tagBDSMMy Master: Pain & Pleasure

My Master: Pain & Pleasure


this slut walked to her Master’s door afraid and exhilarated on the lesson she would learn today. she had hoped she would please him properly and that He wouldn’t be too angry with her or cause her too much pain. But she knew she was His and whatever He chose to do was what would be done. this slut couldn’t bare to lose her Master. she had almost lost Him once when He had come home early and caught His slut pleasuring His cunt without His approval.

her Master opened the door and watched as she removed the trench coat He had instructed her to wear over at all times. her Master even made his slut leave work with the trench coat on and nothing beneath it, but either a torture device or the collar. When this slut saw her Master her eyes met the ground and so did her knees and hands.

her Master stood aside and ordered her to come in and stop by the glass coffee table. Once His slut was inside and the door was bolted and locked His slut spread her legs and lowered her head to the carpeted floor awaiting inspection.

“Stand up, slut. your cunt deserves no attention today. I saw you as you crossed the street. Looking at the men wondering if they would fuck my cunt if they knew how bare and wet it was.” this slut stood up and placed her hands behind her back looking downward knowing in her heart she was wet and wondered the same very thing her Master was accusing her of, but how did He know.

He reached behind Himself and behind Him on the shelf was nipple clamps. He looked at his slut and saw her cunt moist between her legs. He smiled and attached one clamp to the left and one to the right.

“slut, I want your arms behind your head and your back arched.” The chain that attached the clamps hit up against this sluts abdomen and her Master pulled hard on the chain and she followed Him to His spare room. Hanging from the ceiling was a spreader bar with cuffs attached.

“Get in the middle of the room, whore!” this slut walked obediently to the middle of the room and awaited your instructions. “Hang on tight, whore. Spread those legs as well. W/we can’t have you manipulating yourself like last time. Can we?” this slut remained silent not knowing for sure if her Master wanted her to speak. “slut, answer Me!”

“No, Master.”

“That’s right.” her Master said as He began to tie her legs apart to the floor below her. this slut had seen a candle lit as T/they walked into the room. her Master walked near it but came back with a couple of weights. He attached one and then another watching His cunt’s face as He did so. He heard her moaning and grabbed His Cat-o-Nine Tails from the wall and hit her breasts with it.

“Did I tell you that you could moan, slut?”

“No, Master.” this slut whispered and you hit this cunts breasts again.

“Speak up, slut.”

“No, Master. You did not tell this slut that she could moan.”

“Exactly because you are mine, slut. I tell you what to do and how.” her Master looked at her
and sighed. “slut, I saw you stare at ten men outside. So I will double that and you will get twenty blows on each breast. What other tortures I will do to you will be the same as well.” her Master watched His slut’s eyes and pulled her chin upward. “Understand, slut?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, slut.”

her Master hadn’t even finished his last word before he swung at her breast causing her to jerk back which made her nipples feel like they would be torn off. He swung and hit her. Each hit causing another sting and another welt on her breasts. this slut’s milky white skin was now bright red and burning with a sensation for her Master to touch and massage them.

this slut took her punishment and felt the wetness of her Master’s cunt dripping between her legs. this slut had hoped her Master would overlook it, but He had seen it before she had felt it. her Master removed the weights and she bit her lip not wanting her Master to hear her scream. He removed her nipple clamps and then smacked them watching them jiggle as He did.

Then this slut’s Master turned to the two candles He had behind Himself lit especially for her. The candles smelt of fresh leather and He turned to this slut and turned the candle onto it’s side letting it slowly drip onto his slut’s nipple. this slut threw back her head and her Master put down the candle and pulled her head forward.

“slut, you will watch your punishments and know what to expect next time your cunt gets wet for any other besides Me and whom I tell it to moisten for. Am I making myself clear, slut?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good! Then watch, slut!”

this slut watched as her Master grabbed the rope hanging by the door off the hook. He came back over to this slut and started to wrap it around her torso under her breasts. The He brought it to her right breast and began to wrap it around the breast making it nice and tight. her Master then brought the rope up and around the back of her neck and did the same to her left. this slut watched her Master as He left her to stew for awhile. this slut’s tits were getting so hot she almost attempted to scream for him to come and release her, but she knew it would be worse so she waited for Him to return.

Once her Master returned he resumed with the candles and began to pour the hot wax all over this slut’s breasts and she watched intently as He let it slowly drip over one nipple and then the next. this slut’s nipples burnt and her tits were hot she was relieved when her Master undid them. He looked at his slut and began to fondle her breasts pulling and tugging at her nipples making her squeal.

this slut’s Master went to his drawer and pulled out a cock gag. He shoved it deep into this slut’s mouth and then continued to pinch her nipples. her Master wiped off the wax after it was cooled down and He bit her nipple making this slut moan louder behind the gag.

When He heard his cunt moaning He smacked her breasts harder and attached steel clothespins. He figured she needed time to think about what she had done wrong so her Master left to attend to some chores and figured she could be trusted tied up and gagged, but should have a blindfold.

After placing the blindfold over this slut’s eyes her Master pretended to leave, but instead stayed and watched her with her tits all discolored and full of pain. He walked up to this slut’s body and began to increase the pressure on her nipples and then pulled them off nice and fast rubbing them once the steel clothespins were gone.

As this slut stood there not knowing what was going to happen next her Master pulled out a suction device used for the whole areola part of the nipple. He applied the suction device to her left breast and started to suck all of the air out or the tube. Then He used this same procedure to the right breast and left the device sit on her breasts watching her squirm beneath his eyes. He wanted to fuck her between her breasts making her feel the pain as He made his slut squeeze her own tits together.

this slut’s Master smiled and watched her as He sat across the room wanting His slut more now than ever, but knew she needed to learn a lesson. A slut is a slut, but she needs to stay faithful to her Master. Maybe going to work with her tits in those tight bras she chooses would remind her cunt that it belongs to one man. her Master.

her Master walked over to her and removed the suction device and saw her shoulders relax. He then untied her legs and then her hands. When her Master removed the blindfold and gag this slut dropped to the floor and assumed the same position that she did in the front room.

this slut’s ass was raised high and her head rested on the ground. her Master attached a leash and pulled her into the front room and made her kneel at His feet.

“Now, slut, will you have wandering eyes any longer?”

“No, Master.”

“If you do you can forget any pleasure and any more pain. I will release you and those men can use you worse then I ever do, slut. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good,slut. Now remove My cock from these pants and I want my slut to fuck It with her sore breasts.” this slut unbuttoned her Master’s pants and then unzipped them. her Master’s cock was already halfway to being hard and when she saw it she looked up at her Master.

“May this slut kiss Your cock, Master?”

“Isn’t that the normal procedure, slut? Yes, you may.” this slut kisses the head of her Master’s cock and then grabs her breasts and wraps them around His cock. His warmth and wetness turns her on so much that she forgets the soreness. this slut just wants to please her Master anyway she can.

this slut began to pump her Master’s cock between her sore tits and almost cried at the pain they were in. her Master grabbed her hair and pulled tightly as she felt him harden more and she awaited for Him to take her and rape her as he had on many occasions before.

this slut kept pumping His cock knowing He was going to cum all over her body pretty soon. this slut opened her mouth incase she needed to catch some of the cum. her Master’s cock expanded a little more and then exploded onto her chest and some on her chin.

her Master instructed her to go and clean up her mess in the den and then she was to leave and ride a bus home without washing any of His cum off of her body. her Master told her she should be proud and grateful for the treatment He had given her today.

As this slut stepped onto the bus she looked down and saw her Master’s cum on her chest and smiled. this slut would go to retrieve her car from her Master’s house in the morning and make Him breakfast in bed.

she was very lucky He didn’t turn her away after the last time she was bad. this slut knew her breasts were going to hurt in her bra tomorrow, but she knew her Master wouldn’t have it any other way. she needed to be taught a lesson and He taught her every time. He showed his slut many things and she couldn’t wait to get home and tell Him that she made it safe and sound.

Maybe He would tell her she could touch His cunt and maybe He would tell her she couldn’t touch it for anything other than shaving or wiping after using the washroom. Maybe He wouldn’t even give her that privilege. But this slut knew He cared about His cunt and wanted her to be only His. If He needed to give her pain to teach his slut then so be it - He would. His cunt. His slut. His whore. That’s all she was to Him and that was all that she wanted it to be. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just His whore for Him to test.

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by Anonymous10/17/17

This could definitely use some work

I’m definitely going to have to agree with the previous comment. You should have definitely been much more creative with her title. I mean even if you just would have called her “Slut” that would’vemore...

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