tagBDSMMy Master Ch. 1

My Master Ch. 1

bySkyler Marie©

The bright steaming sun made my eyes flinch as I walked out of my uncle's trailer. It was great, I was free to do what I wanted and had the cash to do it. I was 18 and free as the wind.

Pete, my uncle Tom's friend, was more than happy to give me a ride into town that day. Pete had told me time and time again that if he hadn't been married that he would've fucked my brains out right there on the spot. I have to admit I was looking mighty hot. I wore a tight skirt, that rode up to the base of my ass cheeks when I walked, and a tight halter top. I rarely wore underwear since finding my freedom so far from home, and this afternoon was no exception. I am busty to say the least but this particular day I choose to leave my bra in the dresser and just enjoy the silky feel of my halter against my bare nipples. Yes I was looking mighty fine for a big woman, and I felt like a sex goddess.

I chose a somewhat respectable strip club that was nestled amongst some trees. It was a neat place. I loved the way it looked from the outside. Looking like a big farm house with porch swing and all, but on the inside well that was a totally different look. There was a stage, complete with poles for the dancers, a huge bar and cute little wooden tables. The decor was not sleazy yet it wasn't to richy looking either. I loved the place from the first moments through the doors. Pete had taken me in only once, he had been drinking rather heavy and I was his escort so to say for the evening. I remember him telling me I was his reality check, I was his reminder that he was married and he couldn't be fucking around. I was happy to help him out. Hell I was young and inexperienced in matter of relationships, all I cared about was having a good time, showing off a bit and getting free beer. What can I say.

Now here I was, standing out front of "The Club House", looking hot, while at the same time sweating my ass off, waiting for the right moment to walk inside. I breathed deep and walked through the doors. I flashed my ID to the bouncer at the door. He nodded and let me pass. I don't think he even looked at the damn thing cuz the guy behind me had to draw his attention away from my ass and back to his job.

I walked to the bar and ordered a beer in a frosted mug. The bartender looked at me like I was from another planet.

"Frosted mug huh, What the hell do I look like?" I smiled and said in a cocky tone. " Like a fuckin barhand and I want a frosted mug!" I got my frosted mug for that drink and all the others I had that night. Turns out the bartender liked special requests from bitchy women. Little did I know just how much.

The night was super, the bar was filled with regulars. Music was blaring in the background as the first dancer came onto the stage. She was a beautiful little thing, one of those perfect model types. The bitch. Her tits were not near as big as mine but just right for her body. She had long silky looking legs and a killer ass. I just sat and watched her dance, she moved like an angel across the stage. God how I wished I could move like her, look like her, draw the attention like her.....

It was then that I realized I was being talked to. The barhand was talking to me about something.

"I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention, What were you saying?" He just chuckled and asked if I would like another drink. I told him maybe later, and with that he walked away. I watched the rest of the dancers that night but none of them kept my attention like the angel. As the night drew to a close I thought more and more of this angel I had seen. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I never even realized that the bar was closing. Holy shit I had been at the bar for hours. I had closed bars before but never a strip club. I hurriedly started to drink my beer, now semi warm and kinda gross, when the barhand offered me a fresh one. I accepted gladly. He asked if I would like to chat a bit after he was done, I said sure and walked to a table to wait for him.

He walked toward the table, I was taken by him. I had missed so many of his features while he was behind the bar. He was tall; probably about 6' or so, and had shoulder length brown hair. His body was well defined and nicely tanned. He extended his hand as he approached my table.

" Hi, I am Mark, Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you as well, my name is Lisa" He sat down and started talking about not seeing me in there before and simple chatter. I commented on the angel I had seen dance. He said she was married and had a child, and also mentioned that it was his sister. I almost died right there on the spot. I was so embarrassed, I didn't know what to say or how to react.

It was almost like he could sense my uneasiness because he reached for my hand and said she was his half sister and not to worry about it. All I could muster was a tiny smile. I don't know what it was but the touch of his hand was sending quivers through my body. He seemed so gentle, so caring, and very interested in me. We talked for what seemed to be forever. Small chit chat that new friends make. We talked about ourselves a little, the bar, and likes and dislikes. So it came to no surprise when Mark asked me to go out tomorrow for dinner. I accepted happily. I liked him and there was a strange chemistry pulling us closer.

It was 5:30 the next evening when I met Mark at the club. He was dressed very nicely, and for a split second I thought I would be under dressed. He told me not to worry about it cuz I looked great in whatever I wore. I was grateful for the compliment and thanked him with a peck on the cheek. We went to one of the best restaurants in town, It was a good ol fashioned pizza place. I thought it was great. I watched the man behind the counter throwing dough and special making our pizza. Mark did the ordering, he got everything on it except the little fishes....LOL.... As we sat and ate we talked more about our lives. It was at dinner when I got the biggest shock of my life, Mark asked if I would like to be his girl. I was stunned, after all I had just met him, yet I heard myself saying yes almost automatically. He smiled and tenderly kissed my hand. I kept thinking I got a real romantic.. how nice... We finished our meal and Mark asked if I minded going back to the club so that he could get his schedule. I said no and we were off. He had this beat up old chevy truck, the blue paint was peeling and the back window was broken, but I thought it was great. I was so taken by him and it never occurred to me until later that I was a fool for him.

After we got the club, Mark bought me a drink and went into the back to see his boss. He later came back out and sat down with me. I watched the ladies dance a bit but I was more interested in him. Everything about him intrigued me. I wanted to know all there was to know about this guy. I needed to know. The more I learned about my new man the more I wanted to get closer to him, I wanted to be closer than anyone before.

Mark and I dated for the next two months, and we were getting serious indeed. I had asked for his help to find me a job. He told me that "I never needed to work now that I was his girl, " Yet after seeing the expression on my face he smiled and said " You could always dance at the club"

I chuckled " No way, I got more flesh than any of those guys would ever want to see" He took hold of my waist and pulled me close, As he looked deep into my eyes he said

" I would love to see all that you have sweetheart." He kissed my deeply and I knew he was mine. I had a spell of some kind on him, the same spell that he had on me, It was hard to not rape him right there. He was so sexy and so serious when he talked to me. He was breathing heavy when he pulled away.

" I had better take you home before I can't." Mark said I just looking at him and nodded my head in agreeance. I wanted him to take me, but home was not what I had in mind, I wanted him. I wanted to take our passion to a new level. I wanted more than I had now.

I sat close to him as we drove to my uncle Tom's place. I was teasing him with my hand. Slowly running it up and down his thigh. A little higher each time. I could see his cock outlined in his tight shorts. It seemed as if his hardness would rip through them at any minute. He glanced at me and smiled "See what you do to me baby, you make me all excited and leave me to tend to myself after I drop you off."

" Well you know I like the idea of you being excited from me..." That was all I had to say and he was squirming in his seat, he looked so uncomfortable I knew I had to help him out.

I slowly eased onto the floor of his truck and undid his button on his shorts. I revealed a little patch of hair and his hard cock screaming for attention. He was a full 6 inches and hard as could be. I just took his hard cock into my hand and looked at it for a few moments, then I flicked my tongue across the head. I thought for sure Mark was going to fly thru the roof. His body tensed as droplets of pre cum oozed from his tip. I licked them away greedily, savoring his salty taste. I cupped his now tightened balls with my hand, massaging them gently. He moaned with pleasure. I took his purple head into my mouth, flicking my tongue across it several times as I did. He tightened his grip on the wheel and I could sense that his cock was almost to the edge. I gulped that cock down like I would never have one again. I crammed it into my open mouth and sucked him; up and down his shaft. faster and more intense with each motion. I gripped his cock hard wanting to save his spunk for later, but my tight grips only seemed to intensify his need for release. He jerked and moaned as he shot his spunk into my waiting mouth. I gobbled his seed, making sure not to miss a drop. I licked his sensitive head, making him grab the back of my head and pulling my hair. I liked the feel and teased his cock head even more. He grabbed my hair and yanked it hard letting me know that he had enough of my teasing. He rammed my mouth back down onto his growing cock. I sucked him hard and fast making his body jolt from the feel. He ground his pubs into my face as I sucked, making me take him deeper and deeper into my mouth. His body twitched hard as his balls unloaded their man milk one more time. I drank him all and milked him for more. I was a cum slut for sure and he knew it.

I sat up and licked my lips clean. After planting a deep kiss onto his lips I sat back and waited for him to say something. He sat there; his flaccid cock still hanging out if his pants. He looked at me with more lust then I had ever seen at the time.

" Honey that was super, I never knew a woman could suck cock like that." I just smiled and sat back basking in my superb suck job. As we turned onto the main road to Uncle Tom's house, Mark reluctantly tucked his cock back into his pants.

" Lisa, I really enjoyed that but I wish I could make love to you the right way."

"Not to worry sexy, you will very soon."

As we pulled into the driveway I tenderly planted a hard kiss on his lips, and walked into the house.

Mark called as soon as he got home and talked about making love to me, He talked of passion and love making all night long. I was so excited and begged him to come get me so we could go somewhere alone. He said he had to work, Hell I had forgot all about him working or my finding a job for the fact. I was damn horny and I needed his hard cock. I needed to feel him inside me.

I hung up with Mark and went to get a shower. I dressed in my most slutty outfit I had, and called a cab. I got to the club and walked to the bar.

" Hey stud, I want a beer in a frosted mug." Mark started to complain about a frosted mug and what kind of place it was when he looked up and saw me standing there. His expression was all I had to see to tell he liked the outfit I was wearing. I looked like some biker whore decked out in leather and lace, I was ripe for the picking and the wetness between my legs was telling me it needed to be soon.

It seemed like it was all Mark could do to pay attention to his job. He kept asking me if there was anything else I needed. Being the slut that I am I would only mouth the words "your cock." This only seemed to turn Mark on all the more, I caught a glimpse of him walking by, his cock was well defined and I could tell my little actions were getting to him. Little did he know the more I teased, the more intense the ache in my pussy got. I couldn't wait till closing time.

I had never seen Mark clean that bar so fast. He moved like lightening. He wisked around me knowing that when he was done working at the bar that he had work to do on me. I teased even more as he cleaned, I propped my leg up onto the table giving him a eyeful of my fat shaven pussy. I wanted him to see what he would be sampling. He gazed at my open legs and my inviting hot box. I thought for sure he was going to fuck me right there on the spot. He licked his lips hard and prying his eyes from me and my wet crotch, he went back to work. He finished in no time.

Grabbing my arm and raking me from my seat he practically sprinted to the doors. He locked up and chased me to the truck. I was having hard time running from him in heels, I always have hated those damn things. Finally he caught up to me and pinned my against the truck.

" So my little whore wants daddy to fuck her hot pussy." He said with a sly grin.

"Come on stud, give me all you got."

We got into the truck and started down the road. I went for his cock but he pushed me away. I was kinda confused and hurt. He just smiled and told me to be patient, I could have that cock all night long but I had to wait till we got to his place. My mind was racing "His place..... I had never been inside his place......" I was even more excited now, I was going to get my pussy pleased in his bed and in his place.....

He could sense my need, as he drove. He pinched my nipples thru their little covering, he teased my steamy snatch with his finger, running it slowing along my slit. I felt as if I would gush right there.

It seemed like it was taking forever for us to make it to his place, but finally we pulled in under the tree in his front yard. He told me to sit still as he shut off the truck and climbed out. Walking around the truck he opened my door and scooped me out of the seat. His arms so powerful, his breath so hot against my clammy skin. I needed release and I needed it now....

He then kicked open the front door and walked me inside. For a divorced man his place was immaculate. Hell his place was cleaner than uncle Tom's, and his wife cleaned everyday.

I looked around. It was almost like he had planned to bring me here. He had silk sheets on the bed and candles sitting all around just waiting to be lit. It was like something you would expect on your honeymoon or something. He set me down and put on some soft music, then walked to the fridge and got out a bottle of wine. Everything seemed like a dream, I mean nobody was this great. I was in heaven and my pussy burned as if I was in hell. I needed my heat quenched.

Mark poured us each some wine and placed the half empty bottle along with our glasses on the nightstand next to his bed. He leaned over and lit three candles then turned his attention back to me. He tenderly kissed my neck. Working his way down my chest, spending a short time on each nipple. Nibbling a little then biting me hard.

"Ouch, What the hell did ya do that for?" I exclaimed "I'm sorry honey, I will not hurt you again." I put the twinge of pain out of my mind and relaxed once more to enjoy his touches. He told me to lay on my belly, he had a surprise for me. I did as he said but was feeling a bit uneasy about doing so. I wanted to please him and I needed pleased, and I wasn't gonna fuck it up just because he accidentally nibbled a little hard.

I eased onto my belly letting my big ass flapping in the wind. WHACK!! A hard slap connected with my ass. It burned and sent a twinge of pain through my whole body and I liked it. Mark kissed the spot he had just cracked, It was so tender... Maybe he was trying to ease the pain.. WHACK!!! another hard blow to my bottom.... Tears fell from my eyes as my ass began thobbing. My ass was now on fire. I didn't know what to do or how I was feeling. My arousal had been turned into something else, I was no longer horny as hell, I was now wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into and who this man was. He was not the same man I was falling in love with... Or was he??

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