tagBDSMMy Life as a Slave

My Life as a Slave


"Do you love me?" He asked, with a mischievous smile on his face.

"I do, Sir." I replied timidly. I stared ahead and down to the floor in front of me. The only place I was allowed to look when in my collar. I could only just see him in my peripheral vision.

"And do you worship me?"

"I do, Sir, as my God."

His smile widened and I felt his presence move around me until he stood behind me. I could feel him watching me, appreciating my submission. I shivered as his hand found the back of my neck and squeezed it like a vice.

"Then it's time to pray." He said, his voice filled with menace.

He pushed me face first onto the cold floor, my hands were cuffed behind me, so I couldn't protect my face, but I managed to turn my head at the last moment to save my nose from taking the impact. It didn't help much as my head slammed into the floor, I knew what was coming and I craved it.

I heard his steps move away and towards the rack on the wall where he kept his tools. He paused for a moment, deciding on an instrument of torture with which to inflict his glorious agony on my body.

From my position, face down, ass up, I couldn't see which he chose as his steps came back towards me. I could feel my eyes welling up in anticipation of the brutality that was coming my way.

"Are you ready?" He asked, in a tone that told me that no answer I gave would stop him.

"Yes, Sir." I whimpered, choking on tears.

He laughed, the most evil laugh I have ever heard, a demon's laugh and he breathed deeply in and out.

Suddenly I felt like I'd been electrocuted. The pain across my ass took over my whole body as his tool cracked across it. Agony radiated up my spine and out through every nerve. My mind blacked out for a split second and rebooted as the second impact struck. I could tell from the pain which tool it was, his favourite. A large paddle made of cedar, with big rounded studs and thin, sharp needles in between them.

He beat my ass a third time and my mind began to leave my body, as it always did. The pain he gave me was like meditation for me by that point. It set me free from everything.

In those moments where I was being tortured, I could go anywhere I wanted in my mind. I began to feel myself being transported back, bright, vivid flashbacks to where it all began.


So there I found myself, on that night that would change my life forever.

I walked into the bar alone and jet-lagged, it had been a tough week. I was away on business and missing my fiancé terribly. We were so in love and I was due to marry her two months later. I walked over to the bar and ordered a beer. The barmaid was a pretty girl around my age she smiled and flirted with me but I only had eyes for my fiancé. The barmaid seemed a little disappointed to not be making any headway, so I told her I was engaged, took my beer and sat down in the corner of the bar.

I was almost finished with my beer when he walked in.

I had never had any interest in, or feeling for another man, but I found my eyes drawn to him. Tall and well built, he typified the Alpha male stereotype. I wasn't attracted to him as much as slightly in awe of him. The way he carried himself was just so enticing. I found myself biting my bottom lip and shocked myself. Until that moment I would have been horrified to have such a subconscious reaction to a man, but it just felt right.

I don't know if he could feel my eyes on him, but he turned to me and stared straight at me. I quickly looked away but even then I knew it was too late. He had seen me and I found myself terrified but so excited. He walked over to the bar and began to talk to the barmaid. "He must be chatting her up" I thought to myself. From the other side of the bar, I couldn't hear what they were saying but they obviously knew each other. He touched her hair and she giggled and tilted her head. They chatted for a few moments and I noticed her nod in my direction. The man turned to me and stared, his eyes seemed to bore into my very soul as he held my gaze. This time I was too scared to look away.

He turned back to the barmaid and spoke again before shaking hands. I thought it was strange that they shook hands since they seemed to be friends, but I didn't have time to dwell on it as he started towards me. I froze, like a deer in headlights as he came up on me, up close he was even bigger than I first thought and even more disarming.

Without saying a word, he sat down next to me.

"I'm Tor," he said, "and you are?"


I found myself brought back to the present with his hand on my neck. His fingers grasped the rings on the back of my thick leather collar and I was lifted from my position and flipped backwards. As I landed on my back, the wind was knocked out of me and the pain became real again as my now bloodied ass hit the floor, crushing my cuffed hands underneath it.

He kicked me in the ribs, once, twice, three times and I curled into a ball unable to protect myself with my hands restrained. Struggling to breathe I managed to let out a choked "thank you, Sir".

"Good boy, that earns you a reward." He said before tilting his head forwards and letting a long dollop of spit slip out of his mouth and down on to his monstrously errect cock. Spit was all the lube I was allowed. He stroked his cock, covering it in the spit and making it glisten and shine like any Holy artefact should. He crouched down and taking an ankle in each hand, lifted my legs off the floor and pushed them over my head. While he had never been gentle with me, by now he had given up any pretence of gentleness, he forced his huge cock straight into my asshole. It felt like I was going to be ripped in two, as it always did. My asshole swallowed his entire length in one go and he held it there, buried to the hilt in my broken body. I let out a sickened grunt from the pain and it earned me a punch in the face, right in the meatiest part of my cheek,

"Let's try that again, shall we?" He said through gritted teeth and pulled his cock out, it felt like my insides were sliding out with it but before I could catch my breath he plunged it straight back in. This time I managed to stifle my discomfort and my submission spurred him on. He began to slam his cock in to me over and over, his balls slapped against my bleeding ass, the force of his thrusts was incredible, like he was fucking my entire body.

He brought one of his hands up to my neck and closed it around my collar, the other found my hair which he used to slam my head into the floor over and over. The assault on my body caused my mind to drift again.

I found myself back in time to our first proper date.


We were in the same bar where we met, I had flown in especially having told my fiancé it was another business trip. Ever since I had met him, my fiancé had become less and less attractive to me. I had always been the dominant one, in our relationship, I thought that was who I was, but more and more I found myself being sickened by her submission. I had begun to crave domination, both emotional and physical.

Over the course of the evening we sat and talked, he told me stories of subs he'd had and I knew that was what I'd wanted, in fact, I wanted even more. All his previous subs had been casual, he had never had a full-time, live-in slave and as time went on, I knew I wanted to be the first. He told me that he wanted to own me, tonight and I accepted. To tell the truth I felt honoured to be offered the opportunity to serve and pleasure him.

Under the table his hand found my cock and squeezed hard. I had never experienced sexual pain before but I found myself instantly aroused.

"From 1-10, how painful is that?" He asked.

"Erm, about 4." I lied, it was closer to 8, but I wanted to impress him.

"Good. I like a slut who can take pain. Although by the time I've trained you, this 4 will feel like a relaxing massage. You will experience pain you have only had nightmares about, and you will worship me for it."

In that moment I was terrified, but I knew that if I didn't take a leap of faith I would regret it for the rest of my life. Here was where I wanted to be, here with him, used by him, worshipping him.

As we left the bar, he stopped to talk to the same barmaid from the night we met. He grabbed my cock and squeezed again as he looked at the barmaid and simply said: "Pay up, Cherie."

"Damn, he did not seem like the type." Said the barmaid before handing over a twenty.

The rest of that night was the start of my new life, but that's a story for another time.


A sharp, hard slap to the face brought me back to the present.

"Look at me, Fuckhole." He screamed in my face, I did as ordered. The only time I was allowed to look at him when collared was under his instruction. As I looked into his eyes, he brought his forehead down on to the bridge of my nose. And when he lifted it back up I could see my blood on his face. His cock continued to slam into me steadily breaking my asshole. Over and over he pounded it down into me.

"I will cum soon, provided you beg for it. And you will beg for it." He panted breathlessly.

"Please, Sir, please give me your cum, fill my worthless body with your seed. You will dump your cum in me, but for me it is a gift from God." I replied, with my personal mantra that he had me recite over and over on my knees every morning and night like a prayer.

He began to grunt as he got closer and closer to cumming. He placed his large masculine hand over my whole face and squeezed, I couldn't breathe and the pain from my bleeding nose and swollen asshole were almost too much to bear. And that's when I felt his body tense and I knew the flood was cumming.

His cock twitched as it filled my insides with his cum. I worshipped him so much that I orgasmed when he did. I didn't even cum anymore, I just felt it internally, like a wave of euphoria sweeping over my body knowing that I had helped to give him pleasure. All the pain disappeared in that moment and I felt so at peace.

When he finished cumming, and with his cock still inside me, he collapsed on top of me. He knew how I felt when he came and he didn't want to spoil me so as usual he bit down on my ear hard. The pain brought me down from the euphoria and I came back from reality. After a few brief moments of him lying on me, his teeth clenched on my ear, he pulled his cock out and I clenched around it to stop the cum dripping out. He tested me, punching me in the stomach to make sure I could keep his cum inside me.

"Now, taste it." He said, smiling again.

This was the usual procedure. I got to my knees and sucked the taste of my ass off his cock. I was always to keep him clean, I was worthless and he a God so I always had to make sure his cock wasn't tainted with my ass. He stroked my head as I cleaned him off, licking and sucking the head and up the still hard shaft of his cock. As a treat he let me suck the sweat from his balls and his ass.

My final job was to empty my ass.

"On the floor, there's a good boy." He said as I squatted down and pushed his load out of my asshole onto the wooden floor. It was a good job for me that one of my domestic chores was mopping the floor until you could eat off it, because I always had to.

When the last of the drops had oozed from my swollen, freshly fucked asshole, I kneeled and licked his gift from the floor, not missing a drop.

As I took my final lick I felt his foot on the back of my head, pressing it to the floor. It hurt, but it was almost indistinguishable from the pain wracking the rest of my body.

"Do you love me?"

"I do, Sir."

"And do you worship me?"

"I do, Sir, as my God."

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by Anonymous07/31/18

Trompe l'oeil.

While not diverting, it's also predictable; Man is tired, goes into strange bay finds uber masculine man they are drawn to each other. A little time passes. The man is wholly consumed and could not caremore...

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by Anonymous04/10/18

This is not a relationship many enjoy.

This is not normal in BDSM. Yes there are those that do it but they are the extreme side of it, not the majority. This is extreme and how people die. Which if this was real this guy would be having hismore...

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