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My Master


This is a story I wrote thinking about my master. This hasn't happened per say. However, things like this have. I call her sir, rather than ma'am because she is more like a man in most cases than a woman.


The library was quiet. Not many people had come in for hours. I waited for her patiently as I was told. I knew I was going to get it when I went home. I deserved it; for disobeying orders earlier... As she walked in I made my way to my feet to greet her. With a smile, I walked up to her. She had that gleam in her eye. She had a plan...

Without a second glance, she grabbed me and flipped me around; handcuffing me from behind and bent me over the desk I had been sitting at.

"You have been a naughty girl, haven't you?" She growled in my ear, as I winced in pain from her pulling my handcuffed arms backwards. I did not dare answer the rhetorical question, I deserved this. But in public? The terror of who might see rose within me, but it was strangely arousing. I was completely soaked from the adrenaline.

She moved her arm up and around my neck choking me and used the other hand to slap my ass. Hard. I cried from the pain. She hit me over and over again. People started to gather around. The skirt I had worn that day was completely hiked up, and everyone could see my bare red ass.

Juices began to run down my thighs. I was completely turned on. She then whispered in my ear again, "Do not cum." Three very powerful words spoken, which almost tipped me over the edge right there. Every time she touched me I practically came.

"Yes sir," was the only phrase I managed to let escape me, as she shoved her fingers deep inside my pussy. Hard. I moaned loudly.

The people around began to crowd us. She fingered me hard, while still choking me. A man walked up to us, and eyed us for a minute. He watched intently as she fingered me and then he reached over and ripped my shirt clean off my body. Leaving me wearing only my skirt. I was shocked; She made no effort to stop him... He grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples hard.

I was beyond turned on. A stranger touching me. Master not stopping him. Before I could formulate more thoughts in my head I felt it. The strap. She shoved it into my ass hard. I yelped from surprise, but then relaxed again. He knelt on the floor and bit hard on my thighs while sliding his fingers deep into my pussy.

"Don't cum" She whispered in my ear again and then bit hard on my neck.

My body lurched. How could she expect me not to cum?

She began to turn me. She leaned against the table, still deep in my tight ass. He stood up and unzipped his pants. Horror crossed my mind. Is she going to let him? Is she going to allow him to touch me? I gazed at her horrified as he rammed his junk deep inside my pussy. He leaned in and bit my nipples hard as he rammed deep inside of me.

She moved in rhythm with him, hard, fast and on so wonderful. My body came close several times. But each time I was close; she knew it and whispered yet again, "Don't cum." My orders were clear.

There were several people around now, rubbing themselves watching me be violated. I moaned loudly. As they rammed into me simultaneously.

He started to slow down, and I felt his goo dripping down my legs... he pulled out and slapped my throbbing clit. Then walked off, zipping up his pants as he did. I felt violated to the fullest.

With master not making a sound, she began to go harder. Grabbing my hair she pushed my head down towards the ground. She fucked me deep, and hard.

A woman walks up to us. Short skirt, pigtails. This girl lifted her skirt revealing a shaved pussy, and looks at master. I could not see, but I knew master was going to allow it. The girl grabs my face after sitting in a chair and shoves it into her pussy. I lick it, knowing master would stop me if she did not like it. The girl pulling my hair shoves me deep in between her legs moans loudly. Master picks up speed and reaches around me to rub my clit.

My body lurches, very close to going over the edge. The girl in front of me moans and cums in my mouth then walks over to master, and grabs the flogger from master's belt. I swallow mystery woman's cum as she began to whip my back hard. My body shaking with the oncoming orgasm I can no longer hold.

Master pulls out of me turns me around, shoves me on the table, rams the strap deep in my pussy while leaning over me. "Cum for me. NOW" She bites my ear and my body expels the orgasm. I begin to squirt all over the already soaked strap. I try and kiss her but she stops me...

"Good girl."

"Yes Master," I whimper.

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