tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Long Affair Pt. 02

My Long Affair Pt. 02


The following are chapters three, four and five of "My Long Affair":

Chapter III

Let me tell you about my mystery married man: his name is David; he's 42, an architect, tall, lean, athletic, dark hair, brown eyes; his wife has a defective gene that runs in her family, and she decided they should not have children, so David had a vasectomy a few years ago; he's smart, sexy, funny, and he has a nice thick cock and fuzzy balls. Now about me: I'm Kate, 23, headed to medical school next year, five feet five inches, kind of a waifish figure with small A-cup breasts, a flat tummy, a little round butt, long legs, green eyes, and long dirty blond hair; I never got into the tattoo and piercing craze - except for pierced ears, there's not a mark on me. I keep things pretty much nicely trimmed down there (they call what I have a "landing strip"). I run and get plenty of exercise. I haven't had a serious boyfriend since my junior year in college, and don't sleep around much.

I agreed to meet David for the first time on Wednesday morning in the lobby of a resort hotel an hour down the interstate. That morning, I awoke early, filled with butterflies and nervous anticipation. I had a deep, sinking feeling in my tummy, but also my pussy was hot and flushed in anticipation of stuffing David's cock into my mouth, my pussy, and maybe even my ass. First, I called the owner of the store I manage and told her I was sick; no problem there. Then I got ready - I took a long hot shower and shaved again, brushed my hair, applied a small amount of perfume to my neck and inner thighs; I pulled on a nice short skirt and white cashmere sweater (without a bra or panties), and short heeled shoes. I looked quite proper but for my erect nipples poking out against the sweater. As I drove down the highway, I couldn't help playing with my clitoris a little; it was so sensitive and my pussy was so wet. I was ready to jump at anything David asked.

When I arrived at the resort a bit early, I parked, grabbed my backpack, and strolled around the grounds. It was a beautiful place, with tennis and golf, swimming pool, restaurants, and huge gardens with little hidden places inside - a little oasis amid flat, ugly farms. I thought about what I was doing here and my fantasies before realizing that my pussy juices were actually dribbling down my inner thighs toward my knees. I wondered if anyone would notice and ask why my thighs were glistening wet. My pussy felt as if it was on fire - swollen, hot, and juicy. Then I strolled into a side door of the hotel, made my way to the enormous lobby and sat with my knees together, in a cushy chair away from the main entrance, waiting, waiting for everything to happen.

David didn't come in the main entrance; he was circling the room from one of the side halls, approaching me, dressed in a smart business suit and carrying a stack of papers. He sat in a chair just opposite mine and placed his papers on the table, smiling, so handsome and so sexy with his bright brown eyes.

"I'm so glad to see you," he started, "You look amazing and so beautiful. I was here for a meeting and planned to spend the night, but it turns out my meeting is almost over. Now I've got this terrific suite for the night and all day to relax." I could see what he had in mind and didn't need to respond. Instead, I parted my knees and showed him my glistening wet thighs and drenched pussy. All he could say was: "Holy shit. Umm, I'll meet you in a half hour," and he stood, tucking his already-obvious boner down into his underpants. He grabbed his papers and walked away. On the table, he had left a small hotel envelope containing a card key, and the number 204 written on the outside. I scooped up the card, my backpack, and walked across the lobby to the elevators, went up to the second floor and found room 204. I let myself in with the card key.

This "suite" was more than a suite - it was massive, with a living room, high ceilings, its own hot tub, and huge windows overlooking the golf course. There was a bottle of champagne in the wet bar's sink, covered with ice. I put some music on the stereo, undressed, and climbed into the bubbling hot tub. As I sank into the hot water, I daydreamed about what was to come and began to grow impatient, but I didn't have long to wait. David came into the suite, his face red and suit buttoned.

"Hi . . . hi," he said anxiously, "would you like some champagne?" I didn't. I climbed out of the hot tub and walked toward him, naked, took him in my arms and kissed him. This time our mouths opened hungrily, and his tongue felt wonderful against mine. His hands on my bare butt pulled me tight against his hard cock; he was getting all wet, as was I. I unfastened his belt and pushed his pants and boxer shorts down. His cock leapt up and nestled against my wet pussy. I jumped up onto him, and, with one quick move, drove my pussy down onto his cock. We both moaned loudly, finally realizing the thing that we had both been longing for at least for weeks if not our whole lives. He grabbed my butt and slammed his cock into my pussy again and again.

Unlike men my age, David had incredible endurance, and fucked my pussy on the floor, the couch, and the bed, fingering my ass and biting my nipples (and I did all these to him), and he made me cum over and over for nearly an hour before finally shooting his spermless cum deep inside my pussy. I quickly moved up and placed my dripping, cum-filled pussy right on his mouth. David licked and sucked on my pussy and tongued my butt until his face was drenched and I had come twice more. Then I moved down and licked his face clean, then his cock, making his cock hard again and ready for more. We continued to savagely fuck each other until we were, at least briefly, satisfied. Already, he had become the best lay of my life, and there was so much more to come.

We jumped into our hot tub, cuddling, hugging and kissing still. He brought the champagne, and we drank deeply from the bottle. Under the water, our hands were all over each other. His fingers slid around my nipples and pussy, and my fingers caressed his cock and balls.

"Can we go for a walk through the gardens, take a swim in the outdoor pool?" I asked. The issue of how discreet we needed to be had yet to be discussed.

"That's a great idea," he answered, but he understood what I was driving at. "There are places, especially in town, where we would need to be careful. We just won't go to those places. We're free to do anything here, now that my business associates have left; I saw them off earlier. I think it's safe. You let me worry about that, I just want you to have a great time, okay?"

"Then let's go out," I said. I jumped out of the hot tub and opened my backpack to get my bikini, and wrap around skirt. I slipped them on and turned to see David already in his swimsuit and t-shirt. I grabbed my suntan oil, and we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

We walked through the gardens for a half hour, enjoying brief moments here and there where we stopped and kissed and our hands found their way into each other's swim suits. We came to the pool, which was nearly empty, and both swam and laid out in the sunshine. However, when I went into the empty ladies' locker room to pee and found the sauna, I got a naughty idea.

"Come with me," I whispered in David's ear, taking his hand. He grabbed our things and I led him right into the women's locker room and into the hot sauna. We started kissing immediately and in seconds our suits were off. David pushed me up against the hot teak wall and started fucking me again; oh, it felt so good to be filled by him. I pushed him back, turned around and bent over so he could fuck me from behind. As his cock plunged into my wet pussy, I felt him pouring my suntan oil all over my back and ass, rubbing it onto my breasts, squeezing my nipples. With his free hand, he fingered my butt, and I knew what I wanted.

"Fuck my ass with that hard cock, please," I begged.

"Oh, god, yes," he said, and placed he head of his cock against my ass. Slowly, he pushed it in. I was so lubricated with oil that his cock slid into me with no pain at all; it just felt fantastic, as he fucked my butt faster and harder. I had entered heaven and discovered it was 115 degrees in there. And then the door opened, and a young brunette woman in a bikini walked in on us.

"Please don't stop for me," she said, "you guys are putting on one hell of a show." That's all I needed to hear.

"Fuck me, harder, please," I begged David, rubbing my clit as he rammed his cock into my butt. The other woman climbed up on a bench from which she could watch everything. I looked at her in total lust, and could see that she enjoyed seeing David's hard cock drive in and out of my ass while I massaged my clitoris roughly. He and I were both grunting, pounding each other, watching this young woman watch us. Although she didn't undress, she squeezed her breasts through her bikini top and massaged her own pussy through the bottoms. She was panting and thought she was going to cum. Just then I came, groaning loudly, and David came a second later, filling me with cum.

"Wow, that was amazing," the young woman said. I had to agree; it was great.

"I need the shower," I said to David, and skipped naked and oily out of the sauna, almost slipping and crashing on the tile floor in the locker room, and leaving David with the young brunette. David joined me in the shower a few minutes later with a big grin and kissed me as we washed each other off. We put our suits back on, and spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool, soaking up some rays.

Chapter IV

David and I stayed at pool and drank fruity cocktails until we both got a bit drunk. We were the only people left at the pool, so I started flashing my pussy and breasts at David and he would respond by showing me his cock and balls. If we stayed any longer, we would have ended up screwing each other right there in the open at the pool, but common sense prevailed. We grabbed our things and headed back to our suite to get ready for dinner. While I jumped into the shower, David called home to say that his "meeting" was running long and that he expected to spend the night. Rather than be jealous of David's wife, I kept wondering what they looked like together screwing and whether she had any bi-sexual tendencies (as I was beginning to believe I did).

I started to imagine David screwing her from behind while she licked my pussy. David found me in the shower, rubbing my clit lightly, and I told him I was pretty tipsy. David teasingly asked me if I was drunk enough to be his compliant little sex slave and do anything he asked no matter how kinky it was.

I said: "Yes, Master, your little fuck slave will do anything you want, any time, anywhere, with anyone you say." I was really drunk.

"What if I want you to get down on your hands and knees and lick another woman's pussy while I fuck you from behind?" he asked.

"Anything Master wants," I answered, "but next time you have to be my slave and do what I say."

"It's a deal," he replied. We still had to go eat first, however, so I stumbled out of the shower and began to dry off as David put on a robe. He had a different idea.

He led me back into the living room and sat me at the dining table. Using a couple neckties, he tied my hands behind the chair, spread me wide, tied my feet to the back legs of the wooden chair, and blindfolded me. Then he stood in front of me, caressing my nipples and clitoris. I was swimming in sexuality, filled with desire, and then there was a knock at our door.

"Terrific, dinner has arrived," said David, "I hope you don't mind: I ordered room service."

I stayed nervously silent. David crossed to the door and opened it.

"Room service, sir," said a male voice.

"Thank you," said David, "please don't mind my girlfriend; she won't care if you look." I heard the rumble of dishes on a cart come closer and felt someone pass in front of me. Dishes were being placed on the table.

"Very nice, sir," said the man.

"Thank you, would you care to touch her?" David asked. There was silence for a moment, then I felt fingers touching my nipples, running up and down my rib cage, exploring tentatively, going lower and lower. Suddenly I felt another pair of hand grip my breasts tightly.

"Touch her pussy, she'll love it," David said from behind me. Two fingers scooped down and ran up and down my inflamed wet slit. I moaned. I rocked my pelvis against the fingers, burying them deeper in my slit.

"She's so wet," said the man. Suddenly David was pinching my nipples savagely, digging his fingernails into them, and he asked:

"Dear, would you like this nice man to fuck you with his finger?"

"Please," I gasped. The pressure on my nipples lifted instantly. I felt a finger slip into my pussy, sawing in and out while David played with my nipples.

"More," I pleaded. A second finger made it into my naughty hot pussy, and I was moaning. He tried to tuck a third finger in too. It was too much, and I came instantly with a scream that might have drawn the police if David had not put his hand tightly over my mouth. Then, I hadn't even realized it, but the hand was gone and I was sitting in a puddle of my own pussy juices.

"She doesn't mean to tease you, but as you can see, she's a bit tied up." David said.

"Jeeze, I really have to go," said the server, tucking his cock down his pants leg.

"Thanks for stopping by," I said. David showed him out.

"Are you hungry? David asked me. He untied me and we ate our dinner, naked, with me still sitting in a puddle of my pussy juices. However, the wine was excellent. When we finished, we climbed into the hot tub to cuddle. David wanted to know if I was upset about what he had done with the room service server.

"Well, since he was pretty nice looking, I'm not upset; actually, it was incredibly hot and slutty. I've never been slutty, but it was kind of fun to 'play' slut since it was private and you were here to protect me. Did you enjoy watching him do those things to me?" I asked.

"That's not so easy to answer," David said, "I guess I liked seeing you and how hot you were. That was very sexy and made my cock really hard. You just looked so good and it made me feel so proud to be with you and want you even more."

And we moved on to other less sexual topics. For a 42 year old guy, David was pretty cool and fun to talk with and he treated me like an equal adult instead of like a kid. We drank more wine and talked about sexual fantasies we might try out together. As he said, David had a lot of fantasies and they were all over the map. He wanted to dominate a sexy woman, but he also wanted to try being harshly dominated. He said he wanted to make a woman cum just by spanking her pussy; he wanted to be tied up and feel candle wax dribbled on his cock and balls. He also wanted to try a threesome with another woman and some other group activities. He had never done any of these things and had grown to believe he never would (since his wife would not), but he deeply longed to try them all.

I told him about my fantasies, some of which were similar, including being naked in the woods, tied to a tree and forced to cum; I admitted to him that I once put clothespins on my nipples and how hot that had made me and how I then masturbated until I came. I even told him that I had fantasized about him and his wife fucking me together. That made him laugh out loud. "I'd like that a lot," he said, "but don't get your hopes up."

Then David jumped up and said: "Look at the time, quickly, we need to dry off and get dressed, we have someplace to go." He wouldn't tell me where, but I put my white cashmere sweater and short skirt back on while David put on jeans and a shirt. He led me outside, into the gardens, and around to the side of the hotel.

"Remember that woman who watched us in the sauna today?" he asked. Of course I did. "I spoke to her after you left the sauna and she promised she would put on a show for us with her husband this evening. If we sit here on the grass, she said we'd be able to watch them in their room."

Sure enough, I looked over and there, 20 feet away on the first floor, was a floor to ceiling window looking into a guest room. Inside, I could see the woman just coming out of the bathroom with a robe on and a man laying on the bed. Their lights were all on and we could see everything, although they could probably not see us out in the dark. David sat on the grass facing the room and I sat on his lap. Together, we watched the cute young brunette remove her robe and climb atop her man. She began to undress him and they kissed. She pulled out his huge hard on and immediately sucked it deeply into her mouth. I don't know if the man knew he was being watched, but the woman did (she even waved once).

They fucked in seven different positions and finally she stood with her hands up against the window as her man came up behind her and stuck his massive cock in her pussy. The expressions on her face were so orgasmic. All this time, as I sat in David's lap, I could tell my pussy was getting wetter and David's cock was getting harder. I straddled him and rubbed my pussy against his jeans-covered cock. In no time, the whole front of his pants were wet. Together we watched the woman get pumped harder and harder, while she played with her clit, and finally saw them both cum. Best show I've ever seen. They finally closed the curtains, and David and I were left to our own again.

We got up and strolled without speaking, holding hands, through the gardens in the moonlight. Our day together would end and I would not see David for a week. Then I remembered the door I had found in the garden that morning and led David to it - it opened, and we entered into a small walled garden and patch of grass. I closed the door, unzipped my skirt, and stepped out of it. This time David came up to me and kissed me, passionately, gently. We kissed for ages before I broke off, removed my sweater, and laid down on the grass in the middle of the garden.

David came and laid down beside me. As we kissed again he caressed me, my breasts, my tummy, my ass, my pussy. He stood and undressed, then climbed on top of me, into me. I wrapped my legs around him and let him pump his hard cock into me over and over, but gently this time. I held him tight as he came deeply in my pussy and kept pumping until I too came. We kissed again, dressed, and returned to our room.

We slept together nude, holding each other tightly. In the morning, I had to get to work and David said it was time for him to go home. We agreed to meet on Thursday evening the following week; I told him I wanted to arrange everything this time; and he said he would call me to get his instructions. We gave each other one lingering kiss nude, then showered, dressed, and went back to our regular lives.

Chapter V

Despite the virtually constant screwing during our first rendezvous at the resort, David and I had plenty of time to talk and realize that, as well as being lovers, we could be friends. David and Jillian, who was 37, had been married twelve years, and I really believed that David was happily married and loved his wife; he made clear to me that, even if he fell in love with me, he would never leave his wife. That was fine with me, since I planned to attend medical school on the other side of the country the next year. As an activity between college and med school, however, screwing a well-to-do, attractive, sexy, smart 42 year old man was a pretty good option.

For David, I think he felt that if his fantasies didn't come true soon (and had not with his wife) then they would never come true. But, more than that, David professed an attraction to me which he said he hadn't felt with any other woman, including his wife. He told me that the first time he saw me in the store, he thought I was the most beautiful and sexiest woman he had ever seen. Of course, I knew I was attractive, but I was still flattered to hear him say it. Ending our affair, and some day it would have to end, would be difficult for both of us. But I knew for sure that I was going to enjoy myself until then.

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