tagBDSMMy Master Ch. 3

My Master Ch. 3

bySkyler Marie©

I lay in the silence for what seemed to be forever, I then realized I heard water running. My anger took control of my body "You fucker, you have to untie me!" I listened intently.

The water had stopped.

I heard him chuckle.

This only enraged me more. I bucked up and down, pulling hard on my straps. I was pissed and had every intention of getting free from here. The straps cut deeply into my wrists and ankles. My flesh under them burned, I could tell I was rubbing them raw. I didn't care I needed to get away. I needed to be in control of my own body. God I had to pee.

I froze when I heard him walking toward the room again. I knew he could tell I was fighting his wishes, by the sigh he left out.

"Trust me, I will take care of you" His voice sounded so sincere, so loving. He was nothing he appeared to be. I couldn't say a word but I wanted to scream at him for making me do these things, for making me enjoy those awful things he was doing. I felt my sexual urges build as he slowly ran his hands along my trembling body.

"You shouldn't have fought me my sweet, now you have to be punished." He undid my blindfold, It took quite some time for my eyes to readjust to the light that filed the room. I spat at him. He smacked my mouth hard. He slowly untied the straps that bond my wrists. I winced in pain as the cool air hit my open wounds. He leaned and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

"You wouldn't have that pain if you would've listened to your master." My throat burned and I had a hard time catching my breath. What the hell was this power he had over me... He undid the straps around my ankles. Again I winced in pain as the cool air hit my flesh burns. I started crying uncontrollably. I tried to stop but the more I tried, the more tears fell. I felt like such a child as he towered over me.

He slowly eased his hands under my weak body, Picking me up and carrying me to the bathroom. He slowly eased me into the tempid water. My flesh burning as the water hit my open wounds.

"Ouch, Fuck that hurts.." Again I sobbed, the pain was unreal and I hoped that I would wake from this terrible nightmare soon. He kissed me on the forehead then again on the lips. He was being so sweet and caring. He gently washed my aching body, tender and gentle like a mother washes a newborn infant. My body started to ease down farther in the water, the tensions seemed to drain from my body. My wrists and ankles were still burning as he finished bathing me. I almost went into shock when he turned the shower spray onto me. The water was warmer that what I was sitting in but it still made my heart race. He stood me up, bracing me so I would not fall.

"Get your footing my lover, I want to finish washing you and I can't wash you and hold onto you at the same time" I don't know if it was fear or instinct that brought reality to me but I did as he said. I stood with my legs slightly apart. He stripped and climbed into the shower behind me. His tall slender body rubbed against me, I was putty in his hands once again. WHACK!!! He smacked my wet bare ass.

"That was for fighting back while restrained" I stood there and bit my lip fighting back tears and harsh words. I knew I couldn't take any more abuse and I didn't want our relationship to be this way.

He washed my back, and my hair, then rinsed me clean. I stood and watched as he washed his own body. I tried to wash it for him but my hand was smacked away as soon as I started. My mind raced endlessly as I watched in silence. Why was I here, What did I want, Why was he like this?? I still had no answers when he leaned down and shut the water off. He seemed to be thankful I was obeying him. I stepped from the shower only to have my wet bare ass smacked again. The sting seemed to linger forever. He sat me down hard on the toilet, drying every inch of my body. Opening the cabinet above the sink he grabbed a tube and some bandages. He tenderly dressed my wounds. Kissing me in between each one. God I had never known he could be so different. It was like he had two totally different people inside him. I wanted the gentle, loving one. But I still had another part yearning for the mean, controlling one also. It was new to me and it made my pussy quiver at the thought of him being my master. He finished dressing my wrists and ankles, then stood me up, covered me with his robe and lead me to the kitchen.

"You must be starved beautiful, I know I am." I simply nodded my head. I was hungry but my aching body and burning sensations remained a constant reminder that I should leave. I just couldn't... I watched as my master cooked for me, taking special time to prepare everything right. It was almost an hour later when we actually sat down to eat. I picked a little at the meal in front of me. I was starving but the smell and previous events made my belly do flip flops.

"What is wrong my sweet lover, is it not good?" He asked with a smile on his face

"No Master, It is fine I guess I am just not very hungry." I had said it so meekly I was unsure if he had even heard me at all until he spoke

"My sweet dear Lisa, I love you and you may call me Mark for the remainder of our meal."

I nodded, all the while thinking I met yet another asshole. Yet this one was still somehow different. I needed him for some reason. I was drawn to him. What the hell was wrong with me.

When we finished eating and I asked Mark if he could take me home. He told me no that he had more planned for me this evening. I whimpered at his statement, I didn't know if I could handle anymore of what he had to give. He smiled and chuckled, almost as if he had read my mind. "Not to worry my sweetest, I will not hurt you anymore tonight, I merely did that to show you who the master of this house is."

"But Mark, I don't live here."

"You do now, We will go pick up your things tomorrow, your uncle will not think anything out of the ordinary, after all people around here move in together after the first date.." He said laughing a deep hearty laugh. I just sat at the table and watched him clear it and put the dishes in the dishwasher. God I loved how he moved, his body seemed to sway as he walked. I really like him but I don't like this shit he does. I am not going to be a slave for his sexual whims. Damn it I was a strong woman; I deserved better than that.

He finished his task at hand and walked to my side. Taking me by the hand he lead me into the living room, and onto a huge rug laid out in front of his gas fireplace. It was a beautiful setting, like the most romantic movie set. I started thinking maybe he was right maybe he was just doing it to show his authority here. Maybe he was not like that at all. After all he seemed so gentle and kind, he couldn't possibly be that hard, mean and cruel to someone he was suppose to love. Could he?

I lay gazing at the fire, when Mark walked up behind me and offered me a glass of wine. I glady accepted it. I thought if nothing else it would help me to forget about the day's events. I was dead wrong. I gulped down my first glass and asked Mark to get me another. He told me to slow down but I didn't want to listen. I didn't feel the effects of the second drink till I got up to go pee. I wobbled and stumbled into the bathroom. It took all that I had in me to keep from throwing up. I realized that not eating might not have been the best idea and I decided to raid Mark's fridge.

I rummaged through the fridge hoping something would appeal to me. Nothing even sounded good at this point. I bent over into the crisper drawer and pulled out some lunchmeat. Just as I was about to stand WHACK!!! Mark's hand connected with my round ass, sending chills through me.

"I'm sorry Mark, I was a little hungry and ........"

"Honey don't worry about it this is your house now too, besides I just enjoy getting you going that way." He was chuckling as he poured himself another drink and walked back into the living room.

What did he mean getting me going that way, and what the hell was so funny.... I didn't find anything funny about this situation. It was strange and perverted but yet I was drawn to it like a magnet.


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