tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Long Affair Pt. 04

My Long Affair Pt. 04


These are chapters seven, eight and nine of "My Long Affair":

Chapter VIII

David called me on my cellphone early Sunday morning: "Did you get the marker tattoos off yet?" During our last rendezvous, I had asked David to draw tattoos on me with a marker.

"Ha-ha, yes, I used rubbing alcohol. And where's your Mrs.?" I asked.

"On her way to church. She's not religious, but she likes to teach the children in Sunday School," he answered; David and his wife had no children of their own so I guess that's what she did to make up for it. "Did I wake you? Are you alone?" David asked.

I laughed, "mmmm, baby, after you fuck me it takes me a week to recover." In truth, even though I was not having sex with anyone else, I was also masturbating more than once a day thinking about David and what we had done so far.

"I have a proposal for you," he continued, "I have to go to Washington, D.C., on Thursday afternoon for a meeting Friday and I'll be coming back Saturday. Would you like to come with me?"

"Hell yes! Two days with you? Absolutely!" I shouted.

"Bring some comfortable clothes and also a fancy dress - we've been invited to a black tie embassy dinner; I'll supply the rest of what you'll need to wear. But it might be a good idea for you to wear a ring, then people won't wonder why I am wearing a ring and you are not," he said.

"I have a gold friendship ring I can wear. But tell me," I asked, changing the subject, "did you get laid last night?" He had; in fact, David told me all the juicy details about sex with his wife the night before. It made me very hot to hear what they had done, and I ended up rubbing myself while he described it all.

* * *

Dressed in a conservative skirt and blouse (and even a chemise and panties), looking very proper and professional, I met David at the airport gate on Thursday at noon. He walked right up to me with a huge smile, and we embraced and kissed like long lost lovers. He held me tightly, and I crushed myself against him. We sat together in first class, kissed, drank wine, grabbed each other, but it wasn't a long enough flight to do much else. David told me he had won a contract to design a new French chancery in our city and that we were invited to attend a dinner (as husband and wife) at the French embassy in Washington. He also had a meeting there on Friday morning, but the rest of the time he was mine; he also told me he had special plans for Friday night.

We kissed in the cab on the way to the hotel and felt each other up. I was already wet and my panties were soaked; David's cock was rock hard in his pants. All my rubbing had made his cock drip and there was a wet spot on his pants. I rubbed my finger on the spot, then licked my finger clean. We registered at the Four Season in Georgetown and went straight to our hotel room. Our room had a balcony overlooking the Potomac river and office buildings in view on the Virginia side.

I stepped outside; David came up behind me and put his arms around me. His hard cock was pressed against my butt, so I wiggled it against him. "Keep your hands on the rail," David told me. He reached around and began rubbing my breasts. He unbuttoned my blouse and put his hands up under my chemise so he could squeeze my nipples. I responded by rubbing my ass harder against his cock. With my blouse now open, he lifted my chemise, exposing my A-cup breasts and nipples to the bright sun. Then David reached down and lifted up my skirt in front; he rubbed the palm of his hand against my pantied pussy; my panties were drenched. He pulled my panties down and off; I scanned the office building across the river to see if anyone was watching us. David fingered my pussy as my juices ran down my inner thighs. I was close to cumming, but David stopped to drop his pants and quickly shoved his hard cock deeply into my pussy.

I moaned loudly and said "oh, yes, baby, fuck me." This time it only took David a few minutes before he was filling my pussy with cum. He knelt down then and began licking my pussy. I ground my cum-filled pussy down against his mouth while his tongue lashed my clitoris. Two of his fingers slid up into my ass, and I was groaning, moaning, and finally shouting as I came in the sunlight, in full view of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We moved back into our room and got on the bed; actually, there were two queen beds so we used the one by the window. I licked and sucked on David's cock and balls to get him hard again. I loved the taste of my pussy and his cum mixed together on his cock. When he was hard, I climbed up on straddled his cock and slowly lowered myself on to it. I laid down on his chest, and he held me tightly while I wiggled my hips and ground my clit against him. After I had a string of small orgasms, I laid down next to David, with my ass pressed against his cock, and he rubbed his cock up and down my ass, passing over the entrance to my ass, and finally, with my encouragement, began to insert his cock there while I rubbed my clit. It hurt a bit this time since we were less lubricated, but it was still great to have him deep inside my ass.

David began stuffing fingers into my pussy, and the wonderful feeling of three fingers there and his cock in my ass at the same time convinced me that I had to try a double penetration, and soon. David and I came together, and we nestled together, hugging and kissing for an hour, until it was time to get ready for our embassy dinner.

David was quite pleased when he saw me - I had "borrowed" a rather expensive, formal, and yet sexy dress from the store I manage and had had it altered to fit me perfectly. It was black, high in the front but quite low in the back, low enough that I had to wear it without a bra; it wasn't too short, but I wore it with black thigh-high stockings and no panties; I had a pair of conservative black heels to wear with it, and some diamond earrings, and of course the "wedding ring" I had brought. I was to be introduced as David's wife, age 29, and say we had been married 4 years. David, meanwhile, put on a handsome tuxedo. The valet called us a cab, and we headed over to the French embassy.

Fortunately, it was a large buffet dinner and many people attended, so my ruse of being David's kinky mistress pretending to be David's conservative wife was not too difficult. I had a lovely time flirting with an official from the British embassy, making up all kinds of crap about me and David and our years of marital bliss and hinting at nasty sexual secrets. And whenever I got the chance, I would back David against a wall, take his hand, and place it up under my dress onto my wet, hot pussy.

After dinner, we decided to take a taxi around the city to see the monuments lit up at night. In the back, David and I kissed, and I rubbed his cock through his tuxedo pants while he rubbed my clitoris. We stopped only briefly to view the Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson monuments and White House and Capitol from the taxi. We headed back to our hotel and decided to have last drink in the bar before bed. We sat in plush seats in the corner and David fetched drinks from the bar; two men sat at another table nearby. Then David said he wanted to see me cum.

"Here? Now?" I asked, with an evil grin.

"Yes," David hissed at me, trying to hold back his desire. So, I raised the front of my dress, little by little, until, as I sat with my legs slightly parted, only he could see my hot, swollen, and very wet pussy and my hot swollen clit peeking out. I licked my fingers and began rubbing myself, a slight moan escaping my lips as I dipped two fingers into my pussy for a moment to draw more juices up around my clit. I leaned my head back, but focused on David's beautiful brown eyes which were wide with desire for me. My pussy was very wet, and the back of the dress and perhaps the chair were getting damp. The other men, now looking in my direction, could see that my hand was in my lap, but couldn't see my pussy. I looked in their eyes with passion and desire, then returned my attention to David. He sat stoicly as I crammed three, then four fingers into my pussy and twisted them. My juices were flowing fast.

"Put in your thumb," David asked. I tucked my thumb underneath my other fingers and tried to corkscrew all five fingers into my sopping wet cunt. They started to slip in, but I was stretched to the max, panting loudly like a slutty bitch in heat. I worked my fingers around and in and out of my cunt until, with a suppressed moan, I came. David stepped up in front of me and downed the rest of his drink as I yanked my hand out of my dirty, naughty cunt. He took my dripping hand in his and helped me up, my dress slipping back down but not before exposing my nasty wet cunt to the other two men in the bar.

Hand-in-hand, David led me to the men's room. Right inside the door, I dropped to my knees and pulled out David's hard cock. I sucked it, and rubbed his balls and fingered his ass until he came, quickly, shooting his cum on my face and in my hair. I stood and we walked out, past the two men and the bartender, and across the lobby to the elevators, with David's cum dripping off my face. In the elevator, I wiped it off with my fingers and licked them clean. In our room at last, we quickly stripped off our clothes, kissed, and went to right to sleep in each other's arms.

David went back to the French embassy first thing in the morning for his meeting; he said he would call to meet me as soon as he was done. I had at least the morning alone, and I felt very alone without David and pretty much stayed in our room, only going out for a run on the trail nearby. I was very curious about what David had planned for our evening, and took a long hot bath and shaved again, this time deciding to shave off all the hair around my pussy. It felt kinky and lewd to have a bald pussy, but I held back the urge to rub myself. David called at Noon and was already finished; he told me he was going to become both rich and famous with this new contract, as the French government had decided to build an entire cultural center and museum in our city, not just a chancery, and David was going to design it all. My heart beat hard; in all honesty, I really wanted to be there with him, at his side through the times he had ahead. I felt a deep pang of envy for his wife, who loved him and whom he loved, but who left something small and important out of their relationship. I felt angry at her and wondered what was wrong with her.

I put on a light summer dress I had brought, totally nude beneath, and David met me for a late but quick seafood lunch in Georgetown (raw oysters and beer) near the hotel. During lunch, I told David that I wanted to see the Vietnam Memorial, so we took a taxi down to the National Mall. We saw the memorial and walked the Mall all afternoon until it was early evening. We were walking along the reflecting pool leading up to the Lincoln Monument and everything was very quiet; all the federal workers had gone home for the weekend and the tourists must have been eating dinner, so David and I were alone.

I stopped him and looked at him; he gave me a questioning look. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him slowly, chastely, passionately. I was ready to do anything he asked. If David had asked me to stay his mistress forever, I would have done it then, but there was no talking. We separated and David sat on a patch of grass in the trees. I walked up to him, hiked up my dress, and straddled his lap. His loins were hot and his cock was hard. We kissed, and I reached down and unzipped his fly. I took his cock out and then lowered myself onto his cock, so it filled me and throbbed inside me. My dress covered us and we sat motionless, holding each other. We stayed like that for a long time, kissing and rocking gently against each other.

Joggers passed us from time to time and gave us a curious look, but we weren't showing off. We were just sitting together, in the most intimate position possible, savoring the feeling, not trying to cum, until David said we needed to head back for dinner then get ready for the night. I stood up, exposing his cock and feeling my juices run down my inner thighs. After he tucked everything away, I held out a hand and helped him up. We took a taxi to one of the finest restaurants in Washington and ate and talked and drank wine.

Chapter IX

Back in our hotel room, we showered and put on our complimentary robes. David handed me a gift-wrapped package. "This is your attire for the evening," he said with a big shit-eating grin.

Inside, on top, was a very small and transparent g-string. I took off my robe and put it on; my pussy was clearly visible through the thin white cloth. Next was something black mesh: "It's a tube mini-dress for you to wear tonight," David said. I wiggled into it, and it was totally see-thru. My nipples were obvious; hell, it hid nothing, the white g-string was clearly visible and you could still pretty much see my now very hot and inflamed pussy through both. Also in the box were slutty high heels.

"We're not going out in public with this on me in Washington, D.C., are we?" I asked.

"No," he said, "we're going to a private club. It's a club for couples and bisexual women to meet others interesting in getting together. There's no sex at the club, I'm told, but many people end up with partners before the end of the night. And best of all, it's 'See-Thru Night' tonight."

"Oh, baby, what will we do there?"

"Anything you like," he replied. David dressed in hot, tight underpants and put on the black silk pants and shirt I had given him while I brushed my hair and put on some lipstick. He gave me a raincoat to wear and we went down to get a taxi.

We arrived at the club downtown and saw a lot of very hot and sexy young people headed in. David paid to "join the club" and we entered into a crowded but very clean nightclub. The women were mostly dressed in see-thru items like mine, some with no underwear at all. I checked David's raincoat and we went to the bar. There were two bars and a dance floor, and I saw a few people dancing, feeling each other up lewdly. I could smell the scent of pussy in the air, and my nipples were at full attention. As we pushed through to the bar, any number of hands brushed over my breasts and bare ass. Almost naked women brushed their breasts against me, and I was already sopping wet. See-Thru Night meant you could really see everything. Everywhere I looked there were nipples and pussies and even an occasional cock and balls, tantalizingly hidden behind there sheerest veils. There were so many young, beautiful people here, and so many women, I might have even started salivating.

We had to push through a crowd to get to the bar. David got us some stiff drinks. I grabbed his cock through his pants and it was stiff and throbbing in his underpants. It was a good thing his pants weren't see-thru. I felt another hard cock press against my ass and a breast pressed against my arm. Above the bar, on TV screens, I saw a video of two totally hot naked women crushed together in a small enclosed space, kissing, their hands caressing each others' pussies. "Oh baby, that is so sexy," I told David. I gulped my drink and started gyrating my hips to the music, dancing with David at the bar, enjoying David's hard cock in front and still feeling another hard cock pressed against my ass. We finished a couple drinks and I asked David to come dance. The hardness of his cock was pretty obvious, but then he wasn't the only one.

We went onto the dance floor and danced like teenagers - pressed against each other, getting our hands everywhere they could reach. I lifted one leg around David and pressed my hot wet pussy against his leg and started humping it. My panties were soaked and so were David's pants. But others around us were dancing likewise. We would turn and find some hot woman (and in my case sometimes a hot man) dancing next to you and more than once I felt a stray hand pass over my ass, pussy and nipples. More than once, I had a nice long lingering feel of someone's hard cock or hot pussy. A couple of people stopped us to welcome us to the club and said we were fitting in fine, but warned us to remember the rules: no public sex or total nudity, we were told. And only women were allowed in "the closet."

"What's the closet?" I asked. The woman pointed at the TV screens over the bar and around the club..

"That's not a movie," she said, "it's a closed circuit monitor. Two women can go into the closet in the back and do anything they like, as long as there's no overt penetration, and everyone else gets to watch." I looked at the screens again and another pair of women were in "the closet;" one was licking the other's pussy.

"Wow!" I said, feeling weak at the knees and wanting to lick something, anything, soon.

"You just ask if you want to try it, beautiful," the woman said to me, dancing away with her partner. David started pinching my nipples through the dress.

"You want to try it, don't you?" He asked with a smile.

"Absolutely, it'll warm me up for the rest of the evening." We moved to the lounge area and had a seat on an open couch. While we had a couple more drinks, several couples came to talk with us. Most of them were interested in knowing whether we had swapped before and we said we were open to anything; but we were in no hurry. But, then, a beautiful young brunette with long hair named Jeanette came and sat next to me. Her husband Len sat beside her. The four of us clicked right away and talked about a million things while her husband caressed her almost totally exposed C-cup breasts and rick hard nipples. David took that as his lead, and began running his fingers up and down my legs, then exposing my sheer wet panties, then openly massaging my clit through the thin opaque fabric. I found it hard to concentrate, and reached out to David. My hand fell on his lap and I could feel his cock throbbing inside. I squeezed him tight, and it was very clear that I held something hard and hot and big in my hand.

Our conversation with Jeanette and Len got increasingly sexual. She asked me if I like to suck cock, and I said of course I did. She asked me if I like anal and said she and her husband did it often. I said I loved anal and that David loved fucking my ass hard. She asked me if I'd ever licked another woman's pussy. I admitted I hadn't. Then she asked if she could kiss me. I almost fainted, and whispered "yes, please."

She leaned in and our lips met. Her tongue was in my mouth was soft and wet and mine responded. David's fingers pressed lewdly into the folds of my hot pussy. Then she put two finger up under her skirt and brought two totally drenched fingers covered with pussy juice to my mouth. I sucked them hungrily and told her I wanted to fuck her with my tongue. I asked her if she'd ever been in "the closet." She said once and would I like to try it with her.

"Yeah, right now," I said. We got up and Len and David sat on the couch talking and watching the TV screen showing the inside of the closet while Jeanette and I made our way there. Another hot twosome was coming out, faces wet with each other's juices. Jeanette and I went in. We put our arms around each other and kissed; I couldn't believe everyone outside was watching us but it made me incredibly hot to know they were. I wanted to put on a good show.

"I have to warn you, I get really juicy," Jeanette said. I could hardly wait!

Her fingers made it around my g-string and massaged my cunt; she had no panties on at all and her pussy was at least as hot and dripping wet as mine. Jeanette pulled off my dress and I removed her skirt and top. She knelt down, and plunged her tongue into my pussy, swirling around, licking up and down and all around my clit. I threw my head back and twisted and pulled my nipples; I thrashed and moaned, and in the end I came hard, rubbing my juicy cunt all over her mouth. I licked her face clean then sucked on her beautiful hard nipples. She was rubbing her hot wet pussy up and down my thigh and it was getting pretty wet. Finally, I too got down and stared at her beautiful, naked, wet pussy. Her pussy lips and clitoris were swollen and wet. My tongue reached in to touch her clit. She smelled and tasted so good. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me tight there while I licked her, squeezed his clit between my lips, nibbled with my teeth. She was moaning loudly and her juices were soon all over my face. She started shouting that she was going to cum, and she came with a gush. Her juices flowed out all over my face and breasts and dribbled down my front and over my own pussy. I was sold, I wanted to own one of these dolls for myself.

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