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My Little Secret


It was early on Friday morning; I was doing my usual thing...that is before work I was looking at my daily porn site to get my fill of my daily perversion. I like reading about women dominating men. It turns me on so much. I guess I should tell you a little about me and my wife Michelle.

I met Michelle in High School we were High School sweethearts, she was 2 years older than me, so after she went off to college I dated other people. Then we got back together in college. We have been married now for 12 years. We have two wonderful boys. Michelle has never been with another man, me well I can't say being faithful is one of my "things". Michelle is 34 with a wonderful body, she has long blonde hair, 34 C Chest and weighs somewhere around the 120 range. She is very beautiful. I'm 6 foot about 185 with a very average cock.

My thing with domination sites is strap-on's, Golden showers, humiliation, and cream pie's. I have dreamed for years about my wife using a strap-on on me, then pissing on me and finally fucking another man making me eat her cream pie. Now back to the story.

On the Friday in question I logged off my computer (or so I thought), zipped my pant's back up and went to work. My wife called my office that day to tell me to meet her at our favorite restaurant that evening for dinner.

I arrived at the restaurant a little late as usual my wife got up and kissed me. She asked me about my day and if I had done anything interesting. Knowing how much she hates to hear me talk about work I decided it would be best if I did not go into the thrilling details on the deal I had made earlier in the day. I asked her the same thing did anything exciting happen in your day. She said yes.

I was on your computer this morning she said and you would not guess what I found. Before you say anything listen closely. I know you have been doing this. I even found where you hired a woman to come in and spank you and piss on you so if you don't want a scene here and now read this and sign it. It is not divorce papers but they will be if you don't sign this.

March 10, 2005

  1. I the below signed agree to only have sex in the way my wife prescribes.

  2. I the below signed agree to clean her pussy for her whenever she asks.

  3. I the below signed agree to let her have sex with whomever she wants to...watch her and help her as needed.

  4. I the below signed agree to submit to her at all times.

  5. I the below signed will always wear women's underwear.

  6. I the below signed agree I will not masturbate unless instructed.

  7. I the below signed agree I will shave all my body hair.

  8. I the below signed agree I will take care of her body (shave her, paint her nails, wash her body, etc)

  9. I the below signed agree I will not have sex with anyone else unless ordered by her too.

  10. I the below signed agree I will be her slave in all way's both sexually and domestically. I will give my whole paycheck to her every week. I will do all housework. I have no more rights.

Signed by Slave__________________________ Master____________________


You can't imagine the surprise on my face. My wife was giving me this. She was telling me that if I did not do this she would divorce me. Well the whole thing had me a little excited. She was going to dominate me so I said what the Hell what have I got to loose. Boy was I wrong about that...I was going to loose a lot.

So I signed it. As soon as I did she gave me a bag and told me to go in the bathroom and put the stuff on and throw away my underwear. My wife had went shopping it seemed. I went into the large stall for handicapped people and opened the bag. I found a pink freely thong, a pair of pink stockings, and a large butt plug and some lube. I looked at the pink plug and wondered how in the world I was going to get that in my ass. I put lube on it and tried for about 3 minutes before I got it in. I put on the stockings and the panties.

Walking through the restaurant it felt like I had a very big corn cob shoved up my ass. I just knew everyone was looking at me and laughing. The rest of the way through dinner I had to wait on her hand and foot. She made me cut her steak, wipe her mouth. She even ordered for me.

The ride home was a very quite one...she ordered me to be quit as soon as we got into the car. She turned on her radio station and told me to drive straight to the house and not to make her nervous. Upon arriving home I opened her car door and helped her out. Bending over to give her my hand caused the butt plug to move and it hurt so bad.

Once we got in the home she ordered me to strip and told me from now on whenever I'm home I will wear nothing but feminine underwear and nothing else. So I striped down to the panties and the stockings she had me put on in the restaurant. I then knelt down as ordered and began to lick her feet.

The next few hours were a blur. I had to lick her pussy no less than 20 times. I had to drink her piss as she gave me the longest golden shower in history. Some spilt to the floor for which I got whipped 1 lash for every 10 seconds it took me to clean it up (1 minute and 18 seconds (8 lashes). I ended up getting 73 lashes before the night was over for various misbehaving issues.

I got my first creampie of my life after she let me fuck her. I had to lick every bit of the cum out of her pussy. She sat on my face and ground it into my mouth for hours.

Well this is the beginning of my new life as her toy! I'm looking forward to it and also scared by it. I'll write more of this adventure as it happens.

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