tagBDSMMy Lover Restrains Me

My Lover Restrains Me


My body is still trembling from cumming so hard as I reach up to untie your arms. The minute your hands are free you pounce on top of me like a big cat attacking its prey. You have me pinned underneath you kissing me hard and deep. You are kissing me hungrily, biting my lips and sucking my tongue into your mouth. "I taste our cum baby." You whisper into my ear while you nip at it. Before I can react you are pulling my hands over my head reaching for those same silk scarves. "Mmmm, you're next baby," you breathe before you finish tying the knots on my restraints.

Despite the fact that I have just had you tied up, you look into my eyes to make sure I am comfortable with your game. I look into your eyes and my body relaxes as I submit completely to you with a gentle sigh. You can see the sparkle in my eyes as I softly say, "You can have your way with me darling; I'm your personal playground."

I can tell you enjoy the sound of that by the increasing hardness I feel against my body. You ravish me with deep, long, wet kisses while your hands move slowly up and down the sides of my naked body under you. My whole body shivers at your touch. You slowly bite, nibble, kiss and lick your way down my neck to my voluptuous breasts.

My nipples are already standing straight at attention, hard and perky; awaiting the feel of your hot mouth. You start kissing one and then moving to the other. You are slow and deliberate in your movements repaying me for teasing you earlier. You hold them both in your hands and bring them together to suck and lick my nipples. I bite my lip and moan in ecstasy feeling your hands twist and squeeze one tit as your mouth works the other. You know how much it excites me when you lavish your attention on my ample tits.

I can feel my body squirming under you involuntarily. Thankfully, you slide one hand from my chest to reach between my legs to my already aching pussy. Your finger flicks ever so slightly across my clit as you slide two fingers into my cunt. Between your cum already inside me and the new wetness my pussy is drenched and ready to be fucked. I yelp from excitement when you begin to finger fuck me. Your mouth continues to suck and lick on my tits while your fingers pump my pussy.

"Oh god baby you're going to make me cum again!" I gasp as my body writhes under you. You hold me down and increase the tempo of the assault on my pussy until I start to cum in screams and moans.

Before I can finish cumming, you go down on my sweet, wet pussy. You put your mouth right on my clit and flick your tongue over it fast and hard making me cum even harder. "Oooooooohhhhhhh god baby, mmmmm yessssss." I'm screaming, my body twisting and thrashing under you as you slide one of your fingers in my ass. I cum in one strong wave after another as you move your mouth from my clit to my pussy screwing my ass with your finger. Your tongue is fucking my pussy while your finger is fucking my ass. My body is arching to meet your mouth and fingers. I'm grinding my pussy in your face.

"Fuck me please," I beg you. "God baby please, please fuck me." "What do you want baby? Do you want to beg me for my big hard cock?" you respond as you resume eating my pussy.

I'm begging you so badly now I'm practically sobbing. I crave your cock. I need it so badly my body hurts. "Please, please, please fuck me now. Please fuck my hot, tight, pink pussy with your hard cock. God please baby. I need it NOW!" I'm screaming, moaning and begging at the same time. I'm gasping for air and panting. I feel nothing but the need for your cock.

You slide over me until our mouths are together kissing hard. Our tongues are entangled in each other. You grab my legs by my knees and spread me wide open. Slowly, painfully slow you put your dick inside me pushing it until it is buried in my pussy. You pull it completely back out pausing long enough to hear me whimper, "No, no, no." You ram it back in me harder this time. I gasp at the feeling of your cock filling me completely.

After a few stroke neither one of us can control ourselves. I raise my hips to meet your thrusts every time you push your dick deep into my dripping pussy. We begin to frantically pick up the pace, going at it hard and fast. We are a synchronized fucking machine in perfect rhythm with each other.

"I can't hold any longer," you announce to let me know you are ready to cum for me.

Looking into your eyes I beg you to cum in my mouth. "Please baby, let me drink your hot cum."

You slide your cock between my tits and begin fucking them. I raise my head to suck your cock every time it appears between my cleavage. "Here it comes baby" you moan loudly as you push your cock deep into my mouth. I suck you, milking your cock for every drop of your delicious cum.

You fall next to me almost passed out. I smile at you and you raise your finger to catch a tiny drop of cum that remains on my lips. You lightly run your finger across and into my lips to feed me one more drop of your gift to me. You untie my arms and rub my wrists between your strong hands to soothe them. We kiss again and fall asleep content and thoroughly satisfied in each other's arms.

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