tagGay MaleMy Lost Date

My Lost Date


Thanks to LadyPineRose74 for the fantastic editing!


I was supposed to go out with my man-friend, after work, the other day. I was hopeful that he was going to take me out to this amazing Mexican place that he talked a lot about. I rushed home, jumped in the shower, and was ready in twenty minutes. I wore this super short, black skirt, a tight white shirt, and my red, fuck me shoes, with 4 inch heels.

He called, as I was dressing and asked me to meet him at his house. This was different from what we usually did, so it took me some time to find his house, as I had never been there before. To describe this man, he is really and truly the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my life, real or not. He's about 5'8", and probably 160 lbs. soaking wet. His skin, which I want to lick every inch of, is the exact color of dark chocolate.

We have been dating, casually, for about three months now. But for some bizarre reason, we have not had sex. I don't know why. It's not like I haven't tried. However, he is such a blast to be around. So it's alright, but it still aggravated me.

So anyway, it took a bit to find the house, but I eventually did. I went up to the door, and knocked. Nothing happened, so I knocked again. That's when I noticed the note on the door that said to come in. As I entered, I looked around in amazement. The entire living room was filled with candles. They were, seriously, everywhere, making the room very warm. I went into the kitchen, and found a bottle of wine and glass on the counter with another note telling me to have a glass. "What a sweetie," I thought, but where in hell was he? I poured a glass and continued to look around. I found the bathroom, and found it full of candles, and oddly enough, a cold bubble bath. Hmm? Really? What the hell is going on here?

As I stand there pondering, my ears pick up some very familiar noises, and I, automatically, shut off the control I had over my lust. The sounds were coming from a half open door, right down the hall. Is the man really watching porn before our date? Although, with all the candles, one does wonder. Time to investigate.

I started to push the door open, and heard a man's voice say, "Oh god, baby, let me taste you!" I, then, my friend say, "That's right! I know you like it like that." I just about dropped the glass of wine when I heard this. Seriously! What the fuck?!?!?

I pushed the door all the way open, and looked inside. It was very hard to see, as it was almost pitch black in there, with only one candle burning. After a few seconds, my eyes adjusted to the darkness, and I could, barely, make out a blondish guy, lying on his back on the bed, with his head hanging off the end. He was utterly naked, and apparently enjoying himself very much. He was trying to moan, but was having a hard time, because his mouth was very full.

I could see that his mouth was full of a man, or rather part of a man. He was sucking the largest cock I had ever seen, which happened to be attached to my beautiful friend. Who was supposed to be taking me out to dinner? Maybe, dinner had been canceled, because he was obviously having dessert.

I continued to watch, felt a surge of jealousy, perhaps even wanton lust. I couldn't do a damn thing, but stand there with my mouth gaping open. I could barely breathe. Neither of them seemed to notice my arrival, as they were enjoying themselves so much. Both guys' eyes were closed, and the blond guy's hands were on my friend's ass, pulling him closer.

Now, I have given a blow job, or two, in my life, but have NEVER had my mouth fucked like that before. I got so hot watching the two of them, that I felt my panties get instantly soaked. Finally, I spot a chair close enough to watch the action, and collapse into it. The white guy still had no idea I was there, but I guess the movement startled my friend. He looked over at me, said hi, and gave me a sinister grin.

He turned back to the job at hand. He pounded his cock into this guy's mouth, alternating between fast and slow speeds. Eventually, he looked back toward me, nodded at guy, and said "he's never had two at once," as he licked the sweat off his lips.

Smiling, I took a sip of wine, and climbed up on the bed, careful not catch anything with my heels. I straddled the guy's legs, and his eyes flew open. He froze. My friend told him, "It's ok. Keep going." The blonde hesitated, then obeyed, and continued to suck him off.

I leaned over and started to lick him. I love the feel of dick on my tongue. I started at the base, and licked my way to the top. He gave a muffled wail, but kept going. I put the head of his cock in my mouth, and licked the precum oozing out. Man, he was sweet. I loved it! Some guys just don't taste that good.

I put one hand on his thigh, and cradling his balls with the other. I licked his shaft up and down, until I felt his rhythm change. He was getting impatient. I glanced up at my friend, noting his glazed look. I slid my mouth over the head of the guy's cock, swirling my tongue around. Very quickly, I swallow him all the way down my throat. I heard the blond holler that time. Surprised, my friend told me to do that again. Smiling, I swallowed his dick again, but this time I licked his balls, just for good measure.

Both men rewarded me with another yell. All of a sudden, I can felt the tension thicken, and knew they were, both, about to lose control. Sucking as hard as I could, I was, finally, rewarded with the blond's hot jism in my mouth, just as my friend came in his. He collapsed on the bed, narrowly missing both of us, and grabbed for me.

Looking up at me, he ordered me kiss him. Leaning over, I kissed him, spilling some of the sweet nectar into his mouth. His tongue invaded my mouth, searching for the all of the hot cum. He didn't want to share. He wanted it all! God, he made me so hot!

After we kissed, I snuggled down next to him. While he caught his breath, the other guy looked at me and said "Mumble, mumble, mumble, goddess?" I laughed. My friend said, "You're more like demon."

I kissed him nice and slow. He stretched and sighed contentedly. Laying his head on my chest, he said, "Well?"

"Well, now," I say, "that was interesting."

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