tagLoving WivesMy Lovely Nicola Ch. 2

My Lovely Nicola Ch. 2


Our adventure continued…

The next morning was a recap of the previous nights event. We made love in the hotel before heading downstairs to eat breakfast. Nicola couldn’t stop giggling about the blowjob she had given to Klaus, a mere stranger, and I couldn’t quite believe we had gone through with it either.

Nicola looked me in the eyes and said, “Well, last night was fun. Anyway, I just want you to know that I love you more than anything…I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have someone like you”.

“I’m happy you feel that way”, I replied. “And you are truly one in a million”.

I thought for a moment, wanting to ask her a question that was nagging to come out. “Would you have fucked him…had he wanted to”?

“No way”, she quickly responded. “I was only interested in doing what I did. Besides, I wouldn’t want to have sex with anyone else. I’d like to keep that part special between you and I, no matter what adventures we may have in the future. Let’s just say my pussy belongs to you”.

“Fair enough”, I nodded. “We’ll just keep it at that then”.

“Does that make you happy”? she asked with a smile.

“Very much indeed”, I said while returning a grin. “I love you”.

Upon spending a couple of more days touring Greece, we flew to England to visit Nicola’s parents in Hunstanton before returning to our home in San Francisco. Her parents were ecstatic to see us as we surprised them with our visit, having not mentioned that we were going to be in Europe at that time.

After a few days with “mum and dad”, we decided to spend a day in London prior to our departure. As the taxi dropped us off at our hotel we quickly grabbed a bite to eat and headed out towards the Tower of London, a place we hadn’t been to in years and looked forward to seeing again.

Upon our sightseeing venture, Nicola suggested we head back to the hotel, grab a shower and a bite to eat, then find us a nice pub in which to have a few drinks and maybe relax before our long journey home.

Later that evening after a few drinks at various little pubs, we returned to our hotel and found a very lively group in our hotel pub. We decided to have a couple of more drinks before heading back upstairs to get some rest before our 10am flight the next morning.

Once inside the pub, we ordered a drink and decided to try our hand at playing a game of darts. We were half way through our first game when a fellow by the name of Trevor introduced himself and asked if we minded him joining us for a game. Trevor was a bit older than us, around 35 or 40, around 5’ 10” with a medium build and shoulder length brown hair. We were pleased to let him join in and were amazed at how skilled he was at darts, as well as being quite humorous. Upon finishing our third dart game, Trevor sat down at a table with us and ordered us a round of drinks. He was a complete riot and unbelievably funny. This guy had a line for everything.

An hour or so had passed when Nicola and I decided it was in our best interests to bid Trevor a goodnight and try to get some rest. He shook our hands, said farewell and then joined one of his mates for a dart game.

When Nicola and I got upstairs we couldn’t believe how drunk we were. We were really feeling the effects of the alcohol and feeling quite horny as well. We started kissing as I unlocked the door.

There was a trail of clothes leading to the bed as we started to roughly engage in our lovemaking. As Nicola got on top of me it didn't take her long to begin telling me just how much she enjoyed sucking Klaus' big German cock. This got me even hornier as we fucked like a couple of wild beasts. I was trying my best to cum but the alcohol was having a negative effect on my sensitivity below. Nicola, however, didn’t mind this one bit as she continued to stay on top of me and ride my cock like an animal. After a few minutes she leaned over and turned on one of the bedside lamps that bordered our bed.

“I want to suck Trevor’s cock”! she pleaded. “Please. Please. I want his cock in my mouth right now”.

“You’re drunk”? I laughed. “Are you serious”?

“Hell yes I'm serious”, she begged. “Please go downstairs and see if he’s still here. I want him to cum in my mouth”.

She rolled off me then prodded me to get out of bed. I quickly threw on a pair of jogging shorts and a t-shirt.

“Are you sure you want to do this”? I asked as I walked towards the door.

“Yes”, she cried. “And I want you to watch me do it. That will turn me on to no end”.

“I’ll be back in second…”, was all I could say as I made my way out the door.

As I headed down the second flight of stairs, I didn’t know what I was going to say to Trevor. A small part of me hoped he wasn’t even there. I may have been drunk but I still had my wits about me. I didn’t want him to think I was some sort of a weirdo.

Sure enough, Trevor was still there, sitting at the bar area talking to another fellow. I casually walked up to him and asked if we could talk. He spun around and greeted me with a puzzled look followed by a warm handshake. He started laughing at me wearing only a t-shirt and shorts in a pub still full of people.

“So, mate. What’s on yer mind”? he asked with a smile.

I could tell he was quite buzzed and feeling no pain himself. I pointed towards the door and asked if we could talk in the hallway just outside the pub entrance.

“No problem, mate”, he said as stood up and staggered behind me. Once outside I turned to him and smiled.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, but Nicola wants to give you a blowjob”, I said as I suddenly realized how blunt it sounded.

“Are you serious”? He laughed.

“Yep. Right now…as we speak”. I nodded

“Are you okay with this”? He asked as he wrinkled his brow.

“Whatever she wants to do is fine by me”, I explained.

“Well, I’ll tell you what. Let me think about it for a minute. It’s not like I get asked this everyday you know”, he chuckled. “What room are you in”?

“219. If you don’t show up it’s no big deal. She’s just a bit overly drunk and overly horny”, I slurred as we shook hands. “Trevor, if I don’t see you again…I understand. Take care”.

With that I went back upstairs and entered the dim room. Nicola had turned the lamp on a low setting and was lying on the bed naked while leaning on two pillows against the headboard.

“Well”? she asked as her voice showed disappointment.

“He was down there but we’ll have to see”, I said as I crawled between her legs and started licking her overly wet pussy.

She started grinding her pussy in my face and started moaning…a bit too loud I thought. I actually had to ask her to muffle her sighs with her pillow.

Lo and behold, a knock on the door. I quickly jumped up as Nicola quickly pulled the covers over her naked body. I opened the door to find Trevor standing there with three pints of beer on a small tray and a big boyish smile on his face.

“Oy, is the offer still good, mate”? Trevor smiled.

“Come on in”, I smiled as I motioned for him to enter the dimly lit room.

“Hello again”, Nicola said as she seemed somewhat shy and maybe even a bit embarrassed.

Trevor said hello as he made his way over to her and placed the tray of beers on the nightstand. Nicola patted the bed and asked Trevor to sit down. He did as he was asked as Nicola pulled him towards her and started kissing him, gently rubbing her hand over his crotch. After a minute of so, Trevor pulled the covers half way off of her and started tenderly caressing her exposed breasts. I remained at the door, a mere 10 feet away, taking in the sight of my partially exposed wife as she kissed and fondled a stranger we had just met a couple of hours earlier.

Nicola stopped kissing Trevor and asked him to take off his clothes. As he stood up to take them off, she threw the covers completely off, totally exposing herself, and asked me to take a seat on the bed. She really wanted me to get an eyeful.

As Trevor finally removed his trousers, Nicola lay on the bed with a big smile on her face. He returned her smile and stood in front of her wearing only his underwear, which revealed a healthy sized growing bulge.

She reached over and squeezed his crotch through his briefs before slowing pulling them down. As his hardening cock was revealed, I couldn’t help but think that it looked quite a bit thicker than mine, and possibly even longer than my 7 inches. She traced her fingers over Trevor’s uncircumcised cock before asking him to step closer.

Trevor stepped forward as Nicola’s wet mouth met his cock. She slowly began to suck his rod, moaning loudly as she took more and more of his big dick into her mouth. I was getting the view of a lifetime. As much as I enjoyed watching Nicola suck my own dick, watching her please another man was truly an experience within itself.

She took her mouth off his erect cock and asked him to lay on the bed. As he did this, she reached over and placed her arm on my shoulder and asked me if I was okay. I smiled as I pointed to my cock as it struggled to break free from the confines of my shorts. She sat up and whispered in my ear for me not to cum; that she wanted me to watch the whole thing uninterupted. She put her tongue between my lips, kissing me before returning to Trevor.

Trevor was lying with his head propped up on the two pillows. His fat cock lay on his stomach with the tip touching his belly button. Although the light was dim, you could actually see his cock twitching as his heart beat rapidly.

Nicola crawled between his legs and began sucking his cock slowly, yet very deeply. I could tell she was trying to get as much of his meat into her mouth as possible. Trevor moaned and caressed her hair with both his hands. She began to quicken the pace on his cock as she reached between her legs and began to rub her pussy.

My cock was actually in pain watching this event. I wanted to get up, get behind her, and start banging her with everything I had. Instead I couldn’t bear to take my eyes off this big cock sliding in and out of my beautiful wife’s mouth.

As she quickened the pace, she started jacking him off with one hand while she continued to please herself with the other. I swear, she must have continued this motion for every bit of 10 to 15 minutes. It was obvious that the alcohol was having a negative effect on Trevor as well. I could actually tell he was trying desperately to climax.

Trevor grabbed one of the pillows from behind his head and placed is over his eyes. His moaning was growing louder as he concentrated on releasing his building his orgasm. Nicola looked over at me as she continued the pace on his swollen cock. She stopped playing with her pussy and motioned for me to come closer. I leaned over about 2 feet, bringing my face within 18 inches of her face and his cock. She gently grabbed me by my hair, pulling me even closer. She stopped when my chin was just about to rest on his hip. I could actually see her smiling around Trevor’s big dick as it continued to penetrate her mouth. She never missed a beat.

Trevor started grinding his hips as he pulled the pillow down harder over his eyes. His moaning had become heavy sighs as Nicola stopped sucking his cock and started slowly stroking him with a tight grip using her right hand. She stared me in the eyes as I faintly heard her whisper, “Lick it for me”.

I smiled while shaking my head, mouthing the words “No way”.

“Please”, she whispered. “Do it. Please, for me”.

I sat there for a moment, staring at this big uncircumcised cock being jacked off about 6 inches from my face. My heart started beating what seemed like a hundred miles per hour. Continuing to stare at Trevor’s big dick, I opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out as far as it would go. Nicola continued the pace, stroking Trevor’s fat cock as she leaned it towards my mouth. I continued to stare at it as I felt the large swollen head begin to move across my wet tongue. Nicola placed her left hand on the back of my head as she continued to stroke him with her right hand. Trevor’s cock head was entering my mouth as Nicola slowly pulled my head towards it. The foreskin that bunched up around her fist as she stroked him was incredibly smooth as it grazed my lips and tongue. Nicola then grabbed a handful of my hair and began moving my mouth up and down about 2 inches of his thick meat in unison with her strokes. I could taste the salty cum leaking heavily from his cock as he started to move his hips in a slight thrusting motion. After about a minute or two of this, a strong hot blast hit the back of my throat, gagging me instantly. Before I even had a chance to react and pull away it was followed by another thick stream. Nicola quickly pulled Trevor’s cock from my mouth as I backed away, leaving a string of cum leading from my lips to his cock. A white jet shot up into the air between us as Nicola quickly crammed as much of his cock in her mouth as she could, milking it for everything it was worth

As his orgasm subsided, Nicola leaned over to me, placed her lips on mine and opened her mouth. I was surprised to find her mouth full of Trevor’s warm semen. As she continued to slowly stroke him, we kissed until we had jointly swallowed the majority of his load.

I quickly got off the bed and headed towards the bathroom. I began to wipe my face as Nicola continued to suck his limp cock and clean up traces of cum on his stomach. Trevor removed the pillow from his face, a big drunk grin spread across his face as he placed a hand on Nicola’s cheek.

Nicola got off the bed and picked the blanket up off the floor, wrapping it around her. She kissed Trevor on the forehead and asked him if he had enjoyed himself. Trevor replied that it was one of the best nights of his life.

I walked in from the bathroom, my erection straining against my shorts and dying for relief. Trevor sat up on the bed and began putting his clothes back on. He thanked us for the invitation and said that he had better get going. We bid him a quick goodnight and thanked him for showing up. On his way out, he quickly pulled a business card from his wallet and asked us to give him a call the next time we were in London. We readily accepted his card, shook our hands and wished us a goodnight.

Once the door was shut, Nicola threw the blanket off and jumped into the bed.

“Come here sweetheart! Oh my God! I can’t fuckin’ believe you did that for me! That was soooo fuckin’ hot”!, she said as she was already rubbing her pussy.

I approached her, starting to crawl between her legs to once again lick that delicious pussy of hers. She had other plans, however. She had me straddle her face in a 69 position. As I lay on top of her, fucking her mouth while sucking her pussy, she had a thunderous orgasm as I filled her mouth with a heavy load of cum.

We both snuggled together on the bed afterwards. I lay my head on her breast as she stroked my hair.

“Did you enjoy doing that for me”? she asked softly.

“It was different, that’s for sure”, I replied. “I can honestly say that I’d rather watch you do it though”.

“Well, I appreciate you doing it for me. It was unbelievably erotic to watch believe it or not”, she said as she kissed me on my head.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it”, was all I could say.

“Goodness”, she laughed. “My lips are so numb right now. I think I’ll buy some Chapstick tomorrow at Gatwick”.

Reliving these memories helps me to remember Nicola and the beautiful caring person that she was. She was tragically killed in a car accident in the spring of 1999 while returning home from a university she was attending. Nicola was happily following her dream to further her education in the field of nursing when tragedy struck and changed our lives forever. She was killed by a drunk college student, a repeat DWI felon with a suspended drivers license who had a whole life ahead of himself as well. Instead, he is serving 7 years in prison for his thoughtless actions.

I shall always cherish Nicola: the memories of the few years we had together, her sweet voice, her beautiful smile, her gorgeous body, and the love she always gave to me.

Life hasn't been easy since losing her, but I know that Nicola would be happy to know that I am getting on with my life, while never forgetting her and continuing to love her to this very day...

This will be my last Nicola story. Without being selfish I shall keep our other adventures to myself. I'm sure you understand...

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