tagIncest/TabooMy Little Sister Ch. 01

My Little Sister Ch. 01


This is my first short story about the true relationship I had with my sister. It took place in a small village in Cambridgeshire, England (about 50 miles north of London), in the early 1960's. I hope you like it and would appreciate constructive criticism. As I am from the other side of the 'pond' to my American cousins you will notice a few spelling differences, I hope that you dont find it too annoying.

Charlotte was entering the bathroom just as I was exiting my bedroom. The early morning sun pierced through the bathroom window and made her nightdress look transparent. Phew!

She suddenly looked amazingly sexy! Wow!

'You dirty sod, you should not look at your little sister like that,' I thought to myself. She immediately shut the bathroom door behind her, not noticing that I was present. By the time I had crossed the landing to the top of the stairs I had quite a hard on under my dressing gown. I shook my head as I climbed down the stairs trying to clear my mind of thoughts I know I should not have had.

Charlie (our pet name for Charlotte which we regarded as a bit of a mouthful), was my 18 year old sister. She was still at the local upper school, whilst I was two and a half years older than her, just 21 at that time, having left school to join the family farm business.

I am Richard, Rick for short, and I had left school to work with dad on our small farm. I'm just under six feet tall, of muscular build with long curly dark brown hair. All of the adult women said that I was good looking but I did not have a lot of success with girls, I guess I was quite shy.

Charlie was about 5' 6" and quite slim. I hadn't really noticed much about her body up to that Sunday morning but I would reluctantly have to admit that she was quite pretty. Actually she was a pain in the arse! (We say 'Arse' in England not 'Ass'). She would generally get her way. If she thought things were not going quite her way she would throw a tantrum and Mum would give way to her just to keep the peace.

We were, however, quite close, as our upbringing had been quite restrictive. Dad was very Victorian in his attitude. He did not touch alcohol, did not swear, and as for SEX. definitely no 'Birds and the Bees' talk with his children.

Mum, I think, was rather frightened of Dad, so anything Dad said Mum always agreed with. No 'Birds and the Bees' talk from Mum either because I don't think Dad would have liked it.

After seeing Charlie that Sunday morning I started to notice her more. She was growing tits!!!! I could see them through her tee-shirt like little oranges!!!

They were superb wanking material! Almost every night and early morning I used to pull myself to a rapid orgasm. Mum never, ever said a word about the stains on my bed sheets but I cannot think that she could have been under any illusion as to what they were. I used to feel quite guilty at first, but that guilt soon went away to be replaced by the inquisitive lust of a horny young man.

Almost every other Sunday, Dad used to go to chapel, he was quite a strict Methodist. Mum used to sit downstairs in the lounge, generally reading a book but sometimes watching a television programme. She would have the volume turned up quite high as she was slightly deaf.

On the first night (a Sunday) of my sexual adventure I was in my room probably reading with the Beatles or a similar group playing on Radio Luxembourg.

Charlie had been in her room, which was directly above the lounge. She tapped on my door and entered. 'I'm bored. What are you doing?' 'I WAS reading .' I replied, (probably and Alastair Maclean thriller).

Charlie had a tight blouse and jeans on and I noticed that she appeared not to be wearing a bra. 'Wow!,' I though and my penis started to harden in my shorts. (I suppose I would have called it a 'cock' in those days).

She sat on the end of my bed and I just could not help but stare at her tits!. And I got harder.. and harder! She could not help but notice, whatever I did I could not hide it!

Sure enough ..'What is that slicking out in your shorts?'

I'm sure she really knew, she had done sex ed at school even if our parents had not given her 'the talk,' 'Is that your willy?'

I was so embarrassed and went brilliant red but Charlie still looked at me with her question in her eyes.

'Err.. err.. em.. It's not a willy, it's my ccc cock' I eventually reply.

Completely un-phased she said 'Can I see?'

My brain was moving quite fast now, all of a sudden I lost my embarrassment. The horny part of me suddenly saw an opportunityÉ. 'I'll show you if you show me yours!' I don't know how I could have had such a stroke of brilliance! She looked intensely at me for a second and said ' well it's a bit naughty, but OK, if you don't tell anyone'.

I did not think I could get any harder, but I did! My cock felt it was going to burst. Charlie unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and 'skinned' them down her legs. I was starting to dribble from my open mouth as I watched intently waiting as she removed each foot from the jeans pooled at her feet. I was watching as the crotch of her white panties tightened as she lifted each knee in removing the garment. She tossed the jeans onto the floor at the bottom of my bed and I continued to watch, waiting for the next item of clothingÉ panties or blouse?

'No. It's your turn now.' My trousers were off in world record time as I watched for Charlie's next movement. She did not immediately remove her panties, but instead pulled them up with both hands and the crotch cut into her pussy.

That was all it took! I shot my bolt into my briefs with such intensity. There was cum all around my cock and balls and oozing up through the elasticated waistband at the top of my briefs. I slumped back onto my bed, my head spinning. 'What's the matter, what is happening? Rick, are you OK? The she saw my cum leaking through my briefs and it dawned on her what I had done and she started giggling. 'Wow! Did I cause you to do that? Let me see.' And she pulled the waistband of my underwear down to my hips. 'Ew! Is that sperm?' She rubbed the tip of her finger in the cum near the end of my cock and looked at it curiously, then she sniffed it. 'It smells strange.' I was then amazed when she then popped her finger into her mouth and licked it clean. 'It doesn't taste too bad but I think I'll pass on the rest. You'd better clean up.'

I stood and removed my briefs and my cum started dripping onto the carpet so I cleaned it off of my body, as best as I could, with my discarded briefs. I then shot to the bathroom, cleaned up with a flannel and towel and returned as quick as I could to my bedroom. I think I was frightened that Charlie would have had had second thoughts and returned to her room. She was in fact laid out on my bed, on her back, her panties still stretched over her pussy. My cock was getting stiff and angry again instead of doing an imitation of a dead budgerigar!

'It's about time you took your knickers off, after all fair's fair,' I said. Charlie stood and did a little strip her panties getting down to her ankles eventually. She removed one foot then flicked them to me with her toes, hitting me in the face. I caught them and pulled them to my nose. Wow! Charlie's pussy scent was exquisite. I slipped them under my pillow for later. She lay down again on my bed and I got on my knees to get a closer look at her pussy. It was so beautiful, just like a peach, a tight slit and all covered with a fine blond fuzz.

It's not fair! I want to see yours as well!.' I got onto the bed, on my side with my feet on the pillow and my head again level with her pussy and stared at it with gooey eyes. I could feel Charlie's hot breath on my cock, it was a full mast now. I leant over and gave her pussy a wet kiss, then another, the second time dragging my tongue along her slit. I felt her gasp and then a kiss and a lick on my helmet. That was all I needed, I rolled onto her, pulled her legs apart and set about her with my tongue. All the way from her arsehole to the top of her pussy! So tasty! I did not know anything about a 'clit' in those days but I must have caught it with my tongue a few times because she started convulsing and a liquid came out of her and drenched my face. 'Did you just pee?' I asked. 'No I did not,' she replied, 'I just had an orgasm!'

'Well it was delicious! You can pee on me any time!' I got back to my pussy eating. I was not so keen on her licking and sucking me at the same time as it was distracting me from my purpose.

Then I heard the front door open! 'I'm home everyone!' Shit it was dad. We've never moved so fast. I was pulling my trousers on commando style, Charlie shot out of my door and into the bathroom. Phew! That was close!

Charlie's panties gave me much needed wanking material over the next two days although I never actually spunked in them. I did not want to contaminate her delicious pussy smells.

Tuesday evening I came in from work and grabbed a cup of tea. Mum came into the kitchen and closed the door behind her. 'I've got a bone to pick with you!'

I went red and spluttered 'Wwwhhat Mum?'

ÔWhat were Charlie's knickers doing in your bedroom?'

Fuck! (Sorry, I don't usually swear). How do I get out of this? 'They must have got mixed up with my clothes that I got from the airing cupboard, Mum.'

A bit of a weak excuse but I might get away with it.

'These weren't clean, and anyway, they were under your pillow!'

Christ I'm busted! 'It's a mystery to me. You didn't have any dirty washing with you when you came into my room to make my bed in the last couple of days?' I could see a bit of doubt crossing Mum's face. ' It's the only explanation I can think of.' Mum shrugged her shoulders, Christ I think she believed me.

'You'd better go and clean up before you come down to supper. Ready in 10 minutes.'

Mum, Charlie and I sat down for supper a short while later, dad was still up the fields spreading nitrogen fertiliser on spring cabbage, and except for 'Pass the salt' or 'Do you want another piece?' we all eat in silence.

We'd finished when I said to Charlie, 'Im taking Geo our (my) pet dog for a walk up the fields. Do you want to come?' 'Give me fifteen minutes to change,' she replied.

We walked up the slight slope of the footpath between the separate fields behind the farmhouse, wheat one side and young brussel sprout plants the other. Geo had put up a rabbit and you could just see the wheat stems rapidly parting as he belted through the crop after his prey. 'I enjoyed our time together Sunday evening a lot,' said Charlie. 'Me to, Id like to do it again, and maybe a bit more,' I replied as we reached Brown's Spinney. When I was younger I used to 'pretend' camp in a clearing in the spinney. 'Lets see if the clearing is still there,' I said and ran ahead. Yup. There is was. There was a fallen tree lying across the corner of the clearing but everything else was as I remembered with rabbit droppings on the low grassy mounds, Geo went crazy.

I was busting for a pee and stood behind the fallen trunk, unzipped and started to pee. 'What are you doing?' 'What does it look like.' 'I want to help!

Charlie rushed to my side causing me to lurch forward and piss on my shoes. She grabbed my cock with two fingers and began spraying about in figure of eight patterns. I'm sorry to say that my flow did not last much longer and probably finished sooner as I started to get stiff. 'That was fun,' she said as she dabbed the end with her handkerchief, then surprised me by bending and planting a little kiss in the tip of my helmet.

'It's your turn now,' I said trying to stretch the boundaries.

'I can't draw words on the ground like you can, anyway I don't know that I want to go.'

'Please. Please try,' I implored. Charlie pulled up her short skirt. Wow! No knickers. She squatted down and leant back against the fallen tree trunk spreading her knees. I knelt in front of her transfixed on her furry pussy. I was drooling again.

'I don't think I can go,' she said as she strained. I reached forward and slid my finger slowly up her slit from bottom to top. 'That makes it even harder to pee, if you want me to pee you won't have to touch it.' I pulled my hand away and after what seemed an age of straining a few little drops came from her pussy, then a few more, then a flow. I could not resist it any more and reached out and put my finger in the liquid flow. The pee felt very hot and so sexy. Her pee flow gradually petered out and I could not resist slipping my wet finger into my mouth. It tasted fairly strong and salty but gorgeous. The taboo nature of doing what I had done made it feel so sexy.

Charlie was just going to wipe herself with her handkerchief but I stopped her, I put my hands under each of her thighs, pushed her up higher onto the trunk, bent forward and licked her completely clean.

'Yuk! Why did you do that? I don't know why I'm questioning it because it felt really good. I didn't do much cause I didn't really want to go. If I'd known I would have drunk loads of water!' At that moment I leant in and kissed Charlie on the lips, we duelled tongues for a short while and then Charlie drew back. 'Mm mm, I can taste my pee on your lips, it's nowhere near as bad as I thought. In fact I quite like it!'

I was so hard. My cock was still hanging out from when I peed. No it was not 'hanging', it was pointing to the tops of the trees. I was not far from coming and I started stroking it. Charlie watched for a short time and then said 'Let me do that!'

I lasted no more than 10 seconds and then I shot at least 6 pulses of spunk three or four feet across the grass. If I have not sat down on the trunk I would have fallen down, I was so dizzy. Charlie bent down and put her lips around my helmet and licked it clean. 'Tastes better than last time! It's growing on me,' she said smacking her lips.

We could hear Geo in the background, yelping as he chased a rabbit. 'We ought to get back,' said Charlie as I disappointedly agreed.

'That was fun,' she said as we walked back across the farmyard, 'we'll have to do it again.'

'Yes please,' I replied, 'but remember to drink loads of water next time!'

As she opened the back door, Charlie turned and looked at me. 'You'll have to give me more notice next time!'

To be continued

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