tagBDSMMy Master: Bitter Sweet Revenge

My Master: Bitter Sweet Revenge

bySkyler Marie©

My thoughts jumbled together as I thought of all the things I could do to my master. He needed payback. He needed to feel this painful pleasure as well. I was just the woman to give it to him.

I splashed my flushed face with cool water and then dried it away. I glanced at the mirror in front of me, Staring deep into my own eyes as I did. I could feel my anger boil inside, I had a plan and I knew it just had to work.

I walked to the kitchen and fixed myself a really strong vodka and Pepsi. Gulping it down, and fixing another. I gagged and choked as the hot liquor hit the depths of my stomach. I gulped the second drink down chasing a full glass of water behind it. I could feel the liquid warm my insides, my mind mellowed and my pains seemed to vanish.

I heard his truck. He was coming. He had a armload of stuff. I went to help him carry the stuff.

"Would you like some help lover?" I said in a calm seductive voice.

"Sure, and then you can cook a wonderful meal for us to share by the firelight." I forced a smile from my lips and grabbed his armload and walked back into the house. What the hell is with this guy. He acts like nothing ever happened. It is almost like he doesn't remember cutting me, beating me, using me. I swallowed hard, I could play this game too, only I knew I was playing for keeps.

I cooked like little Suzy homemaker that night. I made a full course meal, complete with rolls. I had cooked this huge meal in a little under two hours. I walked into the living room to tell my master his meal was ready. He lay there naked in front of the fire. His body glistened in the firelight. I felt my pussy spasm as I ran my eyes down his body. I loved the way his cock made me feel but my anger was more great. I had a love-hate feeling for him. I loved his cock and hated him. Maybe I was a whore.

He realized I was watching him. He turned and smiled asking if supper was ready. I told him yes and walked away. He followed me into the kitchen and sat down at the table. As I lay the spread out before him. He said everything looked great and he was starved. We ate in almost complete silence. Finally I spoke.

"Master, I want to please you tonight. I want to show you the pleasure you have shown me, Will you allow me to do this?" He glanced up from his plate and smiled. I knew he was mine for the taking. We finished eating and I cleared the table. I told him to go lay down while I finished cleaning up. He did as I asked. I knew he was now under my power, I was in control and It felt great.

I filled the dishwasher and dried my hands. I walked to the doorway and looked for my lover. There he lay in front of the fire, still naked and supporting a massive erection. He smiled as he saw me enter the room. I smiled back and told him not to move I was going to get comfortable. I walked to the bedroom and rummaged through my clothes. I found the outfit I had worn the first time I had met Mark. I knew it would be a huge turn on for him to have me in those same clothes he first saw me in. I dressed quickly and slipped into my heels. I would make him bust a nut. My sexual urges began to build as I walked nearer to him. I saw him laying there stroking his massive cock for me, I was aroused, But I knew I couldn't allow my sexual urgencies to get in the way of my plan. I had to do everything right in order to have him where I wanted him..

"Let's move to the bedroom where we can get more into it, okay baby?" I said with a chuckle He stood up and walked toward the bedroom. He stopped dead in his tracks. Fear raised inside me. Did he know what I was up to? Shit, could he tell what I wanted to do? He turned around and kissed me hard. He said he had never had a woman take control like I was doing. He had no idea how much control I would have by the end of the night. My insides were smiling as I thought of the pain I would cause him. The son of a bitch deserved all that he was going to get.

I shoved him onto the bed and lay atop him. His hard on pushing into my pelvic bone. I grabbed his wrists hard, digging my short nails into them. He started to fight but stopped when his resists were met with a hard slap across his face. I looked deep into his eyes, they were filled with raw lust for me and all that I would do to him. I grabbed the same straps he had used to tie me so many times before. I strapped his wrists tightly to the bed, and did the same with his ankles. I reached beneath the bed and retrieved a leather whip. SWOOOSH!! CRACK!!! I hit him hard across the bare chest. CRACK!!! Again across his chest. His body bucked hard with each hit. Harder and harder I hit his bare flesh, I was hurting him and god it felt good. SWOOSH SWOOSH WHACK!!!!! I hit with all my might, his skin opening as the leather smacked into it. He moaned in pain. His eyes tearing up as I hit him harder. I took the whip handle and slapped it hard against his erection. He groaned and screamed in pain. I smiled and leaned down toward him

" I'm sorry love did I hurt you, I will not do it again." He nodded as if he accepted my apology and started to talk. His mouth moved but his words were never heard. I tenderly kissed his now limp dick. Teasing his cock head and licking the tender underside. He moaned from the pleasure I was causing. I took his growing cock deep into my mouth. His moaning sent shivers up my spine. He was enjoying my mouth to the fullest. I rammed his cock deep into my mouth and drug my teeth lightly up it as I worked it out of my mouth.

"I want to fuck you... Please let me fuck your pussy Lisa." He whimpered.

"Not yet, my love, in time you will get what you deserve" I said in a cocky tone. I untied him and told him to lie in his own torture rack. He did as I asked, laying down slowly into his bed of pain. I strapped him into it taking great time to be sure I had him tightly hooked. I again went to work on him; Kissing and licking his body. His breathing grew more rapid the more I move along his body and hard shaft.

"Fuckin Bitch quit your damn teasing and sit on my fat cock." He yelled SMACK!!!! I hit him hard across the face. I could see the mark that I had left. His face welted from my hand. I loved the sight.

" You whore, You will pay for this when we are through. You will be sorry you ever hit me like that." I smiled at him and left out a low hearty laugh.

" You sick fucker you have not yet begun to feel my power. You too will be sorry for all that you have done to me." I glowed as he lay merciless at my feet.

I brought my knee down hard onto his crotch. He withered in pain. His cock almost immediately turning a deep shade of purple. I stood and watched him go in and out of conciseness. I knew he was in agony.

"That is for every smack to the ass that you delivered, you fucker" I yelled. I stood above him tapping my heel onto the floor. With no notice I tramped down onto his sack.

"You wanna bust a nut; huh master, how bout I bust them for you." I chuckled. Again I tramped hard onto his nuts. He blacked out. I sat down on the bed and watched his purple member swell. I knew he would take forever to heal. That is what I wanted. I wanted his pain to be real and lasting. He needed to know what true pain felt like. I took the only lit candle from the nightstand and poured the hot liquid all over him. I let it pour onto his skin. My nostrils filled with the smell of burnt hair. The firey water made his body jerk uncontrollably. I could see the straps cutting deep into his wrists and ankles as his body convulsed. I kinda felt sorry for him.

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed the wine bucket. Filling it with ice and water before returning to him. I splashed the icy water onto his body, He woke from his painful slumber.

"Fuck...........That is .........." I smacked his mouth once again, busting his mouth open as I did.

" You will keep quiet. You are MY whore now and you will do as I say bitch." I screamed at him. He looked at me and started sobbing like a baby.

"Lisa Please, I am sorry I didn't know I hurt you so bad..." "You did and now you will pay...." I said I leaned down to him kissing him hard on the lips. I got up and licked his blood from my lips. I had the same raw lust in my eyes that he had before. He was scared and I was the cause. I sat back and basked in the glory of all the pain I was causing him. I was sick like him only I was giving payback where it was due.

I heard a car pull up outside.

"Lisa, Are you in there?" The man's voice said I knew that voice I knew who that was. Uncle Tom had come to my rescue. I moved very slowly. Tom smashed in the front door and walked toward me. My battered body showing the effects of the last couple months I had been there.

"Where is the fucker...... Tell me where the fuck he is" Uncle Tom yelled I just pointed and walked toward the door. I stepped out onto the porch and breathed the night air. It was crisp and freedom never smelled so sweet. I walked off the porch and into the grass. As I walked away I heard the man I once called master, screaming and moaning in pain. I knew my uncle would finish where I left off. I knew Mark would never be my master again. I knew if he were to continue his life as a master, he would be able to see it through his "pet's" eyes...

The End.

I hope you all have enjoyed this, while it was taken from real life, the names and locations have been changed.

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