tagLoving WivesMy Marriage Mistake

My Marriage Mistake

byDG Hear©

Thank you to LadyCibelle and Techsan for their editing of my stories. I respect these two editors. With their help, my stories are a much better read.


Chapter 1

What can I say? I had a lack of judgment moment and got married. Hell, here I was a forty-five year old man married to a twenty-two year old woman. What the hell was I thinking? Most people would probably be saying I was thinking with my dick, but that's not really true, even though it came into play. (Pun intended)

I am wealthy and by some standards rich, but most people don't know how much I'm really worth. I was a high school dropout who eventually got a GED. My mom and dad divorced at an early age. I have one brother and two sisters. Dad left us with nothing. Mom was a waitress and tried as hard as possible to give us a decent life. We rented an older home outside of town that was fairly run down. I felt so sorry for mom, coming home every night praying that things would get better. I decided right then and there to help her out. I did sell newspapers and work in the local grocery store to help mom out, but it wasn't enough.

I quit school in my senior year. Mom argued with me but she knew I was also doing it to help out the family. I was eighteen at the time and got a job in a trucking warehouse. I was really a smart kid when I applied myself. I helped load trucks ten hours a day and was making a pretty decent wage. Between mom and me there was enough money to live a fairly normal life. My brother and sisters may have not been the best dressed but their clothes were neat and clean. Mom was a hell of a thrifty shopper.

Things began to get better for us. I was working at the warehouse learning all I could about trucks and warehousing. One day I decided to take a course in truck driving. After I earned my CDL license, the money was even better. I became a truck driver and whenever I wasn't on the road I helped load. I was making really good money. I started putting half my check in a savings account and gave mom the other half.

My younger brother earned a full ride scholarship at a local college playing football. My sisters, who were still teenagers, were twins and always dressed alike. I felt like their dad even though I was only a few years older. Life went on and eventually my sisters got married and started their own families. My brother got a business degree and was managing a local business. As for me, I started buying trucks. Here I was a twenty-five year old dropout with a fleet of twelve trucks. Granted, I owed on them but I had drivers who made me money. I bought more trucks and eventually I had a terminal of my own. I was known as the truckmiester. What most people didn't know is that I became partners in other businesses throughout the years. In many of them, I owned fifty percent of the stock. I didn't have to own the businesses, yet pretty much had control of them. I was a silent partner so to speak, but when I spoke people listened.

When I turned thirty, I decided to go get the GED. When I got it, my sisters threw me a big party. Different aunts, uncles, and cousins attended. I often wondered where they were when mom needed them, but now that we were financially stable, here they were. Now, I was just glad to have family around. I wasn't a big grudge carrier; I loved my family and I knew they cared for me.

After we all left the fold, mom got remarried to a nice gentleman. He worked in one of my businesses but didn't know I was the majority stockholder. In fact all my relatives work in plants, offices, and terminals that I had a big investment in. I was going to make sure that members of my family didn't get laid off.

I didn't flaunt my holdings but people knew I owned the terminal and some of the trucks. I started letting my drivers buy the trucks if they chose; less upkeep for me. Well, I think you get the monetary picture here.

Now for my sex life. It was a good one. I was banging the school girls since I was eighteen. Once I started working, I dated a number of the local girls. I wasn't going to get married. It just wasn't for me. It's like I already raised a family, my brothers and sister. I was happy with my life and could find a woman pretty much any time. My dilemma was always, did they want me for me, or for the financial rewards? If I was just dating them, it didn't make a whole lot of difference.

My sisters were always worried about me. They knew I dated but thought I should settle down. Every time I would turn around they were finding dates for me. I did go out with a number of women that I felt close to. Marrying them just wasn't in the picture.

I kept in pretty good shape. I worked out regularly at the gym. I wasn't muscle bound or anything like that but my muscles were firm for a guy my age. I liked to watch the women exercise; their tight butts and sports bras where enough to give me a hard-on. I fucked more than one woman at the gym. I fucked them in the sauna, in the pool, the showers and even in the spas. Good thing these places had powerful filtering systems.

I have been with more women than I care to count. If I found out they were married I stayed away from them. I have fucked a number of married women but I didn't know they were married at the time. I had nothing to do with them after that. I did believe in monogamy for the married person. Maybe that's why I never married before.

About a year and a half ago I came across this teeny bopper of a woman. She worked at one of the businesses that I had an interest in; of course she didn't know it. We met at one of the many Christmas parties I attended. Needless to say I took her home to her trailer and fucked her senseless. I loved sitting in a big comfortable chair and, while holding on to her tight little ass, watching her pussy bob up and down on my prick. As I came, I watched my juices coming out of her and onto my cock and balls. It was weird, this little minx did everything I asked and loved it. I even told her I wanted her ass and she smiled and told me, "anytime."

I didn't fuck her in the ass then, but I did eventually. I do have to say she gave the best head of any female I was ever with. She was able to get my whole cock down her throat without gagging. I still don't know how she did it.

I rarely used condoms; they just weren't for me. If I thought a pussy looked nasty, I didn't fuck it. Maybe I was just lucky. I did ask Shelby - that was her name - if she was on the pill. She told me she was, so I just fucked her silly. This went on for about three months. We fucked and did all the other dirty deeds about twice a week.

One day after Shelby and I had a rousing round of sex she told me she was pregnant. I asked her how that could happen if she was on the pill. She told me she figured she missed a couple of days and got pregnant. She asked me what she should do. She wanted to keep the baby. I just told her we would get married. She was elated and fucked me again.

I couldn't believe I said it. I really didn't love her but she was great in bed and now pregnant with my child. So here I was a forty-four year old man at the time, marrying a twenty-one year old minx. I had a pre-nuptial agreement drawn up, and had her sign it. We also agreed she wouldn't take my name. It was too well known. I preferred she just keep hers. She had no problem with that, which seemed a bit odd. We flew to Las Vegas and got married. I guess you could call it a honeymoon since we spent a week there. When we got back and my sisters found out, they were pissed at me.

"Christ, Randy, she's about the same age as some of our kids," my sister Barb said.

"Look, you wanted me married and I got married. Now you're mad she isn't older. She's twenty-one and your kids are just teenagers," I replied.

"You're our big brother and have always been so sensible. We wanted you to marry someone..."

"Older, with lots of wrinkles," I answered.

"Okay, Randy, we'll try to make her part of the family, but it won't be easy."

"Hey, Barb, she's a great fuck," I laughed as Barb slapped me.

About two months after Shelby told me about the pregnancy I asked her how come she wasn't showing. With tears in her eyes she told me it was a false alarm and she got her period but was afraid to tell me. She was afraid that I would have thought she tricked me into marrying her, which is probably true.

One day she asked me about our finances. Of course she moved into my house which was really nice but not an estate. I had no need of anything bigger. I had a lady come in twice a week and cleaned. I ate most of my meals out and was very happy with my life style. I told Shelby that I had no desire to change anything. I would pay all the bills and since she wanted to keep her job I told her everything she made was hers to spend on herself.

Every now and then I would give her a few hundred dollars to spend on herself. She asked me about the pre-nuptial agreement. She said she never really understood it but signed it because she loved me. I knew that was a load of bunk but didn't tell her so. I went on to explain the agreement.

All of our holdings before our marriage would remain the same. Which meant I couldn't take anything that belonged to her in case of a divorce or vice versa. She didn't have anything but I thought that was a nice way of putting it. Now she knew that she couldn't get much in a divorce. I told her if I became unfaithful to her or asked her for a divorce that I would have to give her five hundred thousand dollars. Unless, of course, we both became unfaithful, and then there would be nothing. I could see her young mind thinking. What a stupid young thing she was.

I told her I wanted her to show me her love for me as she got on her knees in front of me and removed my cock from its confines and sucked it to completion. Damn, that girl could give head. Too bad she was so stupid. If she would have just left well enough alone, we could have gone on like this. I liked the head she gave and fucking that tight little body was great too, but all good things must come to an end.

We've been married for about six months when she came home one day and said some woman at work was enthralled by me. Actually she said the woman was hot for me and that I should see the women. How lame can you get for an excuse?

"So, you're saying this gal wants to fuck me and you're alright with this?"

"Well, I guess if you wanted to. I wouldn't stop you," she answered.

"What's in it for you? Is there a male counterpart here somewhere?" I asked.

"She's married but she and her husband do swing some."

"So, you'll fuck her husband while I fuck his wife; is that the game plan?'

"Honey, only if you want to. I thought we could go out for dinner and you can see for yourself if you want to go further. She's older but a good looking woman," she replied.

Now, I'm smart and the owner of a number of companies. I read people pretty well. Here is my now twenty-two year old wife offering me another woman. She is doing it all for me, so she says.

I know this marriage wasn't going to last but the fucking was good while it lasted. I figured I'd play it through and see how great these plans were. I think a doormat has more sense than my teeny bopper wife.

"Okay, Honey, you make all the plans and we'll see how it goes." I smiled.

I decided to put out a couple feelers and find out what was going on. I contacted a friend at my wife's work and told him what I wanted. It would only be a day or so before I received the information I needed.

The information was in my hands in two days. My little wife was seeing Chuck Woody. He was her manager, or boss, if you prefer. According to the records he has worked there for five years. My darling faithful wife has been there for three. It seems that they were a hot item before she got married to me. Hm! Strange, I wonder if he was the married man that wanted to share his wife. According to the reports he'd been divorced for three years. It would be about the time my darling wife started working there. His ex-wife was named April and there weren't any kids. Good thing, I'd hate to think how smart they would have been.

They, my wife and Chuck, have been seen together recently in the cafeteria a number of times. It wouldn't be all that strange since he was her boss, but it sure fit the picture. I was surprised to see he had a good work record. Apparently he might be using Shelby or maybe he really did like her. This was really kind of a fun game in an odd way. We could call it, 'Try to trick the husband.' I couldn't let my sisters and brother in on it till it concluded.

Shelby came home that night all excited. She told me that June - that is my future female companion - was glad I agreed to the date. We would be going out Saturday night. She asked if she could have some extra money to buy some nice clothes and jewelry. I gave her a thousand dollars figuring she could find something nice for that price. I asked what June's husband name was and she said it was Chuck Woody. This was going to be interesting.

I only had one day to get all the information I could on June Woody; I figured the last name was an alias. My sources responded quickly. There was, of course, no June Woody, but there was a June Ross. She was thirty-eight years old and has been with the company for nearly fourteen years. She'd been divorced for ten years. Her ex apparently skipped town and never paid child support. Kind of sounded like my dad. According to her health insurance, she had two children: a son sixteen and a daughter twelve. Another good employee who never missed work; her work record was exemplary. What was she mixed up in this mess for?

Shelby and I pretty much lived our own lives. We both left in the morning for work and she always had somewhere she wanted to go after work. I usually went to the gym and then out for something to eat. Sometimes Shelby would meet me but most of the time we met up on the home front. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know she was planning something and having an affair. So now we were going out on Saturday so she could set me up for a half million dollars. If the truth be known and she would have just talked to me about a divorce, I would have given her a few hundred thousand and let her go if she would have just asked. She was going to try and take me for more and that was a mistake.

We went to this really classy restaurant; I mean top of the line, lounge, band, the works! I guess I was paying for it so she went all out. As soon as we went in and the Maître-D was getting ready to seat us, I spotted a couple at a distant table. Seated there was a totally mismatched couple. I knew that's where we would be headed.

The woman looked nervous but I have to admit she was radiant. I mean to tell you, this was one fantastic looking woman. She had on a low cut gown that showed her ample breasts. Her so-called husband was a good looking guy but definitely wasn't in her class. He looked quite a few years younger.

We were seated at the table and we sat boy girl type sitting. Shelby did all the introductions. I kissed June's hand and I could feel it shaking somewhat. She was definitely nervous. We were having some small talk and every time I asked a question, Chuck quickly answered. I won't mention all the lies because I knew the truth. I just wanted to hear them spew off.

We decided to have drinks and dance before eating. I looked at June and asked her if she would like to dance. She stood up and I could see her thighs about halfway up. She had the body of a real woman. Not a teeny bopper or a model. How do I explain this? She was full figured but not heavy. Nice breasts where you could see the valley between them, an ass that you wanted to grab. We headed for the dance floor. As we danced by the band I handed them twenty dollars and asked for four slow songs in a row. They smiled at me and nodded their heads. June and I were now away from our table dancing. Shelby and Chuck were sitting there talking.

I told June what a beautiful woman she was when she got a tear in her eye.

"I can't do this. I'm sorry but I can't," she said.

She started to pull away but I held her firm. "Can't do what June, sleep with me?" I asked.

"Yes, no, I don't know. Not like this, please let me go," she asked.

"June, I know about those two idiots over there trying to take me for a half million dollars. I'm not worried about them; it isn't going to happen. I'm just interested in why a beautiful woman like you would take part in such a despicable act."

"I'm sorry, it was stupid. I don't want to be part of it. What would my kids think?" She looked up at me because her so-called husband just said they didn't have kids.

"It's okay, June, I know you have two kids. So why were you willing to whore yourself out for these two idiots? Do they have something over you?"

"Oh, God, no, what have I done? I'm so sorry."

She still had tears in her eyes. "Chuck heard me arguing with my daughter's dentist. She needs braces and it's going to cost over four thousand dollars. I don't have the money. My husband left me ten years ago and never paid a dime's worth of support. I make about thirty-five thousand a year and it takes everything to pay my bills. Chuck offered to give me the four thousand dollars if I were to entice you to have relations with me. I've never done anything like this, please believe me, but it was for my kids. I'd do anything for them." She was now crying.

I took my hanky out and gave it to her to wipe her tears.

"So you were offering yourself to me for the braces?" I asked.

She answered, "I've known about you for a number of years. I've seen you at a few parties and thought you were a good looking man. I was always afraid to approach you and of course you never approached me. I guess we were from two different sides of the street. Well, when they told me it was you they wanted me to entice, I said yes. I know now how stupid it was and I'm very sorry. Please forgive me."

I thought two different sides of the street; I was the guy that quit school and worked his way to where I was today. It made me think that maybe I was a bit too cocky. I better work on that. I didn't want people to think I was unapproachable. I couldn't believe that I passed on a woman this nice. I guess it's one of the problems with wealth. It made you suspicious of most everyone. I didn't like being like that; I had to work on it.

"I can't believe I wouldn't notice a woman as beautiful as you," I said.

"It must be the clothes. I can't afford to dress like this. Shelby bought me this dress and sent me to the hairdresser. The jewelry also belongs to her. It really feels nice to wear things like this. Before I left the house, my son even whistled at me. He thought I was just going out on a date."

"June, we have to go back to the table and talk and order dinner. I won't take advantage of you, I promise, but I do want you to play along. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, Randy, I'm so sorry. I'll help you anyway I can. I just couldn't do it to you. You're too nice of a guy to be mixed up with those two. Again, please excuse my indiscretion. Really, I'm not a bad person, just a stupid one once in awhile."

"We'll talk more later, but for now I'll be putting the make on you. Believe me, if I weren't married it wouldn't be hard to do," I smiled.

We walked back to the table and I asked Shelby and Chuck how they were getting along.

"Oh, we're just getting to know each other. At work it's always shop talk. We hardly ever spend time together at work," replied Chuck.

"All I can say is you have one beautiful wife. Too bad you don't have any kids. I think she'd make a great mother. Excuse this statement but she has one killer ass body, and damn her ass cheeks are firm," I said.

June looked down and was blushing a beet red. Of course I never touched her, but we needed a little show here. "Oh, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, June, but I was under the impression that you two did this often."

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