tagNonHumanMy Little Puppy

My Little Puppy


This story goes out to Ghostjae. I hope you, and everyone else, will enjoy it.


I smiled and shook my head as Kiba howled at the full moon. He was definitely a playful puppy, and the local pack of wolves have learned to tolerate his marking my territory with Penny, the grown pitbull keeping a watch over the little party.

Penny was about ten years old, a fully grown pitbul powerful enough to probably bust down a door with only a little effort. She never would, though, unless commanded... Without my order to attack or do anything violent, she was a loyal watch dog and the sweetest thing you'd ever meet. Kiba, however, was a trip. His mother was a husky, a grown dog by the time I adopted Penny. She was a gorgeous husky that wound up mating with a wolf. A few of the people around took some of the pups, and Kiba is mine.

So, I get to deal with a mix of loveable pup and feisty wolf with a loveable guardian. I lived up in Montana, enjoying the lack of business and the cool weather. A gentle snow started falling, but the full moon was still un-obstructed as Kiba reared back again. "Ha-woooooo!"

I started to chuckle, but a very unfamiliar howl joined in with Kiba's. I looked around the trees, wondering why it sounded like a human imitating a wolf... As I looked around, the snow fell more, obstructing my vision a bit and adding to the few inches on the ground. Penny stood up, ears tracking sounds I couldn't hear. Kiba was already hopping his way through the snow, toward a clearing in the woods.

"Kiba!" Penny understood and dashed after Kiba, faster than I could dig my feet out of the snow to run after the two. Before I went, I stopped... I could see the clearing, but the sky above was clear. I kept looking up to find snow falling from a cloudless sky. Something was wrong... I reached into a pocket of my coat and unseathed the knife I kept on me at all times, hanging on as I took off after the two sets of canine footprints in the snow.

The closer I got, it seemed, the harder it snowed. Eventually, despite being in a nearly straight line, the tracks eventually had faded away. To my luck, there was no howling wind... just a curtain of snow. I raised my free hand to my mouth, cupping it to call out, "Kiba! Penny!" A steady stream of barks came from straight in front of me, maybe just to my left. It was Penny, and her bark was strong... She was safe, at least. I finally arrived, hearing Kiba's happy barks and Penny's whine as she came over to me before back to wherever she had stopped.

Suddenly, she dashed off and took something into her mouth, holding on so whatever it was couldn't escape. I saw someone standing, but... wait, the snow started thinning once it was held onto. I could make out a distinctly human shape. The snow finally stopped, and Kiba was running happy circles around the lady as Penny held a very gentle drip on the hem of her coat. What I could see of her face was frightened, and a bit frightening.

Her skin was fair and pale. Her mouth looked worried, and between her nose and lips were the beginnings of whiskers. Literally, canine whiskers poking out of her cheeks. Scarier, and oddly even more beautiful, were her eyes, wide with fear and shaped like a wolf's, soft with warmth despite the fear. She dared not move, though I felt she was feral in her own way. Kiba barked happily up at her, causing her to snap out of the trance and look down at the puppy pawing at the legs of her pants.

"Penny, you can let go." Penny let go of the girl's coat... the grip was so loose that it really just slid out. Whoever this lady was, she was apparently taking a risk based off some kind of trust with the dogs. She knelt down and Kiba instantly jumped at her face, attacking it with playful kisses. It brought out pure, childish laughter as she started petting it with glove-covered hands. "Hi... Who are you?"

A sigh was my answer. "Your dogs are sweet... And very well raised." Her eyes closed, and I could faintly see her nostrils flaring. "You reek of fear, but... no malice. I suspected these dogs were raised to reflect their master, and I guess I was right."

I blushed a bit and crossed my arms, trying to hide the knife I drew earlier. "Thank you, but... that doesn't answer my question, if it's not rude."

The lady smiled a bit and shook her head before removing her hood. I was greeted by ears popping up from her brown hair, confirming that she was some kind of demi-human. "Alice. Every so often, someone like you is sensed to have such a strong, friendly bond with certain animals that people from my world want to see it firsthand. It happens most often with felines, and lord knows how many of you humans want the rabbits to visit. Me? I saw you, and your pets' trusts in you. So... I'm here."

I nodded and stepped slowly to her. My caution was obvious, I could tell, since she cleared some snow to make a kind of seat for me. I plopped on my butt next to her and dropped my knife to the side, wanting to show trust despite caution. "So... you're actually here to just see me? Or friendship?"

She shook her head and tucked up against my side. "To be your pet, too, if you'll allow." I looked down and read her eyes... I'd been around dogs forever. It was easy to see an extreme amount of hope in them.

I smiled and... well, I didn't know if I should hold her like a dog or a person. So, I settled on both. I tucked the bridge of my nose against her forehead while wrapping my arms around her, smiling to seal it. "Sounds good... I don't want to make your trip in vain, that's for sure."

A childish, happy squeal assaulted my ears as I was bowled over in a hug. A happy growl emnated from Alice as I was squeezed enough for my lungs to empty. "Oh, thank you-u-u!"

My laughter started until I wound up grazing my arm on the knife I dropped earlier. "Gah!" I jerked my arm up, a light cut having shown up on it.

Alice started looking around, frantically putting two and two together to make everything BUT four. "Oh, no! I hurt you, and... wait, that knife? You had it out... You thought I'd hurt you? And now I did, you won't want me around, I'm sorry!" Snow started pouring immediately as I barely caught her arm before she could run off. Despite it, I could see her looking at me, worried and almost scared again. Her nostrils flared and her eyes caught the wound on my arm before she dropped down and held my arm to look at it. "Oh, I'm sorry... I wish I could help, but I don't know about your cuts, and—"

As much as I appreciated her concern, the frantic panic needed to end. My other arm took her head softly from behind and pulled her into me, letting her sink into my arms and clothing as she stared up at my still-smiling face. The snow died down all over again and she finally smiled, curling up. As she did, a tail sprouted from under the part of her coat that slid up, and started wagging quickly. Penny stood up and shook the snow off her, while Kiba was still rolling around like a puppy.

So much snow... "Alice, I'm not upset at you for what happened. I was stupid to let the knife lie instead of put it away properly. But what's with the snow? I know you're related. How does it keep appearing and vanishing like that?"

Her face relaxed a bit; she was happy for a change in subject. "My kind lives in a snowy place, too. So when coming from there to here, snowfall came with it. A normal trip would only make a few flakes, but I was so worried you wouldn't like me, I kept the doorway open. Kiba and Penny kept me from leaving until I was assured you were okay... It was just me panicing again. I opened it again thinking you wouldn't want me around after that... I'm sorry, master."

"Master?" The word surprised me... and sent a warm wave of tingles right down me. Hearing it was... nice.

"Yup! I came here to be your pet, if you'll allow, so you're my master!"

"Heheh..." So I had a canine girl as a pet. "If you know other people that go through like this, how do the relationships usually wind up? I'm curious." It wasn't meant to be something to base the relationship on, just understand what she thought she was getting into.

"Most times? Sex, really. I haven't met a girl who jumped worlds who didn't want to flaunt their bodies to whoever they revealed themselves to. I don't doubt some just become friends, but a lot of the girls are just willing to manipulate people by giving them what they want."

"I could imagine that." I stood up, smiling as I held my cut arm out to Alice. She looked at the wound with regret but took my hand as I helped her up. "Come on. Let's go home, then, and get you acquainted." Another happy squeak met my ear as she clung to my side, but she gasped and slid her hand away the moment she came close to the wound again. A happy squeeze got her to calm down again. "Silly. Kiba, Penny, and Janice gave me my share of hurt from accidents, yet you see how they turned out... minus Janice. I miss her."

"Oh, yeah... Kiba's mom." She took the lead, apparently able to smell her way to my home as Penny and Kiba trotted along behind us. "I really don't mind where this ends up, as long as I can see you every day. Your love for canines was strongly felt, and Kiba and Penny really seem to agree you're a good person."

I chuckled again and knelt over, scooping up a restless Kiba into my arms. He immeditely raised on my arm to lick at my face, making me stop. Alice laughed brightly and joined in, lapping a very dog-like tongue over my face like Kiba. I eventually had to pull back from the affection to breathe, wiping my face off with a frosty sleeve until I could spot my house's back light shining.

I took Alica's arm again and set off, absentmindedly thinking... 'Her tongue is canine? So are her eyes, ears, and that tail. I wonder how much more I'm supposed to expect.' I looked at her and smiled, and felt my stomach flutter a little at the one I got in return. After setting down Kiba, I could unlock the door and let everyone inside.

Immediately, my coat was hung up and I got out of my boots to avoid tracking snow. Alice was already out of hers, and I stood transfixed at what I saw; her body was gradually losing glossy fur into her body, becoming skin. She turned and saw me, immediately blushing with a fidget. "I... If you're scared, I won't do that, but I thought you'd be like most guys so I wanted to make sure I didn't have—"

"Alice, relax." She gave a surprised yelp and sat on all fours like a dog. Penny licked her cheek softly until I gave Penny a kind glare, signalling her to go to her bed. "Alice, if you're really my pet, I'd only worry if you went and lunged at my throat or something similar. I'm scared, but not afraid of you." I knelt down and molded my palm against her cheek, which made her smile as she tilted into it. "Just so there are no surprises. Show me how all you can change, and tell me what's in store... and what you want."

I stepped back and she nodded, closing her eyes a bit as wolf ears popped from her hair again, joined by a tail that was sprouting a lot of grey fluff. Silky fur sprouted rapidly, seeming to come in waves. Her mouth, open in concentration, seemed to shift, too; her tongue lolled out like a canine's as the whiskers started sprouting from her upper lip, which almost distracted me from the teeth that sprouted as fangs. To my delight, nothing like her bones seemed to be shifting, so she kept at least a human frame.

What surprised me is, when she crawled forward to me, she looked up with eyes that asked 'Trust me, please' as her arms wrapped around my back. I nodded in confirmation before she stood up, scooping me into her arms effortlessly. "Whoa!" She closed her eyes and simply flared her nostrils, smelling her way into my room as her lithe, powerful muscles made it so easy to carry me there.

She soon got to my bed, dropping me on before hopping on playfully to curl up on my lap, wagging her tail with a smile up at me. "God, you're strong." She giggled and buried her face in my lap, probably blushing under all the fur. I absentmindedly stroked through the hair on her head, making the tail go so much wilder. "Can you mix and match canine parts?"

A muffed "Mm-hmm" came from her face as she retracted the fur covering her body except the tail. She kept the ears and tail, as far as I could see. I imagine she took away the teeth and muscles, at least. I didn't really mind regardless... I was just smiling down at her until she rolled on her back, arms out a bit in a lazy, happy position.

I finally got a good look at her body. She was about five foot six, with a very slim frame. Her breasts were well-formed, probably a good C-cup. As I started going down her body, my eyes caught her ams still raising, wrists overlapping each other as she rolled her waist over in a way that let me see no pubic hair near her inviting pussy...

Wait. I don't know her, how can I think like that yet? (Very easily, I just wanted to go by conscience instead of lust.) I finished slowly going up and down her body, from her fit legs to her sweet smile as she posed for me. "You're gorgeous, Alice."

"Aw..." She got on all fours and nuzzled me over, lying half on my side with her head tucked under mine. Her tail was brushing my leg with happy wiggles as I wrapped my arms around her belly and chest. "So... you approve?"

"Of course. Welcome to the family, Alice." A happy bark met my ears, and we basically hit it off. Alice was definitely submissive by nature; anything I had asked of her was done about instantly, without any objection. Of course, I didn't want to abuse that, because she was incredibly sweet and affectionate. She was my pet, too, after all.

What I did notice is her comfort with her body. Since there were never visitors (who would visit a single 20-year-old dog lover?) she was free to wear her usual outfit of nothing, which she was quite comfortable with in both heat and exposing herself. She had said she expected me to be another horny person willing to use her for sex as well, but... that left me wondering if she wanted it.

She could smell my arousal, I knew that for sure. Seeing her without clothes so often definitely kept me hard, and she constantly brushed against the bulge in my pants when I felt my lust rising, which naturally made me want it more. But I could never catch her eyes to see if they were giving the same dog-in-heat effect Janice and Penny had until they were spayed. I knew what the body language meant... I just didn't want to be wrong for fear of losing a good friend.

What finally sealed it was waking up in the middle of the night to whimpering. My eyes snapped open to listen, since it wsa loud... and close. Alice was at my size, moaning and whimpering at the same time until she curled up more, supressing a moan as wet sounds emerged from lower down on the bed. In the quietest of whispers, I made out, "Master... I wish you would take me." That nailed my suspicion, and I gasped, supressing the volume. Her ears twitched and she looked up at me, a mixture of fear and lustful heat in her eyes as we stared at each other.

I finally got myself to smile, and raised a hand to her cheek. "Silly little pup... You're my pet, remember? You know what comes along with that?"

She nodded and curled up against me, tucking her head immediately under mine again as she started shivering. "The best love and care any woman or dog could hope to receive..." Her voice was high, almost worried that I'll add that I couldn't love a dog.

No matter what she thought, I know what was in my head. "And giving my pets what they want." Her eyes raised right back up to mine as she gasped, too surprised to smile. "I know you've been trying to signal. But I wanted you to ask, silly. Penny and Kiba know how to talk with me... you'll be able to, too, with more than bumps and grinds. Just like you did after your little episode..."

She nodded and closed her eyes, signing as the shivering stopped. "I want you to be my master, in every sense of the word. I want to be your pet, your puppy, your little girl however I can please you. A dog for company, your girl for affection... and your pet for sex, since I know you want it. Take me, use me, please..."

I rolled her on her back and smiled as her arms went back above her head like when she first showed off her body to me. Moonlight caused her pussy and nectar to sparkle as her eyes shined in similar beauty, begging me to use her. I smiled and looked her up and down again as she sat completely still for me. "You like being controlled and pain, don't you? Resting your hands on top of each other like that; you want to be bound so you can't get away. Lying your legs sideways like that so I can see your pussy halfway makes me want to spread you out to see the whole thing."

She nodded, blushing a tiny bit at my ability to read her so easily. "Please?"

How could I resist? My hands rubbed up her sides to her breasts, wrapping around them to squeeze and grope softly, making her eyes flutter the harder I squeezed. My fingers slid to her nipples, giving them tender squeezes at first, then firmer. Her eyes told the entire story; the harder it was, the more they clouded and fluttered. She wanted rough. She wanted me to be dominant.

Her wish? My desire. I still had on sweatpants and boxers for my sleep, but that didn't stop a bulge from jutting out for attention. As was the norm, she had nothing. No fur, no extra hair... she was smooth as silk and holding as still as possible for me. In one swift motion, I yanked one of her legs to the side, opening her entire waist for my eyes to feast on until my covered dick pushed up against her pussy, grinding against its surface and lips firmly. I knew I was rubbing against her hot clit, and already felt my dick getting wet from her pleasure seeping out onto the clothes.

Both my hands free again, I took her nipples in my fingers, wrapping what was left around her breasts to squeeze in tight. I almost wanted them to pop, and she defintiely felt it. Her body was raising off the bed to meet mine and she finally started moaning out, louder with each thrust against her pussy. I found a position that would let me rub her clit the most and started pounding at it, making her writhe in pleasure. It came out more like a flail; she had the control enough to not convulse wherever I was touching, so it was her head, arms, and legs.

Seeing her twist her head around gave me an opening to push my head down and clamp my teeth around her neck, sinking in slowly and firmly. All that came out was a loud gasp; the rest of her twitched and went competely limp. I looked up at her, and her face was just pleasure. I raised a hand yank hers into place above her head, keeping them pinned together as my other hand slid to expose my dick. I got the clothes off completely, throwing them away so I had no more distractions between me and my pet.

I knew my eyes were hungry. Hers were starving. I swooped down on her, shoving my dick right into her firmly before sinking my teeth into her neck again. I didn't need to bite down; every thrust up into her pushed her neck into my teeth over and over, each time bringing out a gasp of pleasure. Her arms wrapped around my back and I felt nails scratch at my skin. That didn't stop me, but god, it stung. The pain put my body on alert for more feelings, magnifying the pleasure I felt as her pussy tightened around my dick, helping tug at it.

With a deep breath like a hungry animal, I raised my head up and gnashed my teeth into the other side of her neck as I wrapped my arms around her back, nails sinking into the skin to hold steady. She screamed a mixture of light pain and heavy pleasure, unable to stay limp any more as her arms caught me in a breath-taking hug. Every push into her sweet, wettening pussy seemed to sink my teeth and nails in deeper, grinding our chests together as her hands slid across my back from not being able to get a good hold.

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