tagNonHumanMy Life with a Dragon Ch. 01

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 01



Sarah reached out from underneath her comforter and slapped the alarm clock, shutting off the call for her to start her day.

"0730, God I hate mornings." She flung the comforter off knowing if she didn't get up quickly sleep would overtake her once again and she would sleep the day away. As she stood up and slipped on her cat foot slippers, complete with little claws making it look like she had beast feet, he eye caught her reflection in the mirror. Even with her dark strawberry blond hair a mess from her restless sleep, it still looked good. Falling in an enticing way about her face. She smiled as she stretched and looked at her body. She was 5'4 150 lbs, all curves. Her breasts were rather large for her size and her round butt was the same, to say she filled out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt would be an understatement. As she continued to stretch out and shrug off her sleepiness she continued to look in the mirror, striking poses that the Instagram sluts, as she called them posted on a regular basis. "God I love how I look in the morning." Another smile crossed her face and she inspected her room and went down stairs to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Although Sarah was only 22 she lived alone mostly. Her father and mother were divorced and her mother was a busy executive, for a telecommunications company, and traveled all over for her job. "From coast to coast, in any country that needs a way to talk." She guessed that's why they moved so much, but when she was leaving all the time anyway she could have just stayed in their home town of Solon, Maine. sure it was a small town in the middle of nowhere but it had a certain charm. But for now she finds herself in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan and she can't see much of a difference, except there are more people and a lot to do. She would go to the malls and restaurants and sometimes walk around but she always just enjoyed sitting at home immersed in a good book, a TV show on Netfix or a video game, usually a fantasy RPG where she could play as a sexy heroine bent on saving the world and vanquishing some ancient or alien evil force.

She turned on the oven and preheated it to 350 degrees and went to the fridge, removing some pre-cut tomatoes onion and some spinach, some eggs and some milk. She began to crack the eggs when a loud knock came from the front door.

"Hello?" Sarah opened the door and was face to face with a tall black haired woman wearing sunglasses and a business suit.

"Good morning, I am Special Agent Smith, from the Interspecies Exchange Service, IES. Are you Sarah Coldwell and this is your residence, is that correct?"

"Yes I am and yes this is, but what is this about?" About the time Sarah confirmed the information she realized Agent Smith of the IES wasn't alone. Behind her and slightly to her right stood a large dragon creature. He must have been almost 7 feet tall and his muscular frame must weigh over 400 pounds. Her eyes went wide as she took in his size, His scaly skin was a dark red crimson with some flakes of gold, and he wore a large pair of cargo shorts and an "I love anime" T-shirt. His eyes quickly averted as he noticed her looking at him and his cheeks seemed to turn a brighter shade of red. 'Is he embarrassed?'

"Excellent, then you are aware of the Inter species exchange program that many countries are experimenting with to bridge the gap from our many species?"

Sarah turned back to Smith but looked at the hulk behind her, curious. "Yes I am, but I never signed up for anything, and am not aware that I was being considered as a host family?"

"Yes we are aware of that but you're mother actually signed the papers." Smith nodded over a sheet with her mother signature but she never made any mention of this to Sarah, even though they hadn't talked for a few weeks.

"Well I guess if my mom agreed to it then there isn't anything I can do about it. So what now, What happens now?"

"Well It's quite simple really, we are going to do some modifications to your home to accommodate your new guest," With those words a team of construction workers rushed by and immediately set to work, busting out door ways and doing god knows what. Sarah watched in horror as they worked with a freakish efficiency that seemed to change the house in a matter of seconds. "And after you sign here, here and here, we will be on our way and you and Michael can get better acquainted."

"Michael, you mean the dragon?" Sarah looked back at him again with a quizzical look on her face. 'His name is Michael. Didn't guess that.'

"My mother named me after the warrior angel who defeated Lucifer and watches over all warriors of the world." His voice was deep and strong but had a softness that sent a chill up Sarah's spine in a way she wasn't use too.

"Yes The dragon are one of the most noble of species, great warriors protectors and soldiers for their homeland. It's said that if a dragon takes you as a charge, hey will protect you to their death. It's almost a form of marriage in a way because dragons forsake all others even their own for their charge. Sarah looked at Michael and wondered what kind of person he was but if that is is heritage then he must something special.

"Ok, all signed, so what now?"

"Well lastly, here are the rules and regulations of the exchange program, really just simplified rules. dos and don'ts. but read them and understand the basics." Sarah nodded. As she did Mrs Smith leaned in and whispered into the young ladies ear. "Listen the biggest do not is there is to be no sexual relations between human and non humans."

Sarah leaned back and looked at Smith with a look of disgust. "Why would anyone want to have sex with a monster?"

Michael's shoulders sagged and he seemed to become visibly upset, as if she had said something extremely hurtful.

"Mrs. Coldwell, These people are not monsters. Just because they aren't human doesn't make them any better or worse than humans. This is what the exchange is about. To bring us all closer together and understand each other better."

Sarah realized she over reacted and probably said something very hurtful. She didn't even know What Michael was like and she just called him a monster. "I'm sorry, Michael" She said bowing to him. "I didn't mean any disrespect it's just, Mrs' Smith, you caught me off guard with that rule and I was just surprised by it. I'm sorry."

"I accept your apology and I think I know what rule she was mentioning." He stared at the agent who had an awkward and nervous grin. "But I am an ambassador of my people and I will not violate the rules of this agreement."

"Well I'm going to be going now, you two get to know each other," Mrs. Smith lowered her sunglasses as she turned the ignition of her town car "Don't get into any trouble you two." She winked as she drove away.

The odd pair stood looking at each other for a few moments studying each other not sure what to say. So Sarah broke the silence.

"Well we can't stand out on the street all day, you wanna come in and get acquainted with your new home?"

Michael didn't speak he just nodded and she led him inside. The doorway had been remade and she opened the large sliding door, that had once been a regular door. It was tall enough that Michael didn't have to bend forward to fit, he simply walked in. All the entry ways to the rooms were like this.

"I wonder what else they changed?" She turned and smiled at him and he quickly looked away seeming to study anything in the house that wasn't her. Sarah smiled a little at his embarrassment. "So are you hungry? I was just starting to make some breakfast, veggie quiche."

The mention of food seemed to perk his interest. "I would like that very much, do you need help?"

"No I can manage."

They entered the dining / kitchen area and Michael sat down in the replacement chars that seemed to be made of reinforced steel and could support his weight, all the chairs had been changed. Sarah also noticed the fridge and oven had been changed for larger models of the ones that had previously been in their places. Each was almost double the size, seeming to be restaurant quality and capacity. 'How much am I going to have to cook, I'm gonna go broke if he needs to eat as much as these things are used for.' The thought maybe hadn't crossed her mother's mind when she signed up for this.

The quiche was perfectly cooked sprinkled the cheese and some green onion. Sarah had her single piece and Michael had the rest, He could really eat, but he didn't shovel it into his mouth like an animal he just seemed to not tire of chewing.

"Was it good? Cause you ate all of it." Sarah smirked while poking fun of the dragon, who seemed almost embarrassed realizing that he had finished the pan of eggs.

"It was amazing, best first meal I could ask for." It was the first time she saw him smile, all teeth and ear to ear.

"I'm glad you liked it. Now what do we do, I mean there are rules but is there anything you can't do?"

"Not really, The basic rules are humans and non humans can't hurt each other, Non humans can't go anywhere without their hosts, and lastly the umm..." She knew what the third rule was but watching him blush with embarrassment made her smile.

"We can't fuck." Michael's eyes went wide at the bluntness of Sarah's words.

"Yes we can't do that." He looked at her a little longer this time and she could tell he was studying her, but he quickly looked away again. 'was he just checking me out?' The thought made her smile a little.

Later in the day they checked out the whole house. Sarah's room was untouched, the bathroom had been made much larger tub was the size of a medium pool and seemed to taper from 3 feet deep to almost 5 at the end. And lastly The guest room seemed to about the same time but a larger bed and a large dresser was added to accommodate Michael's large cloths, but it seemed that all the drawers were empty and he seemed to only have the cloths on his back.

"Well I guess I know what we are doing today, shopping."

"Shopping? Like go out together, like a date?"

Sarah began to laugh, "Um if you wanna think of it like that ya kinda like a date. But you need some clothes, you can't wear the same shirt and shorts everyday." Michael agreed.

"Well I'm gonna get ready then, and I suggest you do the same."

Sarah exited his room and went to her own. She looked through her dresser and began to pull out a yellow crop top and some jean shorts and then to her underwear. She began to look at a few simple bras and panty sets but then she saw a red lacy set that resembled Michael's scales and her eyes went wide. 'Why am I thinking about him seeing me in this? That's just weird, he's a dragon. I mean what would he even look like naked, is he all scaley like the rest of him?' She quickly began to shake her head trying to shake the thought from her mind. As she did she caught a small whiff of BO and thought a shower might be a good idea. Especially if they were going to be out most of the day. She stripped down and picked up her bathrobe from her door and made her way to the newly renovated backroom. She reached down and turned the knob and opened the door and on the other side was a bare dragon holding only a medium towel to cover himself. Both their eyes went wide with shock.


"I've been traveling I thought I should shower before our date."

"WHY DIDN'T YOU LOCK THE DOOR!?" Sarah yelled but her eyes looked over his muscular body. His size was big but seeing him barely covered made everything more defined. He had a six pack that almost looking like stoned placed on his body, his arms were as big around as her waist and his legs looked almost double that. 'He must be incredibly strong' she thought.

"I forgot, I didn't know you would just walk in? I'm sorry I'll leave." Michael tried to pass her but she did the same as him.

"No it's fine, I'll wait downstairs."

"No I insist, please you go first." The two made their way for the stairs bumping and trying to get past one another, when suddenly Sarah lost her footing and began to fall. Michael saw it and reached out for her but only followed suit with his host. they tumbled and rolled but Sarah felt almost no impacts just a feeling of falling.

"Oh my god what happened?" She said as she sat up and took in her surroundings, she was sitting at the bottom of the stairs but she was sitting on something. It was Michael's face. Her face immediately turned the color of blood as every capillary was filled from her embarrassment. "DON'T MOVE!" Sarah screamed.

"Un huh." Michael made muffled words but the words sent shots of pleasure through her body as she tried to stand.

'NO DON'T MOVE DON'T TALK, I'm going to stand up slowly." As she did she turned so not to face the dragons face, that had just been buried into her womanhood. When she did she looked down and saw another, even more embarrassing thing. The dragon's towel had gone flying off and left him exposed. 'Oh my god!' The thought came in an instant. Sarah had watched her share of porn even had some larger experiences but this blew them away. Michael even in his flaccid state matched his hulking size. He hung almost 12 inches long and as big around as a soda can. Her eyes were wide with horror and disgust, because of the form of him. It seemed to have scales and ridges but they looked different from his bodies armor. As she looked at it she couldn't help but think of what might happen if he wanted to take her, there wouldn't be anything she could do his strength would overtake her and he would penetrate her and rip her human body apart. As the thoughts came her legs began to shake and feel weak. 'Oh no.'

"Sarah, my eyes are closed you can," Michael's words were cut off as her weight dropped back onto his face. She seemed to be flowing with womanly fluid and the aroma was intoxicating. "Sarah you need to get off me, I can't keep it from." He could feel the blood flowing into his body but he couldn't stop it. Before Sarah could move she saw his member twitch and begin to rise, filling with blood, becoming larger than it was before.

'Oh my god.' She began to pant a little as she watched him rise.

"Sarah please get off me, I'm sorry." His mouth was pressed against her and flicked her as she let out a small moan and began to flow more and more.

Sarah looked at it and slowly reached out and wrapped her hand around its base.

"Please don't, we can't do this." Michael pleaded with her, but Sarah had a thought a naughty thought and a grin crept on her face as she played it out in her mind.

"Who's gonna know?" She whispered before pulling him to her mouth and sliding him in. He tasted like any other penis, it was softer than she thought it would be. She began to bob her mouth up and down on his swollen head and stroked his impressive girth in rhythm with her bobs. Michael's head fell back, he'd never felt anything like this before and he moaned but it wasn't right for him to be the only one to receive pleasure so he looked up at Sarah's exposed pussy, dripping and swollen as it was. He swallowed the lump in his throat and began to run his tongue up and down her opening, as he did he could see her clit swell and expose itself from it's hood and he began to flick it. She could feel him and pleasure began to run throughout her whole body. His tongue was rough but soft and skilled at finding her sensitive spots. Slowly she felt him insert it deep into her vagina and it felt amazing. She lost control for a moment and pressed her head down with force, attempting to swallow his full length. She could feel it at the back of her throat but she wanted more. She wanted it deeper. She had never had this feeling before.

Michael began flicking and licking Sarah faster and faster as she did the same, sucking and stroking him faster and harder. He couldn't take it, he was high on the feeling of his pending orgasm and Sarah wasn't letting up in him.

"Please Sarah, we need to stop," He breathed and spoke but still buried his snout into her mound, licking and lapping in pleasure. "I'm gonna cum if we don't stop."

"I'm gonna cum too, don't stop, no one's gonna know. It's our little secret. OH God, I'm cumming!" Sarah began to convulse as she rubbed herself on Michaels' face and her cum began to flow as his cock rammed in and out of her mouth. Michael wrapped his huge arms around her supple body as he came. His orgasm pulsed his cock and his cum flowed into Sarah's mouth and she worked to keep up, swallowing all of his seed.

They laid on the floor panting and not sure what to do now. Sarah threw her leg off of Michael's face and sat on her knees next to him staring not sure what to say. The high of passion was subsiding and the realization of the situation was setting in. They had hardly know each other for a day and this was the situation. They had engaged in illegal activity that could get Michael deported and get her thrown in jail. The heaviness was beginning to become apparent on her face and tears began to well up in her eyes, and she began to whimper as she thought of what was going to happen. Michael immediately thought the worst, she hated him, Sarah had realized what she did and she was disgusted with him, he was a monster. He began to sit up and was about to move away and give her space, but in his moving closer to her she reached out to him and pulled herself to him.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. You could be deported and I could go to jail. God what was I thinking, this could be so bad. Please I'm so sorry."

Michael didn't know what to say, he thought she hated him but he realized she was scared, scared of what would come next and what might happen if Agent Smith found out and what the end result might be. He couldn't find any words so he did the only thing he could think of.

Sarah pulled to him and wept and thought the worse but then she felt it, a pressure around her body, a strength. Michael was holding her. She began to feel safe and her tears began to stop. And for a while they sat there on the wood floor and held each other until there were no tears, no words, just them.

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Minor stuff

Homonyms ... your, yore, you're; to, too, two; they're there, their; etc. The right one is important.
Honorifics... Mrs... used by married ladies. The female lead should, if unmarried, be Miss, or possiblymore...

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Re: Little short

It took me awhile to realize that my chapters are very short. I've gotten better but I think in my mind I saw the story as a manga or graphic novel where the pictures could tell the story. But thank youmore...

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I was just about to say the same thing lol Great manga. I hope you continue writing the story was great, just a little short.

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I'm glad someone picked up on that. I'm trying to incorporate races not really mentioned in the manga but the universe is so big it's gonna be alot of fun.

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It's about damn time

At long last, a Monster Musume inspired story on Literotica. Thank you very much.

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