tagBDSMMy Little Secret Ch. 02

My Little Secret Ch. 02


As I wrote in the first installment my wife found out about my fetish and to my surprise she liked it also, but now I'm starting to wonder if I like it. It has been 2 weeks since I signed her little slave agreement. My life has changed. I'm afraid it is getting ready to change again. Over the past two weeks I've had to buy more bondage toys than you can imagine. She made me buy a strap on harness and 3 different size dildo's to go in it (4 inches by 1 ½ inches, 6 inches by 2 ¼ inches and the last one the one she used last night 8 inches by 3 and ½).

Last night after she got done playing with me telling me how small and utterly average my cock was she informed me of the number 3 part of our agreement.

  1. I the below signed agree to let her have sex with whomever she wants to...watch her and help her as needed.

She told me it was going to happen real soon and that she had been doing her own research on the internet. She had been on an internet dating site and had found a man who would not mind fucking her with her husband watching them. He had even said the husband could help. She had a picture of him but said she would not show it to me she wanted me to be surprised.

I was astonished; I couldn't believe what she was telling me. I had always fantasized about my wife fucking someone else but now that I found out it was going to happen I was very scared...she had turned me into a sissy boy and was now looking for a man to please her.

We did our normal Saturday stuff; I mowed the lawn and washed the cars. She went shopping and dropped the kids off at the Grandparents house. At about 6pm she returned home and told me it was time to start getting ready. I went up stairs and drew her a bath. I washed her hair and her body. She made me take extra care cleaning her telling me she did not want to be dirty for her new lover. I shaved her legs and her pussy, leaving a little patch of hair just above the lips. I then toweled her dry and helped her dress. First she put on a black corset that made her tit's look amazing. Next she put on some black thigh highs and covered the ensemble with a short black dress. (Now this really surprised me, I knew we were meeting him out somewhere and she always dressed very modestly when going out in public.) I asked her when she got so bold to wear something so reveling out in public. She just blew me off and told me to get use to it.

Next I showered, I was finishing washing up my body when she handed me a razor and told me to shave my legs and pubic regions for her, and she could not stand for her little slut to be hairy. Also while you're at it she said shave your underarms.

After I got out of the shower I was looking at my self in the mirror when she brought me the clothing I was to wear for the night. It was a pink pair of thong panties, some thigh high nylons my butt plug, a red polo shirt and some brown pants. She told me to get dressed we were leaving in 3 minutes. I was getting good at putting the plug in it only took me two tries. I am even getting to where I like the feel of it up my ass, this is a good thing since I have to wear it almost all the time at work, she say's it will make me think about her more.

We arrived at the restaurant and I noticed when the valet helped her out of the car she gave him a show she opened up her legs wide so he could see up her short skirt, I got out and went around to her and for the first time noticed how sheer the material she was wearing was, you could see the outline of the corset and very clearly see the her nipples sticking out through the material. I asked her what she was thinking. She replied "I'm going to get laid right tonight and thought I would show Tom how much I appreciated it.

We were seated along the left wall of the large dining room in the restaurant she put my back to the door and told me not to be looking. She wanted to see the look on my face when I met Tom. At about 15 minutes after 9pm he showed up. She waved him over to our table telling me not to turn around and look until she told me to. We he got there Michelle got up and told me to rise. I got up and met Tom, not for the first time mind you, Tom is really my Co-Worker Thomas, whom all the women at work have a crush on. I've heard all the stories about how good Thomas and how large his penis is. Tom as my wife calls him is 6'3" weighs about 200lbs. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. And is 25 years old.

My wife kissed him very deeply on the mouth when he got to our table she put her hand on his ass and squeezed. After the embrace was over she told me to be a good little sissy slave and pull out Tom's chair for him. The dinner was a blur. It's funny how fast time goes when you want it to take forever, I did not want my wife to go home and get impaled by this younger stud. But it just flew by and the next thing I know I'm driving all three of them home in my car.

When we arrived home she had me pour them a 2 glasses of wine and told me to go off in the corner and strip while they watched. She teased me as I stripped. I got down to the panties and hose and she said it was time to go to the bedroom.

Once we got in the bed room she told Tom to strip she wanted to touch her first real cock. Tom took his shirt off, his pants off and said to Michelle this is your last chance to back out. To make her point she got on her knees in front of him and pulled his boxers off with her teeth. The corner they had me standing in kept his cock from my view but I could tell from her gasp it must be impressive. I struggled to see it. When he did turn around to give me a better view I realized it must be 8 inches long and was not the least bit hard yet...This sent a shiver down my back realizing my wife was going to be fucking that in a few minutes. Tom could see the look on my face and said it only gets about an inch longer when hard and not much wider. As if to make a point he told Michelle to start licking him. I had never seen her so eager to suck a dick. She went to town on his penis like a pro. She brought him to full erection in no time flat.

Before moving to the bed Michelle took time to set up the video camera. She had purchased handcuffs for me earlier in the day and restrained my hands behind my back. Next she put a ball gag in my mouth and sat me at the side of the bed. She checked the camera to see if it had everybody in view and she got on the bed and continued the blow job she had started on Tom. After about 5 minutes she got out of bed and went to her sewing box and pulled out a measuring string. She said I just have to know how much bigger your prick is than my hubby's. She told me to lay there and she proceeded to suck my dick. It did not take long seeing as I was turned on by watching my wife give another man a blow job. She took the string and measured the length and the width. 5 3/8 inches long by 2 ½ inches around. Then she went back to Tom who was still hard she stroked him for a few minutes and then measured him 9 1/3 inches long by 4 1/5 inches around. MMMM she moaned I think I'm going to like this. With that said she mounted tom and proceeded to stick his much longer rod up her pussy.

She fucked him for what seemed like hours telling him how much better he was how much more a man he was than I was and all kinds of humiliating things. After about 6 of my wife's orgasms Tom finally screamed I'm going to cum in your tight pussy. Upon this he let out a scream and released his load. He continued to pump for a little while longer and then rolled off of her. I now had a full view of her abused pubic area. Her lips were spread wide and milky white cum was rolling out of her. She told Tom to talk the ball gag out of my mouth and then she told me to lay on my back in the floor. I did as instructed. I knew what was coming and was scared by it. Sure enough she got off the bed and put her pussy directly on my mouth. She started telling me to get all of the cum out of there and to clean her good, as she ground this pussy into my face. I did this for about 10 minutes, horrified because my cock was getting stiffer all the time. I could not believe it was turning me on to lick another man's seed out of my wife.

What happened next stunned me. She told me to lube up her ass real good she was finally going to take a dick up her ass. She would not even let me put mine up there as we have tried a few times she said it hurt to bad now she was going to take the monster! I did the best job I could of licking her asshole getting it ready. Then she told me to get him ready. I could not do it. I will not I thought. Well the next thing I know his cock is against my lips and she is telling me about the agreement we have I have to help her in any way. So I sucked my first cock, I could taste his seaman and her pussy juice still on it. I got it as wet as I could for her.

Then she took it up the ass, it was very loud, she even let him cum in her ass and you guessed it I had to clean that up also. Then she told me it was my turn to have fun thinking I finally go to fuck her I got a smile on my face. She got out a thing of lube and started twirling it between her fingers as she told me I was about to take a real dick up my ass. She put the ball gag in my mouth and put me on my knees on the bed and she took out the anal plug. I was about to get fucked by this huge prick doggy style I cried out to my self.

She told me she would play with me until Tom cummed if I did not cum before he did I would not get to tonight. Tom told me he would go slowly to get started, Michelle said hell no, take him like the slut he is. At this he lubed up his cock and Michelle began to play with my dick and balls. He started fucking me so hard all I could do was whimper. I then started to get aroused with the combination of my asshole getting bored out and boom it came the largest hardest orgasm of my life. This caused him to cum...

I lay on the bed thinking to my self it is over. The next thing I know Michelle is telling him before you leave you need to have your dick washed. She takes the ball gag out of my mouth and puts his dick in it. I lick every part of his cock clean. Then Michelle kisses him good night. Tells him she had a wonderful time and she will see him again soon.

She comes and lies in bed next to me and turns off the light tells me good night and that more fun will happen again real soon, maybe this time with multiple guys?!?!?!?!

What do I do, how do I go to work...Help is all I could think!

To Be continued...

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