tagBDSMMy Long Affair Pt. 06

My Long Affair Pt. 06


These are the final chapters and epilogue to "My Long Affair":

Chapter XII

Friday morning finally arrived, and it was a warm, sunny, glorious summer day. I had postponed my big plans for David and me until today. David's wife was still away in Tokyo (until Tuesday morning) and, although he had been living with me for the past six days, David had agreed to take the day off work (as I had done) so we could get up early and be ready to go. Of course, David didn't know my plans or where we were going. We were up at seven in the morning and on our way down the highway. We stopped at the Fresh Fields supermarket and picked up finger foods for the weekend - cheese, bread, fruits, deli meats, yogurt, and such, as well as massive amounts of frozen margarita fixings, wine, and water.

We drove another twenty minutes and then I directed David off the highway, through a new subdivision, to more forested area with larger homes and horse farms tucked away behind white paddock fences. At last, I told him to turn into a driveway leading through a fence and into the woods. I leapt out to open the gate and asked David to drive up and stop so I could close the gate behind us. Then I got back into the car and asked him to turn off the motor for a minute.

"This is where we're spending the weekend," I told David.

"In the car?" he asked jokingly.

"Well, don't freak out, but this is my parent's place, but they're not here. They went away for a few days and I told them I would be out with a friend this weekend. Tomorrow I have some activities planned, but today, we'll call it the 'day of total nudity'," I told him with a grin, "So, what we need to do right now is take off all our clothes and any other clothes we've brought, and we're going to lock it all in the trunk for the rest of the day."

"You're in charge," he said, pulling off his t-shirt. We both undressed and took the other things we brought (except toothbrushes and stuff) and put them all in the trunk of David's car and shut them in. David was giving me the eye, as usual; he's the horniest guy I ever met, even at age 42. Then we got back in the car, and I told David we could go ahead up to the house.

"When my parents bought this place, it was way out in the country; but the city has gotten bigger and now we're in the suburbs. In fact, this was our weekend place when I was girl," I said.

"The trees in the woods are huge," David remarked, looking at the dense forest filled with old pine trees; the pine needles kept down the underbrush and made the woods a pleasant place to walk.

"Yes, it's pretty much all pine trees in the woods, the property is about 50 forested acres, and there's a paddock fence that runs around the whole exterior of the property." We drove on through the trees until we were deeply in the woods and came to the house on a hill in a wide clearing. The house, which my parents had fixed up over the years, was pretty big and very comfortable, and in backyard there was a patio and big swimming pool and spa.

We got out of the car, nude and running free on this great warm sunny day, and brought our food up to the house. David and I couldn't keep our hands off each other and kept squeezing and grabbing each other. We mixed our first round of frozen margaritas, and I showed David our bedroom which had a huge antique canopied bed. David was all smiles. Then I grabbed my tanning oil and towels, and we headed out to the pool. I ran, and David chased me, his cock bobbing up and down. He sloshed some margarita onto his front and I got to lick it off, yum. We spread our towels out on the stone deck and sipped our drinks. I felt so delicious laying out fully naked in the sun with David, and he looked yummy, naked in the sun, with his cock at half mast. It looked so good I had to give it a little kiss. David laughed and said my lips were cold, so I took a big gulp of my frozen margarita and took his cock into my mouth with it. His hot cock got instantly hard in my freezing cold mouth.

But we were just fooling around and I didn't mean to tease David all day, so I asked him if he would put some tanning oil on me. I laid down on my stomach and spread my thighs slightly. David was very enthusiastic about the task and poured a generous amount of oil on my back. His strong hands spread the oil and massaged my back, butt and legs. More than once, oil flowed down the crack of my butt, and David's hands chased it, rubbing and massaging the oil into my ass, pressing his fingers in slightly, making me really hot. As soon as he finished my back, I offered to do his. David laid down on his stomach and I poured a lot of oil on his back. I straddled his thigh, grinding my wet pussy on him. I massaged the oil into his back and ass, and likewise rubbed the oil around his ass and fingered him a little. I could see David's hard cock, pointed down, between his thighs. I rubbed more oil on his balls and saw his cock drip pre-cum. But this was just teasing still, and I eventually laid down again on my tummy. We continued sipping our drinks and I ran up to the house to get another round.

We lounged in the sun for a while and then decided to go for a swim. I jumped in the pool and David dove in and tried to grab me. I played hard to get and he chased me around the pool. He grabbed me at last (I let him, really) and we hugged each other in the water and kissed; David's hard cock poked against my pussy and felt delicious in the cool water. We swam around and splashed and climbed back out onto our towels.

This time, I asked David to spread tanning oil on my front, and I spread my legs lewdly exposing my hot cunt. Again, he poured oil on my chest and rubbed and squeezed my nipples, then moved down to my tummy and thighs, before rubbing oil all around my pussy, whose juices were running copiously down over my ass. But David didn't touch my clit or finger my pussy or ass for now, getting even with me I suppose. Of course, he wanted me to return the favor, so I poured a bunch of oil right on his cock and balls and massaged him until he was begging me to let him cum. Of course, I did not; instead, I jumped back into the pool. We also played a kinky little game of bocce ball - who ever was farthest from the target had to service the other person orally for one minute. We played like twenty rounds and both got really horny.

Our outdoor play went on all morning until we got pretty hungry, so we went up to the house to get some snacks for lunch. We picnicked outdoors on the patio in the shade and fed each other berries and drank more margaritas. David was so sexy to look at; I loved just looking at him naked, and having him naked all day was as much fun as I'd hoped.

He seemed to like it too, and, after lunch, he told me: "Kate, you are so beautiful, and so natural when you are nude; clothing just masks your beauty, but seeing you like this makes me want to embrace you and kiss you every second of the day. You are so special." Of course, I was pretty flattered and sat on David's lap and gave him a big wet kiss. My hot little pussy literally drooled all over his bare cock, so I had to clean that off.

After lunch, I talked David into going for a hike with me in the forest. Since the property was fenced, no one else ever walked through. The forest had a lot of paths and secret places. Mostly, the forest was pine trees and open ground, but some areas had overgrown some and were dense with prickers and nettles. We walked through the woods along the paths, in and out of the sunshine, holding hands, naked all afternoon. I showed David the large pond, which you could actually swim in, and the fresh water streams you shouldn't drink from, the foxhole I had dug out as a kid (just a large muddy hole), and the "campsite."

The campsite was a place we had cleared out when I was a child. It had a brick ring for campfires and a small log cabin containing a bench, table, and large platform to lay sleeping bags upon. I had only slept there a couple times as a child and remembered it as being pretty spooky. Finally, David and I went back to the pool and went for another swim. This time, when we kissed, it was loving and very very intense. We got back out and laid down on our towels. As we lay in the sunlight, I kept my hand on David's cock and balls and played with them. I asked David if he would consider shaving down there too, like I had, but he thought that would be a little much for his wife who had only recently let him shave her after years of begging. I must say, she really didn't know how much fun she was missing.

Finally, I was just so horny I leaned over and kissed David; his hand found my pussy and cupped it. It was burning up. I climbed on top of David in a sixty-nine, and we licked and sucked each other, his tongue exploring every fold of my pussy and ass. I devoured his cock and balls and lapped at his ass and stuck my tongue in as far as I could.

"Please fuck me," David begged. I mounted his cock and slowly lowered myself onto him, as we lay outdoors in the broad daylight by the pool. It felt so free and natural and pleasant, like fucking each other was the most wholesome activity on Earth. We moved around a few times, but with me back on top, I pounded down on David's cock and ground my clit against him until I was shouting, scaring the birds, and screaming out my orgasm in the sunshine, and David, almost simultaneously, erupted and filled my pussy with so much cum that it oozed out and covered his balls and ass. Naturally, I licked him clean, and then we went for another naked swim.

It was getting to be early evening, so I told David I had a couple things to do to prepare for the next day and asked him to fix dinner - we had picked up steaks and lobster tails to grill (David liked to eat well). He was a little worried about his bare cock touching the hot grill, so I told him he could wear an apron. It looked really silly with his butt sticking out, but at least it was a nice butt. I went off to arrange a few surprises for David. We ate again on the outdoor patio - our grilled meats, salad, grilled summer corn, and much wine, and told each other awful jokes that made me laugh so hard I actually spitted out some food. Not very ladylike, I know, but it made David laugh even harder.

After dinner, we took our wine and berries to the spa and climbed in next to each other. We agreed it had been a great day and a lot of fun to spend it entirely naked with each other, and we kissed and caressed each other and talked about a million things. At one point, David said: "The only problem with our arrangement is that we really can't share it with anyone, except maybe people like Kelly and Jim [the couple we had met to watch have sex last Saturday night]."

I agreed, and said "that may be one reason why so many of the couples on the swinger website want to become friends with other people in the lifestyle first. We could do the same, I guess."

"Yeah, I suppose," David said, "although you will eventually go off to medical school."

"That doesn't mean we can't share our good times with some nice people now, and who knows what will happen in the future?" I told him. David didn't reply to that. We sat out quietly then until the moon came up and the stars shone brightly.

Finally, disappointed that the day was ending, we dried off and moved inside to our bedroom. David lit a few candles and I spread out nude on the huge bed beneath the heavy canopy. David climbed in to find me looking at him lovingly. He kissed my knees, thighs, pussy, tummy, nipples, neck and then I grasped him tightly and kissed him hard on the lips.

"Okay," I said, "let me tell you a few things. First of all, I am totally in love with you. I may just be your kinky little mistress, but I can't stop thinking about spending the rest of my life with you. I want to be with you all the time. I know how bad that is, how much it violates everything we agreed upon. But I know you won't leave your wife, so it makes me really sad. I'm just a naughty little bitch."

David choked out: "don't you think I have strong feelings for you, too? I love being with you, Kate. I love that your attitude toward everything is so fresh and enthusiastic. I love your humor and your brain and your playfulness. But eventually you will need to move on and then so will I."

"Look," I told him, "I need you, I want you to show me something; I want you to teach me that being a little slutty mistress and belonging to you means more than just days of great fucking. I want you to show me that being a slutty whore means that you can do anything with me you want, so I have a special plan for tomorrow."

I went to the dresser and got out a box I had put there. "Let me explain what we're going to do," I started. "When you wake up tomorrow, I'll have already gone outside. You can do whatever you like, get dressed, sit at the pool, anything. But, until midnight tomorrow, I will do and want to submit to anything your wildest imagination can devise. When you get up, I'll be out in the woods, naked and hiding like a runaway slave girl. I will not leave the property or pass over the fence that surrounds the property. Now open the box." David opened the box and found a paintball gun.

"It's borrowed, so please don't lose it," I said, "and it has three paintballs in it. Before midnight tomorrow, you must track me down and capture me by shooting me with a paintball, but you only get those three chances. If you don't capture me, I will escape and that means that you don't control me and I will probably go out and fuck up your whole life. If you do capture me, I want you to take me to the campsite I showed you. You will have until midnight to teach me the lesson I need and want to be taught. I have left a lot of things there you can use. You can do anything to me and to my body you want: fuck me, whip me, brand me, anything at all. Can you do that, can you be ruthless with me?"

"Yes," was all David said. Then he put the box down, kissed me once more tenderly and lovingly, and blew out the candles. For a change, we were laying down somewhat apart.

In the dark, I heard David whisper to me: "I love you, Kate," and I replied, "I love you too."

Chapter XIII

By seven the next morning the sun was well up, but the air was foggy and cool. I had already been awake a couple hours and was naked in the forest. I was nervous as hell. This wasn't going to be good for me either way, but today, at least, it was all up to David because today I belonged to him body and soul. Whether I was caught or not would be entirely up to David and how hard he tried to find me. The forest was big, but not so big that I could really hid in it all day. David could be out looking for me now, or he could be back at the house drinking coffee and watching TV. I knew if he found me, it would not be pleasant.

I was off in the woods in a place where the trees were thicker. I laid down in the cool pine needles, which poked and tickled my body, and brushed some up on my back, and watched. An hour passed, and I could feel ants crawling on my body and had to pee, so I got up cautiously and hid behind a large old pine. Just as I was letting go, I heard a stick break and peeked around. I didn't see anyone, but being spooked I decided to crawl away. I got down on my belly and crawled beneath some underbrush. The needles poked and scratched me all over, and a branch dug into my butt. I was getting muddy already. I stayed here for a while but decided it might be a good idea to move. I figured David would try looking in all the places I had shown him, so I stayed away in the darker parts of the forest, getting muddier and filthier with every passing minute. My heart was pounding; I wasn't sure I had done the right thing, maybe this was a huge mistake.

I heard footsteps and crouched down low in a low spot between two trees. The low spot had collected water and was filled with black mud which got smeared all over my legs, cunt, ass, tummy, and breasts.

I heard him then: "I see you, stay there!" But I couldn't stay; I bolted, running through the trees that whipped my breasts, tummy, cunt and legs as I went diving through the trees. I came up to the pond and slipped on the muddy bank and slid in. Rather than climb out, I decided to swim to the other side. On the other side I ran again, then turned left and doubled back, finally crouching down cautiously to see if I could spot David. Not looking where I was going, I tripped and fell into the brambles. The thorns dug into my naked skin and I screamed out. I climbed out painfully and ran off again, arriving at my old foxhole. I dove in and was again covered in mud. I had to take a minute to pick the thorns out of my skin. One was buried in my left nipple; another had stuck right next to my clit. As I pulled it out, I realized my cunt was drenched and inflamed. Despite the mud, I was driven to rub my pussy for a moment. Ohhh, what did I want? To be caught, fucked, abandoned? I didn't know. I didn't have to know. It was for David to decide.

By now, however, I had gotten very thirsty, and there were only four places in the forest where I had left large bottles of water for me to drink: at each corner of the rectangular property. I headed in the direction of the nearest corner, which also ran along side the road. I ran crouching through the woods until I reached the corner, but there were many cars driving past now and there was no way I could get the bottle without being seen. I got down on my tummy and crawled as low as I could to the water bottle. I was actually dragging my hot cunt on the pine needles and was afraid I would cum. Just then someone honked their horn. I grabbed the bottle and ran into the trees.

I had a chance to stop and drink deeply, but again I heard footsteps and looked cautiously around the tree to see David just a few feet away. He was dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. He held the paintball gun. He was not playing around.

"Come out, Kate. You know I will get you eventually," he called out to the trees. Obviously he didn't know where I was, but thought I was in the area. He stopped to pee against a tree, and when he had his cock in his hand I made my break, running again through the trees as hard as I could, being whipped by the branches and stuck by thorns across my arms, breasts, tummy and legs. A paintball exploded against a tree a few inches to my right. David was running after me, and much better dressed to do so. I slammed into a tree and felt the rough bark scratch across my nipples. I hurdled a fallen tree and zigzagged through the woods before diving under some more underbrush. Laying on the cool, muddy dirt with thorns sticking in my side, back and butt, I tried to control my breathing. David ran past. I couldn't believe how horny I was.

All I wanted now was to get fucked, and with mud covering my body and thorns sticking in my breasts and inner thighs, I rolled over and began rubbing my nasty cunt in earnest. I needed to cum. I wanted David to fuck me but wasn't sure if he would. "Come out now, on your hand and knees" he said, standing only a few feet away from me. I jumped and yanked my muddy hand away from my cunt.

I crawled out, panting, and David had the paintball gun trained on me. But maybe he had not loaded it correctly? So, I jumped up and began to run. Instantly, I felt the wet smack of the paintball on my ass. I stopped, and fell to my knees. I was David's, and now he had me.

At the campsite, David tied my hands tightly behind my back. He held a water bottle to my lips and asked me to drink. He poured the water in, and it cascaded down over my chin and washed some of the dirt off my breasts, tummy, pussy and legs. He didn't speak. He tied a bandana across my mouth as a gag. He tied a nasty, prickly old hemp rope around my waist. The rope dangled down in front. He threaded it between my legs and up my back, then threw the rope up over a branch. He pulled the rope so it was right at my pussy and at the slightest move I would feel the prickly rope on my pussy and ass; a step in any direction would cause it to dig in and burn. He tied the rope off and came around as I stood before him.

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