tagIncest/TabooMy Little Sister Ch. 02

My Little Sister Ch. 02


It might be a good idea to read Ch. 01 if you haven't yet read it before starting on this part. This is the second part of a true story of my sexual relationship with my 18 year old sister.


For the next few days, after our little escapade up the fields, nothing much happened except an occasional grope as we passed one another in the house. That was Charlie groping me as well as the other way round.

I can honestly say that I never considered the incest aspect of our encounters. Charlie was just an attractive girl who had bits and pieces that I wanted to get to know as much as I could. I'm afraid that my brains had just descended down to way below my belt!

It was a Friday night, I think, and Charlie was in her bedroom. I had just had a bath and came out of the bathroom in my dressing gown.

As I reached her door I whispered 'Charlie.'

'Yes, what?'

I opened her door a little and could see that she was sitting on her bed, in her nightdress, brushing her long blond hair.

'I'm feeling horny,' I whispered.

'Mm mm I am too, well a bit,' she replied, 'I'll come out on the landing.'

Whilst Mum was slightly deaf and wore a hearing aid, Dad's hearing was A1, hence the whispers. We also did not meet in Charlie's room as, except for a few rugs, it had a wooden boarded floor and the sitting room, where Mum and Dad were, was directly below it. On the landing we could hear immediately if the sitting room door opened and skedaddle back into our respective rooms or into the bathroom.

We both sat down on the carpet 'yoga' style, with our legs crossed. My dressing gown opened below it's tie displaying my erect cock, my sister's crotch was still covered with the hem of her nightdress but I soon equalled things up by rolling her hem above her thighs. She started to stroke my cock between her thumb and her second finger.. continuously, just over the ridge of my helmet down to it's base and back up again. I was transfixed on her hand and could not do anything but sit there with a silly grin on my face. When the ring she had made with her fingers popped over the rim of my helmet it felt so exquisite. After less than a minute of this I could not take any more.

'I'm coming,' I squeaked as I shot my cum all over her inner thighs, her hand and her wrist.

'Wow! That was a lot,' as she started licking her hand and wrist. She the started to scoop it up from her thigh and each time licked her fingers dry.

'I could get used to this,' she said. She then looked at her other thigh, looked at me, 'I think that you should lick this up!'

I wasn't that keen on the idea but I could see her tight furry pussy at the top of her thighs and thought 'well that's where I want to go, so it's a means to an end.'

'Lay back down,' I said as I got to my knees. I started kissing and licking down the inside of her right thigh till I reached my goal. It did not taste too bad, that's the cum, the pussy tasted delicious. I pushed her knees right back so I could lick all of the way from her little pink bum hole right up to the top of her slit. Her tight rosebud tasted of honeysuckle soap but to lick it was so forbidden and naughty. I cupped my tongue to a point and tried to push it in as far as I could. Charlie was moaning and writhing about in front of me. After a few minutes of tonguing her arse I licked between her arse and her pussy and all of the way up her slit to the little bump, between the folds at the top. I concentrated on this place and it made her start to squeal. I took my mouth away just for a moment to tell her to be quiet, or Dad would hear her, and then carried on tickling her little bump, which seemed to have grown larger, going round and round with the point of my tongue. I just moved down to investigate her pussy hole, when she came, giving me a mouth full of delicious liquid, which I had a job to clear before there was more.

As she came down I heard the sitting room door open and Dad came out. We both evacuated the landing within seconds, Charlie to her room, and me to the bathroom. I flushed the toilet and opened the door just as Dad reached the top of the stairs.

'What's going on up here,' he asked.

'Nothing's going on,' I replied, 'I was in the loo and Charlie has her radio on.'

'Charlotte, turn it down please,' he said as he turned and went back down stairs.

I returned to my bedroom, breathing a sigh of relief that we weren't caught and with a lump in my pants! As I licked my lips I could taste Charlie all around my mouth. I lay back on my bed with my eyes shut, licking my mouth as far as my tongue would reach and wanking myself silly. Tonight's escapades would last me for a little while but I knew I wanted more.

At the lunch table on Sunday Dad suddenly said 'I think I'll go to Chapel tonight Mary.'

Charlie and I looked at one another and smiled!

Dad left for Chapel, Mum was knitting and reading one of her Mills and Boone paperbacks. I was reading, or pretending to read on my bed and Charlie was ˆ opening my bedroom door!

'Can I come in?'

That was a silly question. I had been hard for well over an hour waiting for this moment.

'Of course you can, take the weight off of your feet,' I replied as I pointed to the bed. Charlie had just come from the bathroom and smelt of soap and strawberries. I was sure I would be able to find some cream for the strawberries!! She was wearing a plain white tee shirt and white cotton knickers. As she scooted back on my bed the tee shirt caught under her arse and tightened across her chest. I leant in close and just stared at her chest. Her small breasts and nipples stood out clearly and looked fabulous. I reached out with my right hand and drew my finger down her breast and stopped at her nipple. As I did she gave a little shiver.

'Are you cold?'

'No, that just felt funny. It gave me a kind of tingly feeling.'

I reached out the other hand and held each of her breasts between my fingers with my thumbs on each nipple. Charlie was making moaning noises and I was obviously doing something right.

'Can I take your shirt of?'

She nodded and raised her arms above her head. I lifted it from the bottom over her head. Her tits looked so beautiful. I still had her shirt lifted to her neck with her face and arms still enclosed in the cloth and I just stared at her gorgeous chest. Two little mouthfuls staring back at me. I could feel my mouth filling with saliva. I felt that I was looking for several minutes although it was probably only maybe 10 seconds.

'Well lift it right off then,' came her muffled voice through the tee shirt. 'I can't see under here and it's uncomfortable.'

I pulled her shirt all of the way off of her and tossed it in the corner of my room, then, immediately settled my mouth on her left tittie. I caressed it all over with the tip of my tongue and finally made circles around her now hard nipple. I was overcome by the light clean soapy scent and the heat emanating from her body. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and stroked my tongue over it's tip whilst it was gripped between my lips. I could carry on like this for hours. Charlie was holding my head and pulling it tighter into her chest.

'The other one will get jealous if your not careful.'

I moved my attention to the other side, opened my mouth wide and took in the whole tit. I simply loved it's taste and texture. (Writing this down makes me think of one of my sayings in later life, 'Anything more than a mouthful is a bit of a waste!' I've never been a 'big tit' man.)

'Owe ww! Don't keep doing that, it hurts.'

To hurt my sister was the last thing I wanted to do. I removed my mouth quickly, surveyed the teeth marks around her breast and then kissed and licked all around it, as if to make it better.

'Sorry my sweet. I got carried away!'

She lay back and massaged her tittie and I became aware of her perfume of arousal and the little wet patch on her panties.

'You've wee'ed yourself again' I exclaimed smiling as I pointed to the crotch of her knickers.

'No I haven't, you got me worked up when you were playing with my nipple, but I do want to wee,' she added with a mischievous smile.

That's more like it. Just that small remark made my cock as hard as iron and very uncomfortable.

'There does not look as if there is enough room in your shorts, why don't you take them off?'

It took no more than 5 seconds, my shirt as well. I really did not need any asking!

'Will you pee on me,' I begged.

She gave me another mischievous look,'we can't do it here, it'll make a mess.'

'I promise I won't spill a drop,' I offered.

'Do you mean what I think you mean?'

I looked into her eyes, licked my lips and nodded. My cock was nearly bursting! The taboo, nasty and personal nature of what I was proposing was exciting me more than anything else I could think of. One touch on the end of my cock and it would have gone off like a 10 gauge shotgun.

'We'd better do it in the bath room, I think, otherwise a wet bed might take a bit of explaining.'

At that suggestion I was off of my bed, across the landing into the bathroom and lying on my back in the bath before Charlie even stood up. She walked into the bathroom

'Wow! You're keen!'

'And very thirsty!' I added.

Charlie slipped her panties down her legs, kicked them across the floor and stepped into the bath with her feet either side of my head. She bent her knees slightly,

'I don't know that I want to go now,' she said.

'Squat a little lower, if you can,' I said as I raised my head so that I could apply my tongue to her ripe pussy.

'Don't touch me, it puts me off.'

I lowered my head a bit so that my open mouth was a couple of inches below her pussy and waited. Charlie strained a little, I waited. She changed her footing a bit, I waited. She opened her pussy lips with her fingers and I waited.

'Please!' I implored. I waited.

Then I saw a little movement in between her pussy lips, there was a tiny hole that just opened slightly. A couple of drips, a spurt, another spurt, then a torrent. My throat could barely keep up, but I did not spill any until the torrent died down, and as the flow decreased it ran onto my chin and then my neck. I did not want to waste any and lifted my head, clamped my lips around the source and suck every little drop out.

Charlie was shaking and unsteady and lowered herself down so she was sitting on the lower part of my tummy, my cock was resting tightly in the crack of her arse. That was all it took. I started to cum and I came for England, Scotland and Wales! It was all over my thighs and all of the way up to the middle of Charlie's back. I shut my eyes and I'm sure that I lost consciousness for a few seconds.

'You've made a mess all over me and I've only just had a bath.'

The bath had a removable shower head over it, so I lifted down the shower head and ran it, straight into the drain, until the temperature was good. I then started to soap and shower Charlie's front. This was great fun. I was enjoying myself and so was Charlie. (Although she was concerned that I did not wet her hair again.) After spending much too long washing her tits and pussy I asked her to turn around. She knelt, with her knees either side of my legs, away from me with her bum right in my face. After hosing the cum from her back I handed Charlie the shower head and began kissing her sexy bum cheeks. I could have kissed and caressed her bum all night, it was so sexy. I held each cheek and gently opened them with my trembling hands and licked the full length of her crease several times. Then to her pretty pink rosebud. I placed a long, sucking, kiss right over her pucker. I then extended and cupped my tongue to a point and started probing, eventually going deeper and deeper until my tongue was buried at least an inch into her arse hole. It tasted really clean, of nothing actually, but the taboo nature of what I was doing was so exciting. I had to hold onto Charlie's arse cheeks very tightly as she was writhing about in ecstasy. She got up from her knees and bent forwards to turn off the water and I took the opportunity to lower my tongue to reach her slit and pussy hole whilst I pressed one of my fingers against her arse hole.

Charlie arched her back more and pushed her bum out to give me better access to her pussy and I pushed my tongue in as far as I could into her vagina. My finger popped through the tight ring of her anus and within half a minute I was in up to my second knuckle. Her moaning was increasing to a crescendo, her legs started to tremble and shake and my mouth was filled with her creamy discharge. She collapsed back on her hands and knees in front of me, my finger popping out of her bum. Charlie took several minutes to come round with myself trapped, sitting in the bath under her. I didn't really take too much notice as I was too busy licking my lips ˆ and then my finger. (I don't know what brought that on but it tasted OK and I would do it again. 'Mm mm.')

'Wow! That was so intense. I felt really dizzy, but in a good way. I'll dry myself and go and lie down,' she said.

'Can I come with you?'

'You can but I feel very tired. You've really worn me out!'

We headed for Charlie's room and bed. I followed Charlie, hypnotised by her sexy bum swaying from side to side.

As I have said before, we did not normally meet in Charlie's room as the lounge was directly below it and sound transmitted through the floor and the lounge ceiling easily. Dad, however, was not at home and Mum would not hear if you started a motorcycle in Charlie's room.

We cuddled together in Charlie's bed, Charlie on her side and me spooning behind her. I had my arms round her with my hands on her tits and was nibbling and kissing the nape of her neck.

'Mm mm, that's nice. I do love you Rich. Do you like the way I taste? We were really naughty in the bathroom.'

'I love you so much Charlie. I love everything about you including the way you taste. I want to eat you and drink you every day!'

Charlie giggled, 'you certainly made a good start.'

The conversation was gradually making me harder. My erection had come back whilst I was washing her with the shower head and it was now getting painful. My cock was lying along her arse crack and I was slowly rubbing it up and down her arse. I was gradually taking longer strokes and when it got below her arse I angled it forwards a bit and it slipped between her legs. As I move again back and forth it was now rubbing along her pussy. Charlie's juices were leaking around our juncture and making it easier to slide along her pussy. I was holding my breath yet I was breathing heavier, if you understand what I mean. Charlie seemed to be humming and was breathing in short pants.

'You better not put it in.'

'Oh please. Just a little bit, please.'

I could feel her lips parting and sliding along my cock, I wouldn't last for long. I pushed myself a little lower down the bed so that the tip of my cock was slipping along her pussy at a slightly different angle. When I drew back I felt her hole. I pushed forwards again gently and my cock jerked forwards, slipping from the entrance to her pussy hole and sliding along her slit again. I did it again but this time, when I applied forward pressure my cock was stuck against her silky entrance. Then all of a sudden the end of my cock, just my helmet, slipped inside her. The feeling was indescribable, I felt my balls churning, a tingling along the length of my cock and I shot what seemed like pints of cum in the entrance of Charlie's pussy.

Charlie's bedroom door was flung open, 'What the devil is going on here? Rick, get out of here immediately, you filthy animal!'

We hadn't heard Dad arrive back but he'd heard us and climbed upstairs to investigate. We'd been well and truly caught.

To be continued...

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