My Lovers, My Son, My Daughter

byTawny T©

Tony slammed his cock deep inside his sexy Mother and he thrust as hard as his young hips could, burying his long rod deep inside her. He felt her pussy clasp his cock hard, milking it. It sent him over the top and he exploded deep inside the place his father had sent his sperm to start him into the world. The thought caused him to cry out in a long wail of ecstasy, and shoot his load deep inside the wonderful pussy of his Mother.

Karen's body shook and she slammed her hips harder and screamed her passion, as the cries of her Mother and brother filled the room. Their climaxed seemed to go on and on as the three's passions fed on each other, and the incestuous lovemaking added fuel to all three of their sexual emotions.

Sister and brother finally gave one last hard thrust against their Mother's body then went limp. Karen slid the dildo out of Becky's ass and watched her neat brown opening close up slowly. Becky went limp over her son's body, collapsing on top of him. They lay for a while then rolled apart. Tony's cock deflated and slipped out of his Mother's well-fucked pussy.

Karen watched for a moment, then bent and before Becky's pussy could fully contract, placed her mouth over the red inflamed pussy lips and thrust her tongue deep inside the place that had given birth to her. She sucked and was rewarded with an abundant mixture of pussy juice and her brother's rich secretions. She thought she had never tasted anything so wonderful. She sucked softly till she had emptied the wonderful wet container, and then moved up to lie on one side of her while her brother lay on the other side, kissing and caressing the sensual body of his Mother.

The three lay kissing and caressing softly. "This is so wonderful, I was just fucked royally by my son and daughter, and here we lie kissing and loving each other. It's fantastic. Children, you made your Mother very happy today! I hope we will have many more wonderful lovemaking sessions together. I don't want to stop you two from making love together, and hope any time either of you want to, you will now feel free to make love to me, or each other."

"Thank you, Mother. It fulfilled a childhood fantasy of mine. I hope you don't think I didn't enjoy it, because I certainly did and want to fuck you lots more. But for now, Sis, come here. I think my cock has one last load, and I'd love to slip it deep inside your wonderfully tight pussy, while Mom watches me fuck your beautiful body." Tony said.

Karen slid over her Mother and moved to her brother's side. Becky moved a little to the side and watched as her two lovely children began to make love. She watched as Karen licked the long cock to hardness, and then lay back as her brother slid between her thighs and slid his seven and a half inches inside his sister. Karen's legs came up and locked over her brother's firm young body. His tight ass began to slowly thrust, his balls swinging from side to side as he pumped.

'I wonder if he has still another cum left in those swollen balls of his?' Becky thought as she slid a finger down to find her slowly swelling clit.

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