around my cock and gently squeezed.

"Oh, could I have fun with this," she said. "Does it like to be sucked?" she asked.

"Maybe I'll let Alexis answer that," I said.

"I can guarantee you that Justin's cock just loves to be sucked. I should know. I'm sure he'd let you if you asked really nicely."

"Could I please suck your cock, Justin, I just love sucking guy's cocks and yours is the biggest I've ever seen?"

"Anyone else want to suck Justin?" my wife asked. "Here's your chance at his nice big cock," and six hands went up; they all wanted to suck me.

So, I stood in front of Christina as she leaned forward, lifted my cock and took it in.

"We have to keep it to two minutes each or we'll take too long," my wife told them so over the next fifteen minutes or so I was sucked my them all. It was Nikki who, next to last, got a mouth full of my cum and was awarded a little egg vibrator which she put in place right then and there as we all watched.

I now kept my cock out in the open as Nicole went on showing them items and taking orders. I always seemed to have one of their hands on my cock until Nicole brought out the flavored lubes and chocolate coatings which were sampled from the tip of my cock.

After that, she passed around a vibrating cock ring that I put on and let them feel with their hands. Then, Nicole asked who might want a trial to see how it felt. She told them the added cost and seven hands went up.

I got down on the carpet in front of Hayley, doing her first as it was her party, as she pulled off her panties. I had her roll on a condom and put extra lube on and in herself, then she stood over me, straddling me as she lowered herself while I held my cock up.

She wiggled and pushed and pressed as she worked me inside.

"Omigod, he's big. Oh, wait, girls, he is really big. Wow, my pussy'll never be the same," she moaned as she moved up and down.

I turned on the vibrator and she pushed down on me and held herself there.

"Omigod, omigod, IT'S...OOOOH, OOOOH, UUUH, UUUH, uh, mmm, mmm, oh," she cried out, then bent down and kissed me. Then, Nicole told Terry she was next and she stood up and said, "I'm doing this properly," and was soon naked and squatting up over me as she worked my cock into her.

"Oh, can I take him home with me?" she asked my wife as all the women laughed.

"Well, I am sharing him right now but, no, I found him first, he's mine," Nicole told them.

"Is he big, mmm," she groaned as I turned on the vibrator; she pushed down on my cock and fell forward getting her clit pressed onto the cock ring.

"Oh, OH, OH, AYYE, AYYE, unh, unh, mmm," she cried out as she kissed me over and over.

So, I had Sheila fucking me, followed by the other four, each one quickly getting off on the cock ring. We sold seven of them along with quite a number of other items. Each of the women after Hayley got naked to try the cock ring and stayed that way until Nicole and I packed up and drove off.

Hayley emailed us the next day to tell us of their party after we left; it seemed that they all were bisexual and enjoyed each other more than just as friends. She attached several pics she had taken and they did look like they were having quite a good time.

So, how did the first toy party go for us?

Well, I've now quit my job and we do about five parties a week. We bought a new house and now also own a condo in South Beach where we go for the winter months. We hold parties there as well and are as busy as ever.

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