tagLoving WivesMy Little Extramarital Adventure Ch. 01

My Little Extramarital Adventure Ch. 01


At one time in my life I was always hungry for sex. I loved to imagine myself sucking cock and getting fucked by big hard penises in my horny little sex holes. It drove me crazy. Sometimes in the middle of the day my pussy and clit got so hot that I just had to find a private place and masturbate until I make myself cum.

I'm married, and my husband and I used to watch porn together and fuck almost every night. I always had a lot of orgasms. I had a really active sex life, but I still found myself spending my days thinking about sucking dick and having my wet little cunt penetrated by hungry fingers and tongues and penises.

At that time I worked as a cocktail waitress. I liked that job. I have big breasts, and I liked to show them off. I always wore really low-cut tops at work, so I could show everybody a lot of tit and cleavage. And I liked to wear tight, skinny panties and skirts so short that when I bent over (which I had to do a lot) you could see my ass. I got a lot of horny looks at that job, which kept my pussy feeling nice and warm and wet. I liked knowing that the guys (and maybe the girls) I was serving were thinking about sucking my tits or fucking me. I'm sure it helped with the tips, too.

I was so horny all the time that my husband had to work really hard to keep up with me. He frequently made the suggestion that I find another person to have sex with, to satisfy my constant horniness. He said it was okay with him if I fucked someone else, as long as he got to watch and join in. So one night I decided to take him up on it.

The place I worked was a pretty small operation with a really small staff, and sometimes I had to do odd jobs at the bar. I didn't mind; the owner/manager was a really nice guy. Once, at the end of the night, he asked me to clean up a spill in the men's restroom. So I took a mop and bucket. When I opened the restroom door there was a guy standing at the urinal with his cock out of his pants. But it didn't look like he was pissing.

It looked like he was masturbating.

I knew this guy. He was a regular at the bar. I liked him; he didn't drink much, but he tipped well. He always stared at my tits. The thought passed through my mind that maybe he was thinking about me as he masturbated. The idea gave my vulva a little thrill. I stared at his cock. He had a big, hard erection. His eyes were closed. His penis was thick and stiff. He was rubbing it rhythmically, and caressing and fondling its swollen red head.

It looked so good I practically salivated.I suddenly had the urge to run over and suck the guy off. My nipples actually tingled. I put down the mop so I could press my clitoris through my clothes. But the mop fell, and the guy opened his eyes and saw me. He turned red with embarrassment and began stuffing his cock back into his pants.

"That's okay," I said, "Take your time. I was enjoying the show."

The guy stopped for a second and gave me a questioning look.

"Really." I said, "See?"

And to make the point, I pulled up my skirt and let the guy see me put my hand down my panties. His jaw dropped as he watched my me finger my clit for him. Then he grabbed his cock, lubricated it with spit, and began working it again, stroking it and pumping it, moving his pelvis in a fucking motion as he masturbated.

I wasn't sure if this was what my husband had meant, but I was certainly enjoying it. The guy's eyes were half closed. I could see his tongue. He was staring at my cunt as he jerked himself.

Suddenly he moaned: "Oh, honey, I'm gonna cum pretty soon! I think I'm gonna cum now!"

I yelled "No! Wait!" and I ran up to him, dropped on my knees, and opened my mouth! He slid his dick right into my mouth! It tasted so good! It was so hot and salty and delicious! It felt so warm and firm and big and sexually tingly on my tongue and lips! I felt so nasty and hot! I was still rubbing my wet, throbbing clitoris inside my panties! I frantically worked my lips back and forth over the head of that yummy, horny erection!

Suddenly the guy yelled "Oh, God!" I felt his penis throb and spasm in my mouth, and a stream of hot, salty, yeasty tasting sperm just squirted down my throat! I swallowed desperately to keep from choking as the guy ejaculated again and again!

It made me unbelieveably aroused! Sweet, hot sexual feeling was welling up in my vagina and clitoris! I could feel an orgasm coming! The guy's softening prick was still in my mouth! I felt his sperm dripping out of my lips! I rubbed my throbbing clit as hard as I could! I had to make myself cum!

Then erotic ecstasy pulsed from my pussy and clit and asshole and a gorgeous orgasm shook my whole body with pleasure! I came again and again! God, it was good!

I don't know how long I orgasmed. When I finally I came to, I was on all fours on the bathroom floor, panting and shaking. The jackoff guy was gone. The manager was beside me. He was worried. He thought I had been assaulted or something. I told him I had slipped and fallen, but that I was all right. I got up and washed my face. It was not until that moment that I realized that the bathroom smelled like vomit. That was the spill I was supposed to have wiped up. I went to get the mop, but the manager was still worried, and told me to go home.

As I drove home I thought about my little lavatory cock-sucking episode, and by the time I got home I was really horny again. I woke up my husband by sucking on his dick, and as my sweet husband worked his hard penis in and out of my dripping vagina, and masturbated my clit with his fingers, and sucked on my hungry little nipples, I told him, in detail, about my jack-off/suck-off adventure at work. And when my husband suggested that I bring the guy home for a sex party, the idea made me so excited that I orgasmed all over again!

But I didn't see my mens' room blow job guy for several weeks. I started getting disappointed. Then one evening the manager asked me if I would come in on my night off and train a new waitress he had hired. He offered to pay me double for whatever hours I worked, so I said okay. But it turned out that the new girl had done cocktail waitressing before, and didn't need much training. So by about ten oclock I was done.

The manager bought me a drink, and as I was sitting at the bar, I saw my old friend, the urinal masturbation man, sitting with a girl at one of the tables.

I went over to say hello (and maybe suck the guy off again). I was happy that I'd dressed for work that night. The top I had chosen was cut just barely above my nipples, so if I leaned down you could see pretty much all of my tits. My skirt was pretty short, and it kept riding up. I just let it. It made my pussy feel nice and nasty to know that my guy and his girlfriend could see the crotch of my panties.

When I got closer to the table, I realized that I knew the girl that my cock-suck guy was sitting with. She was the clerk at the video store where my husband and I rented our porn. She had been in the bar before. She was a pretty, punk rock looking girl with spiky red hair and a tattoo around one arm. She looked like she was about eighteen, but I knew from carding her that she was really twenty-six. She had really nice tits. Her name was Lisa.

I said hi, and the girl asked me to sit with them. We talked a little. Lisa introduced me to the guy. His name was Craig. The thought struck me that I had had the guy's penis in my mouth and I hadn't even known his name. That was exciting.

Then Lisa said, very nonchalantly, "I understand you sucked Craig's cock in the men's bathroom the other night."

I was a little startled, but I said, "Yes, I certainly did."

"What was it like, sucking cock in public like that?"

"Well, it really wasn't in public. The bar was closed and there was no one else around."

"Yeah, but somebody could have come in and seen you. The manager or someone. That must have been exciting."

"Yes, it was. Very."

"Did you have an orgasm?"

"Oh, yes. Several. I was masturbating."

"I do that too. I always masturbate when I suck cock."

This conversation was making me really horny. Lisa was wearing a tight white spaghetti strap top. You could see her nipples poking out under the thin knit material. They looked erect. I kept finding myself staring at her tits, picturing her naked, masturbating, sucking on an erect penis.

As we talked, to help with my horniness, I discreetly put my hand in my lap and gave my clitoris a little caress through my clothes. But Lisa noticed, and seemed to know right away what I was doing. She smiled at me. Then she excused herself to the bathroom. I offered to come with her.

In the bathroom we both went to piss. Afterwards Lisa was standing at the mirror fixing her lipstick. I went and stood by her. I could feel the warmth of her body. I wanted to say something to her, so I asked: "Is Craig your boyfriend?"

"Not really. He's just a guy I know."

"Does he jack off in bathrooms pretty frequently?"

Lisa giggled. "No. Just sometimes."

Then she leaned over brushed my ear with her lips, whispering: "He does it because he likes men! He was hoping a man would come in and suck him off!"

Then she softly kissed my ear. I suddenly realized that her hand was on my neck, caressing it gently. She kissed my ear again. Her hand moved down my back, then slid up under my top. She ran her fingers down my spine.

I gasped with excitement! My pussy was suddenly on fire! I suddenly felt such intense desire that I think that if Lisa had suggested making love right there in the women's bathroom, I would have done it!

Instead, she whispered in my ear again: "Have you ever made love to a woman?"

I shook my head.

"Do you want to?"

I nodded.

"Do you want to come over to my place?"

I remembered my husband. The image of Craig and Lisa and my husband and me, tangled in an erotic foursome, passed before my mind.

"Let's go over to my place instead. I'll introduce you to my husband."

Lisa leaned back from me and smiled.

"Okay." she said, and she put her arms arond my waist, leaned her face close to mine, and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue slid into my mouth and licked mine hungrily. It felt so sensuous, so abandoned, to be sex kissed by a woman. Lisa slid her hands down to feel my buttocks. She pulled my skirt up and caressed the bare skin of my ass cheeks.

I couldn't stand it any longer! Desire was pounding in my cunt! I took Lisa's hand and pressed her palm against my vulva. Lisa pushed the heel of her hand against my cunt, then found my clitoris through my panties with her fingers and gave me a little flick. I practically melted! A throb of sweet sexual pleasure pulsed through my clit and my vagina! I felt wet between my legs!

I couldn't stand it! We had to get out of there! I broke off from her kiss and led her by the hand back to her table. Craig was waiting quietly. We told him that we wanted to go to my house. I told him my husband would be waiting for us. Craig liked that idea.

I gave them directions to our apartment. Lisa knew right where it was, so I left ahead of them so I could warn my husband. As I drove home my mind and my cunt were in a state of complete sexual anticipation. My vagina and clitoris were so sensitive that the slightest movement or bump in the road gave me an erotic thrill, and my panties were completely soaked with my arousal.

When I got home my husband was watching porn. He was sitting naked on the couch, gently playing with his penis as he watched girls cum on the screen.

When I told him what was going to happen, Rick got all excited; he put on his bathrobe and started cleaning up the apartment, especially the bedroom. By the time Craig and Lisa rang, the place was nice and neat; the lights were low, the bed was made, and there was wine on the table and a porno flick ready to play in the DVD player.

The introductions were brief. I told Rick that Craig was the guy I had told him about. He already knew Lisa.

We sat and drank for a few minutes. I could hardly contain myself. I kept thinking: "When are we going to fuck?" I thought of stripping naked and masturbating to get things going. I had done that before on dates, before I got married. If I was out with someone who was slow on the draw and didn't realize that I wanted to have sex, I would take him over to my place, strip naked, and lay on the floor fingering my cunt until the guy got the idea. It always worked.

I was thinking about this when I heard Lisa ask Rick if I had told him what we had done in the ladies' room.

"No," said Rick, "I only heard about the men's room. What did you do in the ladies' room?"

"This," said Lisa, and she came over to where I was sitting, leaned over me, and kissed me deep on the mouth. I stood up and kissed her back. Her hands were all over me; my ass, my breasts, my pussy. She slid my top up off my tits so she could fondle them. She kissed from my ears to my mouth to my neck to my breasts, then all over my tingling tits until she was sucking hard on my nipples.

Her every touch, her every caress, felt so good! I was vibrating with sexual heat, from deep inside my wet cunt, to my clitoris, to my asshole, to my hard, hungry nipples! I loved it! I wanted sex with her! I wanted to lick her and suck her and eat her, right here in front of my husband!

I was so horny I was shaking! I slipped off Lisa's top and rubbed my face against her tits! The warm, creamy softness of those big delicious breasts felt so good against my cheeks and lips! I kissed all over her breasts, and when I nibbled and sucked her nipples, she gasped and her body jerked!

Fumbling, I unbuttoned her skirt. And then, when I finally slipped it off and my hands began exploring her tender ass, I realized that she wasn't wearing any panties! Her ass and pussy had been naked all this time! She must have taken off her panties in the car, to be ready for sex with me! That made me feel incredibly aroused!

I had to feel her pussy! I stroked her nakedness, one hand caressing her butt crack and asshole, the other probing the warm dampness of her pubic hair, stroking the wet lips of her pulsing, hot little cunt! Then I worked my fingers between the damp, trembling labia of her vagina and found her clitoris! And as I masturbated her erect clit, her body shook and she cried out in pleasure!

I had to eat her! I had to tongue that delicious, inviting pussy! I slid to my knees and began rubbing my face against her wet pubic hair and her hot, open slit, feeling its warm lips against my cheeks, smelling her delicious womanliness.

Lisa gasped and trembled, but as I began to lick her, trying to tongue her clit, she stopped me, pulling my face away from her open pussy.

"Wait a minute," she gasped," Wait just a minute, honey. Craig? Sweetie? Could you please? Could you help us, honey?"

I looked around. I had completely forgotten about the boys. They were sitting side by side on the sofa. Both of their penises were out and naked, and both of the boys were masturbating! They looked absolutely yummy! Rick's bathrobe had fallen open, and he was stroking his erection as he watched us. Craig's pants were around his ankles as he fondled and caressed his big, hard dick.

Lisa kind of whimpered. She was staring at the boys' cocks.

"Craig, I want you, honey! Please?"

In answer, Craig stood up and slipped his pants off. His erect cock stood straight out in front of him. I remembered sucking it. The memory of its heat and sperm in my mouth gave me a pulsing throb of pleasure in my vagina. Wiggling out of his clothes, Craig moved over to an armchair and sat down, naked, his hard cock sticking straight up in his lap.

Lisa walked over to Craig and, facing outward toward me, she sat on him, wiggling and adjusting her pelvis and cunt on him until Craig's big, hard dick slid right up into her open, hungry pussy.

Lisa cried out with pleasure, then said to me, "Okay, honey. Now, sweetheart. Okay?"

She looked so beautiful, so delicious! Her nude body was trembling, her big, full breasts shaking as she worked her vagina up and down on that thick, hard penis! Craig's cock was shiny with the wetness that was welling out around her cunt lips! I crawled over to the chair, buried my face against their genitals, and began to lick!

Lisa gasped and moaned. She kept squirming and bucking her pelvis, working her cunt up and down on Craig's cock as I nuzzled their crotches. I had to grab her hips and hold her still so I could lick her vagina. My face was filled with the smell of their genitals: Lisa's sharp sexual scent and the spermy smell of Craig's penis and testicles. I loved it! As they fucked wildly, I did my best to lick Lisa's clitoris and her pussy lips and the shaft of Craig's cock, but they were fucking so hard I could barely keep my tongue on her cunt!

And my pussy was just burning up! I was unbelievably aroused! I was masturbating my clit as hard as I could, but my cunt wanted stimulation so bad I could taste it! Then, as if in answer to my thoughts, I felt something so delicious, so welcome: the hot, spermy head of Rick's cock rubbing against my ass-crack! I pushed my bbuttocks up to him so he could find my vagina, and he slid his erect, throbbing dick right up into me!

God, it felt good! As my husband's big, hot cock pumped in and out of me it filled and rubbed and titillated my whole cunt, from my pussy lips to deep inside my vagina! And each time he slid that delicious pulsing penis into me it pulled on the skin of my clit, pressing it and giving my vulva an exquisite throb of pleasure!

And all the time I was licking Lisa's hot little clit and pussy! Suddenly Lisa cried out, "I'm gonna cum, sweetie! Oh, God, I'm gonna cum!"

Then she screamed and her whole body spasmed and shook as she orgasmed! It was so exciting! I felt my orgasm welling up inside me, too, and suddenly it took me! Pleasure jolted through my whole body friom my vagina and clit! Waves and spasms of intense sexual sweetness filled me right down to my toes! My body squirmed and convulsed in ecstasy, and I moaned and and cried out as I climaxed over and over!

And my husband just kept fucking me! The orgasms seemed to go on forever! Finally I couldn't stand it any more, and I think I passed out. I don't really know what happened. I found out later that I had fallen asleep for nearly an hour. I woke up lying on the floor, one of the couch pillows under my head and a blanket over me, still swimming in the afterglow of orgasm.

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