tagGay MaleMy Life is You Ch. 06

My Life is You Ch. 06


Fantasia was a wildly popular place. Even on a weeknight, it was busy. On a Friday night though, and with Kickback playing, Fantasia was a madhouse.

Somehow, although Dillon had no idea how it could have been done, Carter had managed to reserve them a booth in the best location. It was a central spot, not far from the bar, the dance floor, or the bathrooms.

The speakers were turned fully up, making conversation difficult. That didn’t matter, though. Dillon’s three friends were so happy to have him out with them again that they did whatever they had to in order to talk to him.

He had to admit, now that he was out with them, that he was having a good time. He’d missed them, missed the chance to have fun. His life had been exceedingly serious lately. At this moment, Dillon was treasuring the chance to relax and enjoy himself.

True to his word, Dave told Dillon about all the hot guys wandering around the club. Since Dave had very eclectic tastes, he ended up telling Dillon about a lot of guys. Dillon didn’t mind, though. He figured verbal ogling was better than no ogling at all.

Also, Dave and Dillon had dated at one time, before deciding they were better as friends than as lovers. Before Dillon hooked up with Brad, they had been occasional bed buddies as well, so Dave was very knowledgeable about what Dillon did and did not like.

"So, what’s up with the scrumptious Seth?" Dave asked when the band took a break and the decibel level fell a little. "He’s probably got amazing moves in bed."

Dillon felt himself flush a deep red. To give himself a moment, he raised his ice water and took a drink. He wasn’t drinking any alcohol because he didn’t want to be at all impaired while walking on his healing knee.

"I didn’t know he was scrumptious," Dillon finally said after carefully placing his plastic cup back on the table. He was lying, though. He might not have known what Seth looked like, but he knew he wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of Seth.

"Trust me Hon, that boy is delicious with a capital ‘D’!" Dave assured Dillon. "If I were you, I’d get hot every time he put his hands on me."


It was late and the club was getting ready to close. Dave was leading Dillon carefully outside. He had actually left his car in the parking lot earlier before riding with Carter and Jeremy to Dillon’s house. Now, Dave was going to drive Dillon while Jeremy and Carter headed back to their house.

They parted ways in the parking lot, Dillon thanking Carter and Jeremy for "dragging his sorry ass out of the house" before following Dave to his car. Dave drove a corvette and getting into it was a bit more complicated than with other cars.

Once Dillon was seated, Dave leaned into the car to buckle Dillon’s seatbelt for him. Dave’s body moved across Dillon, bringing them close together. Dillon inhaled, smelling the light sweat that Dave had worked up inside the club.

Then Dillon felt Dave’s breath on his cheek a minute before Dave’s lips brushed against his. It was a tentative kiss at first, but then Dave deepened it, sucking at Dillon’s lips.

Dillon’s hand came up and he tangled it in Dave’s hair. His whole being was centered on the feel of Dave’s lips against his, the firmness of them.

When Dave pulled back, Dillon was trembling a bit. He licked his lips, tasting Dave upon them. Then he slowly lowered his hand, letting it trail down Dave’s arm as he did.

"Come home with me."

The four words were softly spoken but they contained a wealth of meaning. Dillon just nodded.

Dave quickly shut Dillon’s door and hurried to get in the car himself. He started the engine and then there was a bit of rustling. Dillon heard a CD being inserted into the player and soon a sultry jazz number was pouring out of the speakers.

Dave lived just a few minutes from Fantasia and this late at night there was almost no traffic. They quickly arrived at Dave’s townhouse, where Dave very carefully led Dillon up the stairs to the bedroom.

They hadn’t spoken since Dillon had agreed to come home with Dave, but no words were needed. They both knew why he was there. They had come together before and knew each other’s bodies well.

For Dillon, this was different though. He was seeing nothing. In a weird way, he was sensing so much more than he ever had before. He could hear Dave’s heightened breathing, smell Dave’s musky scent, feel Dave’s touch tremble slightly.

Dave stepped back from Dillon and he heard the rustle of clothes. Then Dave’s hands were on Dillon again, helping Dillon to undress. As Dillon let his shirt drop to the floor, Dave ran his hands up Dillon’s torso, brushing his fingertips over Dillon’s nipples.

Dillon moaned ever so lightly, feeling his nipples harden. When the heat of Dave’s mouth engulfed Dillon’s left nipple, Dillon cried out. It had been a long time since he had been touched and his body was in a frenzy, wanting to enjoy itself again.

Unable to stop himself, he found himself imagining that it was Seth he was touching, Seth he was kissing. In his mind, the man with him became Seth, Seth’s body, Seth’s mouth.

Seth guided Dillon down to lay upon the bed. Then Dillon felt Seth move over him. Their mouths met for a long, tongue-thrusting kiss before Seth pulled back.

Dillon ran his hands down Seth’s back, kneading the muscles he felt there. Fumbling a bit, he moved his mouth over Seth’s face and down his neck, sucking and nibbling as he went. The light coating of hair on Seth’s back was slightly rough against Dillon’s palms. He tugged lightly on it as he kissed a spot in the middle of Seth’s chest.

Next, Dillon felt Seth’s hand move down his stomach. When Seth’s fingers wrapped around Dillon’s cock, Dillon couldn’t stop himself from thrusting his hips up.

Seth sat up a rhythm designed to drive Dillon crazy. He would stroke him hard and fast and then suddenly slow down, until Dillon was rotating his hips in silent plea, then he’d speed up again. Seth did this over and over again to Dillon, whose body was overloading on pleasure.

Then Seth moved around and Dillon realized that they were in a 69 position. Dillon raised his head and sniffed, savoring the aroma of Seth’s arousal. Extending his tongue, he ran it up Seth’s cock to the very head. Then he sucked on that ultra sensitive spot on the bottom side of Seth’s cock, where the head curved inward.

Seth cried out and stroked Dillon’s cock faster, his other hand playing with Dillon’s balls. Dillon longed to feel Seth’s mouth on his cock, but before he could express that desire it happened. Seth’s mouth ran down Dillon’s cock, taking it deep.

Dillon responded by laving Seth’s cock with his tongue, running it in a swirling pattern over every inch of skin. Using his lips to nip at the skin of Seth’s cock, he then ran his mouth up to the head. He sucked it into his mouth, running his lips up and down the length of it. Seth’s slightly sour pre-cum trickled over Dillon’s tongue and he rolled it around in his mouth before swallowing it down.

The motions of Dillon’s tongue had Seth moaning as he stroked Dillon’s balls and cock. He cupped Dillon’s balls, tugging on them lightly as he twisted his mouth on Dillon’s cock.

The cock in Dillon’s mouth began to jerk, expanding and contracting. Dillon sensed that Seth was close to cumming and pulled back slightly. He gentled his suckling until Seth calmed a bit again, then moved his mouth back down Seth’s cock.

His questing hands were running up and down Seth’s back and over his ass. He pulled Seth’s ass cheeks apart and ran a finger around Seth’s hole, pushing lightly at it.

Dillon felt Seth’s weight shift slightly and then heard a drawer being pulled open. There was the sound of some fumbling before Dillon felt Seth press a tube into his hand. Unscrewing the cap, Dillon squeezed some lube onto his fingers before moving them back to Seth’s ass.

Slowly, he pressed a finger into Seth’s ass, rotating it slightly as he did so. He continued to move his mouth up and down Seth’s cock, mimicking the rhythm with his finger in Seth’s ass. Once he sensed that Seth was ready for it, Dillon pushed another finger in.

Soon Seth was rocking his body back and forth over Dillon, driving his ass down onto Dillon’s fingers. Dillon increased the sucking pressure of his mouth, racing it up and down Seth’s cock. His fingers were moving, searching for the pleasure button that was Seth’s prostrate. Finding it, he rubbed it vigorously.

At the same time, his hips were twitching as Seth skillfully stroked his cock. He had been close several times, but Seth had slowed down each time. Now, neither of them was holding back as they raced toward completion.

As Dillon’s balls drew up against his body, he thrust his hips up. Crying out around Seth’s cock, his cock expanded with the cum rushing up into it. Seth drew back slightly as Dillon’s cock exploded, driving his own cock deeper into Dillon’s mouth.

Dillon’s body shook again and again as cum rushed from him, arching up and out. He sucked furiously on Seth’s cock, his fingers pistoning Seth’s ass as he rode the waves of his climax.

Just as Dillon’s breath began to calm, Seth groaned and pushed his cock deeper yet into Dillon’s mouth. Dillon took a quick breath a moment before he felt the first load of cum escape Seth’s cock. He swallowed it down as Seth delivered a second, and then a third load. He swallowed as much as he could, but felt some of it escaping to trickle out of the corners of his mouth.

Pulling back, he ran his tongue up and down Seth’s cock, trying to clean off all the cum. He couldn’t see what he was doing, so he relied on his thoroughness to get the job done.

Seth groaned and fell to one side off Dillon. They lay there, not touching, letting their breathing quiet and their heart rates slow. Finally, Dillon began to shiver slightly, his cooling muscles demanding more heat than he was receiving in the chilly room.

"Here, Dillon, use this blanket." Dave’s voice intruded into Dillon’s fantasy world, ripping him from the illusion that it had been Seth next to him.

The reality of what he had just done came crashing down on Dillon. He had gone to bed with one man, while in love with another. He had used Dave and betrayed both him and Seth. It didn’t matter that Seth didn’t know or care about how Dillon felt, it was still a betrayal.

He began to shake, his emotions running ragged through his body. He moved onto his side, curling up, his arms going around himself as if he could hold in all that he was feeling. He buried his face in the pillow, but it was too much. A muffled sob escaped to float in the air.

Then a dam broke. Dillon shook with sobs, the bed creaking more now than it had just moments before. His whole body clenched and spasmed as his anguish came pouring out of him.

Dillon felt Dave’s hands on his back, rubbing, trying to soothe. It just hurt Dillon even more. Dave was a good man, a good friend, and now he was unaware of how badly he had been used.

Feeling himself being lifted slightly, Dillon tried to struggle. He tried to pull back, to curl in on himself. Dave wouldn’t let him. He murmured comforting words in Dillon’s ear as he rocked him.

The flood eventually ended. Dillon’s tears slowed and he found himself hiccuping slightly as he struggled to regain his composure. His face was pressed into Dave’s soaked chest hair and his arms were wrapped around Dave’s waist.

"I’m sorry I can’t be him," Dave’s soft words startled Dillon. "If I could make him love you, I would. If I could change places with him now so that he was here in this bed with you, I’d do it."

"W-what do you mean?" Dillon asked, sniffing a bit.

"I knew the instant I saw you two together. How could I not? You constantly had your face turned toward him, even when you were talking to someone else. Your face lights up every time he speaks, even if he’s just saying good night to someone else."

"But, if you knew, then why . . ."

"Why did I bring you back here? Because you needed to come back here. You needed to let go, to discover that you can still please a man in bed.

"Oh, I won’t deny that it was partially my being selfish. You’re damn good in bed. You always have been. I would have jumped at the chance to spend this time with you no matter what the circumstances.

"Having said that, I also wanted a chance to help a friend. You’ve proven something to yourself tonight. You’ll realize what once you take the time to sit down and think about it."

"I don’t need to think about it," Dillon replied. "I know what you’re talking about and I know what I have to do about it."


The night fell silent as Dave turned off the car engine. Dillon reached for the door handle with one hand, Dave’s arm with the other. "Don’t walk me to the door. I need to do this on my own, and it starts here."

"Are you sure Dillon? I mean, I know it’s insensitive of me to put it this way, but you’re blind, man. How will you get there?"

"Seth has been trying to teach me independence again." Dillon’s voice was slightly choked when he said Seth’s name, but other than that his tone was calm and low. "Well, I’m learning the lesson. I need to do all this on my own."

"Ok, but if you need me, you know how to reach me."

Dillon nodded and then carefully moved out of the car. He inched his feet forward, his hand on the hood of the car, guiding him to the front of it.

He should have brought the collapsible cane that he had bought through his doctor. If he had thought of it, he would have. But he hadn’t thought of it. He wasn’t used to having to remember stuff like that. Instead, he’d have to use the orthopedic cane that he relied on for support as a substitute.

Once he reached the front of the car, he turned to his right and cautiously proceeded forward. Soon, his cane sank down into grass instead of hitting concrete. That was his clue to backtrack slightly and turn to the left.

Every couple of steps he would stop and extend his cane out to the side. Once it landed on concrete, he turned to the right again.

The path curved slightly to the left. Dillon hugged the outer curve so that he could tell if he was straying from it. He walked carefully, not wanting to run into the low steps leading up to his front porch.

Finally his cane lightly bumped against a vertical surface. Counting three steps, he climbed the stairs. He then moved forward another three steps and reached out to pull open the screen door.

Before he could retrieve his key from his pocket, the front door was wrenched open. "Where the hell have you been?" Seth’s voice barked out at him.


"I went out to a club with my friends. You knew that."

Dillon was seated on the couch in the living room. He could hear Seth pacing back and forth in front of him. Seth was furious at him for some reason, and Dillon had no idea why.

"Yes, I knew that," Seth replied. "I also know that Fantasia closes at 2 a.m., just like all the other clubs and bars in the area. So you want to tell me why you’re not getting home until after four?"

"Since when are you my parent?" Dillon demanded. "And how did you know I was going to Fantasia? I don’t remember mentioning it to you."

There was a long pause before Seth replied. "I’m not stupid Dillon. I know you’re gay and I know Fantasia is the most popular gay club is around. Add to that the fact that Kickback was supposed to be there this weekend and I don’t see why you’d go anyplace else."

Dillon held himself very still. Seth knew. How did Seth know? It didn’t matter that Dillon had been preparing to tell him that and so much more. Just the fact that Seth already knew was enough to make him feel like the night was folding in on him, squeezing him, holding him immobile.

"How . . .?"

"Like I said, I’m not stupid. It was obvious . . ."

"Obvious, huh? Really? Well, what else is obvious?"

"What are you talking about?" Seth demanded, a note of impatience in his voice.

"Well, obviously, it’s obvious that I’m gay. What else is obvious about me? Is it obvious that I want you so bad that I tremble every time you’re around? Or no, I bet it’s even more than that! I bet it’s obvious that I’m in love with you!" Dillon couldn’t seem to stop himself. Seth had known all along, had known and said nothing.

For all Dillon knew, Seth might have been laughing at him, laughing at the blind guy who was too stupid to see what was in front of him. Or worse, Seth might have spent this time pitying him. Dillon would take laughter and ridicule over pity any day.

"Well, let’s cover one more obvious point and be done with it. It’s obvious that I don’t need you anymore. The doctor says I can go down to PT one time a day now and I’m sure with Nurse Sterning’s help I’ll have no problem making it to a clinic and back again.

"So, Seth you’re fired. Take yourself, your equipment, and your obvious observations and get the hell out of my house!"

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