tagBDSMMy Master Ch. 2

My Master Ch. 2

bySkyler Marie©

I lay there as still as I could. My mind roaming wildly. I was scared, but not scared enough to run. Mark loved me; he would never do anything to hurt me. WHAMMM!!! Another solid hit to my already cherry red bottom. Then a kiss, soft and gentle. He teasingly licked along my crack. He then pried my ass cheeks apart to gaze at my puckered hole. Tapping it lightly with his finger.. I was soaring, my cunt was once again on fire and my ass was begging to be fucked. I withered and moaned with desire.

" I am your Master now, and you will enjoy all I do to you." He said in a stern yet loving voice.

"But... I don't......" My sentence cut off by another powerful whack to my fleshy backside. I was sobbing like a small child who had just been grounded. I felt like such a small child beneath his power. I was unsure of my feelings and having never been controled, I just lay there, My head swimming with thoughts.

"Oh, my precious, I will reward you for pleasing me well, and you will learn as time passes what I will tolerate and what will be grounds for severe punishment." I couldn't move. I tried to speak but no words came out. I felt his breath against my back. I glanced back to see what he was doing, only to have my face met with a rough shove forward. All I knew was he was kneeling, and naked. Rubbing his hands slowly up my back and around to my pert nipples. My pussy seemed to scream for attention, I could feel my wetness slicken my inner thighs. He ran his finger along my swollen slit, flicking it across my love button every once in a while, I knew he felt my wetness too. He was taking me to heights I had never felt until now. He was making me enjoy him.

A light lick of my ass bud sent me into a wave of orgasmic bliss. My puss spilling it's juice unto the bed. I moaned and bucked back against his face. He grabbed my cunt hard, pinching my clit as he did. I was totally lost in his power and he knew it. Rolling me over onto my back once more he smiled at me. Planting a tender kiss on my brow as he gazed deep into my eyes. His raw lust glaring back at me. THUD! he smacked my pussy with his hardness. I loved the twinge he was causing. I could see his face so full of desire, so needy of totally pleasure.

" Mark, I want you to fuck me." I stammered. Smack.. A gentle hit to my mouth. "I told you I am your Master now and you will call me as such"

" Yes....Y-Y-es Maaaa--- .... Yes Master." I couldn't believe I was saying this shit to him. I was not the kind of woman to be slave to anyone. I was a bitch with a bad ass attitude, not some little toy. I started to feel my anger build inside of me. I was finding it hard to control my urge to punch him right in the mouth. Then he kissed me. A long deep tongue entwined kiss, I was his once again. I was like jello on a hot day. What the hell was this hold he had on me, Why was I allowing him to degrade me like this?

My master was teasing me. He was playing with my nipples, but I was told I wasn't allowed to touch him at all, He was in total control.

I had to touch and feel and play. I just had to. It seemed like my hand no sooner touched his hard cock and it was placed back where it was originally. I was horny and I wanted some action.

"Fuck me Mark.... I mean Master"

I figured if I played his silly game that he would give in and give me that hard cock I had been yearning for all day. Little did I know that the game had just begun, and I was the star player.

"Don't move, I will return in a minute with something for you." My masterwhispered into my ear. I was not ready to move yet, My cunt still ached and I was still needing him inside me. He told me to close my eyes. I did as he asked. A silky thing was being tied around my head forming a tight blindfold. I tried opening my eyes.... nothing, no light only little starbursts which were of my eye's own making. I felt his strong hands gripping my wrists. I remember thinking Oh My God, He is tying my up, as the rough restraints tightened around my wrists. He tied my ankles in the same fashion. Terror shot through my nakedness. Then my master spoke.

" Dear sweet mistress of mine.... you will enjoy what I do and you will beg me for more when I am through"

I couldn't speak, I opened my mouth but no words came. I felt something soft running along my inner thighs. Something soft indeed. It's soft feathery like texture sent my body into deep spasms as he continued to run it along my inner thighs, working his way to my feverish mound. I was bucking my fleshy body up and down on the bed. The straps that imprisoned me became tighter as I moved. The soft thing touched my wet slit just enough to feel. It sent me into a awesome orgasm. My body shook as my pussy released it's juices. I felt like someone had drained the energy from me as the hot liquid flowed from the steamy place between my legs. My flushed skin shuttered as a cool breeze blew across my body. It was only then that I realized my master was no longer on the bed with me, I had never felt him move.

As I lay there, I listened intently, trying to figure out where my master had gone, What he was doing, and how I would get out of these straps without breaking my wrists. I could feel my own sex juice running down between my chubby ass cheeks, I giggled at the feel. It was then I heard a faint sound. My master was coming back to me. As I lay in my blinded state, I listen harder. I heard glasses clanking, ice, liquid being poured. He knelt beside the bed and removed my blindfold. Kissing me tenderly as he did. I opened my mouth to speak but his sour look told me to stay quiet. My lips were met with the sweet taste of red wine, he drizzled it into my mouth, much like a mother bird feeds her young. I jutted my tongue out trying to catch all that he was giving me. My parched lips tingled as the sweetness hit them. I licked them quickly, not wanting to waste a single drop. It seemed like he only allowed a few drops to touch my lips before setting the glass back down. He reached, grabbing the silky cloth once more. I sighed as he again tied the material around my head, cutting off my light supply. Again my senses went wild as I trying to figure out what he was doing.

The cold hit me, I jerked causing the straps to cut into my wrists and ankles. Teasing my hot flesh with this coldness. My nipples poked into the air as if they were being pulled. He ran the coldness along them, god were they sensitive. My heart stopped a beat as he let a cool drop fall onto my cleavage. My hot flesh steamed as it hit, cold and quenching to my hot mound. He lay the piece on my love button. It was freezing, the cold liquid warmed ,as it ran down the length of my fiery slit, coming to rest just inside my love canal. I exploded with pleasure. My pussy was contracting, pulling the now warm water deep inside, mixing it with my juices.

"Master..... Please.........." My master chuckled and said "You will be silent and enjoy your pleasure and pain my sweet" I was enjoying it, I enjoyed all that he was doing but my insides were screaming for his manhood. I needed to feel it deep inside me. He tenderly planted a passionate kiss on my lips. His breath moved down on my body. Slowly and teasingly.

I felt my lover's breath heating my slit, his face was at my steamy pussy. Oh god.... he was going to eat my pussy. I felt his tongue flick across my swollen lips, resting on my erect love button. He nibbled softly on it making my pussy jump with excitement and anticipation. He slowly eased two fingers deep into my steamy snatch. My hot love cave reacted almost immediately to his fingers sucking them in to the fullest. My hips bucked up almost out of instinct to meet his fingers. Deeper and faster he slid in and out of me. I could feel my urgency build again. I knew I needed release, I knew it needed to be soon.

I felt him move... knowing he would enter me soon, my body burned with desire. He got up and I heard him walking from me. My heart sunk and I was devastated.... I felt like he was abandoning me and my wet needy pussy. I could feel tears build but none fell due to the tightness of the cover over my eyes. I felt alone and unloved.

I awoke to a sweet smell of cherry and lavender. I hadn't realized I had fallen asleep. I wondered where my master was. My legs and arms ached from my restraints. I couldn't believe I was in this mess. I doubted all the feelings I once had for this man, the man I now called master. Where is my master anyway?

A long silence filled the room, I could hear myself breathing. My forehead started to bead with sweat. I was hot and my body felt flushed. I wanted to get up. I had to stretch and I had to pee.

The hot liquid pierced my body, cooling quickly and crusting over. Another drop hit me, I cried out in pain, My skin burned

"Please don't hurt me anymore...."

"Relax you bitch and feel the painful pleasure I can provide you." I tried to relax but with each new fiery drop I tensed more and more. My tits felt as if they would explode if the firey water hit my flesh again. Drop.... Drop..... more hit me, I winced and took the pain. My body tingled all over as he tenderly planned where the next drop would fall. My nipples were on fire and I could tell he was working his way down my body with his firey water. A drop hit my belly, I heaved with pain. It hurt so bad, it burned my skin, yet it sent my pussy aflame. I was so wanton and sluty feeling.

"Fuck me Master, Fuck me Hard" He said not a word but continued dropping his hot fire onto my flesh. I felt him move but I said nothing. My body was tingling all over, I was afraid to move, afraid to speak. I lay there almost catatonic. My master was peeling the crusty substance from my body. He brushed me off lightly after he had gotten it off. I felt him move again, hearing him walking away from me

Silence again...

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