tagBDSMMy Master : Nice and Hard

My Master : Nice and Hard


this girl’s Master and herself were driving out of town to stay at an old farmhouse that had been in her family for generations. After all this girl had done for her Master He decided it was time to take His slut on a mini-vacation. It was her idea to get away and see what the country life offered the two of them. her Master thought it was a splendid idea and knew right away that He could keep his cunt naked and doing chores all weekend. The only thing she was good for anyhow.

When T/they arrived in the small town her Master went into the gas station and got the key to the outdoor washroom stall. Once this girl’s Master sat in the car He dropped the keys in her lap and looked at her in her comfortable slumber. He reached over and grabbed his slut’s nipple ring to wake her up. her Master pulled on it and his cunt’s eyes opened almost instantly.

“slut, I want you to go into the bathroom and remove all of your clothing. Then you are to return this key back to the woman inside and make eye contact. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.” this cunt was very nervous and felt her cunt moisten as soon as she stepped out of the car.
Once this slut was inside the restroom she looked in the mirror and saw a person who needed a good night’s sleep to gather up her beauty once more. her short hair was up in a pony tail and she tore it out letting it fall where it may and hoping her Master wouldn’t punish her for wanting to look her best for Him.

she noticed her collar with the lock and knew this week it would not be removed from her for a second. this slut knew she’d probably remain naked for the entire week and knew she would and must see that every task He told her to do was completed with the utmost respect and honor for him. this cunt began to feel the warmth between her legs grow and quickly stripped. As soon as she saw her naked reflection staring back at herself she smiled and hurried out the door.
It was very early in the morning, maybe around 3:30 am probably closer to 4am. There was no one around as she entered the station and handed the cashier the key. The cashier turned and saw this slut naked and she looked worried and this slut made eye contact and smiled. When this cunt left she wanted to see the cashier’s face, but preferred to stay focused on the car and her Master’s face.

“Good, cunt. slut, you know that you are now to remain naked unless I tell you to dress. Correct?”

“Yes, Master.”

“How do you feel about that, cunt?”

“Anything to please you, Master.”

“That’s good, slut. Now spread your legs and place your hands behind the headrest.”

As this slut’s Master drove he had one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand tugging at this slut’s nipple ring causing her to bite down on her lip even breaking the skin and tasting blood in her mouth. He watched her move her hips and then His hand slid down her front right to her clean-shaven pussy.

“Are you wet, slave?” this girl’s face turned bright red and He asked again. “slut, are you wet?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Did I give you permission to enjoy this? you are here for My pleasure.” this girl’s Master
Pulled his hand away and pulled over to the side of the road. “Get out and lead the way, slut.”

“But Master, it’s twelve miles and it’s almost light out.”

“slut, did I ask for any information from you? No! Now walk!”

this slut got out of the car and started to walk leading the way until her Master finally pulled over and called His slut to Him. He got out of the car and pushed her to her knees.
“Please your Master!”

this slut began to unzip her Master’s pants and felt His hard cock growing underneath her hands as she pulled it to her mouth. At first she kissed the head of the cock showing it love and affection for her Master and then her tongue dragged down the shaft and her hand cradled His balls. this cunt began to tug at them as her mouth devoured her Master’s large cock.

she felt him harden in her mouth getting ready for him to cum down her throat but He pulled her up by her hair and turned her around. her ass was facing her Master’s cock and He bent her over making her head rest on the hood of his hot car.

her Master spread His hand all over her wet soaking pussy and dragged the juices back to her ass. her Master began spanking her ass cheeks with the paddle He took out of the car with him. His cunt received ten hits on each cheek. Nice and hard - the only way to do it. It was her Master’s motto.

He placed His large cock near her orifice and slammed right into her tight ass almost cumming instantaneously from the tightness. her Master slammed her tight ass once and then twice and then three times. Each time harder and spanking her ass with each thrust causing more pain for His cunt and more pleasure for Him as He felt her tense up.

her Master pulled her up and fucked her ass until He came nice and hard into His slut’s tight little ass. His slut still had no release because He never gave her permission. this slut wondered if this week would continue in this fashion. this slut knew her Master’s rules and should’ve followed them. He lead her back to the car holding her hair in a tight fist. He threw her in and got in on the other side.

“Assume your position, slut.” this girl’s legs opened wide and her hands raised above the headrest. her ass hurt even on these cushioned seats, but she didn’t complain. this slut knew she was wrong and dreaded as well as dreamed of the upcoming events that would follow in the next week.

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