My Lover Arati


This is the story of Arati, my favourite lover. She is 23, fair, with 36 B breasts and an ample ass. She has the biggest anus I have ever seen. It is purple, smooth, and very tight.

Arati lives in Kerala. She owns a house on one of the many beaches there, which she rents out to a select few. It is a cosy beach-house completely isolated from the eyes of the prying world. And its occupants over the years have been the who's who of India.

Like any hormonally active woman, Arati has had her share of men and women. In college, her roommate, Priya, was her devoted lover but she had flings with some other men and women too on the side. Her current lover is Ranjitha, her teacher. How cool is that? To have your teacher as your fuck-mate!

Ever since they had done Jism, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu had fallen in love with Kerala. Arati's house was just the right thing for them, and they leased it exclusively for their use throughout the year. This turned out to be a favourable arrangement for Arati, not just because the money was good but also because she just loved John and Bips. They just had to be the hottest couple around. John with his Hispanic looks, shoulder length hair, chiselled chest and a nice 8 inch piece of meat between his legs, and Bips with that dusky skin, 36 D breasts, washboard abs, legs that seemed to run forever and an ass that craved attention seemed to have been made for each other.

John had just come out of the bath, and had a towel wrapped around his waist. His strong body was still dripping water. As he turned his back to the door to face the dresser, Arati entered the room with some food. She knew she should turn back and come at a later time but John's sheer masculinity stopped her. She put the tray on the stand, and watched.

She saw him go through his ritual - comb his hair, apply musk, the whole deal. Then he dropped his towel. Arati almost let out a moan. God, if his bare back was lethal, then his ass was fatally gorgeous. It was indeed a fine specimen - waxed and devoid of all hair, the curvature was just perfect. He suddenly turned around, and saw her looking at him.

"What the fuck is this?" John demanded, without bothering to cover himself up.

Arati could not speak. She was still absorbing the magnificent sight in front of her. His torso was muscular, and his abdomen just perfect. She looked lower, and there it was. Shooting out from between his legs was the most beautiful male organ Arati had ever seen, and she has seen quite a few of those. It was big, should at least grow to 8 inches when fully engorged, completely shaven, and uncircumcised. She was not sure if her mind was playing tricks on her but she could swear she saw his cock rise a little.

John caught Arati by her hair, and pulled her face close to his. She could feel his hot breath on her face and his pecker between her legs as he spoke:

"What is all this? Are you not supposed to knock, you bitch?"

Arati finally found her voice, "I am sorry John. I should have but I just lost control of my senses and…"

"And you decided to feast" John cut her off "Let me see if you are only good at observing or there are some other tricks you can perform."

John made Arati kneel before him. Arati looked up, and the sight of his manhood greeted her. Automatically her mouth opened as she swallowed him and her hands went to work.

"Ahhh" John moaned "Damn, you are a cock-sucking slut! You love this, don't you bitch? Come on, give it to me. Give it all to me."

"Just what is it that my boyfriend is up to here?" Bipasha demanded.

She had come back from her walk on the beach, and was surprised at the scene that lay before her. Since the beach was virtually private, she had gone out only in her hat and sunglasses. Boy, this woman was hot! Her full-body tan had made her appear much more desirable than she already was. She stood there naked, her legs slightly parted, her breasts rising and falling with every breath.

Arati was startled. She pulled away but one look at Bipasha's body and she could not stop gawking again. Bipasha walked to John, and the two of them exchanged a passionate kiss. Arati was confused.

Bipasha continued, "So tell me, lover, what is she doing with your meat?"

"Bips, darling, this woman here is a slut. She was watching me change, and did not even have the decency to run out when I had dropped all my clothes." John replied.

Bips smiled, "Aww John. Don't blame her. Remember what I went through on the sets of Jism when I felt your cock through your pants? You had to take me on the sets to keep me from going insane." She held his cock in her hands, gave him a deep kiss, and continued, "This is a lovely cock, my darling. And any woman has the right to lose her senses over it."

Arati was amazed at how open their relationship was. As she saw John and Bipasha kiss, with Bipasha holding his cock that was hard due to the efforts Arati had made a while ago, she felt her crotch begin to cream. Arati was not able to decide who the hotter of the couple was. But she knew that if given a choice she would pick Bips any day.

"Come here, woman!" Bips commanded. "Let me see what you got."

Now there are many things that I love about Arati. But what I love in her the most is her complete aversion to wearing underwear. She just does not believe in wearing them ever - even if she is wearing a loose tank top she lets her breasts about free. When Bipasha was done stripping my lover off her jeans, she could not stop looking at Arati's crotch.

Arati tells me that she had not shaved her cunt for about a week before the event. I don't know how many men or women are the hair kind but I love my women both ways. I love Arati especially more if she does not shave. She has a tremendous growth down there, and one week of uninterrupted progress means that her thatch would have hair almost three inches long. And it would be thick too.

Bipasha bit her lower lip, and ran her tongue over her lips. For a while both Bipasha and John absorbed the sight of Arati. Whatever doubts Arati had of John's peter getting hard were all dispelled when she saw it shoot straight up, saluting her. Yes, they had seen many women naked between them but Arati is quite something else. Arati has the body of Raveena with the face of Rekha and the sexual craving of Manisha. She is every person's fantasy woman.

Then the bell rang.

"Maderchod (motherfucker)!" Bipasha swore. "Who the fuck could that be?" She looked at John, "One of yours?"

John had already decided to answer the door. He walked to the door naked, and held it ajar. Arati thought she had died and gone to heaven for through the door entered Priyanka Chopra and Arjun Rampal.

Arjun was not wearing much. Just swimming trunks that were two sizes too small - they barely covered his jewels. Had it not been for Priyanka's hand, some of Arjun's cock and balls would have been exposed. Arati had always imagined Arjun to have a huge dick. She was not disappointed. He was at least half an inch bigger than John.

Not that Priyanka was wearing much more. She had tied a sash around her waist such that the knot was exactly over her pubes. Otherwise her legs were completely bare. There was nothing beneath what she wore. She did not see any need to cover her breasts because Arjun's hands were doing a pretty good job.

"Yeh lo Bipasha (here, take this Bipasha)" Priyanka said "Sambhalo apni amaanat. Badi mushkil se iske laude par haath rakh kar ise bacha ke tumhaare liye laayi hoon. Tumhe pata nahi hai meri choot kitni taras rahi thi is sundar lund se apni pyaas bujhaane ke liye. (Take him. With great difficulty have I brought him to you, covering his cock with my hands. You have no idea how much my cunt wanted to be satiated by his long prick.)"

But by this time John had already staked claim on Arjun. His mouth was all over Arjun's cock, as John's fingers probed Arjun's anus. Not to be outdone, Bipasha put her tongue in Arjun's mouth and ran her fingers over the man's chest. Arjun's trunks were off, and the three naked individuals were huddled together kissing each other's mouths, standing. Soon Bipasha was on all fours, with John taking her ass and Arjun doing her generous mouth.

Meanwhile Priyanka was keenly observing Arati. Here is a hot woman who is all by herself fingering herself to an orgasm as she sees three of the hottest people in India fuck the shit out of each other. What a waste of a beautiful piece of ass, she thinks.

She went to Arati and grabbed her big breasts. Arati stopped fingering and looked at Priyanka's luscious lips. Arati's lips parted and Priyanka closed her open mouth with hers. Arati's hands moved over Priyanka's naked bottoms, and she undid the knot of Priyanka's sash.

Priyanka put Arati on the floor and spread her legs. Then she lay on the floor herself, opposite Arati. Then Priyanka did the sexiest thing two women can ever do - she rubbed her cunt against Arati's quim. A few rubs were all it took for Arati to start cumming. Arati is a multi-orgasmic woman, and she discharges a lot of juices. This time was no different as the Miss India from Bareilly fucked her cunt well.

Arati could see that Priyanka's eyes were closed as she bit her upper lip when an orgasm seared through her body. Her milky white breasts now exposed seemed to have a rhythm of their own as they swayed from side to side, matching every rubbing motion her cunt made against my lover's twat.

A few feet away Bipasha had passed out due to the sheer intensity of her orgasm. She lay naked on the floor, curled up in the foetal position. Arjun had had John on his back on the huge bed and had spread his legs. Arjun's big cock was on a rampage - going in and out of John's tight anus. John's cock was rock hard, and he was masturbating while Arjun violated his arse hole.

I do not know whether it was this magnificent sight or Priyanka's cunt but Arati tells me that she counted ten orgasms in about ten minutes. Now if Arati could count ten that means she surely missed out the three or four others that she must surely have had. Priyanka is not multi-orgasmic, but Arati suddenly felt her cum very quickly after she came the first time, and this time was much stronger. One look at the door, and Arati knew why.

Manisha 'the slut' Koirala had just come in. John had not bothered to lock the door this time. Why bother to do that when you have thrown a fuck party? Manisha is a full woman - with big boobs, ass and nice smelly underarms. Yes, her armpits smell but that smell works like an aphrodisiac. Also, Manisha farts. Farts a lot, almost at will. She knows that her farts turn people on. She had not bothered to come dressed.

As soon as Arjun and John saw Manisha's naked body they stopped fucking and stood in front of her, their heads bowed in respect and each had one hand on her breast. Manisha shook both their dicks simultaneously. Manisha looked at the passed out Bips disapprovingly.

She said, "Yeh randi aise kyon so rahi hai is samay, behenchodon (why is this slut sleeping like this, you sister fuckers)?"

Then Manisha turns Bipasha on her back, and squats on her open mouth. Arati came at the sight of the fairer big-bottomed woman sitting on the face of the dusky open-legged one. She adjusted her anus to be right over Bips' open mouth and let a big fart rip. The room was filled with Manisha's pungent anal gases.

Bipasha nearly choked, and woke up with a start. She coughed and gagged a little. Manisha was in no mood to relent - she started to pee in Bipasha's mouth and made her drink all of her warm, yellow liquid.

With Bips fully awake Manisha spoke, "Now that I have your attention, what the hell do you think you were doing, you bitch? How dare you pass out in my presence like that?"

Manisha kicked Bipasha in her groin, and spat on her face. Bipasha squirmed in pain. Manya spread herself on the floor and Bipasha's mouth went to work on her cunt. Bipasha prefers cocks over cunts - one of the very few women in Bollywood who does that. Even so, she is a fantastic pussy eater. Just imagine how good she is at sucking cock then! Her tongue moved in and out of Manisha's vagina and her fingers rubbed her clitoris.

While Bipasha was eating her out, she had managed to get into the all-fours position - her ass was up in the air, and her legs were spread wide. Arati got a wonderful view of her legs and ass until suddenly a naked man's fine bottoms obscured her view. The bottoms belonged to Akshay Kumar, and he was gamming his boots into Bipasha.

Unobserved on his entry, he had managed to find just the perfect spot for himself. As Akshay made the best of the situation, his consort, Rekha was surveying the room. She was dressed just right for the occasion - a black strap-on ten inch dildo dangling between her legs.

Akshay is among the luckiest sons of bitches in the industry. It is hard to understand how he has the hottest of women wrapped around his dick. It is not big - just a regular six and a half incher. He cannot use it well - the longest he ever lasted was in a session with Konkana Sen Sharma, which does not say much anyway, and that was only for about four minutes. He is more into men than women - from the likes of Tushar Kapoor to Sonu Nigam. What is it that he has that no one has to offer?

Arati knew soon enough. Akshay has a killer of an ass - velvety smooth, waxed, rounded and inviting. When Rekha bent him over the body of Bipasha and rammed herself into his gaping ass hole, Arati's doubts were dispelled. Akshay was a born sub, just the kind of puppy any dominatrix would want for herself. Arati's cunt ached as she saw Rekha take the one man she had had many a wet dreams of.

Bipasha's mouth was open as screams of pain and pleasure got past her lips, her saliva dripping down to her ample breasts. In the far end of the room, Manisha was being serviced by John and Arjun - John taking her ass and Arjun doing her pussy good. Priyanka came over to Rekha and cupped the woman's white breasts. They felt harder than rocks, and Rekha closed her mouth on the younger of the pair.

All of this - Akshay's ramming into Bipasha, Rekha's doing him in the ass, and Arjun's and John's servicing Manisha - took not more than two and a half minutes. That was all the time that Akshay lasted. His now flaccid member left a trail of its hot liquid lava as it left the confines of Bipasha's anus. The cum flowed down the woman's legs, almost onto her knees. Now Arati knew two reasons why Akshay had his share of women. The man could cum like there was no tomorrow.

Rekha was still not through with Akshay and had now managed to bend him completely over with his heads between his legs. Arati had had it with watching, and made her way to the now gaping anus of Bipasha. She put her tongue in the wide open hole, and started rimming it. The taste of Akshay's cum mixed with Bips faeces was intoxicating. Without realising it herself, Arati had started eating Bipasha's shit, and she loved every bit of the semi-solid excreta.

Suddenly there was a chirpy laughter heard. Kareena Kapoor had just joined the party. But the slut had decided to come in fully dressed. Akshay was thrown off to the floor in a jiffy where he lay in the pool of his own shit that his split open ass hole could not contain. Manisha disengaged herself from the two men, and with Rekha she caught the offender by her hair.

Rekha was ballistic, "What kind of a bitch is she? Is this what she did when she joined her father in bed? Come in fully clothed? Or may be her mother kept her away from her father's pole and that is why she never learnt anything!"

Nothing more was said. Nothing more needed to be said. Rekha and Manisha were well known for punishing offenders of just this kind. Before Kareena could grasp the enormity of the situation, her clothes had been stripped off and the 24 year old slut of Bollywood stood there with her 36 C breasts, and 38 ass exposed. Besides Arati, she was the only person in the room with pubic hair.

Manisha grabbed Kareena by her pubic hair and brought her to the centre of the room.

Kareena yelped, "Aaaaargh! What the fuck are you doing to me? You are going to brutalise my cunt, you whore!"

That was it. No one calls Manisha that, especially when John and Arjun, her Godsons, are around. Both the dicks stood up in instant attention and Kareena felt them both inside her anus at the same time. Her anus was ripped apart by two fat cocks, and her mouth was gagged by Rekha's dildo. She could not even let out a moan, leave alone a huge scream.

Kareena'a breasts were slapped around, her hair pulled, and her face doubled up as a spittoon for everyone present. The pain was incredible, but the effort to scream was too much for Kareena to make. She felt like crapping, but the two cocks plugged her hole. When she thought that she would pass out, the men, as if on cue, stopped. They were not going to afford her the luxury of unconsciousness.

Soon as the pulled out, the contents of her insides spilled out on to the floor. She lay there in a heap of her own poop, her face buried in a mass of parp. She felt something else move inside her. Then another moved. Her eyes bulged wide as she finally understood what was happening to her.

Rekha had put her hand all the way to her elbows into Kareena's open anus, and Manisha had done to same to her unopened vagina. It was stretched wide enough to let out a baby's head. A little wriggle later, the women drew their hands out and got them licked clean by Kareena.

Kareena had been completely violated now, and it would take her a few weeks to get back into a state where she could fuck without giving the impression of a pencil going inside a train tunnel. Giving her strict instructions to clean the place up by the time they got back, the party moved to the beach - a bunch of buck-naked men and women in an orgy of extreme depravity.

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