tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Little Bitch

My Little Bitch


Three years ago I was laid off from my job. Since I'd been with the company for five years, they gave me a great severance package, so I decided I'd take an extended vacation before looking for work. After all, I'd just turned thirty and I'd never even left the country. During my travels, I ended up in a town called Suraha, in the lowland jungles of the Nepal/India border. Suraha is one of those remote towns at the end of a long and potholed road, a six hour bus ride without air conditioning. Other than the wildlife viewing in the national park there, there isn't much. It's a very small town, with few services and only a handful of hotels.

On my first evening there, I was sitting at an open air bar near the river when I heard a woman speaking English with an American accent. It had been a while since I'd been with a woman in any sense of the word, and I eavesdropped to get a feel for if she'd be a potential companion. It was immediately clear that she wasn't worth it.

She was being incredibly rude to the waiter. "Cold. I asked for my beer to be cold. Cold like ice, not warm like piss." She was speaking as if the waiter didn't speak English, although everyone here did. "If I'd wanted a warm beer, I would have brought my own." She said it loud enough for the whole bar to hear, and more than a few people turned their heads.

She was a smallish woman, no more than 5'5", and was pretty thin, with wavy black hair that went well past her shoulders. She was wearing tight fitting khaki shorts, and a blue nylon shell. She had her back to me, so all I could tell was that she had a great ass and smooth tan legs. Her rear was what the guys on my rugby team used to call a "high school ass," none of that sagging fat that so many girls pick up when they go from teens to twenties.

The bartender looked very apologetic, and started digging around in the back of the fridge to find a colder beer. She turned around and I got a glimpse of her face. She had olive skin and full lips, high cheekbones and enormous brown eyes with long eye lashes. If she wasn't such a bitch, I'd have gone after her there and then. As it was, I'm sure everyone in the bar hated her. With looks like hers, to be traveling alone was a real testament to a nasty personality. I turned back to watch the sun set over the river and drank my own beer. What happened to her after that I didn't know.

I didn't see her again until the next afternoon. It was on the one street the town had and she was swearing at a policeman, screaming at him really. I had to stop and listen. "What the fuck am I supposed to do?"

The man shrugged, "What am I to do, miss?"

"You are to get my fucking stuff back, and arrest the piece of shit that took it." So, the little bitch had been robbed. It was probably done by a coalition of everyone in the town that had to deal with her. She was waving her hands at the cop. "Where am I supposed to sleep? How am I supposed to eat?"

More than robbed, I realized. She'd been cleaned out completely. Probably had all her stuff in one bag. Rookie travelers do that. To make her life worse, it sounded like her hotel kicked her out when they found out she didn't have the means to pay them. Hell, they were probably the ones that did it.

The policeman began to walk away, and she screamed at him, but he just walked faster, and she broke down sobbing. Serves her right, I thought, and started to walk back towards my hotel. But then a little guilty pang hit me, and I looked back. She was sitting on the curb, with her head in her hands. This was actually a pretty bad town to get stranded in. I wouldn't have known to do if it was me. Besides, she was completely hot.

I turned around and walked back to her. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear what you said."

She looked up at me. "And?"

Wow, was she a bitch. "Look, it sounds like you're in a jam. I can help you out."

In the end, she didn't even seem grateful. I offered to buy her a bus ticket back to Kathmandu, but she didn't want to leave the town without her passport. So we went to the police station where I had to post a reward of $100 if they could turn it up.

"I know you know who has it," she spat at the man behind the desk. He just gave me a look as if to say "no sex is that good." At that point, I was completely pissed at myself for getting involved. When she told me to book her a hotel room, I almost told her to sleep in the jungle. But then I decided that just to tick her off, I'd make her stay in my room. I had no intention of hitting on her. I just wanted her to be as angry about her situation as everyone she came in contact with.

My room did have two beds. A queen sized one, and a twin. After the dinner I bought her and that she didn't say thanks for, we retired for the night. I had to loan her clothes to sleep in, and she changed in the bathroom. When she came out, she was wearing one of my worn t-shirts without a bra, and her nipples were making little cherry sized bumps in the fabric. When she walked in front of the lamp, the silhouette of her breasts shone through. She also had on a pair of my boxers that she'd had to knot at the waist to hold up. Her legs were really toned as well, and I had the thought that it was too bad she was such a bitch because I really would have loved to have those legs wrapped around my hips. Instead, I turned out the lights and went to sleep.

Fast forward to sometime an hour or two later. I woke up to hear a zipper. I didn't move at all and listened. My bag. I'd put it under my bed. I opened my eyes just the slightest amount. In the moonlight, I could see that she'd pulled the bag from under my bed and was rummaging through my clothes. In a flash I threw off the sheet, reached over, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her on top of me. She gave a yell as I rolled over and pinned her underneath me. My face was just inches from hers "What were you doing in my bag?" I asked her gently. The way I was pushing her arms to the mattress was all the emphasis I needed.

"Fuck you."

We lay there for a moment, me on top of her holding her arms above her head. I could smell her. Scented soap and toothpaste. She tried to squirm free, but I had her. It dawned on me that this was a very sexually charged situation as my cock started stirring, pressing against her leg as it grew harder and harder. She started to really fight me when she felt it, but there was no way I was going to let her up now. "What were you doing in my bag?"

"Nothing." She pulled her arms as hard as she could, twisted her stomach and rocked her hips. Me being 6'2" and 190 pounds, it was pointless for her. There was no way she was going to overpower me.

"Really? You know, I'm the only friend you have in this town." She didn't respond to this at all. Just wriggled and bucked. I had to slide back and forth on top of her to keep her from getting free. In all the action, my cock popped out of the hole in my boxers and rubbed against her bare leg. The feeling of her bare skin against the underside of my erection sent a shock through my body. She felt it too, turned to look at me slightly afraid. She became still except for her chest, rising and falling as she panted.

My heart, meanwhile, was pounding through my chest. I could feel her warm breath on my neck. Neither of us knew what to do, but I don't think I'd ever been so turned on in my life. She made another half-hearted attempt to get out from under me, and I used this as an opportunity to slide my hips up and push the tip of my cock against her crotch. She froze again. Now, it was just a thin layer of cotton between my prick and her clit.

I slid up to get a slightly better pin on her, and to nudge her clit a little more. Her breathing quickened and she tried to slide out from under me, parting her legs and giving me more access in the process.

"If you want to leave," I told her, "just tell me." But she said nothing. I pushed her wrists together. They were so thin I could hold both in my right hand and have my left free. I slid it down the length of her arms, brushed her cheek, and then gave a caress to the side of her tit, down her stomach, the knotted waist band, and then her thigh. I tugged gently at the boxers, which were far too big for her. With my cock I could feel the material in the crotch slide to the side. Then, with the tip of my prick, I could feel the soft wool of her pubic hair. More importantly, the hot musty smell of her sex wafted up, and it was instantly clear that she was as turned on as I was. And she knew that I knew.

She went into a prolonged fit, rocking back and forth, pulling her arms. She tried to get her knees freed out to where she could hit me with them, pulling her legs far apart. She yanked one arm loose and with it she pushed hard on my chest to try to get me off of her. When I grabbed her free arm, she put all her energy into sliding her body to one side and the other. As we struggled, I curled my body slightly, and suddenly my cock head pushed into something hot and wet.

When the tip of my cock parted her pussy lips, she froze again. "If you want to leave, just say so," I told her again. She just looked at me, but didn't say a word. I freed my left hand and pinched her nipple lightly. She shuddered and arched her back and that was all I needed to know.

She sensed that I let my guard down, and made one last tremendous effort to get free. Legs kicking, arms flailing She arched her back and groaned with effort as she tried to twist away from me. I didn't let my cock retreat an inch, just kept up the slightest bit of pressure. Her cunt was dripping wet and hot, and I was tempted just to ram my cock into her now. I put my lips to her ear and started shushing her like a baby. "It's going to be OK," I told her. "This is going to be just fine for you."

In response, she stopped struggling and started panting. She had exhausted herself, but made no progress other than to get my prick to rub against her clit. She looked into my eyes and let out a deep breath. I gently released one of her arms, and then the other. In response, she reached up with both arms and grabbed the rails of the headboard. I pushed my cock and felt the head just entering the soft rim of her cunt. She just watched me with those stunning brown eyes. At this point, I couldn't control myself any longer and pushed hard. I could feel an initial resistance, but she was so wet that my cock easily slid into her. I pushed it as far as it would go, ground my pubes against her clit.

She inhaled sharply, closed her eyes, and we froze like that. "There. That wasn't so bad. Now you're mine." I whispered into her ear. "I'm going to take care of you, but I'm also going to fuck you hard," I waited a moment while she thought about this, and then her legs parted and her knees rose up in the air. She started to pump her hips, inviting my cock into her as deep as it could go. Her eyes closed, she rocked her head back and let out a soft moan of pleasure as she fucked herself with my cock, drew it into her, squeezed it with her hot little cunt.

I pulled back, and then slammed my cock back into her. Her pussy was so tight, so hot. She started to moan louder, biting her lower lip as I built up steam. She let go of the headboard and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me against her and clawing my back as an orgasm washed her body. I could feel her cunt pulsing as she squeezed her legs around me. That put me over the edge and I pumped wave after wave of cum into her hole.

We lay there, me on top of her, for a few minutes, and then I rolled off to the side away from the wall, and held her trapped in my arms. She fell asleep after that, but I lay awake, thinking of all the things I was going to do to her now that her body was mine.

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