tagInterracial LoveMy Little Asian Delight

My Little Asian Delight


My only Asian experience took place One Labor Day Weekend many years ago at the apartment I shared with a male friend. It was Saturday late in the afternoon I was frolicking with a large breasted older redheaded woman from the building next door. She was naked and down on all fours atop the wooden coffee table in the center of our living room, her legs are slightly apart. I am kneeling behind her, tonguing her deeply when I hear the locked door to the apartment swing open. I assumed it is my roommate Greg, so I rolled to one side and onto one knee to greet him.

To my surprise it was his beautiful Asian girlfriend Suzi. She looked shocked. All I could do was stare at her blankly; what to say to her escaped me. My face was covered with Rita's sweet pungent fluids, her smooth pussy was wet and glistening and my hard shaven cock was on clearly on display for Suzi to see. She blushed visibly and then told me she was going to wait for Greg in his room. As soon as she disappeared down the hall, I stood up, shook it off and slid my cock into Rita's hungry pussy and gave her a doggy style fucking for the record books. She came three times before I withdrew and coated the visibly reddened cheeks of her well rounded ass with my hot slippery load.

Somewhat embarrassed, Rita quickly dressed and left soon afterwards. I went to the shower and cleaned up. When I came out of the bathroom, Suzi was gone. I never got a chance to apologize to her or to try and explain. I was sure I would hear about that afternoon from Greg later in the evening. Surprisingly though, I didn't. The next day I was lounging around in my trunks, fresh from the pool when I heard a knock at the door. It was Suzi. I apologized to her right away about what happened the day before.

"That's OK," she said with a smile. "Can I come in?" I opened the door wider; "Sure, but Greg doesn't get off work for a couple more hours yet." She plopped down on the sofa.

"I know; I was hoping that we could talk," she said.

Suzi was wearing a short faded denim skirt, a thin yellow tank top (no bra) and a pair of strappy cork bottom saddle style heels. Her impressive breasts were full and round and her dark brown nipples were faintly visible as they pressed against the thin cotton fabric of her top. She had a determined look on her face as she uttered the words that I had fantasized about hearing for a few months.

"Will you fuck me? Fuck me like you did that silly bitch from next door?" she said straight faced.

I was blown away and couldn't speak. Finally I gathered my composure and reluctantly told her that I could never fuck my best friend's girlfriend. She stomped her feet and slapped the leather cushions of the sofa.

Visibly frustrated she hesitated and then asked; "How about just eating her pussy", parting her legs making her short skirt rise up revealing her hairy panty-less crotch.

Hmmmmm, I thought to myself; that wouldn't be fucking her, I thought. What the hell, so I agreed. I started to kneel in front of her and spread her well toned legs but she stopped me.

"No, on the coffee table!" she demanded.

I stood up figuring that she would climb up onto the coffee table like she had seen Rita doing the day before, but instead she told me to strip naked and lay down on the rectangular shaped table. The table was short so my legs hung over the end at the knees which allowed me to place my feet flat on the floor. My head was near the opposite end. I watched anxiously as Suzi slipped out her denim skirt and walked around bottomless to end of the table where my head was laying. She straddled the table facing my toes; then shimmied slowly along its length until her round sexy ass was hovering above my chest and neck.

She had a very impressive thick, dark and shapely bush, which Greg had boasted about one evening while we were out having a few beers. I understand that many Asian Women consider it a bit of a curse; but I found it to be quite a turn on. Suzi slowly squatted over my face placing her hands to my sides at the edge of the table to steady herself as she lowered her gorgeous naked ass to within just a couple inches of my face. She had dark meaty pussy lips that protruded quite prominently from her swollen hairy mound and a lovely puckered pink ring that was surrounded by a few stray, curly, raven black hairs. Asian girls with tan lines are the hottest thing ever and it was clear from her lines, that Suzi preferred a thong to a bikini bottom when she was poolside.

I lifted my head slightly and gently nuzzled the lips of her pussy. Suzi moaned softly, took a deep breath the lowered ass firmly onto my face. The intoxicating scent of her sweet pussy made my cock harden quickly, so hard in fact that it hovered rigidly above my abdomen without touching it as I lay flat atop the table. I softly kissed the moist shiny folds of Suzi's pussy and nuzzled them apart with the tip of my nose. I slowly traced the outer edges of her hanging inner lips with the hot wet tip of my tongue then slapped playfully at her bulging fleshy hood. Suzi quivered against my face and rocked her sexy hips once or twice before settling squarely down onto my face for a long hard ride. The steamy wet center of Suzi's hot little asian cunt was extremely wet and vivid pink.

I slid my hungry tongue into her for the first time and found her warm thick juices to be sweet and tangy, reminiscent of mango juice. Suzi's hot twat soon covered my mouth like the oxygen mask on a fighter pilot and her tightly clenched anus pressed firmly against my nose. I wrapped my arms around her shapely widespread thighs and grabbed her buttocks with my hands. I spread her ass cheeks so that I could breathe and so I could really get busy with my tongue. Suzi moaned loudly as her once forbidden orifice quickly became exposed. She was squeaky clean and surely she couldn't have thought I could resist swirling my tongue wildly around the perimeter of her hairy asshole?

Suzi let out a loud moan and pushed her ass back hard against my mouth as my tongue did laps around her tender dimple. The rush of excitement prompted her to lean forward, grab my rigid cock, and start stroking it skyward. Suzi obviously liked the feel of my hot wet tongue circling her delicate anus and pushing hungrily against her tight pink funnel. She quickly found a pleasurable rhythm, rocking her sexy ass slightly forward to allow for the teasing penetration of my tongue, then sliding quickly back over my face until it plunged deep into her wetness. She was grinding her clit hard against my goatee covered chin and gyrating her hips wildly as she moaned and whimpered.

Tonguing her sweet ass was just like turning on a faucet. Her sweet creamy juices began to flow over my face like a mountain stream after the winter snow melts. She began working my thick hard cock feverishly like the handle of an old fashioned butter churn. She came twice the first was just a whistle stop along the way to her final destination, her broken breathing, the bouncing of her ass onto my face and that emotional "Oh Fuck!" that filtered from her dry parted her lips were a dead giveaways. My orgasm however, was quickly growing and I began to pump harder into her tight fisted grip. She giggled acknowledging that she knew I was close. That's when it happened.

Driven by desire and the onset of my own orgasm, I lifted my head and placed my puckered lips to Suzi's hard, throbbing, eraser sized clit and sucked it hard into my mouth. I sucked it hard against my teeth, wiggled my head between her wet trembling thighs like a pit-bull with a pull toy.

Hearing her scream; "You're gonna make me cum, you fucking Bastard!" was all I needed to plunge helplessly over the edge.

My body began to convulse helplessly and my cock began spew. Stream after stream of my hot slippery load pulsed skyward from its swollen purple head and began raining down over my torso and Suzi's wildly pumping hand.

She kept milking my cum soaked cock as it continued to erupt in front of her like a fondue fountain. It wasn't until her second orgasm ravaged her body that she finally let go. The combination of her thrusting her ass back and my mouth being forced opened by my own release pushed her rigid clit between my teeth. I clamped down on her hot throbbing pearl with my teeth as gently as I could through the euphoric haze and pulled at her hypersensitive nubbin. She went off like a bottle rocket! Screaming wildly, flooding my mouth with her orgasmic fluids, slapping repeatedly at my cum covered thighs and tossing her pretty little head about before literally bursting into tears as her body quaked in a way I had never seen another woman's body shake before.

She rode it out like a surfer catching the wave of a lifetime until she reached shallow water and then collapsed on top of me. She had shed her tank top at some point during her fulfilling ride. I could feel her hard gumdrop sized nipples poking against my abdomen and her soft round naked pressing against me. Her long dark hair fell over me and she went limp in my arms. I watched with a sense of fulfillment although still a little groggy as her cum flowed slowly, but endlessly from her gaping pussy and dripped like honey onto my heaving chest. We lay silently and motionless for 5-10 minutes until Suzi slid awkwardly off of me and onto the floor.

Her eyes were still glassy as she mustered the strength to rise up and collapse back into the red leather sofa. She giggled seductively and tried to catch her breath. I gathered the strength to sit up and eventually even stand. I looked at her from across the coffee table, combing my fingers back through my hair as I took a deep breath. She was so beautiful, but really a mess, she had my pearly white cum in her pretty hair, on her cheek, her tits and nipples, even running down the side of her neck. My cock was shrinking but still thick, with cum dripping from the tip when she slowly stood upright, and stepped shakily up onto the coffee table.

I moved quickly over to her and placed my hands gently on her hips to steady her wobbly frame. I starred passionately into her beautiful eyes and placed my outstretched tongue to her cum covered nipple. She gasped, tensed her body in my arms, tossed back her hair and bit her lower lip as she watched me gently lick her impressive tits clean. I then put my arms around her and pulled her towards me. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around me. I loosened my grip and let her slide down over my torso until I could whisk away the remnants of my orgasm from her neck and shoulder.

Placing my open hand gently to the side of her smiling face, I slowly slid my fingers behind the back of her neck and beneath her hair. I caressed her earlobe with my thumb as I kissed and sucked my cum from her neck and shoulder.

"Oh my God!" she whispered. "No one has ever done that to me before."

I smiled modestly then licked the final droplets of cum from her cheek. She pressed her lips roughly to mine and kissed me very deeply, sucking hard on my tongue. Without saying another word, she unlocked her legs from around my waist and dropped slowly to her knees in front of me, dragging her hands gently across my chest as she went.

It was clear that Suzi was repaying the favor. She methodically lapped up my cum; starting with my thighs, before mouthing my balls clean, and sucking my spent cock into her warm inviting mouth. The sound of her sucking and slurping was quite erotic, but Greg would be home soon and we both needed a shower. She grabbed her things and got dressed, all the while telling me that I should have fucked her. I sighed heavily and agreed.

"Maybe next time," she teased with a wink before she opened the door to leave.

I headed off to the shower where I lathered up and masturbated fantasizing about how her tight little Asian pussy would feel stretched over my throbbing cock. I came hard from the mental images of that happening in my mind. Suzi took a job in another town not long after that and I never did get to fuck her. I think she knew that the job change would mean the end of her relationship with Greg and that's why she came over early that day.

As a side note, the next morning at breakfast I was eating my cereal when Greg confided in me that he wasn't sure what had gotten into Suzi the night before. She refused to fuck him but she did give him the best blowjob he's ever had. Uneasy and not knowing what to say; I just called him a lucky bastard and finished my cereal. I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I had bitten her succulent asian clit just a little too hard...

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