tagBDSMMy Long Affair Pt. 03

My Long Affair Pt. 03


These are chapters six and seven of "My Long Affair":

Chapter VI

David called and arranged for our next rendezvous to take place late Wednesday night the next week. He said I should wear as little as possible and meet him at an old Holiday Inn off the highway. I put on a miniskirt and crop top and drove out to the hotel to meet him. The lot was crowded and, although it was near midnight, there were still a bunch of young men wandering from one room to another. Seems there was a college team spending the night at the hotel and they were in no rush to go to bed. But I was.

David was in the parking lot of the hotel and after a luscious kiss he escorted me across the lot to our room. The room was on the first floor, right off the exterior hallway, and faced the lot. We didn't even put on the lights, but went right at it, stripping off each other clothes and kissing passionately while I held his hard cock tightly in my hand. It had been days since my pussy had been stuffed full and I was ravenous for his cock. Then David handed me a couple small objects that were square and hard - a pair of dice.

"Here's the game," he said with a shit-eating grin, "For every time you roll both dice, you get to have an orgasm tonight - one roll, one orgasm; two rolls, two orgasms. The total of each dice roll is the number of inches we will open the window curtains that hide us from the hallway. The more the curtains are open, the more likely we are to capture an audience. You don't have to decide now how many times you want to roll the dice - you can roll again as we go along."

"People will walk by and look in?" I asked.

"Yes, they very well may," he said.

I smiled, "those boys are going to be so jealous when they see me fucking the living daylights out of you." And I rolled. Two twos. David took a ruler and used it to measure as he opened the window curtains four inches. The gap already looked huge. Anyone walking by who stopped could look right in the room. So, I thought, what the hell, and rolled again. Five and four. Now the window curtain was open thirteen inches. Would I be satisfied with two orgasms? Would I dare three, four, more?

I pushed David back on the bed and climbed up onto his cock. The way were facing, anyone who looked would clearly see David's cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I humped him slowly while we kissed and played with each other's nipples. Twice I heard people walking by outside, but no one seemed to stop and look. Both times, the though that we would be caught in the act by the horny athletes caused my nipples to ache and pussy to flush. Finally I couldn't wait any more and ground down hard on David's pelvis, bringing myself to orgasm twice in a matter of seconds. And, what's worse, I wanted more right away. Without climbing off David, I reached for the dice and rolled again. Six and five.

"Go open the curtain," David told me. I got up, ran to the window and used the ruler to open the window another eleven inches - now it was open two whole feet. The hallway lights seeped into our room now, making us much more visible, and there were a couple men walking down the hall.

I jumped back onto the bed and plunged myself down onto David's cock and started fucking him hard. I was sure those men would have seen and been watching us by now. My pussy was so hot, I came again quickly. And yet, it was so hot, I really wanted to cum again! I picked up the dice and checked the window. Oh god, I thought, the two young guys were there looking right at me. They looked hungry, with big smiles and eager faces, young athletic men with lots of muscle and probably hard cocks. I turned around, clutching the dice in my hand, facing them, still siting with David's cock nestled in my pussy. I started rocking up and down on David so the men could see his cock slipping in and out of my hot cunt. I rubbed and squeezed David's balls, which were right down between my thighs, as David's finger was pressing against my ass. Suddenly, with a great moan, David filled my pussy with cum. I squeezed it with my pussy and massaged his balls until he was done, then got up on my knees and let his cum and my pussy juices dibble out all over his cock and balls.

"Maybe we should play a new game," David suggested, "if you roll a two, three, or four, you only get to cum one more time, right now. If you roll a five, six, seven, or eight, you can cum one more time but you have to help both these guys cum first. And if you roll a nine, ten, eleven or twelve, you get to cum as much as you want but you have to let both these guys fuck you, and then you suck me until I cum all over your face and tits. If you don't roll, we'll close the curtain and just go home now."

Ohh man, what a choice! To roll or not to roll? Something about rolling seemed to relieve me of a certain degree of responsibility for whatever would happen. Part of me wanted to come multiple times with all three men. I knew I had to cum again no matter what. I rolled.

Six and four. David wrapped a towel around his waist and went to open the door.

"Guys," he whispered through the slightly opened doorway, "see anything you like?"

Grunting approval from the hall; it was hard to hear.

"If you guys behave yourselves, you can come in and each give it to her."

Enthusiastic grunting and agreement from the hall. David unlocked the door, and two young, lean, sexy men came into the room. David closed the door and then the curtain.

"Tell them what you want, baby," he said.

"First, you guys have to use condoms, okay."

That was no problem, they said politely.

"I'll get on all fours. One of you can get behind me while I suck the other, then you can trade places. But I want you to see you both to cum on my tits. Deal?" I offered.

"Yeah, that's excellent," they said, and started stripping. They were swimmers and their bodies were hard, muscular, and completely shaved. David had brought condoms (obviously this was a set up, but still my choice) and they both put them on their rock hard cocks.

One guy got in front of me and fed his cock into my mouth. The latex was not so good, but feeling his throbbing cock in my mouth was pretty nice. Behind me, the other slid his cock into my pussy and started slamming me hard. His cock was long and hard and his shaved balls banged against my clit. It was a great feeling having these two hot studs fucking me and I came again in matter of seconds, an orgasm that didn't seem to ever end as he fucked me on and on, and I was moaning and groaning how fucking great it was. I think I came multiple times. Now the guy fucking me was groaning he was going to cum so I told him to switch with his friend.

As he slid his cock into my mouth I realized it tasted great and made me feel even hotter and sexier, and then I realized it was because his condom was covered with my pussy juices. Then his friend slid his cock into me and I went back up into my getting-fucked high and sucked like crazy, moaning "fuck me harder" over and over. But, finally, I wanted these boys to cum so I could get back to David, who was watching us all with a huge hard on and a smile.

Both guys took off their condoms and stood in front of me while I kneeled and rubbed my clit. "Show me your cum, show me your cum," I repeated. These hot men stroked their cocks and, one after the other, showered my breasts with cum. The David came up, and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked like crazy while the other men's cum dribbled down my chest and my hand attacked my hot cunt and swollen clit. It was too much for my brain to handle, and I cam again, hard, moaning loudly, while David pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his cum too all over my chin, neck, and chest.

I was beat, and knew I couldn't cum again. While I laid on the bed in a post sexual bliss, David showed the guys out. "Thanks, guys," was all I could say, with a big grin on my face. They looked pretty jazzed too!

David helped me into the bathroom and we took a long hot shower together with a lot of soapy caressing. Afterwards, we watched TV for a while and held each other silently but very happily, and at last dressed, kissed, went to our cars, and headed home with a promise to meet the next Thursday.

Chapter VII

Thursday arrived, and I had a busy day planned for me and David. I had asked him to meet me at the storage loft which belonged to the owner of the store I managed - a nice, clean, private, windowless, air-conditioned loft in an old warehouse. I also had spent a rather hefty amount of money getting a number of special "adult" items delivered to me overnight by a porno website. I called in sick Thursday morning, showered, shaved, and arrived at the loft in the morning to get ready for David.

I heard the knock at the door right at 2:00 p.m. and spied David through the peephole as he opened the letter I had left for him. I saw him look around and check that no one was in the dark hallway. He removed his shoes and socks, then his pants and shirt, then his boxers, and put them all into the plastic garbage bag I had left by the door, just as I had instructed in the letter. His cock was already rock hard. Then he removed the handcuffs and blindfold from the bag, put the blindfold on first, and handcuffed his hands behind his back, also as I had instructed. Then I opened the door.

"You look yummy," I said, and stepped up to him. I grabbed his cock and pulled him into the loft, shutting and bolting the door behind us. "Today, I'm going to tease and torment your beautiful cock for causing me to have such kinky fantasies. I'm going to lick it, suck it, rub it, and fuck it, but I'm not going to let it shoot that nasty cum all day. If you're good, I may let you cum before I finish with you tonight. Is that clear?" I said

"Yes, very clear," he replied.

I pulled David across the room between two columns and attached another cuff to each wrist; I removed his handcuffs, and used the ropes attached to his new cuffs to pull his arms up and out. I put another set of cuffs on his ankles and pulled them out so he was standing with his feet several feet apart, barely able to move. Then I removed his blindfold and stepped back so he could see me. I was wearing black leather boots that went up over my knees, tight shiny black latex panties, and a tight shiny black latex bandeau bra that made my nipples poke out. David looked at me, and I saw a drop of pre-cum dribble out of his hard cock and drool onto the floor. "Nasty," I said, although I really wanted to get down on my knees and lick his cock clean.

I stepped up to him and pressed my body against his; we kissed passionately and I ran my hands up and down his back, from the top of his spine down to his ass, briefly brushing against his balls; I felt them contract at my touch. I stepped behind David and rubbed my hips against his ass while running my hands down his neck, over his nipples, and then tightly grabbed his cock and balls. I moved around and bent over to lick the head of his cock, and pumped it with my hand.

"When was the last time you came?" I asked.

"It's been since Monday," he said.

"And did you jack off then, or were you fucking your voluptuous wife?" I asked.

"My wife, I fucked her," he said.

"Did that make her pussy nice and juicy? Did you make her cum?"

"Yes, yes she was very wet; she came several times," David replied. My pussy was getting pretty wet too. I sucked his cock and squeezed his balls tightly. With my other hand, I lightly fingered David's ass. I sucked him until he was moaning and clearly ready to cum. Then I stopped.

"You are much too eager to cum, " I teased, "only I get to cum. How many times do you think you could make me cum in one day?"

"20 times?" he asked.

"You're very ambitious; I like that. We'll have to see if you can do that sometime." I poured some lubricant on my hand and got behind him again. I rubbed his cock and balls and fingered his ass over and over, bringing him to the edge of cumming several times but always backing away.

"Your cock is being very naughty," I told him, "and it must be punished. Have you had clothespins attached to your body?" "Yes, once" he said. "Who did that to you? How many?" I asked. "A girlfriend, in college, like four clips on my balls," David admitted.

"Well..." I started, "today, we're going to try forty, all over your body, and see if that teaches that nasty cock a lesson."

And so I started putting clothespins on David - on his chest, nipples, tummy, thighs, balls, and finally right on his cock. He was panting and his erection was subsiding, so I knelt down and sucked on the head of his cock until it was bolt upright again. Then I got the dildo. I stood behind David and slathered lubricant on his ass, and then edged the dildo in. I fucked him with it gently, and his cock was copiously drooling pre-cum.

"You know what I bet would feel good now? If you buried that hard dick deep inside my hot wet cunt," I told him, and he groaned in agreement.

Then I slowly removed every clothespin, licking and kissing every spot where I removed one. Then I got some soap and hot water and washed the lubricant from his cock; I attached a restraining harness to his cock and attached a leash.

"I'm going to move you now so I can fuck you; don't try anything funny."

I took down the ropes attached to David's arms and legs and pulled him by the leash to the inflatable bed I had brought. Again, I tied him to four columns, on the bed, with his arms and legs wide open.

"You're going to lick my cunt and ass now, and if you don't do a good job, I'm going to cover your cock and balls with hot wax and never let you cum." In fact, I had lit candles all over the loft so he knew I was serious. I took off my latex panties and knelt over his face, facing his cock, and lowered my totally drenched and dripping pussy right on his mouth. He ate my pussy like a starving man, sticking his tongue way up into my pussy and my ass. Before long I had cum several times, each time drenching his face with more of my pussy juices; even his hair looked wet. Then I leaned forward, removed the harness from his cock, and licked it all over, poured baby oil on it, and rubbed and rubbed again bringing David to the edge repeatedly.

"How does your cock feel?" I asked him.

"Oh, Kate, my cock feels like its going to explode," he answered. I grabbed some ice and rubbed it around his cock, then more oil.

"It just wont go down ,that nasty cock of yours; I think I will have to whip it," I said. I grabbed my new riding crop and started lightly tapping on David's cock and balls. By now he was starting to moan. I started smacking his cock and balls a bit harder and harder, and the moaning got louder and longer until I thought he would spurt.

This all made me so hot that I had to stop and sit on his face again. He licked me ravenously and this this time I came copiously; really he was drenched in pussy juice. I again rubbed him all over with baby oil and grabbed a couple tall candles full of wax. I slowly dribbled candle wax all over his chest, tummy, thighs, and finally his cock and balls. David was panting, moaning, and his cock was throbbing. I had seen enough; I needed to fuck him right now.

"I'm going to clean you off, and then I'm going to fuck you. You are not to cum, understand? If you cum, I will keep whipping your cock and balls and pouring wax on them, and put all those clothespins back on until it's time for you to go home. I am not messing around anymore, I want to fuck but will not have you spoil my plans," I told him sternly, and I meant it this time.

"Okay, I'll try not to cum," he said.

"I'm fucking serious, you will not cum." I pulled the wax off his cock and washed it again, then tore off my top and climbed up onto him. I lowered my pussy down onto David's hard and throbbing cock. The thrill of feeling him inside me again was incredible. His cock was rock hard. I ground my clitoris down against his pelvis. In seconds, I came so loudly, so hard, I thought I would pass out. I kept fucking him, again and again, slowing when he asked me to, until I had cum several times. It was early evening. We were both a dripping mess, stinking of my pussy juices and sweat. So now would come the nastiest part of my plans for the day.

"You'd like to cum, wouldn't you?" I asked.

"Kate, yes, please, I want to cum so much, so deep inside you," David begged.

"You've been good, so I will let you cum today, but not yet. Now, we are going to eat and then go to a loud, crowded, sweaty dance club. We're going to dance, hot sexy dancing with lots of rubbing until my pantiless pussy is dripping. And when you get up the nerve to do it, I want you to turn me around, bend me over, and fuck me from behind until you cum, right there on the dance floor. Got it?"

"As long as we don't get arrested," he said.

"We wont get arrested where we're going," I laughed. I climbed off of David's cock and let a last few drop of my juices dribble onto David's chest, then rubbed it all in. I grabbed my new black leather miniskirt and put it on along with my tight black latex bandeau. Then I untied David and gave him the funky black silk pajama pants and t-shirt I had bought him to wear. His cock was still hard and bulged in his pants obscenely. He looked hot and sexy and sleazy, perfect for where we were going.

We went out to my car without cleaning up; I squatted and peed in the alley. David drove us to the outskirts of town so we could drive through the Burger King. On the way and in the drive-thru, I took out his cock and sucked it to make sure it stayed hard. David had his hand on my pantiless crotch, dipping his fingers into my drenched pussy. The boy at the service window liked the show.

We drove to a corner of the parking lot and ate quickly, then I told David where to go. We headed back to the warehouse district, but this time to a far more run down area. We saw a number of young men and women, all of them wearing dark clothes, many of the young men with shaved heads and piercings and the women with too many tattoos going into a warehouse.

We parked and I gave David a permanent black marker: "Draw on me, give me some tattoos, anything you want, words, pictures." David drew all over me, writing words (like "hot cunt is owned") and designs and pictures of men with hard-ons. He even drew on my pussy lips, which were dripping wet. His cock was still throbbing in his pants, but I dragged it out and gave him a few last sucks to make sure he would do his duty inside.

We went to the warehouse and paid our cover to get in; it was an abandoned old place where a band had set up to play for the night and the place was packed with young peoples, some goth but mostly grunge types. Barely dressed, we fit right in. It was very loud and crowded and hot. We got right in the middle and wrapped our arms around each other. We were grinding lewdly against each other, but no one could tell, it was that crowded. David had his hand up under my skirt, fingering my pussy, and I had a hand down his pants, squeezing his hard cock and balls. I lifted his shirt and started licking and biting his nipples. I turned around and rubbed my bare ass against his hard cock, dancing to the deafening music.

I faced him again and lifted a leg up around his hip so my wet pussy was pressed against his cock. We could both smell my pussy, and I drenched the front of his pants. I pulled down my bandeau and he bit and sucked on my hard nipples. No one noticed or cared. David turned me around so my ass was against his cock again; he reached around and started fingering my hot wet cunt, bringing his fingers up so I could lick them clean. Another hot young woman came up in front of me and pressed her hot body against my front. Instinctively, I ran my hands up and down her ribs, finally squeezing her breasts, she leaned her head back and smiled. My hands went down, until I could reach up under her skirt and touch her pussy. I snaked my hand into her panties. She was wet. I brought my fingers to my lips and tasted her. I wanted to eat her hot pussy. She kissed me hard and forced her tongue into my mouth. Her hands grabbed my breasts, she pulled down my top and squeezed my nipples.

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