tagIncest/TabooMy Little Sister Is Only Eighteen Ch. 2

My Little Sister Is Only Eighteen Ch. 2


It was a hot day of the summer, but I didn't feel like staying inside the house and reading under the air conditioner. I heard my sister, Mona, and her girl friend, Linda, frolic in the swimming pool and couldn't get my mind off what happened last night and earlier today. The idea that I had fucked my sister's friend thinking she was my own sister kept spinning in my brain. I was reliving every moment of the night before, from the time I sneaked into my bed assuming that the person sleeping next to me was my sister. I mentally retraced every second, from the moment I woke up to discover my dick trapped between my sleeping sister's legs to the moment I, satisfied, rolled off and went to sleep. I kept seeing my sister's surprised face when I French-kissed her earlier today, and I kept hearing her laughter when she told me that it was not her I fucked last night but her friend, Linda, who was the one sleeping in my bed.

I tried to think back, to the time I went downstairs in the morning and found all of them around the breakfast table. I remember looking at my sister, but I couldn't remember ever casting my eyes on Linda, and I so I had no idea if and how she reacted when she saw me entering the kitchen. I couldn't get over the sweetness of that girl's pussy as she dowsed my dick with her juices, still pretending to be asleep. I wanted to feel that pussy wrapped around my dick again. Just the thought of it made my dick throb but I resisted the temptation. I wanted to be fully loaded for the night, which I was hoping to spend in bed with either of the two girls, hopefully with both, if by some miracle I could talk them into it.

Well, there was only one way of finding out how Linda felt having been made love to while she was sleeping…if she actually slept through the whole thing and didn't play possum, as I was almost certain she did. All I had to do was bring up the subject, see how she would react, and then take it from there.

I changed into my swimming trunks and joined the girls in the pool. We frolicked for a while, swimming and splashing one another, and I found a couple of good excuses to put my hand on Mona's tight little ass underwater. When we got tired, we came out of the water and laid in the sun to dry out. Mona said she was going to the house to make us some ice tea. I found myself alone, lying alongside Linda while my mind was working furiously to decide how to approach her. Should I just kiss her and see what develops or start with small talk? I decided to be bold and kiss her. After all, she let me fuck her last night, what the hell!

I leaned over and put my lips on hers. My hand sought her thigh which I gently traced with my fingertips. She pulled back, surprised at my sudden brashness, and grabbed my hand that was sliding toward the inside of her thigh. She looked in my eyes for a few seconds. Then she relaxed her grip on my hand, sighed and the look in her eyes softened. I kissed her again, as my fingers sought the moist warmth of her pussy. I slid two fingers under her bikini and pushing the bikini crotch out of the way, I dipped my fingers into her pussy. She closed her eyes while her tongue searched for mine. I gently rubbed her clit and felt her muscles tighten around my fingers. She had a quick orgasm right then and there but she wouldn't break the kiss. With our lips locked, I gently lifted her from the chaise and carried her to the pool.

I took her down the few steps into the water where I let her stand up next to me. We walked into deeper water, up to our chests. I helped her get rid of her bikini bottom and she pulled down my swimming trunks. I brought my dick next to her pussy and rubbed it gently. She leaned with her back against the side of the pool, put her elbows on the ground next to the pool and allowed the lower part of her body to float. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me toward her, letting my dick sink into her pussy all the way to the root. We fucked in that position. It didn't take me too long to come.

I pulled back and I saw my sperm rise like a long white worm to the surface. I saw her looking at it with fascination. Her bikini bottom was floating near by. I reached for it and turned to give it to her. When I looked at her again, I saw her licking sperm from her fingers. She didn't seem to like the taste, mixed as it was with chlorinated water from the pool. She rinsed her fingers in the water of the pool, took the bikini bottom from me and dressed underwater as I had already done. We both came out of the pool and lied back under the sun in time to see my sister coming with the ice tea. She had that expression in her eyes again, the one that said, "I know what you did."

The house was situated at the edge of woods. There were tall, thick bushes to the sides that kept us hidden from the curious eyes of the neighbors. Mona lied next to me and I found myself between the two most recent and best pieces of ass I've had in my life. And then my little sister did something quite unexpected. She reached into my trunks and got hold of my dick. I was so shocked, I couldn't get a hard on. Linda had closed her eyes for the moment and didn't notice what was going on.

Mona whispered in my ear, "So, you kept the little monster busy while I was away, huh?" Her thumb rubbed the head of my penis while the other fingers kept a tight grip on the shaft. I gradually felt the life return to my crotch. My penis got engorged again in her busy little hand.

She whispered again, "I saw you from the kitchen window. You, bad boy!" She kept rubbing my dick until she felt its arteries throbbing in her palm.

"Hmmm," she said, "you're almost ready to come. But you shouldn't waste it in my hand, big brother! How about a blow job?"

"Right now?" I whispered back. "Why not?" she said. "What about Linda?"

"What about her?"

"She'll see us!"

"Hmmm," my little sister said, "then, I guess, we'll have to include her in the game."

I was dying to have both of them make love to me, but I didn't dare breach the subject yet. It seemed that the little slut had already read my mind and was taking charge. She pulled her hand out, left my side and went over to Linda. She straddled Linda's chair and sat on her lap. Linda opened her eyes. The two girls looked at each other and smiled. Mona put her hands on Linda's breasts and started rubbing them. Linda put her hands under Mona's bikini top and started rubbing her nipples. Mona lowered Linda's top and brought her lips to her nipple. She started sucking while she stretched her hand seeking the waist of my swimming trunks.

She dipped her hand in and grabbed my throbbing penis. I eased my trunks below the knees. She released her hold of me, and kneeled at Linda's feet. She pulled Linda's bikini bottom off, made her spread her legs and began to lick her pussy. Mona looked up at me and pointed to her ass. I didn't have to wait for a second invitation. I approached her from behind and stuck my dick into her butthole. It felt tough and dry. I heard her moan from pain. I took it out again, and lubricated the head with saliva. Mona put both hands on her ass cheeks and stretched the opening, letting me enter her all the way.

She was in pain, it was obvious, but she seemed to be enjoying it because she wouldn't try to avoid it. She kept moaning as I pumped in and out until I came into her ass. I pulled out and let the two women lick and kiss one another. I went into the pool and let the water clean and cool off my dick. I was getting satiated. I went back to my chair, laid on my back and closed my eyes. In a few seconds, I felt a warmth envelop my face, and I felt hair tickling my nose. I opened my eyes and saw an asshole right above my nose.

The girl lowered her pussy to my mouth. I had no idea which one of the two it was, as my entire field of vision was covered by a sweet, pink ass, but I went into the business of sucking her clit with all the energy and gusto I could muster at the time. I felt a pair of lips closing around my dick, and a tongue twirling around the head. I soon became engorged again but I had already come three times that morning and I was becoming a little less sensitive than before. I didn't push myself to come. I kept licking that delicious pussy that was almost suffocating me, allowing myself to be sucked on and on, without knowing who was doing what to me. The girl giving me the blow job pressed her fingers around the shaft of my dick and was jerking me off while her mouth was working on the head. I felt a thumb slide into my ass.

That was all I could take. My dick exploded fiercely injecting all the sperm my tired body could produce at the moment into her mouth. At the same time, the girl sitting on my face came to an orgasm, and when she finished, she lifted her body off my head. I saw the two girls kissing and passing my sperm from one mouth to another. I had no idea how sweet my sperm must have tasted to them and I had the crazy thought of sooner or later finding out. Sooner rather than later, I hoped. I then realized that my sweet little sister was the one giving me the blow job, and it was Linda's pussy that I had licked for dear life. The girls got off me and left toward the house with arms around each other's waist. When I saw them walking away with their tight little butts swinging right and left, I felt tingles in my spine, but my dick refused to respond.

I fell asleep on the chaise and was dreaming lewd dreams of incest and ménage a trois, when my mother called from the kitchen to tell me that dinner would be served soon and I had better get ready. I went into my bathroom and showered, changed into fresh clothes and went downstairs. Dinner was uneventful, except for the glances my sister and her friend exchanged with me that made my father wonder what the hell was going on. Later, when the women retired to the living room to watch television, my father took me aside and said, "What the hell was that all about? Those meaningful glances and smiles between you and your sister?"

I panicked and lost my voice for a moment. I felt the blood rush to my face. I was afraid that he knew what went on between the siblings, like the guilty always fear that someone else knows. I swallowed hard and was ready to start mumbling some crazy excuse when he continued, "Is you sister trying to fix you up with Linda?"

Oh, what a relief! I said, "Yes, the little shit is trying to get me to ask Linda for a date."

My father said, "Look, son, Linda is a sweet girl that I've known since the day she was born, and our families are close friends. I wouldn't want anything unpleasant to happen to her. You're a man now and I hope you know how to behave like a gentleman, the way I brought you up to be."

"Yes, dad, don't worry, I won't do anything you wouldn't do." Now it was his turn to blush, but he was an older, more experienced man and knew how to cover well. He joked about being embarrassed by the thought that his boy could be making love to a girl, and all that nonsense. He said, "I never expected to blush when having a facts-of-life conversation with my son. But, hey, I guess I'm a more sensitive man that I gave myself credit for."

When we joined the women, I noticed that Linda had no intention of going home any time soon, and I wondered if she would be staying another night just for me. Then my mother said, "What's the situation with your bedroom, dear? Is it ready yet?"

Linda said, "It's not ready yet, Mrs. Olafson…the carpet people didn't show up today and my bed and all the furniture is still stacked in the hallway. I hope you don't mind me staying for another night." My father was quick to answer, "Don't worry, dear, mi casa su casa. Stay as long as you wish. There are enough beds and sofas in the house to make everyone comfortable." My mother looked at him with a queer expression on her face. I wondered how she felt about Linda staying over. I knew I was happy. Although I was longing to go to bed with my little sister, I knew that I could have her any time I wanted after Linda left, and I was anxious to get as much of Linda as I could before she went away.

The three of us went out for another swim against the warning of my mother that people shouldn't swim on a full stomach. But we weren't planning to die. There was a lot more fucking to do before we would be ready for that! We only wanted to get wet, so we went in and out of the water right away. We lied, each on a chaise, and whiled the evening away with stories, jokes, and my anecdotes about college life. I was anxious for my parents to go to bed and turn the lights out so I could take the girls to my bedroom and have another go at it.

Eventually, at about midnight, I saw the light in my parents' bedroom going out and I got up from my chaise. I didn't say a word. I just looked at the girls who stood up and followed me. We all went upstairs, and breathlessly sneaked into my bedroom.

My sister said quietly, "As much as I would love for the three of us to do it again, let's not sleep together. It would be horrible if mom and dad woke up before us and found all three of us in bed. So, when we're…um…done, I'll go to my air mattress and Linda can sleep on the couch in the den." With that, she left us to go to her bedroom, take a couple of sheets and a blanket, and prepare a bed on the couch in the den. Then, she tiptoed to our parents' bedroom and put her ear against the door. She came back, smiling. "Dad is snoring already, and I assume mom must be sleeping, too. If she doesn't fall asleep before dad begins to snore, she comes out and sleeps on the couch. I guess we're safe." With these words she quickly undressed and lied on the bed.

She was lying on her back, with her legs bend up, knees apart, giving us a perfect view of her snatch. She smiled and looked at us, "All right, who's on first?" Linda was quick to respond. "Twat's on first. Who's on second." She dove head forward between Mona's legs and began to lick her pussy with wild abandon. I could hear the slurping sounds echo in the room.

I kneeled behind Linda and let my tongue explore the pink folds of her pussy. After a few seconds of this, Linda broke away, made my sister turn on her side and lied opposite her. With her head between Mona's legs, she started licking her pussy. I realized that there was enough room between Mona's head and Linda's pussy for me to complete the triangle. I put my head between Linda's legs and licked the sweet juices oozing from her pussy. I felt Mona take my dick in her mouth and giving me the same perfect blow job she had given me earlier.

We just lied there, sucking one another until I felt I was just about to come again. I broke away from Linda and focused on my coming into my sister's mouth. In a few seconds, I felt the sperm being sucked out of my dick with gale force, and I felt like my entire body was being funneled through my dick to my loving sister's mouth. When I was totally pumped out, I fell back and saw my sister rise and crawl up to me. With mouth closed, she placed her lips on my lips and waited for me to suck my own sperm out her mouth. It was an indescribable experience to feel my tongue swishing in my own sperm.

I was about to swallow, clearing my mouth of my juices and return my sister's kiss, when she stuck her tongue in my mouth and sucked everything back. The liquid exchanged mouths once again, and I saw my sister swallow down the contents of her mouth which included my sperm, and my saliva mixed with Linda's pussy juices. Mona smiled at me and said, "I only wanted you to taste your own sweetness, but your cum belongs to me!" I said, "Sweet sister, don't be greedy! You can have all the cum you want from me, any time of the day or night." She said, "I'm gonna hold you up to it!"

Linda piped up, "Hey, you guys, you're making me jealous!" She pushed me on my back and wrapped her lips around my dick. She began sucking with all her might, her fingers working up and down my shaft. Kneeling across my face, Mona offered her dripping pussy to me. I buried my tongue in it and worked her clit until I felt the little knob harden between my lips. I quickly came again, this time into Linda's mouth. Mona dismounted me, freeing me to receive the cum exchange from Linda's lips. This time, I swallowed it quickly before Linda had the chance to suck it back. She seemed disappointed. She said, "You owe me one!" I said, "Sorry, guys, but there isn't any more juice left in this body tonight. We had better go to sleep now."

My sister stood up to go to her bed, but Linda lingered for a few seconds. When we were alone, Linda said, "Manny, I want to make love to you, just the two of us, you know what I mean?" I said, rather surprised, "But we did, didn't we?" She said, "The swimming pool doesn't count. It was only a quickie. I want to make lazy love to you the regular way. In your bed."

"In my bed? What about last night?"

"What about it?" she said. "Didn't we make love in this bed, while you were pretending to be asleep?"

"We did?" she said. "I didn't sleep in your bed last night," she continued. "So who did I fuck last night in this bed if not you or Mona?" I said.

"O, my God!" she almost screamed as the thought dawned on her. "You fucked your own mother, you freak!"

THE END (Don't hold your breath...)

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