tagMind ControlMy Little Harem Ch. 03

My Little Harem Ch. 03


*Note This is part 3 of a series, and it would probably make better sense to you if you read from the beginning. I also want to encourage you to comment, and to please Vote.

And, I wish to thank my editor Miss_Minx

* * * * *

Oh, I had been waiting for this. Meghan's sweet ass was bobbing right in front of me as she gave Colleen's massive jugs a tongue bath. Even though I had just sprayed a huge load all over Colleen, I was almost immediately standing proud again.

Not wanting to leave Colleen out, I decided we should reposition.

When we were all set, Colleen was on her back up at the head of the bed, her legs over Meghan's shoulders. Meghan had her face buried in Colleen's hot wet pussy and her beautiful ass in the air.

I thought I would use Meghan's own juices as a lubricant, so I drove my swollen manhood deep into Meghan's hot wet love tunnel and pumped it a couple of times. Each time she moaned into Colleen's pussy, which seemed to excite Colleen further.

Then pulled out and lined up on that rosebud. Meghan had to concentrate to relax enough to allow me entrance. At this, Meghan resumed her lapping of Colleen's steaming pussy

Then I pushed in all the way to my balls, Meghan let out a scream of pleasure, and attacked Colleen's pussy with vigour. I pulled back and slammed in again and I began to pick up the pace.

Her ass felt as good as it looked, and I was loving it. As I picked up speed, so did Meghan. Meghan began to practically scream into Colleen's pussy and Colleen, in turn, began to emit her high pitched keening sound.

With the noise we made, I was surprised that nobody called the cops. But I wasn't surprised that I hadn't heard the knock at the door.

I blew my load deep in Meghan's bowels and in turn she and Colleen came to thunderous climaxes as well. I nearly collapsed on top of my beautiful Meghan. But after a few breaths I pulled out and sat on the side of the bed, panting and sweating.

As I sat down I realized that there were two people standing in the doorway. One was Amber, the other was a red-head. After a moment the red-head asked Amber, "Those two are hot, you think he'll share them with us?"

"This is Kristen, Master."

I turned an appraising eye on the red-head. She was about 5 foot nothing. She wore her hair in a long loose braid that was hanging over her right shoulder. Her C-cups looked huge on her small frame. She was dressed in a long sleeve plaid shirt, tied in the middle, revealing a flat tummy and tight jeans.

She reminded me of a shorter red-headed version of Mary Anne from "Gilligan's Island." She didn't like the way I was looking at her. I didn't care.

"Thanks Amber, She looks pretty hot, I think I'll keep her too."

"You think wha..."

I just loved doing that. I programmed her and ordered her to strip. She was in good shape. Not muscular, but trim and a bit toned. On impulse, I stood, lifted her up, and with Amber's help in guiding, I lowered Kristen down onto my pole.

She let out a slight scream as I entered her. She was instantly wet. She had a tight little pussy, and she felt so good. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her little legs around my waist and began to ride up and down.

I put both hands on her little waist and took control of the rhythm. I soon erupted inside that little cunt. She orgasmed with me. I could feel her little pussy trying to milk the last drop of semen from my dick.

This had to be some part of my new abilities. I could think of no other reason all of these girls came at the same time as I did every time. Once or twice maybe. Close maybe, but not exactly, and every single time.

As I pulled out, and sat my new toy down, I told her "I am going to call you 'my little portable pussy.' I am going to fuck that little asshole too, but right now, Amber is the only one that doesn't have my spunk inside her."

And to Amber I said, "Strip down and show me that beautiful body." I got my favourite phrase in stereo.

"Yes Master."

As I was about to mount that luscious, perfectly tanned body, I suddenly felt something was wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was getting stronger. Then I suddenly realized that someone dangerous was coming after me. And, they were here! Now! AT THE DOOR!

"Stay here!" I said as I ran through the bedroom door. I don't know what I thought I was going to do, but I was going to face my attackers. As I entered the living room, the door burst open and five men came in and spread out. Three of them looked like high priced bouncers, all shades, suits and muscles. The fourth looked vaguely familiar, and the last one looked somewhat like Steven Seagal, but a little shorter, and not as muscular. He seemed to be the ring leader.

Seagal began to speak. "Don't even bother with the mind tricks, Mister Cooper. They won't work on us." He started to say something else, but stopped talking and seemed to be concentrating. He was staring intently just over my shoulder. I turned and saw Amber standing in the hall behind me holding what seemed to be a pair of billy clubs.

But what caught my attention was the blank look on her face, and I realized he was trying to reprogram her.

I didn't think, I just reacted. And with an angry mental shove, Seagal's head went through the wall. He slumped to the ground unconscious at the very least. To the others I warned, "You move and I'll pop your head like a grape!"

Of course I had no idea if I could or not, but it was evident that I could cause serious damage. And it seemed to work. They just stood there like statues, with the exception of the little guy who seemed pretty scared.

I realized that Amber was still standing there with that blank look on her face.

"Amber, go back in the room. Now!"


"That's an order!"


I gave her the same order mentally and got the same lack of a response.

Troubled, I called into the bedroom. "Meghan, take her back in there. Quickly! And then all of you STAY IN THERE!"

Three voices said "Yes Master."

Although, I had never turned from them, I now returned my full attention to the remaining four men standing in front of me. As a test, I gave each man in turn a simple command


From bouncer's 1, 2, and 3, I got nothing, but the smaller one did his best impression of a ballerina. Quickly to him I gave the command

You are mine to control

Then orally, "Frank, sit down, be quiet and be still" How did I know his name? I had no idea. That was odd.

Shrugging that off for the moment, I thought I would try something.

It was apparent that I had some sort of telekinetic ability, so I thought I would try a little more controlled display. I raised my right hand and made the motions as if I were removing Bouncer #2's sunglasses.

Amazingly, it worked. He started to reach for them, but I mentally slapped his hand away. This got his attention. He stood straighter and stiffer than before. And as I snapped his glasses inches from his face, he nearly peed his pants.

"Now do you want to tell me what this is all about, or shall I squeeze it out of you?" I began to put increasing pressure on #2's nut-sack. Admirably he held his tongue; at least until he started screaming and fell to the floor.

When he passed out from the pain I looked at number one and said with a grin, "Your turn." I started the same way, and when the glasses cracked, so did he.

"It's Mr Watkins at DynaMed! He wants to know how the Series 9..." #3 had shot #1 with lightning speed, and was turning the gun on me, when I gave him the same treatment as I had given Seagal. There went Colleen's deposit.

With the goons handled, at least temporarily, I needed to attend to Amber. As I entered the bedroom, I stationed Kristen in the living room with orders to get back in the bedroom and let me know if any of the men moved.

I then turned to Amber. There she stood, still armed, still nude, still very hot and still blank.

Meghan informed me that she would walk, but only if you pushed her to the point that she would fall if she didn't take a step. And I could see that she was still breathing, so something in there was still working.

I looked deep into her eyes. I desperately wanted to know what that Seagal wannabe did to her. Suddenly, I saw it like it was a piece of paper in my hand. And on that paper was only half of a sentence. It read


No matter what, you will always belong entirely to...

It seemed that I had stopped Seagal before he could finish the command line. So, I decided to finish the sentence with my name. And for good measure, I added an image of myself. Then, inspired by an erotic story I read once on a website, I decided to adapt Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws."

On another "sheet" I wrote:



First Primary Law You may not injure your master or, through inaction, allow your master to come to harm.

Second Primary Law You must obey the orders given to you by your master, except where such orders would conflict with the First Primary Law.

Third Primary Law. You must protect your own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Primary Laws.

Then on a third "sheet" I wrote:


1.          You will think and act on your own, but you will always obey my commands, and enjoy doing so.

2.          You will call me master when in private, but sir when in public

3.          You will not be jealous of me paying attention to or having sex with other women

4.          You will never again have sexual contact with anyone, without my permission, or direct order.

5.          You will greatly enjoy sexual contact with me in any form.

After I finished, I backed out of Amber's mind and asked.

"How are you Amber?"

No response.

Worry quickly rising, I said "Answer me."

"I do not know the answer, Master."

It was a response at least, but it sounded robotic.

A worrying thought occurred to me.

"What is your name?"

No response.

"Answer me."


"I do not know the answer, Master."

"From now on, if you do not know the answer to a question I pose to you, you will inform me that you do not know. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

"Your name is Amber. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Amber, I belong to you."

Admittedly, hearing that response from this hot young woman standing nude in front of me turned me on a bit. And I thought briefly that she was, at that moment, the ultimate sex doll. But I had to get her back to a being her fully functional self.

"Why are you carrying those two sticks?"

"I do not know the answer, Master."

"Where did you get them?"

"I do not know the answer, Master."

"Do you know how to dress yourself?"

"No Master."

As I suspected, she would not be able to function on her own. She may even need to be fed and diapered. It was a miracle she could talk. He had messed her up pretty good.

I wanted to fix her right then, or fuck my hot zombie toy, but I had other things to do at the moment.

I then corrected the programming of Meghan, Colleen, and Kristen to match Amber's, of course leaving Colleen's extra programming intact. I tested each one as I went, to make sure they were still them.

Then, I performed the same procedure on Frank, with slightly different "Standing Commands" list leaving out the sexual commands, other than telling him he can't have sex. And he was to call me "Sir" at all times. Also I discovered why he looked familiar. He was one of my muggers, but he wasn't part of the people that were after me. He was basically there to point and say "That's him." He didn't even know why they wanted the guy he mugged. He just knew they were deadly serious.

I decided to test my new laws and programming. So, I brought Frank and a butcher knife into the bedroom. I handed the knife to Meghan and ordered her to stab herself in the leg. I almost didn't stop her in time.

She fully intended to bury the knife to the bone in her right leg. Taking the knife I ordered her to punch me and she flatly refused, with an apology. Next I told her to punch Colleen in the stomach. Colleen took it like a champ. Then, I temporarily suspended the First Primary Law in Kristen. I then told her to attack me.

All three girls and Frank quickly subdued her, before she could even touch me. It was awesome to watch, but I felt bad for Kris. She wasn't really hurt, but she was probably going to have some bruises. So, I decided to use her for my last test. I lifted her off of the floor

Then I picked her up across my arms, leaned in and bit her on her right nipple. Not enough to draw blood, but enough where it should not have been a pleasant experience. She gave the heightened response I was looking for and nearly came right then and there.

I wanted to play some more, but I knew we had better leave. So I ordered the girls and Frank to pack up and get ready to leave. Then I turn my attention to the three unconscious men on the living room floor. On a cursory exam, I found that all three had a programming list.

Realizing that I couldn't decipher them quickly, I just changed the name in Seagal's (actually named Albert Jacobs) ownership line to mine, and completely removed the list from the bouncers. Then, I thought, "No wonder they're after me if I can mess up their toys this easily" I quickly decided to basically make several copies of the "ownerships tag" in each of my followers, just in case someone tried to turn them against me.

As I finished I was reminded of Amber's condition. She still stood in the bedroom just as I had left her.

"Meghan, come and take Amber to the bathroom."

"Yes Master."

"Amber, I want you to go with Meghan to the bathroom and do as she says. Do you understand?"

"No Master."

"What do you not understand?"

"Is she my master?"

I took a second to think before responding to this.

"No Amber, I am your master. I will always be your master. But, you will follow Meghan's instructions unless they contradict my oral or standing orders, or your Primary Laws. Do you understand now?"

"Yes Master."

"Meghan, you have just been appointed babysitter. Now take her into the bathroom and try to get her to use the bathroom. Then get her dressed, but don't put any panties on her, and put her in Colleen's back seat."

"Yes Master."

We left. As we got into the car, I realized that Colleen was wearing pasties (basically stickers adhered to her nipples), that I guess someone gave her as a joke. But, man was she HOTT. I was glad I basically neutered the guys.

Frank drove Amber's car with specific instructions to be very careful with it. Albert was in Colleen's front seat. I was in the back with Amber. Colleen drove, while everyone else, once again followed us. Kristen drove a super clean red and white 1973 Oldsmobile Omega. Her father restored cars for a living. Colleen had some sedatives that we fed to Albert to keep him out long enough for me to re-program him.

As we started out, I decided to give my hot zombie my seed before re-programming Albert.

I basically had to tell her step by step how to do it, but I got her into the doggy style, my favourite position in the back seat of the car, and pulled her scrubs down to her knees. There wasn't much room, but I managed to get positioned. I reached up under her scrub top and gave her right tit a squeeze.

She moaned, and moistened. Exactly the reaction I wanted. I then sank deep into her tight little pussy and began to piston in and out. She didn't know how to move but she definitely knew how to make noise. I pistoned in and out of her.

"Ah!Ah!Ah!Ah!"Then very loudly yelled "Ah! Aaah! AaaOoh! AAAAOOH!" as I exploded inside her. I thought for a second she might wake Albert from his drugged slumber.

She may not have known what she was doing but her pussy certainly did. I stayed in her until her pussy had milked the last bit out of my dick. Then I pulled out and sat down. And, through step by step instruction, I had Amber turn around and lick me clean.

In doing so, she of course got me hard again, so I gave her basic instruction on giving blow-jobs. And she demonstrated her ability to learn very well.

To be continued

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