My Little Angel


There was a black dress that she had in her arms that I knew I would like, it was so thin and light, and loose, low cut, low down her back. It really looked beautiful. She would be stunning in it.

I was looking into the changing area. The area had gone quiet, the help had taken merchandise to the stores front, when she poked her head from one of the doors, and catching my eye motioned for me to come over to her.

I rose and walked into the hall of the changing rooms.

“Get in here," and she took my hand and pulled me inside the little dressing room. Locked the door.

“Can we do this?”

“Just be quiet. I’m tired of running in and out. . . I want privacy.”

The rooms were large and had mirrors on three walls. There was even a little chair in the corner for me. I sat there and watched as my little girl silently lifted the dress she had modeled just previous up over her head and stood suddenly before me wearing only that transparent pair of panties. Her back was to me, her thin waist flaring to narrow hips, still a little girls hips, and I could see the perfect little crack of her ass. She was tugging her panties at the hip, pulling them up.

“Where is your bra?”

She turned to me, all business, "Over there, it’s cause the dresses. You can’t wear it, the backs are low," she said matter of fact.

She was standing so naturally in front of me, her pert breasts falling so perfectly down her front, little tear drops clinging to her. The mirrors gave me ample views of her, there were ten of her, along with twenty swelling breasts and each bearing those lovely little nipples. Her flat tummy, the frame of hips, her long legs to bare feet. I was surrounded by her.

She was giggling reaching for the dress. “This is so much fun!” And she began to take the black little dress off the hook, standing before me holding the dress out across her arm, her feet barely touching the floor.

I was not thinking about anything else but that I had my little girl in front of me, her little body in completely transparent panties, standing ‘nude’ before me. I reached out and touched the dress fabric as she held it out. Her eyes staring down at me, like pure erotic energy in the room. How could I resist?

“I’m going to try it on now.”

I reached out my hand, "Come here."

I took her hand and she walked up in front of me, all smiles.

I wrapped my arms around her butt, and nuzzled my face into her tummy right at her navel. "Mmm, you smell nice. Cherries?"

"My lip gloss. You just wait! Here." And she jumped back away from me. Her breasts bouncing away from me.

She slipped on the black little dress in one movement, smoothing it to her thin frame. It hugged her hips perfectly, fell down the small of her back. I could just see the line of her panties at the bottom of the low cut back.

She was looking in the mirror frowning. “Guess I can’t wear any panties either.”

She turned to me, “Well?” facing me with the thin fabric hanging off her frame, holding her arms out, soft shoulders in the back, then a light twirl around and facing me again.

"It does feel good." She cooed.

"It really looks great sweet. I like that one. I think that’s the one."

She came over and leaned down so her breasts were dangling in front of me like fruit, the fabric of the dress dropping down giving me a perfect view down her front.

“Mmmm, Bet you like that!” She teased.

She kissed me soft on the lips. I was randomly reaching out my hands as she kissed me, holding her thighs and rubbing up to her hips beneath the hem of the dress, then settling my fingers nicely between her legs. She was parting her legs now, giving me full access and without acknowledging my intrusion said, "Do you like the way this one looks on me?"

My mind was muddled, I barely heard her in fact as I cupped her puss in my hand. It was soaking wet through the fabric, she took in some deep breaths, pressed her puss into my hand. I drew a small circle over her clit.

"Mmm, it is so sexy.” She was staring in the mirror. You could see my hands up her dress, the fabric moving with my hand, her hips undulating in a fucking motion.

“You think so. Am I sexy?" she asked again.

I just said, "Mmmmm, yes."

In a moment of play, she turned and jumped into my lap facing me so that my cock pushed right up against her bottom through my pants, and she began pulling the dress out from under her so it draped all around my lap, leaving her naked panty clad bottom rubbing directly against me, wriggling her hips down on me.

So here she sat in the sheerest pair of panties, the dress draped around my lap and she tilted her head to me, fluttered her lashes. We were eye to eye, her mouth inches from mine.

Her breath was warm cherry when she spoke, "Lets give this little dress a test run.” She looked down between her legs. “Mmm, there's something there. That for me?"

"Maybe," I answered, my arms wrapped around her.

She giggled and moved on my lap, wrinkling her nose at me and leaning in to kiss me soft on the mouth. Each kiss was making me hungrier and hungrier. She had kept kissing me like this all afternoon. I held her close and we began kissing again, she loved to kiss.

I was involuntarily pressing my hips up into her, rocking myself against her, could feel the center of her pussy open around my cock, sliding against her. We were looking at ourselves in the mirror, the vision of her bobbing up and down on me. It looked like we were fucking. The vision was not lost on her and she looked back into my eyes.

I reached down and unzipped my pants, pulling my cock out for her to see poking up through the fabric of her dress.

“Careful,” she said licking her lips. "Don't make a mess."

She shifted back slightly pulling the dress back up over the top of my cock and then settling her panty clad puss back down into my lap, and sliding herself right back where she was before. There was only the transparent fabric of her panties between us. I could feel her wet little puss on the head of my cock, and that wonderful feeling of pressure pressing down on my cockhead. She moved her hips in a forward and back motion as she wrapped her arms around my neck and began kissing me again.

“Mmmm, Perfect,” she said.

Between us we had so wetted the fabric that I slid freely between her legs. She put her mouth right at my ear, " I guess you should get some reward for helping me do all this boring shopping."

I couldn't even talk, could feel my cum rising, I wanted to cum IN her. I grabbed her hips and started guiding her back and forth on my lap. She was sensing my urgency.

I was panting, "Do you know what you're doing to me?” I was trembling. I had never felt so hungry. I couldn’t help myself. I said, “God I want to *fuck* you," I breathed as I looked up into her eyes.

I could tell her clit was pressing against me, and she was sliding against me keeping pace with my own movements. Sliding faster and faster, she was letting herself go. Her cheeks were flushed and she was breathing hard, her breath catching. She was biting her lower lip, pouting falling against me.

“Oh, we can’t here. We just can’t daddy.” But she didn’t move. “Oh, feels so . . . good.”

She was whimpering, closing her eyes and I could feel her willing herself to stop moving. “You can’t cum. You can’t! It’ll get all over the dress.” She managed to stop rocking, I continued to hold her to myself.

“I could cum inside you.”

Her eyes got big. She paused, began pushing herself away from me, “It wouldn’t stay there. It’d be a big mess. Daddeeee. Nooo.” She was pleading now. “Not here not now,” and she was starting to slide away as I let her go, standing once again before me the dress falling down around her.

I was reaching with my hand back beneath her and pulled the crotch of her panties away from her and slid my hand into her cunny, running my fingers along her slit. She was arching her back away from me but staying in my reach.

She was saying, “We can do lots of stuff! Later. But . . .mmm,” I felt her press her puss into my hand.

She wasn’t moving away yet, turning her head from side to side, letting her hair fall forward grinding her puss into her hand. She reached back under her dress and tugged at her panties until they had fallen around her ankles. She stepped out of them, kicked them against the wall.

Then throwing her hair back and looking me in the eye, hunger in her dark eyes, she said, “Make me cum.”

“Sweet. I want to fuck you.”

“Here? It’s not . . .” She looked around. There were ten of us standing in the mirrors. She was looking at the door you could see the wheels spinning in her head.

“The dress. . . I want the dress to look nice. You like how my pussy feels inside the dress? You like my pussy? Say it." And she was grinding herself down hard on me now, my fingers were pressing deep into her, she was rising and falling on my fingers. I was finger fucking her.

"I love, your pussy. I want . . . your pussy." I never stopped fingering her. I was in agony. I couldn’t stop.

And she began trembling, a deep growl began rising from her, “Ohhhh, Uhhhh, Oh my god.” She was crying out. Plaintive. “Ah, Ah.” in short breaths. Not quiet either. Her knees were beginning to buckle and she fell against me holding herself up by my shoulders. “I’m cumming. You’re making me cum.”

And she was shuddering on me, falling against me. Her hair was fallen in front of her eyes, this glazed look down at me, her mouth open whimpering. “Oh my God. So good.”

Arching her back she looked up at the ceiling and jerking her hips away from me, and then she relaxed. The trembling giving way to deep breaths. “Whheew.” She was pulling her hair out of her mouth, brushing it out of her eyes.

As she stopped moving, my hand was still stroking between her leg, and she began to back away again out of my reach, “Ah, Too sensitive.”

She added in a quiet whisper, "You really want to fuck this?” Pointing between her legs through the dress. “Huh. You SAID that! Fuck me?"

I stammered, "Yes, oh fuck, yes." She loved that word. I was stroking my cock in front of her. She was watching my hand rising and falling gripping my length, my cockhead was blue. I was in agony.

“. . not, not here. Not here. This isn’t . . .Please! You promised.”

I had.

It was my long standing promise. We fooled around but I didn’t fuck her. I couldn’t believe I had said it.

She looked at me and at my cock as she pulled the dress back off herself. I could not believe I was sitting there, my cock poking out from my pants. Seeing her completely naked again made me ache for her in a way I never had. I was simply sitting forlorn in my chair groaning. She was smiling as she continued to get ready.

“What are you doing to me?”

She just said, “Shopping.”

And I watched her throw her bra AND panties in her purse, and then slip back into her skirt, pull the half top back on, slip into her shoes as I began to pull my pants back around myself, but not closing the zipper. I was still stroking myself. I needed to cum. She was smiling the whole time, wiggling her hips at me, arching her back.

She loved this.

“I can’t help it if you can’t resist me. You bad boy! Now get dressed. We have to go!”

She took the black dress again draping it over her arm as I was tucking myself back in. My cock forming a pole up my front.

She was pouting when she held the price tag as we snuck out of the dressing room. “Oh, oh. This one is $450.00.”

I looked at her blinking. “That’s fine. Lets get out of here.”

She took my hand, pulling me to the cash register. I was beet red, following her closely trying to hide from the staring eyes. This old man who had so obviously been in the dressing room with this little eighteen year old. As I paid, the clerk was staring at me.

My little angel for her part was all confidence.

"I want this one!”



The father daughter dance was tonight. She was upstairs putting on her little black dress. THE little black dress. It had formed an icon in my brain.

A test run of that dress, is that what she called it. What a test run! I could not get any of that day out of my mind. Not a single moment. Not the sights, or smells, tastes, the pressure on my lap - I could still feel it. I could see her slipping into my office, her hands lifting the dress and seeing the black hairs pressed flat against her open legs beneath those panties. Not her breasts hanging before me inside that black little dress, not the feel of her thighs as I stroked her, her sliding on my lap kissing me. The rise and fall of her body in the mirrors all around us that day. I had been in a heat all week. My erection never went down. My little angel for her part was keeping her distance, watching me, smiling, enjoying the agony she had put me in.

And her banter about what fun we would have. It was Tonight!

I went and rented a black tux, cut my hair, bathed, and fixed myself up as I hadn’t done in years. Years and years and years. And now I was sitting on the couch waiting for my little girl, eyes closed seeing her in my minds eye. She was running late, the house was silent.

When suddenly she leapt on me on the couch, straddling her legs around each side of me and setting herself down into my lap. I started, my eyes opening to these dark eyes right before me, her big grin, looking at the dress spread out again on my lap. I went instantly hard. I knew she could feel it.

“You scared me.”

My hands reached around her waist and I pulled her to me.

“Remember this!” and she pushed herself down into my lap, leaning forward letting the dress fall forward. I could see her bare breasts hang before me.

I just groaned. “Yes. Yes. I think so.”

This little woman girl, looking so elegant just then but playing, leaping, bouncing around me now, set right in my lap. She was old and young at the same time. My woman girl.

I could smell vanilla and strawberries. Her perfume and her lip gloss. Her lips were shining, red. Her teeth so white. And just the hint of her sex. She was wet. I knew it.

She had eye makeup on. She never wore eye makeup. Her hair was pulled back tight, out of her eyes. Not a hair out of place. Her nails were painted. Her lips shined and she smiled white white teeth at me. Elegant. Utterly elegant.

I said, “You are so beautiful.”

She smiled I could see her lower and upper teeth she smiled so big. Her eyes sparkling.

“Where’s mom.”

“Uh, over there in the kitchen.” I pointed back.

She looked over my shoulder, “Oh.” And kissed me chastely on the cheek, and then hopped off my lap smoothing her dress out again looking over the shoulder at herself. “Like it.”


“It’s so light,” she twirled around and then took my hand and pulled me up. “Lets go.”

Elaine walked in the room. “You two have fun. Don’t be too late.”



The dinner was in the school gym, and the fare was chicken, rice and a vegetable. Pretty typical when trying to cater 600 people in a gym. But the decorations were really quite good. The lighting was low, there was the set up of a band on the stage at the one end. The tables stood in long rows, with flowers, and confetti, little balloons floating everywhere, and a sort of mirrored light ball that sent sparkles twirling around the room.

My Angel was so excited, her eyes so open and bright. We walked in arm in arm, looking so elegant. My black tuxedo and her black dress. We really did look good to gether.

She whispered to me before we went in, “Your handsome you know that.”

I said, “Thank you.”

We walked in to the packed room looking around and she spotted someone right away, “Oh Julie. Julie!!! Ahhh.” Both girls screaming with excitement. I had to laugh.

When is the last time I went out with someone and when the couples meet they stand leaning toward one another going, “Aaahhhhh!!” My little girl woman.

She came back and took my hand dragged me over. “Julie!! Oh you look so cuuuute. Love what you did with your hair.”

She was holding my hand the whole time. “This is my dad.”


Her dad was close behind and he was introduced. We awkwardly acknowledged one another. Julie was a spectacularly beautiful girl. Very tall.

“We’re in Spanish together. Don’t you hate JB.” Their hands were all over each other.

“Uhh, He took my cell phone again yesterday.”

“What is it with the cell phones,” I asked.

“He thinks we cheat with them.”

“Do you?”

They looked at each other, didn’t answer.

“See ya! Ahhhh!!” And they leaned in hugging each other.

We found our seat and I wanted a drink.

“Oh, and there’s Ann.”

“I want a drink hon.”

She looked at me, smiled, licked her lip. We had this moment of silent connection. Her loving our time together, just us. “Ok. I’ll just be a minute. I’ll be here when you get back.”

I went to the bar. That was one great thing about a Catholic school, they sold alcohol at these things. I ordered a wine. A big beefy guy with thick hands walked up and shook my hands. “Brad Peters.”

“Hi. Uh, Jack . . .”

“Your Angels father aren’t you. She knows my little Annie. She’s been over to our house a couple times. Pretty girl. Good to finally get to meet you.” I had never heard the name Annie.

“Oh yeah yeah. Thanks.”

I got my wine and extracted myself. Went back to the table and dinner was served. My little Angel stayed close, smiled at me whenever she caught my eye, so elegant, and I sipped down my wine and had another. The music started and fathers and daughters began to rise for a dance. The music was slow.

She leaned in to me, her breath at my ear, “Can you handle this?”

She was looking at me with a wicked grin, and reached under the table lay her hand over my mostly soft cock.

I started. “I could until you did that! Come on.” And I grabbed her hand and lifted her gracefully from her seat. I was going to treat her as a lady tonight, my date. “Come dance with me.”

I wrapped my arms around her narrow waist and she brought her arms around my neck, breathing on me looking in my eyes. So light. We drifted around the dance floor, our legs entwined, stepping and moving with the other. I was in heaven. I wanted to kiss her right there. I felt awkward though, revealed. Could people tell? The room was full of other fathers and daughters dancing the same, but my hands on my daughters body, it felt different. The smell of her, the warmth, it was erotic to me, and I was stroking her back with my fingers. Did the other fathers feel that?

How many here had ‘our’ relationship? I wondered that as I looked around.

She pressed herself closer to me. “I like dancing with you,” she cooed. “We never done this before.”

“We’ll have to start.” I said. She smiled.

“I feel like an adult.”

“You are.”

And we swayed with one another in this wonderful liquid movement, her hips pressing lightly against me. I could feel her breath quicken. I knew she was feeling what I was feeling. She brushed her cheek to mine and lay her chin on my shoulder. We held hands, let our fingers caress together.

I let my hands drift lower rubbing her body through the thin fabric, lower down, no panty line. She held her head back looking at me. “You can’t do that.” She was looking around at the other couples. “But, no. I’m not wearing anything under this dress.” She breathed those words right in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

I went instantly hard.

The music ended, and she took my hand, “I want to show you my locker.”



We slipped out the gym door and walked down the dark hallways, she turned one way then another, then another, just little indirect lights shining at odd spots. We got to a section of blue lockers, she was still holding my hand. We were silent. Tension was in the air.

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