My Life in High Heels Ch. 03


After being satisfied that I would no longer gag, Nina pulled out of my mouth. She told me to slide to the other side of the bed which was about a foot from the wall. My petite lover strutted over to the other side as well. She got some lube from the night stand and lubed the shaft of her cock then spread a good bit around my bottom opening. She told me to pull my legs up. Once my legs were up my exposed rosebud was available for Nina to do with as she please. Nina edged forward till I felt contact with my opening. She, oh so slowly pushed in. My rings resisted but with a sudden jolt they relented allowing the head of the invading cock to instantly fill my opening. Continuing her slow push in, Nina was telling me how HOT I looked and how naughty I was and what a slut I was.

Allowing me to adjust to the size and the pressure, she continued very slowly the invasion of my insides. Once I felt the nylon of the belt touch my bottom I knew I had taken the entire cock. Nina looked down at me has she held her cock deep in me. She adjusted her position, put her knees on the bed then pulling my leg up higher till my knees were resting against my chest and my ankles were resting on her shoulders. She start fucking my anal rings slowly, picking up speed with each thrust. She closed her eyes and had a smile built into her face I could see she was really getting into this. I knew the pulling an pushing from the belt was rubbing her clit and I could hear the vibrating dildo in her pussy working its magic. Soon she was pounding me like her life depended on it. I realized her feet were on the wall and she was literally pushing off the wall to gain extra depth and force as she worked hard at breaking me in and satisfying her own lust.

After about ten minutes of relentless fucking she threw back her head and moaned. I knew she was cumming. She then dropped her head and in one motion pushed my legs off her shoulder leaving them hooked on her elbows then she collapsed on top of me. I could still hear the vibrator in her pussy but now it sounded louder telling me her pussy was open and dilated.

She laid on me like this for over an hour. The cock inside her brought her to another orgasm which lasted for about three minutes.. Finally she pulled out of me and took off her belt. She pulled out the rubber penis that had abused my bottom She picked up several of the other toy penises we had purchased and she moved over between my legs which I instinctively spread. She told me to lift my bottom and she placed two pillows under me the told me to pull up my legs again. In doing so my tiny hole was now pointing right at her. She inserted into my now pliable orifice the dildo which had been in me before . Once completely imbedded in me she lubed up a anther rubber dildo that had a larger head than a shaft. Without pulling out the penis already in me she began trying to force this new one in along side the other one. As the head slipped past the first ring the pressure as it expanded my second ring was almost more than I could stand and I asked her to stop. She said OK but if we stopped before she wanted to we would never play again. I relented and she resumed pushing. I felt the pop as the large head squeezed past the tightness of my inner ring and entered my rectum. She then started this vibrator in this last dildo and I was so overwhelmed by the pleasure I moaned. Nina leaned over and took my cock in her mouth and held it. She didn't bob her head or jack me off. She simply held about three inches of my cock in her mouth and squeezed and released the pressure on my cock with her mouth I very quickly erupted sending a torrent of sperm into her waiting mouth. Once her mouth was filled to capacity she got up and came to the other side of the bed where my head was. I knew what was coming so as she leaned over my face my open mouth was filled with the semen which had just flowed from my own cock.

This being my first time in fem with another is how Nina and I spent the next two years as I then moved to Dallas. I'll never forget this gracious and understanding lady who taught the art of being the perfect woman. Thank you Nina. To all who have commented and written notes expressing your enjoyment of my stories, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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