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My Love


Authors Note: This is the first story I wrote and kept. It was written at the request of a male friend of mine so I wrote it cautiously, not wanting to be too…erotic actually *S* It’s more romance than sex I feel…let me know what you think!


The water felt cool and refreshing against my warm skin. This summer had been far to hot. Reluctantly, I shut the water off and pulled back the shower curtain. At first I didn't notice you standing there with a towel in your hand. Then, when I did, I automatically reached for the shower curtain and wrapped it around myself. You laughed lightly, that warm, seductive laugh of yours and I relaxed my grip on the curtain. You reached out your hand and pulled the curtain slowly away from me, gave me your hand, and lead me out of the tub.

Silently you kissed my cheek and began drying me off with the soft, white towel. You carefully dried my wet hair, massaged the back of my neck, slid the towel down my back, across my waist, over my arms, and then lightly moved the soft cotton across my breasts. I couldn't hold back any longer, I let out a soft moan and moved myself closer to you. You looked down at me and smiled that incredibly sexy smile of yours and I let all of my lust show in my face. You kissed me, a soft chaste kiss, and lead me into the adjoining bedroom.

Without a word, you lay me down on the bed, fixing the pillows and pulling the bed sheet over me. You lightly kissed my forehead and whispered into my ear to "Get some sleep, my love." I closed my eyes and drifted off into a dream world filled with images of you and me making love far into the morning hours.

When I awoke I found you lying next to me. You were laying there in all your seductive glory, starring at my face, watching my reaction to waking up with you in my bed. You grinned at me and asked, "Did you sleep well my love?"

I couldn't help but smile upon remembering my dreams of us together, "I slept very well."

You moved closer to me, put your arm around my neck, pulled me in as if to kiss me and simply whispered "Good" into my ear. I couldn't control myself, it had been so long since I had tasted your sweet kisses, felt your body next to mine, I gave into my urges.

Hungrily I kissed you with a passion and desire I didn't even know I'd had inside me. I felt your body respond to my kisses and I instinctively moved myself against you. You let out a soft groan and broke the kiss. You looked deep into my eyes and said, "Do you have any idea how very much I have missed being with you, missed holding you, kissing you, touching you, tasting you, being inside you, and in general, just getting off because of you?"

I smiled at you and wiggled myself against your already hard cock, "I do, I've missed you too. Having you lying beside me, knowing that I can just roll over and have you inside me, that's what I miss the most."

You waited a moment before moving me onto my back and straddling me. "God, I've missed being with you so much." you said as you moved your face down to my neck. You traced your warm, moist tongue across my collarbone, down between my breasts then back up to my mouth.

I kissed you hungrily and pushed you down on top of me, desperately whispering, "Please, I need you" into your ear.

You pulled away, still above me, but not touching me. You looked deep into my eyes and asked, "Do you? Do you need me or do you just want me?"

I tried desperately to pull you back down for another kiss, but you stayed still. I looked into your eyes and saw a pain there, a pain that I had caused. "I don't know why your hurting, but let me take the hurt away. I've missed you so very much," as I said it, I slowly slid my hand between our bodies.

As soon as my hand reached your abdomen, you pulled it away. You brought my hand up to your mouth and slowly kissed every finger, then laid my hand down at my side. "I didn't come here to fuck you. We did that in the past and it only caused pain for both of us. I leave tomorrow, and I came to show you how much I love you." Before I could say anything, you brought your mouth down to my breast and began slowly tracing your magnificent tongue in slow sensuous circles around first one hard nipple and then the other.

I couldn't help myself, it had been so long, the pleasure you were already bringing me just wasn't enough, I wanted more, I needed more. I pulled your mouth from my breasts and forced you to look into my eyes, "Please, I need you. Its been so long, please, please." I never liked begging for anything, but my need was so strong, I couldn't stand knowing you were here with me and you weren't inside me already.

As always, you read my eyes and knew there was more going on inside my mind then I was saying, you made me look into your eyes and you asked me softly, "I meant what I said, I leave tomorrow morning before you'll even be awake. What do you want to happen with us tonight?"

I looked deep into your eyes and whispered, "I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me, please, I need you inside me." You kept your eyes locked on mine as your hand slowly moved down between my breasts, over my stomach, across one thigh and then the next. You slipped your hand down across my inner thigh, and then stopped.

You looked into my eyes and whispered, "Tell me what you want."

My eyes fluttered, and my breath quickened, "Touch me, taste me, fuck me, just do something, please."

You smiled and slid your hand down, slipping your fingers deep inside my wet pussy. We both moaned and I looked at your face, it was covered with pleasure, and with pain. "How could I have forgotten how warm you are, how wet you are, how God damned good you feel?" You asked quietly as your fingers re explored my body.

"You always make me warm and wet. You and only you." I said as I gazed deep into your sad eyes. A single tear slid down your cheek and I lightly kissed it away. You looked at me, shocked and I pulled your hand from inside my wet pussy. I brought your hand to my mouth and slowly licked my juices off your talented fingers.

Your eyes closed tight and you collapsed on top of me and whispered sadly, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come to you like this. I thought I could control myself, but I can't. I need you."

I moved down and positioned our bodies just right and guided your hard cock deep into my hot pussy. Both of us lay still for a moment, remembering back on our various days and nights of unbridled passion. You let out a deep groan and began moving slowly in and out of my pussy. I stopped holding myself back and began moving with you. In and out, faster and faster, harder and harder. Everything became one sensual blur...until I heard you cry out my name and felt you cum inside me. It felt warm, wet, and very good. I held your cock tightly inside me, savoring the moment, and then reluctantly let you pull out of me and lay down on the bed beside me.

We lay there, silent, for a few moments until you ran your fingers through my hair and asked quietly, "Did you enjoy that?"

I ran my hand across your smooth chest and replied, "Yes, I enjoyed it very much. It was incredible."

You put you hand under my chin and made me look deep into your eyes again, "You say it was wonderful, but you can't mean it. You didn't cum, so it couldn't have been wonderful."

I knew lying and saying that I had cum would be a waist of time, "Your right, I didn't cum, but it was still incredible," I said truthfully.

You kissed my neck and whispered, "I want to make you cum. I want to....." You trailed off and began working your way down to my breasts with your mouth again.

"You want to what?" I asked, knowing what I wanted the answer to be.

"I want to put my head between your legs and lick your pussy and make you cum like you've never cum before." My eyes closed, my head moved back, and my body was suddenly very aware of you moving my legs father and farther apart. "Would you like that?" you asked as you kissed your way down my stomach.

My hands twined into your hair and I barley got out the words, "God, yes" before I felt your tongue slide deep into my pussy and you began urging me closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy.

Moans of pleasure and bits of words poured out of my mouth as my body spasmed and you lapped up my juices. You moved up my body and kissed me deeply but briefly. "Now that you have made me cum, and I have made you cum, it is time for you to get some sleep, my love. Sleep, my love, and dream of paradise." I closed my eyes and slept once again.

I awoke and found myself lying alone in a room that reeked of pleasure. Wherever you are, know that I will never forget how incredible that night together was, my love.

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