My Little Angel


Just two elegantly dressed people walking down the halls of an old high school alone, our shoes clicking and echoing each step.

She stood at her locker and I came up right behind her standing so close I was brushing her with my chest, she leaned back against me as she worked the lock. Was she trembling? We stepped back opening the door.

“This is it.”

I looked in. Just piles of books stacked up the center. Some feathers, and colored paper decorating the inside of the door. She pulled something out of a little envelope that was taped to at the center of the door.

“Check this out.” She looked up at me as she handed it to me, a thin smile on her face.

I held a little photo in my hand. It was a snapshot of her standing nude walking out of a set of showers, with her hand out like she was trying to stop the picture from being taken, head down, hiding her face. Her little bush stood out against her washed out skin. I recognized her instantly just by her naked body.”

“Ha!” She threw her head back. “Julie took that.” She was smiling, enjoying the look on my face. I looked at it, then her. She stood close to me.


“During gym, with her cell phone.”

She had her hand on the edge of the photo. I still held it, was still looking at it.

“You kids certainly make use of those phones.”

“I’m probably all over the web. It was digital.”

She took it out of my hand and put it back in the little envelope, twirling her hips and turning to me again, the door was still open.

I put my arms around her waist again, and leaned in to kiss her, the wine did that to me. I was being less than cautious.

“Dad. Not here!” She stepped away and slammed the locker, set the lock.

“Want to see some of my classes.”


What were we doing?

The tension was palpable. My heart was beating hard in my chest. She was still holding my hand pulling me along. Turning here then there, I had no idea where I was in this dark concrete monstrosity. Only our footsteps. There was no one around.

She opened a heavy door without windows and we stepped into a room filled with desks in rows. It was dark, just a little light coming in through the bottom of the door and some soft filtered light coming through a line of windows that overlooked the gym. It was the same gym where the father daughter dance was. We were one floor up, and I did not recall going up any stairs.

There was just a sort of candlelight glow to the room.

She stepped in front of me. “You look really good tonight dad.” And then she leaned in and kissed me, leaned in close, I could taste her strawberry lip gloss.

“Ummm, You taste good.”


And there we were holding hands in front of us, both hands together playing with our fingers and opening our mouths into one another. Those wonderful soft kisses. I had wanted to kiss her all evening. Our heads were tilted into one another, and then she pulled away and walked over to the window.

We looked down at the musicians, the couples twirling at the bottom of the stage, people milling about, sitting at tables. It was still crowded. You could just hear the music.

We stared out the window.

I said, “They did a great job.”

She dropped my hand, “Hmmm, Hmmm,” as she walked away from me toward the teachers desk.

I followed.

“This is Spanish, where JB teaches. He sits when he lectures, pretty weird.”

“Spanish Class? It’s so bare.”

I went and sat at the desk. The chair rolled easily, too easily. I rolled it back from the desk and then back. The desk was perfectly clean, nothing on it.

“Like I said, pretty weird.”

She came around and sat on the desk right in front of me, facing me as I set in the chair.

“Wish you were my teacher. You would be a NICE teacher.”

“How do you know.”

She leaned forward, put her arms around my neck. We touched foreheads, “Intuition.”

I looked up at her. She continued, “. . . and I’d know what to do if my homework wasn’t done. Uh, Teacher Jack?” She never said Jack. “Um, my Spanish homework isn’t done. I couldn’t get to it, because I was *masturbating*. You think there is something I could do to make it up.”

And she began to lift the hem of her dress higher.

I was staring at her knees and then thighs, and reached my hands up along her legs following a line up under her dress and wrapped my hands around her bare hips, stroking her hips with my thumb and bottom with my fingers, as she set before me on the surface of the desk. She was drawing her knees up higher, set her feet on the arms of my chair on either side of me.

I was liking this game.

“There might be something we can arrange.” I added, “I would be a good Spanish teacher, I know Spanish.”

She said with surprise in her voice, her arms still around my neck, “You do?”

I was reaching up and stroking the small of her back as she arched it, tipping her hips toward me, holding he knees open. I could see the darkness between her legs opening where her pussy would be, just a dark area beneath her dress in this low light. I could smell her scent as the dress and warmth of her rose in front of me.

“Not SPOKEN Spanish, but . . .Spanish!”

And I bent lower as I said it, grasping her hips with my hands and sliding her toward me. She complied completely, was right in front of me; her legs opening wider as I settled my face down between her legs, feeling the hairs of her puss on my face. So warm breathing in her smell.

She leaned back and set her hands on the desk, let her head fall back and sink into her shoulders, her hair falling behind her.

“Oh, Spanish!” She had her mouth open, “Ahhh,” laughing.

She looked down at me, put one hand on my head as I lapped at her with a flat tongue, wetting her pussy lips and fine hairs, kissing her little mound and kissing a little line to her navel. What a cute little belly, I looked up at her, she was smiling, laying back further on the desk.

I lay my head right at her abdomen, my cheeks tickled with the hairs of her puss, just laying there holding her in the silent room. Taking in this singular moment. She looked out the window over the gym

“Wonder what they’re doing now?”

I went back to licking her, pressing my tongue in along her slit, licking along her lips and opening her up, pressing her open with my fingers, she held perfectly still, the inner lips folding out, this little rough line of flesh, I could take the wet skin in my mouth and I began to lick a long line through her center.

“Mmmmmm. Keep doing that. I like Spanish homework now!”

I took my tongue then and stiffly licked at the top, digging into and around her clit. And with my fingers began to press into her vagina, one finger and then two. Finger fucking her again in this black little dress. She was undulating her hips now sliding her puss along my tongue, drawing circles with her hips guiding my tongue in little circles around her clit. “So good.”

I wanted to be careful, I did NOT want her to cum. I wanted to make her crazy. Make HER hungry after what she did to me on our ‘test run.’

She was holding my head and pushing me into her, I could feel her getting more and more aroused, pressing herself harder and harder against me, squeezing her thighs around my head. And then it was I who began to pull away, and she was pressing me, pulling me with her hands trying to keep me between her legs. I still had my fingers inside her as I looked up at her.

“Keep going, I want to cum! Keep teaching me your . . . Spanish!”

I just said, “Kiss me.”

And she lifted herself up and fell into me and kissed me wrapping herself around me, tasting herself.

“You like the way you taste?”

“Kind of. It’s sort of weird. I think it’s weird when you do that. I like it though.” We kissed for awhile, she was licking her cum off my lips. And then she leaned back again, “Keep doing it. Make me cum.” A little whine in her voice.

I rose from the chair and I kissed her again, continuing to slide my fingers into her, finding the rough patch in her vagina and pressing it and stroking it. She was squirming again on my finger.

"Oh god that feels really good, what are you doing?"

“Finger fucking you.”.


Suddenly we heard the door opening.

I stood stock still and she sat upright and threw her skirt down over the edge of the desk. My fingers were still working inside her.

She looked at me with wide eyes, pulling her legs together tight around my hands. We both appeared to be simply at the desk, she sitting and me standing, with her back to the door on the desk.

“Excuse me, is this the Spanish Room.”

“Uh yeah.”

“Sorry for bothering you. My daughter was just showing me around. Sorry.”

“It’s ok.”



The room was silent again, I took my hand away sticky with her cum.

“We better get back.”

I could tell she was frustrated and I felt pretty good.

“I can NOT believe you kept doing that while they were in the room. Uhhh.”

She was mock shocked. I could see the sparkle in her eyes, as we clicked along the halls back to the gym. There were far fewer people now, but still at least a hundred.

There were photographs to be taken, and we stood there, her hand on my chest smiling for the camera. I had my arm around her waist. My black tux and her little black dress. We were stunning. She thought we were the prettiest couple at the whole event.

As we were leaving she said, “I feel just like I’m at prom tonight.” And when we got to our parking spot, she turned in front of me and kissed me slow, pressing in lightly and then away again looking at me the whole time before we got in the car.

“I don’t care if anyone saw that.”

As we started off for home, she was running a mile a minute.

“Did you see Stephanie! I don’t know how she could wear that dress. It was stripes. I was so Uhhh! But I said it looked ok. . . But Lisa agreed with me. Her dad wore a tux too. Like you did. We matched, we were both in black. We were SUCH a cute couple. Everyone said so.”

And slowly she was quieting down. I listened. Added a little here and there. Sad the evening was ending.

“I loved your Spanish lessons dad. Ha! I cannot believe what happened. I’ll never be able to sit in that class again without like totally blushing. I’ll always see us up there!”

“Well, I know French and Roman too.”

Her eyes getting big, smiling at my innuendo.

I added, “And Greek.”

“Ha! Oh my God!” She laughed out loud at the implication. “We WERE pretty bad.”

She was looking at me with a sideways glance, and then out the window. I could see her squeezing her thighs together and wiggling her hips.

And then silence.

We got to the house and I parked the car turned out the lights. We sat there for a moment. Neither of us opening a door. I could hear her breathing.



“Thanks. Really, Thanks. I know that I can be difficult . . take advantage of you, of our situation sometimes . . . I graduate in three months and then prom, and I’ll probably go to prom with Brad.” She took my hand and whispered, “*Wish it could be you* And I want to go to college, but maybe here. And I’ll meet other boys, other men. I know I have to go out and live my life. Fly off . . . away. But . . . I’ll still be your little girl and I don’t want that to change. I don’t want this year to change - ever - but, I know it will. There’s just so much happening, and it scares me - scares me a lot - and I don’t even know if what I’m doing is good. Right. What we’re doing is good. But this year is my golden year, it’s golden . . .was . . . we are . . . “

She took a breath, “You’re the best lover. You’re the best lover . . . I’ll ever have probably.”

I could see her eyes glowing, these embers shining into me. The sparkle of a tear on her cheek.

I reached and wiped it away. “Lover?”

“If you want to. You can come to my room tonight. . .”

I opened my door.

“If you want. Give me some time.”

She quickly exited the car and ran into the house.

I was still sitting there.



She lay in her room, appeared to be sleeping, not moving, breathing evenly just this beatific vision. The sheet was pulled up around her chin, I could see the outline of her body perfectly.

She had lit a candle on her desk and it cast a low flickering glow. I watched her there and dropping my robe slid into the bed and spooned up behind her. She was naked . . .asleep.

She started, rousing herself and stretching lightly, “Hi.” She smiled, “I thought you might of changed your mind.”

“Shhh. No. I wasn’t sure. . . My promise, I promised. . . .”

“There’s no promises, Daddy. . .”

She did not move she stayed pressed against me, the bed was already warm. She was touching my cheek with hers turning herself toward me.

“What do we do?” I put a finger to her mouth, silencing her.

And I let my hands wander up and down her front over her breasts and then softly caress her tummy, her arms, and shoulders, and across her bare shoulder as I kissed her. We were melting into one another. Molding our bodies to the other.

I pulled away briefly, looking down at her smiling, “Now I’ll teach you some French.”

She laughed, “Oh, my French teacher now. Ok.”

And she pressed her mouth to mine, and took my lower lip in hers. We touched the tips of our tongues together.

“I already know a little French.” We pressed our lips together, tracing the edge of her teeth and playing with her tongue.

I kissed her, caressed her, massaged her, rubbed her for quite awhile before I . . . let my hand slip down and down into her bush. She watching me silently without moving the whole time, her one arm around my neck and her other curled around her head. She was this little girl just then, docile, yielding. My little girl.

And she rolled on her back parting her legs loosely, relaxed. I pulled the covers down to look at her. Her knees were held up just a little and falling out. I could see her pussy opening, the pink line running through her. My cock stood straight out as I bent over her, her eyes went wide. Pulling her arms up above her head.

The walls falling away, we were alone, utterly alone in this room, knowing both knowing what would happen. The cock she saw would slide inside of her. Its hardness enter her smooth walls, she would let me in. Surrender herself.

“Daddy. I never.” Her eyes were so wide. She had this soft little girl voice, quivering.

“You’re a virgin.”

“Well my cherry broke . . . from track. But I never had sex before with a boy.”

God she was so natural, sensual.

I just said, “That’s fine. Ok then.” And my pulse quickened.

“You’re my first.”

I could smell sex rising from her body, her pussy glistened wet. I nosed down between her legs while pressing and needing her tummy and breasts. She, putting her hands on top of mine. I was so hungry and loved her familiar smell, my smell.

She was giggling, “More Spanish.” And she was wiggling and bouncing around the bed. “That tickles.”

“Every language sweet.”

I lapped at her with a flat tongue and as she became aroused pushed my head down between her legs, as I reached inside her with my fingers for the second time this evening. Her pussy was swollen from my earlier ravishing and felt her wetness rise up out of her until she was so wet, her cum was dripping off chin. I sucked on her clit as she pushed my head down hard between her legs until I could hardly breath. The coos coming from her were intoxicating. I loved the warmth of her open flesh.

I slowly licked up her front.

“I like Spanish,” she purred. “We need to study this a lot.”

The relaxation in her voice was so intoxicating, the deep trill of her voice. Coming from deep within her chest, so relaxed, curving herself fallen into the mattress, her eyes on me the whole time. The curves of her body beneath me open in every way.

I brought myself up, kissing up her center, smearing her cum in a trail on her skin to her breasts, fallen to each side as she lay on her back. She was yielding her breasts to me, tilting her head back exposing her white neck. I held her puss cupped in my palm and pressed a finger into the pink line, kissing her breasts and suckling my little girl, kissing her neck. “Keep doing that.”

She had full red lips, the gloss was eaten away but the smell of strawberry lingered, and she nibbled at my arm as I caressed her neck now.

She started, staring at me with eyes wide, as I rose higher leting my cock slide up between her legs and just touch her pussy. Pressing up between her legs lightly feeling her lips opening, sliding along her crack and felt the wetness and heat. She was gripping me tight around my neck staring at me.

My cock sliding up the center of her little cunny. She was so filled with desire. I could feel her quivering beneath me.

“Daddy!” Her cheeks were mottled and she could barely breath.

“Ohhh, . . feels so . . . good.” Her hips were undulating beneath me, she was sliding herself against my hard cock. I lifted myself up and looked down at her, both our heads bent looking at where we touched.

“You like your little girls pussy? You going to Fuck me?” She always liked that word. The dirtiness of it.

“I’m Your lover,” I whispered.

She brought her lips to my ear, “Go ahead. Fuck me. Am I your little girl. Say it.”

And I let my cock fall back between her legs, felt her opening, that little space opening into her and let myself slide into her slowly, my whole length pressing into her vagina, filling her, deep to the hilt.

“Ohhhhhhh, I Love my little girl. I’m going to fuck my little girl." I pressed my cock inside filling her completely, "Fuck you,” I whispered into her ear.

She let her legs fall wide, holding herself as wide as she could. The covers were pressed down around us, we were laying naked on the bed. I split her open like a peach and she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me onto her, biting her lips to stay quiet. I pressed deep inside.

I could feel her heart beating in her vagina. I cradled her light frame with my arms like a baby, holding her around her waist, lifting her hips positioning her on myself and pressed myself down into the bed reaching up into her with my cock, filling her completely. Sliding into her, and then rising until my cockhead played at her opening and then back and back, over and over so softly, rising and falling like a tide. Her coal eyes sparkling up at me, her mouth open, looking at me and up at the ceiling.

We were washing along an edge. We were one then two, then one again. We were lovers, my little Angel, her warm breath on my cheek. I could smell the heat and sex between us, we were sliding together, sliding our bellies together. I could hear her receiving me and letting me go, the wet slap between her legs. This lapping sound like a wave washing on shore, in the silence we shared.

This little girl who used to run through the house in her underwear and let me chase her and tickle her until we were both breathless, who used to run into my room when I was dressing and stare at my cock hanging between my legs and run back out again. Who kissed me on the lips at her eighteenth birthday, and not a kiss I had ever received before. Who waited for me to come home when my wife was out and ask for back rubs while we watched TV and pull her top off showing me her breasts, and of the times I simply walked over and lay my hands on her. Who was yielding to me completely now. We fucked silently, slowly, her hips lifting to meet me in a steady rhythm together.

I quickened my pace, and was lifting myself on her sliding along her clit, she began turning her head to the side, grinding harder into me, raising her arms above her head, her hair fallen around her. She started this regular groan, deep “ohhh, ohhh, ohhh.” with each thrust into her.

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