My Love,

byLady Lay©

My Love,

As I linger on the rocks looking out across the ocean, I can feel the salty spray gathering on my skin and think to myself what a wonderful glorious fantastic delicious day. I can feel the warmth of the sun beaming down on my face, the delicate scent of lilacs is lingering in the air, and I am so in love.

The world is truly accurate when they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder for my longings for you have grown steadily with each passing day. The memories of your smell, your touch and your playful laughter fill each day. This day has been as all the others before it since your parting…filled with longing for you.

The morning breeze tosses my hair as the hypnotizing waves make me wonder if you are standing on a sandy beach looking back at me. You whose pen strikes a fire in my soul, the one I ache to walk on the beach with hand in hand, to playfully touch your skin and run my hands through your silky hair, such a delicious thought.

My head leans back and my body arches as I raise my hands skyward and feel the breeze encase my skin, as if your outstretched arms are caressing me. The swirling puffs of air causes my clothing to wrap around me as though you are holding me close. I close my eyes and feel you standing behind me, your gentle touch moving up and down my sides, your hands warm and loving, and I shudder with wanting.

I gasp as the chill of the morning causes small orgasmic tremors to move through my body. The touch of the cool moist air is like your tongue moving wantonly between my breasts and down my stomach. My nipples harden as my linen top moves gently over them. So aroused they tighten as the sun gently dries and encases them with the warm salty spray.

As the waves lap leisurely onto the shore and kiss my feet like soft silky lips I retreat to my secluded space between earth and sky and once again read the arousing words of your seductive letters.

Bunching my skirt underneath me to form a soft cushion I cross my legs and sit on a patch of wet grass while placing your letters in the pocket of my skirt. I listen to the whispers of the sea loving the way it is teasing and calling to me.

Cursing as I feel that the distance is cruel, I uncross my legs and lay with my back on the grass. My arms beneath my head and my feet pulled up close to me making my knees tower in front. The breeze is gentle and cool as it moves in under my skirt and caresses my thighs.

The radiance of the sun as it dances off the icy white clouds reminds me of the happiness it brings when we are together, tied for eternity by a single thread. Memories resound of embraces shared on this beach, cuddling under the dazzling sapphire sky while the joy of your love surrounds me here.

As I lay in the grass the sun moves behind a darkening cloud, the wind picks up and a wave splashes up between my legs causing a shiver to race through my body as it cups my mound before retreating into the sea. My eyes close as I gasp at the chilled finger that kisses and gently moves away. Was that you touching me?

Enjoying each wave as it slaps harder and harder onto the shore and me, my eyes remain shut. Breathlessly I lie there as the wind begins to blow and lightening dances from cloud to cloud. The thunder seems to join with the rolling seas as stronger waves that are more insistent roll underneath my body causing my senses to rise to an even higher pitch. I moan as the sea hits between my legs and retreats just to return and hit again.

The wind picks up causing the ocean to lurch against the rocks, the lightning strikes closer and faster with the continuous roar of thunder coming without delay, shaking the beach. I groan and roll onto my stomach clasping my hands over my head, covering my ears trying to drown out the sounds of the squall. It is, as if, the storm has joined in our anger, and has connected to the unwelcome tension of our separation.

I stand and struggle against the howling winds and flowing sand to make my way to the safety of the cottage. As I near the house, I look back at the emptiness of the beach and wring and twist the salty brine from my drenched skirt then toss my head back squeezing the torrent of salt water from my hair. The thunder continues to howl its anger and turbulent tears tumble down my cheek as I join in its rage.

As I reach the safety of the porch, the howling wind of the growing storm encases me like the fist of an unseen giant pulling me back towards the shore. The thunder yells its rage at my attempt to leave and the lightning blazes as if to light my way back, I resist, knowing the futility of trying to cross such a vast distance and struggle against this unseen foe to open the door. As I undo the latch to the house, the storm slams the door against the wall in an attempt to disable my refuge. I dart inside and grab the door in an attempt to shut out the storm. With one last bellow of defiance, the storm engages me in a final dual to block my retreat to safety.

Before rummaging through the drawers to find matches to light the oil lamps, I rub my hands up and down my arms trying to warm myself wishing it were you. A streak of lightning startles me…frightening me…as the storm continues to shriek its rage. The room grows even darker as I wrench the curtains closed. Now in total darkness I fumble for the lamps to create an oasis of light in this desert of darkness.

The letters… protected… sit on the kitchen table. Drenched to the bone and shaking with cold my fingers fumble with the buttons of my blouse and skirt as I let them drop to the floor in a sodden mass. I look down and can see the tiny lumps of flesh rise as the cold embraces my body, and wish that you were here to chase them away with your warm soothing touch.

After putting on one of your old soft flannel shirts that I keep on a chair near the door, and buttoning it down, I place some logs in the fireplace and sit with matches in hand lighting torn pieces of yesterday’s news. Placing the tiny-wadded shreds of paper between the wood, I watch as the timber starts to flare and increase the luminescence of the room.

You always hold me so close when the storms hit. You know how terrified I become, how my body braces against yours with your arms wrapped around me, protecting me. I miss you so.

Canvassing my surroundings and feeling warm and safe I return to the kitchen and spy your letters still sitting on the table. They disappear into the sleeve of your shirt as I reach for them and return to the warmth of the fire.

With the storm still howling outside I curl up beside the fire and start to read each word once again. You share what is happening in the land so far away and I envision all you tell me as my hand runs down your shirt, opening the top buttons, you always liked it better that way.

Your words continue and then you start to tease…

You write of how you enjoy placing your hand under my chin and raising it to meet your lips as your tongue attacks mine and how you love it when I press my mouth against yours with such urgency, how you love the downy texture of my throat as you nuzzle my neck. You say you love to feel the goose bumps that form on my arms as your hands slowly move down them then back up my sides. I love these words. A tremor of passion moves through my body and I can almost taste your lips on mine as I read.

I take a deep breath and move closer to the fire. Lying on my back, I hold your letter in one hand and begin to unbutton my shirt. Each button slides open as my fingers move over them then inside as I run my hand across my breasts then down my stomach. My skin still feels cool from the driving rain as my hand moves further down into the patch of wet between my thighs.

Your persistent words continue to tease creating a want in me, a fire that only you can quench. Rolling onto my stomach and standing, my now open shirt reveals all of me to the emptiness of the house. As I reach the bedroom door and look inside, I realize that the emptiness of the beach and the house is nothing more than my longing for you.

I revel in the beauty of our private room, the tossed pillows and the down comforter that swallows our bed. Too tired to dress for the night I let the old flannel shirt drop onto the throw rug beside the bed and curl up naked under the sheets wrapping my arms around a lonesome pillow as I at last fall asleep…the storm still raging outside.


A loud earth shattering explosive clap of thunder wakes me and I hear the door in the living room crash open. Jumping out of bed and grabbing the flannel shirt I race towards the living room to find you standing in the open doorway, drenched…the lightning crashing behind you.

My feet barely touch the wooden floors as I race towards you. Devilishly handsome, the outline of your shoulders strain against the fabric of your wet half-open shirt, revealing a powerful chest covered with crisp brown hair. You drop your pack and catch me in your sturdy muscular arms…twirling me around and holding me against your chest as my arms lock around your neck. Your foot catches the door and slams it behind us as my mouth searches for yours, never wanting to let you go.

Parting my lips as your mouth presses against mine I can feel the cold rain soaked clothes your wearing and the warmth of your mouth as you kiss me…the extreme disparity causes familiar chills to run up and down my spine.

Unwillingly dropping from your arms, my feet feel the floor under them once again as I press up against you and begin to loosen your tie. I unwrap it from around your neck and let it slip through my fingers and fall to the floor. Drops of moisture cling to your damp forehead as you teasingly toss your head spraying me with the rain-drenched moisture in your hair as I continue to unbutton your shirt.

Wrapping your arms around me, crushing me against you, you raise my chin once again to meet your mouth, our tongues entwine, playing as though the desire of the moment is all that we need to survive.

With our mouths still locked you bend down and lift me into your arms, my arm drapes around your neck as my other hand begins to move inside your shirt…gently running my fingers through the hair on your chest. I love the way you are holding me as you carry me into our bedroom and with one free arm toss the comforter onto the floor before laying me on the pillows.

I watch as your hips start to rotate and you slide your fingers down the buttons of your shirt, slowly teasing me as each open button shows more and more of your chest. Grinning and turning with your back to me you look over your shoulder and wink then let your shirt drop off each broad tanned shoulder and slip down each arm to the floor, you then turn and face me as your hands start to loosen your belt.

Biting my lower lip as I half sit up in bed and bunch a pillow under myself, I watch as you continue to unfasten your belt. You fall to your knees and slide across the floor towards the bed and with one quick snap remove the belt from its loops tossing it across the room. I am laughing, so hard, as I reposition myself on my elbows and press the pillow under my chest, watching as you slowly unzip your slacks.

You stand and lean towards me catching my mouth; you kiss me hard, one hand teasing my breast as the other hand moves down my back then you move away. With your back to me, you let your slacks slowly fall to the floor and flex your butt cheeks as you look around at me with a devious grin on your face.

Dancing with your hands above your head you move across the room to the stereo and turn the volume of the bass up and the treble down, letting the beat of the drums fill the air. Getting up from the bed, I meet you in the center of the room and my hands start to move through the wisps of curled hair on your chest. You close your eyes. My fingers begin making small circles down your stomach as my tongue plays with your skin, tasting you for the first time in so long.

My mouth continues to follow my hands as they move down your thighs and down your legs, kissing and loving the way your body is moving to the sounds. Kneeling in front of you as your body continues to move to and fro with the music my hand moves up between your thighs…fondling the large weighty spheres…holding them as my tongue moves up the long thick smooth glassy surface of your shaft before swallowing it in the warmth of my mouth.

You sway slowly in and out of my mouth to the beat of the drums, my hair tangles around your fingers as you press down on my head. Then leaning down and placing your hands under my arms you draw me back up to your mouth and press your body against mine…we kiss and you wrap your arms around my waist, my body engraving itself against your chest…still swaying to the drums.

Backing me across the room as your legs straddle my frame I feel the bed press against me as it bends my knees and your arms hold me as I begin to fall, you pin me against the bed with your weight. Your mouth leaves mine and you grasp both my hands and hold them over my head against the bed as you start to nibble on my neck then down between my breasts. Moving down my stomach your hand reaches for the wetness between my thighs.

My legs begin to part more as the burning passion inside me grows more demanding. You let go of my hands, move between my legs and kiss down my thighs. I can feel your tongue as it begins to explore between my lips. Your mouth nibbles, squeezing down around the small button, sucking, slow, gentle touches, as breathless urgent gasps catch in my throat. Then inserting a muscular finger inside me, you find my special spot as your mouth and tongue continue to tease my desire.

I lean down and bring your mouth to mine, kissing you, holding you as you straddle me and I feel your erection, your gorgeous blood filled cock against my swollen glands. Spreading my legs even further and pulling my knees to my chest, I move my hand down and line you up as you move closer, the hot thick distended flesh of your cock pausing just inside the wetness…

With one swift movement you thrust inside me sending me almost over the edge before you pull out and wait…kissing me, kissing my breasts, biting my nipples and running your hands down my stomach…then back up my arms as you grasp my hands and hold them tightly once again over my head…

Again, you lunge into me…burying yourself in my folds…taking my breath away…bringing me even closer…

You pull out again and I moan as I feel you just at my entrance. I gaze into your eyes as you lean over me, you grin, as you look down at me then again lunge into me causing my body to arch towards you. With the sound of the drums providing the rhythm for your thrusts with each beat, my hips move with yours, grinding my mound against your body until all I can hear is your breath like a heaving bellows in rhythm with the beat of the drums.

My hands pinned against the bed and my body restrained underneath you, you blanket me with your warmth. I can feel you pulsating, your breathing deepens and your thrusts get harder, faster, as you plunge deep inside me.

Tremors start surging through my body…I can feel every muscle and texture of you as you fill me. A rush begins to travel through me, my stomach tightens as my insides begin to grip and release you, my muscles clenching around you…my back arching up…pulling you in.

I hear you echoing my moans as I see your jaw tighten and your head rearing back, my mouth dry… gasping for breath, your body tenses against mine then you fall across me, covering me…

Gently kissing my neck as you roll to your side, you pull me up against you and wrap your arms around me. I feel your fingers moving through my hair and the familiar warmth of your breath in my ear as I wiggle up against you and fall asleep in your arms.


As the morning light dances across my eyelids, I wake and reach across the bed expecting to find you beside me but realize it was all a dream, a delicious dream, but a dream nonetheless. I fumble through the drawers and find my pen. Bunching a pillow behind me, I nestle against the headboard of our bed, the breeze gently blowing the sheer curtains of our room and quickly I scribe my first line.

My Love,

As I linger on the rocks…

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