tagBDSMMy Master Ch. 5

My Master Ch. 5

bySkyler Marie©

With my eyes barely open, I breathed deep. The coolness of the bathroom floor felt great against my flushed skin. My body felt as if I had been on a straight two week drinking binge. I eased myself into a sitting position. Damn it my head was killing me. I could feel the swelling in my face, and I could still detect a faint taste of blood. Raising up from the floor, I grabbed the sink to help gain leverage. It was no good. My legs felt as if they were tied to the floor with thousand pounds weights. My stomach hurt. I knew I had to clean myself up.

I shuffled my heavy feet toward the sink a little at a time, not wanting to rush myself into another collapse. I peered into the mirror. I looked at if I had aged 30 years that day. My hair was a terrible rats nest. My mouth was bloody and swelled. I looked like hell and I felt like it too. I sat down on the toilet, my mind wandering. I thought of all the funny times I had spent with Jim, just being myself. I knew I enjoyed his company. God I am glad he couldn't see me like this, he would never let me live it down. I missed him.

I turned the knobs on the shower letting the water warm beat on the cold white porcelain. I remember Mark telling me that I was to get clothes today, so that is what I would do I guess. I almost fell getting into the shower. It was only a little step into it but to me it felt like a huge mountain I was climbing over. My leg slipped and I could feel my pussy gape, as my legs spread wide. The water was only slightly warm as I turned my back to it. I reached down to turn on more hot water, As I did, the spray from the shower hit my face.

"Fuck........ " It felt as if someone had thrown acid into my face the way it burned. It burned more and more as the dried blood was being washed away. I stood and sobbed as I watched my own blood running down and away from my body. I had never remembered being this beat up before, I felt like I lost my biggest battle of my life. In a way I knew I had.

I shaved my already bruising legs. I hated the fact that I bruised so easy, I still do. I couldn't believe I ached so bad. I decided that perhaps a bath would be better. I flicked the knob causing the tub drain to close, as I stood letting the shower still beat against my battered body. When the tub was almost half full I shut off the water and eased down into the tub. I had been painfully aware of my strap burns as the water crept into them. How could I be so stupid, I knew better than to resist the restraints, I knew what they would be... God I felt so stupid. I heard laughing. My body froze as I listened. I heard only silence. I was cracking up. I knew I heard it but from where. It was then I realized I was hearing the laughing in my head. People were laughing at me in my head. I was there laughing at myself too. Christ! How could I be so dumb, how could I let this maniac treat me this way? I sighed deeply as I washed my flesh. I knew I was going to have to do something to stop this pain and humiliation. It was up to me, but when and how could I do it? I cleansed every inch of my body. I finally felt clean. I knew I was not wrong for his actions yet I felt sorry for him. I felt sorry that he felt he needed to act this way to keep me.

I stepped from the shower and dried my body the best I could without falling over. My head was still spinning, and my flesh wounds burned as if they were on fire. I brushed through my hair untangling it as I went. I had to make myself feel better even if it was only for a split second. I gazed at my face, it was already turning black and blue. It hurt like hell and I know I would have to use lots of makeup to cover it. I fumbled my way through my makeup that I had in my purse, thank god I had some foundation. I lightened the marks as best I could and put on a little blush, taking care to blend it into my swollen redness. I knew that lipstick would only bring out the split along my mouth and I opted to leave it off.

With a towel wrapped around my torso, I walked to the kitchen and started making a pot of coffee. I sat down at the end of the table and gazed deeply at nothing. I vaguely heard the coffee pot suck it's last bit of water into the basket to perk. I walked to the cupboards and opened one, then another till I found a coffee cup. Pouring myself a cup and putting sugar and creamer into it, I walked back to the table and sat down. My mind was a fury of thoughts and feelings. I was almost numb as I relived the previous evening and today's events. I was under his power, I had given in to his every wish, I was his, and he was my master. I felt my blood run cold as I thought of my stupidity. I sipped my coffee again bringing my thoughts to much more happy times, much more happy places.

I saw him standing there across the way, his blue eyes sparkled as he looked at me. God I actually loved him, I wanted to be with him, I needed him. The front door slamming brought me painfully back to reality. I knew Mark was back and his heavy footsteps caused my heart to skip a beat and goose bumps to form on my arms.

"Well my lover, I see you have gotten up and finally taken a little time on yourself" His tone was so mean and degrading. I simply nodded and turned my attention back to my coffee. He walked around the table and grabbed a cup from the counter. He filled it and sat down beside me. I didn't want him beside me, I didn't want him anywhere near me. His sexy smile made me want to puke. I was in no mood for him or his shit.

" I told you Lisa, You will go buy a sexy slutty outfit for me today, and I will enjoy watching you model it for me tonight, Understood?" I gave him a weak smile and went to stand. He quickly pulled my arm planting me back to my original position. I shook with fear.

"I got your clothes from your uncle's place this morning and you may change and go shopping whenever you are ready." He smiled and walked into the living room. Who the hell felt like going shopping... Why the hell did he want me to look sexy when I looked like shit. I sat and nursed another cup of coffee as I thought of my escape plan. Then I remembered his warnings. I knew deep down that if I did try to run he would find me. I knew even though my uncle Tom would protect me, he couldn't protect me from him forever. God I wanted to go home, back to Pa, back to Jim and all our happy days. I cried; Sobbing hard and hurtful bursts.

My eyes felt as if someone had given me two black eyes. They were swelled badly when I looked up to see my master standing above me.

"You will clean yourself up and go shopping for something sexy. NOW!!!" I moved quickly, trying not to lose my balance as I walked to the bathroom. Splashing cold water onto my face and gazing into the mirror, I did look like shit. I knew I had to make myself presentable so that I could go shopping for my master.

He walked in and stood behind me. Wrapping him strong arms around my waist, he smiled and looked at our reflection.

"We do make a good pair don't we?" All I could do is nod. My eyes hurt and I wanted to sleep. He seemed to know everything I was thinking. He leaned over a bit and kissed me tenderly on the neck. His touches felt great. I was lost in his touches, and didn't even realize that he had removed my towel. Standing there in the buff, I gazed at my battered self in the mirror. I was black and blue, my body still welted and red from his pleasures. He had this awesome power over me, and whenever he was around that same power overtook my better judgment. I needed a shrink or something, I was ill, and he was even more sick that I was. He actually enjoyed causing pain from his so called pleasures. I wondered if I would ever understand how someone who loves you can cause pain and call it pleasure.

I dressed quickly and blended my makeup to hide the bruises on my face. I brushed my hair and walked out of the bathroom.

" You look much better, my sweet."

"Thanks, I feel a little better too." I lied. He stood and walked toward me. I trembled with fear as well as excitement. Digging into his jeans pockets, he pulled a wad of cash from deep inside. After handing me a few bills he gave me a peck on the cheek and walked away.

"Remember Lisa, you are to buy something sexy and sleazy, I want to see cleavage and I want to see alot of it." I nodded to show my understanding and reached for my purse. He grabbed my arm hard, twisting the already tender flesh as he did.

"You will come back to me, and If you run I will hunt you down like you hunt a wild animal." My voice crackled as I spoke

"Yes Master, I will buy something sexy, sleazy and just for you, and I will be back in a little bit."

He kissed me hard on the lips. My body seemed so weak and my senses where so out of control.

I stepped out onto the porch and breathed deep. I walked to the truck and climbing into the drivers' seat. My body shook as the engine turned over. I fought my natural instinct to flee as fast as I could. I knew I couldn't, or he would find me and the beating would be more severe than any before. I drove to the shopping center, which was almost 45 minutes away. I parked, and sat there. My mind was telling me to hurry up but my body was telling me to enjoy this small bit of peace and relaxation. I slowly eased my achy body out of the truck and walked into the store. I almost immediately went to the intimates department. I knew I needed something racy and wild for my master. I knew it had to knock his socks off. I browsed through the racks one by one till I found a black teddy. It was lacy and had mesh covering where the tits go. I knew he would love it. I walked to the dressing room and tried it on. It fit beautifully. I knew I had to find something else to go with it, so that I could wear it out in public for my master.

Walking to the dress section I again browsed the racks one by one. I settled on a tight mini skirt and a matching jacket. I thought it was perfect. I hoped he would like it too. I bought a new pair of boots to accent the outfit and walked back to the truck.

My heart raced as I sat behind the wheel once more.

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