tagGroup SexMy Lovely Weekend

My Lovely Weekend


All the characters in this story are aged eighteen or over.

The three of them stood there looking at me as if not sure what to do next, and I must admit I didn't really know how to proceed, sounds silly doesn't it, but having gone to some trouble to set it up all four of us seemed suddenly shy.

* * * * * * * *

My son and I had been lovers for nearly a year and it was after we had finished making love one day when, trying to sound casual, he said, "You know Ted and Dirk think you're fantastic."

Trying to sound casual my self I replied, "Do they darling, that's nice."

There was a long pause before Adrian went on, "They can't stop talking about you; you're their number one MILF."

"I'd wondered about that," I said, "the way they look at me when they're here I get the impression they'd like to eat me."

Adrian gave a nervous laugh and said, "You know that's exactly what Dirk said, he'd like to eat you."

"Really, and how do you feel about that?"

"I think it's terrific," he said enthusiastically, "having a mother that the guys want to fu...er...make love with."

There was another long pause and I knew Adrian was working himself up to ask me something, then out it came; "Mum, there's something I want to ask you."

"Oh yes?"

"You won't be angry?"

"How do I know whether I'll be angry or not until you tell me, so tell."

"Well you see we...er...Ted, Dirk and me we...well we've been talking and we wondered...and its okay of you say no...but we've been wondering..."

"Spit it out Adrian," I said.

It came out in a rush, "We wondered how you'd feel about a foursome."

"A foursome?"

"You, me, Dirk and Ted."

"You mean have sex with...?


"The three of you!"

"Yes, we wouldn't be rough with you...wouldn't force you to do anything you didn't want to do."

I'd never mentioned it to Adrian or anyone one for that matter, but from time to time I'd had fantasies about being fucked by some horny young guys, and now I was being offered the chance. I decided to play it cool.

"Where and when would this event take place?" I asked mildly, "it can't be here."

It couldn't be at our place because my husband's coming and goings were erratic and you could never be sure when he was going to be out or when he was going to arrive back. Adrian and I had taken an awful lot of chances and once we'd nearly been caught. There had been a wild scramble to get dressed and Adrian was out of my bedroom seconds before Harry strolled in. I pretended to be changing.

The thought of three of them struggling to get dressed and out of the bedroom would have made a good stage farce.

"We've thought about that," Adrian said."

"You have, and...?"

"Dirk's place Saturday week."

"Dirk's place ...but his parents will..."

"No they won't, they're going away for the weekend visiting his grandmother and won't be back until Sunday night."

"So, you've got it all worked out."

"Yes, but it all depends on you, whether you say yes."

"You want to make a weekend of it?"


"And what do I tell your father; 'Oh by the way Harry I'm going over to Dirk's place to get fucked by three horny guys, is that okay?'"

"I've thought about that," Adrian said. "We could say we're going to the Grampians for the weekend and you know he won't want to come with us because he hates all that camping and climbing."

"You really have got it all worked out haven't you?"

"Well just in case you said..."

"I know, just in case I said yes. Okay, I say yes."

"Oh mum, that's terrific; we'll have a great time."

"I'd better have a great time," I replied, "because I'll know who to blame if I don't. All this talk about a gangbang has got me horny again so do it to me again."

He did it to me.

* * * * * * * *

The weekend gangbang was nearly two weeks away when we made the arrangements, and I think it was the longest two weeks of my life. Ted and Dirk were nice boys and I was very fond of them and so there was no problem about letting them fuck me, and for those two weeks I was as horny as hell just thinking about it. Adrian seemed to be the same way and we made love at every opportunity.

It was fine until Friday evening when, with the car loaded with the sort of camping things we'd take to the Grampians, we drove to Dirk's place. It was then I started to get nervous. I'd only ever handled one man at a time before and I wasn't sure how you went about getting started with three of them.

When we arrived it was clear that the boys were also nervous. As well as Dirk's parents being away his place had another considerable advantage; they had a huge divan in the games room, this is where operations were to be carried out, I mean, a double bed is fine for two, but for four...?

And so there we were, the four of us, hardly daring to look at each other, and then Adrian said something that was really stupid.

"Er...mum...you...you know what we're going to do to you, don't you?"

"Not in detail," I said a trifle acerbically, "but I know I haven't come here to play chess unless you've got strip chess in mind."

There was some nervous laughter at that, and so I pressed on. "So whose going to undress me, I take it this is going to be a nude party?"

That brought them into action and there were three pairs of hands stripping me. They got me down to panties and bra and then Ted, who was standing behind me, unclipped my bra. As it fell away there was an intake of breath and Dirk said, "You're so beautiful."

Now don't get me wrong, I've never thought of myself as particularly beautiful; I'm okay, but nothing spectacular except in one department, my breasts, 38DD and firm with up pointed nipples. I'd always been proud of my boobs and usually dressed to give guys a sort of preview of them. It had been my breasts that hooked son Adrian in the first place. I suspected that they had been the cause of this weekend since whenever the boys had been at our place they couldn't keep there eyes off them.

The last item of my clothing was removed by Ted, my panties, and they now had the complete picture..

Now they had me naked to their gaze they just stood there staring and so I said, "Are you going to undress or am I the only one who's going to be naked." That stirred them up and there was flurry of undressing and then I was looking at three erect penises.

The floor was strewn with clothing and my domestic instincts came into play. "Pick those clothes up and put them in a tidy heap I said." It's amazing how obedient a male can be when he's eager to get his penis into your love tunnel. The clothes were tidied away in seconds.

Another hiatus and then Adrian took the initiative; I suppose it was because he knew the territory. He pressed his body against me and kissed me, a long tongue thrusting kiss while he eased me over to the divan and gently lowered me on to it.

After about a minute of this Dirk joined in the action; I was on my back with Adrian still kissing me while his hand stroked a breast. Dirk got down beside me and started to fondle my other breast and then proceeded to suck its nipple. I felt Ted part my legs and he began to kiss and lick my thighs, working his way up to my genitals. When he got there I felt him licking round the lips of my pussy.

Adrian had moved so that his penis was teasing my mouth and so I took it into my mouth and sucked. I could feel Ted's tongue probing into my vagina and the juices started to flow copiously and it felt as if he was drinking them.

Dirk was still sucking my nipple and his hands were roaming all over me, Ted's tongue had found my clitoris and I started to get the woozy feeling I always got with Adrian when we made love, only this time it was woozier than I'd ever known before. All control vanished as my orgasm took over.

I wanted to scream but with Adrian's penis in my mouth all I could manage were a few gasping moans. I was jerking violently as my orgasm shook me, and then Adrian howled and came into my mouth. I must admit I hardly noticed his sperm spurting into my mouth I was so out in space with my own orgasm.

Adrian dropped away from me gasping and there was a change of positions. I was lifted up so that I was on my knees on the edge of the divan with Dirk under me and Ted standing behind me. Dirk pulled my head down and pushed his penis into my mouth while Ted penetrated my vagina and started to thrust in and out of me.

I had barely recovered from my first orgasm when I felt another one coming. I thrust back at Ted who was obviously on the verge of ejaculating. He gave a wild cry and spurted his seed into me just at the moment Dirk pumped his semen into my mouth.

The room seemed to spin and I thought I was going to pass out from sexual overload. Slowly things began to settle down and I became aware of the boys strewn over the divan breathing heavily. Adrian was beside me with one hand holding my breast; he always like to do that after he'd come in me.

I was in a hell of a mess with sticky strings of sperm dribbling out of my mouth and vagina. I said, "I've got to have a shower, you boys have made a shambles of me."

My words were followed by action. Almost as if they had rehearsed it they picked me up and carried me to the shower and taking it in turns they washed me -- it was really their excuse for feeling all over my body, but that was fine because I washed them and got to feel over their bodies, especially their penises that were already on the rise again.

When they had dried me I was carried in triumph back to the divan and I thought that I was in for a repeat performance, but no, it was serial solo.

Adrian was first, the other two no doubt recognising the rights of primogenitor. While the other two watched Adrian made a meal of me, licking, sucking and eventually penetrating my vagina.

I don't know how they arranged it, but Dirk was next. It took a long time for him to come, but that was ok because I was in the mood for loving. When Dirk had come in me Ted took his place and he also took a long time.

When he finished it was recovery and bed time. Considerately Dirk had arranged for Adrian and me to sleep in his parent's double bed. It was the first time we had spent a whole night together and it was during that night I realised how much Adrian loved me. We made love in a way we had not experienced before, and to my surprise he came into me twice.

* * * * * * * *

Came the dawn and I wondered what I was in for. One thing I was in for was to be treated like some precious object. I was their sex toy for the weekend and they wanted me in good condition. Meals were provided without any effort on my part. There was no more gangbanging, unless you could call it serial gangbanging. I lay on the divan as they took me one at a time while the others watched.

It was wonderful -- beautiful - but by the time we got to Sunday night I must admit that we were all satiated. There was much hugging and kissing as we parted and even ardent Adrian could not muster another erection when we got home.

All might have been well, but my husband, as a sort of homecoming gift, wanted to fuck me that night, which was odd because he normally only fucked me about once a month or less. After experiencing three potent young men I had to do a lot of pretending that night.

* * * * * * * *

It had been a wonderful weekend and I'd fulfilled a long held fantasy, but having fulfilled it I had no particular desire to repeat it. Of course I had Adrian as my regular lover, and I did occasionally make an arrangement with Ted and Dirk, but always singly.

In due course they went their different ways and we lost touch. If you discount Harry Adrian has remained as my sole lover and shows no signs of leaving home. If the subject of him leaving comes up he says he sees no reason to leave home since he's got all he wants here, and I try to make sure he does have all he wants.

One thing is for sure, I shall always be grateful to Adrian for arranging that lovely weekend.

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