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My Male Bitch


Author's note: This is the revised version because I am human and did not see a lot of errors in the part one of this story after it posted. I combined the two parts into one, enjoy.


Meet forty-year-old Cindy. She stands five foot tall and is a petite raven-haired beauty with piercing blue eyes. She has a clean-shaven pussy and 38D tits, the envy of many men and women. She is bi-sexual and loves all forms of sex. She has just begun to explore the world of BSDM.

Meet her husband Stan; he is forty-one, with a sexy muscular build, blonde hair, green eyes, and a nine-inch dick. He is also bi-sexual and enjoys all forms of sex, including BSDM.

They are happily married, but lately it has become routine and downright boring at times. They decided they needed something to spice up their sex lives. So what better way to get the juices flowing then having a sexual encounter at a local hotel?

They are not into the pain of BDSM, but they do like to tie each other up, tease, and even spank lightly. They are just beginning to find out the intense pleasures that S&M can bring.

One day, Cindy called three men they knew and asked them if they were up to joining us for a party. The men are all about the same age; Roger is an American Indian with a great body and fat eight-inch dick, Jack is Caucasian, with a hefty body and slender seven-inch dick with a big mushroom type head and James is a tall black man with a ten-inch dick.

The party would involve sex and if they did not like light BSDM, no pain involved, not to come. However, if the like this kind of action, they chose to join the fun.

Cindy was going to be a dominatrix and James was going to be her slave. He was not to know this yet as she planned to humiliate him in front of them.

The men agreed that it would be a fun, kinky experience and could not wait. They all agreed that a week from Saturday would the time to meet at the local hotel.

Cindy called the hotel and reserved a room for that Saturday. It was so hard waiting for that day to come. The week seemed to drag on like molasses. They talked about everything they liked to do and ended up fucking like rabbits.

Stan gets very turned on to the idea of being a sex slave. He loves humiliation and bondage. He asked Cindy if she would be his Mistress during the hotel party.

Cindy just grinned and said, "Ooooh baby that sounds like my kind of fun! You won't mind me playing a sexy Dominatrix, your Mistress?"

Stan replied, "Look at my throbbing hard dick doll, there is your answer to that question! What are we going to do?"

Cindy licked her lips and said, "I want to wait until we go to the party and surprise you honey. Just remember it will not involve any kind of pain. However I did buy something you will need to wear all day before the party."

Stan replied, "What's that doll?"

Cindy replied, "A male chastity device." She could tell by Stan's reaction that he loved the idea as his dick was oozing a lot of precum.

Early the morning of the big party Cindy put the chastity device on Stan. That prevents you from jacking off while thinking of what is to happen. He agreed and put it on and gave her the key. She placed it on a gold chain around her neck.

She then packed a few clothes for the party, which included her leather pink corset with matching hose and spiked heels and a riding crop for appearances only. She then put these items in the bag, a strap on dick, her favorite vibrator, some lube, a blind fold, as well as ankle and wrist restraints.

Oh god her clit was swollen already throbbing, she could see herself tying Stan up and having sex with one of the guys as she talks dirty to Stan and humiliates him.

She stopped for a moment grabbed her vibrator and headed toward the spare bedroom. That way Stan would not hear her or need to fuck. She was not that cruel. She took off her clothing then lay on the bed and placed the toy on her clit.

She then uttered, "Ooooh fuck, I need this or I will go bonkers before the party. She came so hard she nearly passed out.

After that, she began to get ready for the party. She was putting on her makeup when Stan came into the bedroom. She could tell by the twinkle in his eyes and devious smile that he was ready for some action.

Stan said, "Come on doll, remove this damn thing! I need to fuck my dick is throbbing."

Cindy winked and said, "Uh-uh baby, we agreed you would have to wait until the party. Please baby, I know you can do that. It is only two hours from now. I want to leave as soon as I finish getting dressed, as we need some private time before the party okay.

That way, I can show you everything I plan to use on you. "

Stan leaned over and kissed Cindy deeply then said, "Ok doll, I can wait, but just because you said please."

They soon drive off toward the hotel. Stan checked them in and they walked hand in hand to the room. Cindy thought her heart would leap out of her chest. She was so excited and her juices were already soaking her panties.

When they get into the room, Stan pulled Cindy into his arms and said, "I love you doll. Oh god, I cannot wait for the party. Can't we play around a little?"

Cindy kissed him back letting their tongues do the dance of lovers. Cindy replied, "No slave, we will not have sex now, I want us to wait until everyone is at the party. There is no hurry we have all night to play."

She then placed the bag on the bed and told Stan to strip; all she wanted him to have on was the chastity device. The she reached into the bag and got out the wrist and ankle cuffs.

She then told him to sit in a chair as she attached everything. She then fastened the cuffs to the chair making it so he cannot move his arms or legs.

Cindy then stripped and began to put on her outfit. The pink leather outfit made her irresistible. It accented her firm big breasts and barely covered her pussy lips.

The spiked heels added a sexy allure to the scenario. She walked over to Stan and said, "How do I look my male bitch slave?"

Stan replied, "If it pleases you mistress to reply. I will say, like a real Mistress and ooh so fucking hot!"

Cindy replied, "You are permitted to respond to me when I speak to you today slave, but only if I ask you a question."

The slave does as ordered and soon finds out that he cannot move at all. To add to the suspense Cindy placed a blindfold on him. He feels helpless all tied up and wearing the chastity device.

He has never been this turned on before. His dick has never felt to so fucking hard, yet he cannot touch it. He could only hear the strong beating of his heart and Cindy is humming. Oh god, he wished he could see the reaction of the men when they arrive and see her in the Dominatrix outfit.

The slave is unaware that she has asked the men to show up early and they have planned what they would each do in advance. They arrive and she lets then in and shows then where he is. They talk openly and he can hear them as they all make remarks about how well he is restrained. He can then hear them telling her how sexy she looks as a Mistress.

She is playing the game well and tells them that she cannot wait either as her hot cunt is throbbing for their attention.

Roger comes over to her and kissed her hello then said, "God damn baby, you look so hot! Are you sure Stan wont mind me fucking you?"

Cindy looked over at her slave, Stan and replied, "Why in the hell should this male bitch mind if I fuck you? By the way, you can all fuck me. He has no say so in the matter."

She walked over to her slave and removed his blindfold and chastity device, but left his wrist and ankles bound to the chair.

She then kissed him and asks him if he liked what he saw. His rock hard cock told her that he was ready to do as she ordered.

She slapped him and said, "Hell no, you cannot join us yet slave. Bitch, if you cum before I tell you that you can, the party is over and we will all punish you."

She then performed a strip tease for the men leaving only her nylons and heels on. That got a great response from the men as they all started making comments on how they will suck-fuck and play with her hot naked body.

She could feel her pussy juices run down her thigh and she said, "Take those clothes off guys, it's fucking time!"

The three men stripped and sat down on the bed. It was apparent that they were more then ready, all of their dicks stood at attention as if saluting Cindy.

Cindy walked over to Jimmy and pulled on his hard black cock feeling the veins throb against her hand. She then knelt and began sucking it deep and slow. She then glanced over at her male bitch and watched him tremble with anticipation.

She stopped sucking long enough to say, "Hey bitch, this big black dick is so delicious! I have always wanted to be fucked by a big black dick. Oh gods see it! I cannot wait to slide my cunt onto his hard ten inches."

The other two men did not want to be left out so they came over to her and offered her their dicks. She began sucking them one at a time, savoring the different tastes. All her moaning and sucking noises is making the slave's balls ache for release.

Cindy stopped sucking for a moment, walked over to her slave, and took his face in her hands. She then said, "Do you like me as a Mistress? Oh fuck, this will be good night. If you obey me, maybe I will let you join in the fun. However, if you cum, you will be spanked by us all and the men will have their way with you."

Cindy went back over to the men and told them what she wanted, "I want one of you to fuck my cunt. The next man will suck my nipples and fuck my tits. As for the last man, I want him to explore my hot ass. Think you can handle it boys?"

Jimmy yelled, "Hot damn, I am going to fuck that pretty white cunt of yours!" He then places a condom on his cock and lay down.

Cindy then climbed on the bed and straddled his cock sliding her hot cunt down on t slowly. She loved taking control over a man and fucking him her way. As she rode his cock, the other men were telling her how well she looked with her white pussy sitting a big black cock.

Cindy purrs like a kitten and said, "Oh god, it feels so good to have your black dick buried deep inside me. Fuck me deep and hard baby!"

Jimmy grabbed her hips and fucked her deep and hard. The other men gathered around her and began playing with her. Each one of the men had a rock hard cock, ready to fuck.

Cindy stopped fucking for a moment and told Jimmy to cover her cunt and belly with cum. As he covered her with cum the other, men commented on how nasty and slutty she looked with a fresh load of cum on her.

She then had one of the other men untie her slave and said, "Get your ass over her and lick me clean, so I am ready for the next man to fuck."

Shaking with anticipation her slave went over to do as instructed. He cleaned her up and made her ready so the others could fuck his Mistress.

Roger came over to Cindy and begins sucking on her nipples. He shoved her no mercy as he tantalized her erect nubs. He reached down, rubbed her clit, and continued doing so until she threw her head back and screamed she was cumming. He then shoved his dick between her tits and fucked them. Each time the dickhead came near her mouth she would suck on it. He soon covered her tits, mouth and chin with his cum.

Once again, she ordered her slave to come over to her and lick her clean. Oh god how her slave wanted to fuck her and fill her with cum, but he knew he had to wait his turn and if he came before then, his goose was cooked.

Jack came over to Cindy and said, "Mistress, are you ready to have your ass serviced?"

Cindy replied, "I love the way you recognized me as your Mistress. I think I will wait on you fucking my hot ass. I need you to help me do something special now. Will you do as I ask Jack?"

Jack replied, "Yes Mistress, what do you have in mind?"

Cindy went over to Jack and whispered in his ear, as the slave watched Jacks eyes got big and he yelled, "Oh my god, Mistress, thank you. Yes I will do it!"

The slave did not know what Jack was going to do, but he did not mind. He loved being treated like a real slave and used by both men and women.

Jack went over to the slave unbound him and then led him over to the bed. He then tied the slave's hands to the headboard, so he is facing him. He then grinned and said, "I hear you like cock and that you are a real cum sucking male bitch." He rubs his cock and says, "Then you won't mind sucking on this."

Cindy grinned devilishly and said, "Now that is a great idea! Suck his cock slave, now! I want to see you suck it and swallow his load!"

Part two:

The excitement of being Cindy's male bitch was still running through him. Therefore, when Jack tied his hands to the headboard and told him to suck his cock, the slaves cock throbbed and begin leaking a lot of precum. He had always fantasized about sucking a cock, but never had the chance to do so until now.

Cindy then came over, sat on the bed, and said, "Suck it! Suck that cock."

The slave obeyed by opening his mouth and engulfing Jack's cock. The slave then ran his tongue up along side the shaft. Jack then grabbed the slaves head and begin fucking his mouth slow and deep until his balls banged again the slave's chin.

The slave wanted to shout, "Oh fuck, it tasted so good," but he dare not let on how excited he was or blow his load.

Cindy then untied the slave's hands and instructed him to move so she could have access to his ass. She then said, "Whether you like it or not male bitch, I am going to fuck your ass with a dildo." The slave turned, as he felt something hard against his asshole.

Cindy slammed the toy almost all the way into the slave's ass as Jack rammed his cock down his throat. Pushing it in, pulling it almost all the way out then shoving it in again.

Jack clenching his teeth felt his balls convulse and he yelled, "Oh God, fuck, suck my damn dick, harder male bitch!"

In his mind, the slave was yelling, "Fuck my mouth! Fuck my ass!" He sucked Jack harder, deeper and faster until Jack's cock exploded, with so much cum it was dripping down the corners of his mouth.

The slave was about to blow his load when Cindy slapped his ass and shrieked, "Don't cum yet you damn fucker!"

Then all the sudden the slave heard one of the men say, "I want a piece of his ass!"

A real cock replaced the toy. Whoever it was showed the slave no mercy as he fucked his asshole. Just when the slave thought, he would make a mess on the bed, Cindy's lips wrapped around his cock. Oh god, he could not stand it, he could not hold out much longer, but he had to try or be punished.

Cindy stopped sucking and said, "Well bitch, you have been a good slave and you will be permitted to speak and to cum. Now, I want you to let the guy cum in your ass as you cum in my mouth."

The slave quivered, oh god that was music to his ears. He thrust his hips back onto the cock assaulting his ass as Cindy engulfed his cock. Then he threw his head back and shouted, "Thanks you Mistress Cindy! Ooooh fuck I am cumming!"

His cum blasted off like a geyser, filling Cindy with so much cum it dribbled onto the bed. Then the slave felt the cock in his ass expand and get hot as cum was filling his ass.

Cindy then let him collapse on the bed, soaked with sweat and cum. She leaned over and kissed Stan deep and hard asking him if he enjoyed the experience.

Stan felt dizzy and replied, "Oh baby, I loved every minute of it." He looked at his watch and noticed it was only midnight. He wondered if they were done with him because he was not tired and ready for more hot action.

When he looked over at Roger and Jack they were putting there clothes back on. He then said, "What's the hurry guys? I do not know about you but I am ready to fuck all night."

The two of them looked at each other and then Jack said, "We would love to stay, but we both have plans for tomorrow and it's time we head for home." They dressed and then walked over to Cindy, kissed her and told her how much fun they had and that they would be willing to play like this again sometime.

Stan then looked over and saw that James had another rock hard cock. He then said, "Well it looks like he's ready for more fucking, sucking and fun."

James looked at Stan then over at Cindy and said, "I am always ready for a night of fun. What would you say if I suggested we tie Cindy up and have our way with her?"

Stan looked at Cindy and then said, "How about it doll, would you like to be tied up this time?"

Cindy blushed and said, Oh god would I, but I am not into pain so do not hurt me."

Stan the said, "Oh we don't want to hurt you, just suck and fuck that hot body of yours."

Cindy threw back her head and said, "Hey, it is fucking time, let me get the silk ties for you out of my bag of goodies." Cindy handed Stan the ties and soon the silk ends of the cloth danced gracefully about her delicate wrists, legs, and she lay there spread eagle tethered to the bed.

James walked over, sat beside her, and said, "Are you willing to submit to anything we do to you Cindy?" He then moved until he was lying on his stomach between her legs.

She replied, "Yes! Oh god, my clit was throbbing, you two can do anything you want to me. I am now your sex slave."

Stan then sat down, leaned over and kissed her lips while caressing her stomach as it rode up just past her soft pubic hair. Her hot pussy was now fully exposed to the attractive black man's mouth, which was just inches from her sensitive pussy.

As James started eating her pussy, Cindy wanted to be untied so she could run her hands through his hair and pull him close to her. She could not use her arms and hand, so she thrust her pelvis into him, encouraging him to do more. He responded by tantalizing her clit with his tongue.

James's tonguing along the sensitive surface of her pussy sent a jolt of pleasure to the very center of her womanhood. Soon Cindy suddenly realized she was close to cumming again. Normally she would welcome this release, but she wanted to feel his cock deep within her first.

James seemed to sense her need and stopped eating Cindy long enough to move and slid his cock from her clit to her asshole before slowly entering her pussy. He repeatedly pulled his cock all the way out until the head was barely inside her, waited a moment, then when she started shaking he would plunge his cock in again.

Stan's cock stood hard as steel as he watched another man fuck his wife. Oh god, what a turn on, he could not help, but move until his cock was inches from her mouth.

Stan then said, "Honey, suck my dick as James fucks your cunt!"

As he watched James fuck her pussy, Stan continued to slide his cock into her mouth. He then reached down and began to massage her breasts. Gently pinching and rolling her erect nipples.

The two men were now working together as a team. Stan grabbed Cindy's head and fucked her mouth wildly while watching James fucked her pussy.

It was not long until Stan's cock began to spasm as he climaxed releasing his load of cum down in Cindy's mouth.

Cindy's body began shaking and screamed in ecstasy as she too climaxed, releasing her own flood of sticky wetness all over James cock and balls.

James continued thrusting his cock into Cindy. He was experiencing unsure feelings, which were unsettling yet exciting. Here he was fucking a woman other than his wife.

He continued for about a dozen strokes then released his hot load.

Stan untied Cindy. She sat on the side of the bed and told the two men to stand in front of her. She then started cleaning off each of their cocks.

Then they lay back down for a moment with Cindy nestled between the two men. They were talking about the events of the evening when the two men looked down and saw the Cindy had fallen asleep.

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