My Little Angel


I could feel my cum rising, she could feel me stiffening as I was pounding her down into the bed. Her knees were up at my side and she was rubbing herself hard against me, undulating her hip against me. We were pressing and sliding together hard as we could, ragged gasps and cries. Her head bobbing up and down beneath me.

We were fucking each other, wild. Holding tight the other, and then we were coming.

We came in one long continuous wave of dissolution, it was wave after wave after wave. Her body was trembling beneath me, arching out along the mattress, she was jumping up from the bed, and holding onto me tight around the neck, scratching me digging her nails into my shoulders. “Oh daddy. Oh my god. I’m cumming.”

My body pressed up into her and I could feel myself releasing ribbons of cum into her as I held myself deep inside her and rising and falling again it pulsed out of me.

Her vagina felt like a mouth drinking me in, sucking and quivering when her back arched and she came again, crying out. “Oh my god, I can’t stand it!” And was thrashing beneath me. I had to literally pin her to the bed with all my weight until we fell into our wet center of the bed.

We were one. Our bodies completely united then relaxed, fell into the mattress. Utterly spent. The sheet was wrapped and tied around our limbs, we were bound together, wet hair across our faces and in our mouths, between our legs. Sex on our breath. Sweat and her cum dripping from my chin. We fell tangled into one another, arms and legs, my cock laying limp still held between her legs, and we tongued each other softly.

We were laughing.

She was still shaking, looking at herself and running her hands over her body.

I just kept staring into her sparkling eyes as I kissed her.

“Oh my God.” She had this beautiful laugh. I had never heard it before. “That was nice! Really nice. I can still feel you.” She lay her hand over her puss.

It was silent for a little while. I could feel her shifting, facing me. My cock lay over her leg.

“Different than I thought it would be.”

“What did you think?”

“I don’t know. It seems like not such a big deal somehow.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean at school, it’s all ‘Don’t give it up.’ ‘Don’t Give it up.’”

I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s just . . . natural. Feels completely normal, Feels Great! I was scared. I’m not scared anymore.”

“Good. I wanted it to be . . . “

“You never Taught me Greek though.” She batted her eyes at me. I could hear her giggling.

I had to ask, “Know what that is?”

“I think I do.” She giggled again. I knew she did. “We’ll have to try that some time.”

I reached back and pressed my finger into her anus lightly. She jumped, "Ok." I said. I hugged her to me.

Silence again.

“What’s Roman? I mean I know French and Spanish.”

“Oh. It uh, it's Group Sex. An orgy.”

She giggled.

“I don’t know if we can do that one.”

“No.” She giggled again.


I could tell she was looking at me again.



She was reaching down and taking my limp cock in her hand, rolling it in her fingers, gripping my balls. “ I want to do it again. . . Your sticky. How long does it take?”

I could feel my cock stiffen as she played with me. I was satiated.

“That’s you that’s sticky.” I reached down and cupped her puss, it was matted with cum.

She was giggling and rolling around trying to get away from my hand.

“We’ll see.”


"We'll see."



And we fell asleep. Pulled the covers up over us.

Her small frame rolled over and she pressed her breasts into my chest and lay her chin in the crook of my neck. We were holding hands. The smell of sex and wet and warmth all around.

She leaned across the bed, I was watching her so thin frame, the bone of her hips, her pussy wet and mashed between her legs, her breasts hanging as she reached to blow out the candle. So fresh and young. I couldn’t believe I was looking at her just then.

I found her lips in the darkness, kissed her softly, we wrapped our naked bodies around one another and we fell asleep.


This is just a fun little romp, a break from some other projects. Please email me with what you think and any ideas you may have. Your emails are why I write.



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