tagBDSMMy Master's Approval

My Master's Approval


Always ready to mix things up I am more then willing to place my trust in my master...

I dress so slowly knowing you enjoy watching my transition from a mistress to your slave. Each article of clothing I slide on serves to titillate and excite us both. I feel the biting edge of being a mistress replaced by my trust in you... knowing you would never push too far or place me in harms way.

My collar is the crowning glory to the outfit of your submissive. Knowing once the leather has been secured my will is no longer my own. I live only for you, to do your bidding, and please you above all else.

I shiver as the cool smooth leather strap sliding behind my head as the chilled buckle clinks as I begin to secure it. Almost gone...free will...replaced by my complete trust in you.

I am now complete...my skin is now electric...I want you to touch me and let me know I am satisfying you, living up to your standards. The look on your face is an approving one.

I strut proudly for you. The low edge of my garters pulling at the hem of my dress as I walk the roundness of my ass just visible at the apex of each step...it's now time to go... a handsome and extremely sexy couple ready for anything.

Once in the car you continue to tell me how my evening is to go...

I can see only you unless you allow me to see the others around us. As far as I am concerned they may well be a potentials master or slaves at any moment. As we approach the valet you tell me to say and do anything to make the young man pant for me.

"you are to show him your pussy as you exit the car, then just before he enters the car, you will grab his cock and tell him "If you take good care of our car, I have a very nice tip for you later"

"yes master..." I reply in a slow seductive cadence.

My mind momentarily slips from slave to seductress. He holds the door for me as he has been trained to do I do not try to pull down the hem of my skirt as I slide first one leg then followed by the other from the low front seat. The valet gets a total eyeful of my shaved slit as he offers me his hand to stand.

As I slide across his body my breasts brushing against his arm my hand reaches down stroking his crotch I whisper my offer of a wonderful tip but flustered and excited the best he can manage is a stammered and swallow. With a soft croaked out "yes mam.." Our car so slowly pulls away and I look at you, smiling, waiting to see if it pleased you. Your laugh brings about my own. You come close to me your breath warm and soft on my cheek...my nipple aching for your touch. A soft caress and kiss on my cheek tells me you are very pleased. I can hear a familiar sound as you pull my leash from your pockets and the faint "click click" and slight pull of weight at my collar tells me that I am ready to enter the restaurant.

"Remain behind me at all times."

"Yes, Master" I reply as we approach the entrance to the restaurant. I feel that moments hesitation deep inside me. Where I am ashamed to stand like this with the collar on the leash on...this slutty outfit...I feel and suppress my desire to run...run back to the car and hide... but the slight tug at my throat cracks me back to my surreal world and I find myself walking faster towards the door. Head held high deliberate and confident in my steps. I want every man to wish his hand holds my leash and every woman desire to trade places with me.

We enter the restaurant. The Maitre'D tell us our table is ready and as requested it is the back of the room. You've asked for this because you wanted to walk me thru the entire room for everyone to see your slave.

I feel the gazes on my body like a warm breeze, the murmurs never quite understandable with the exception of the occasional "oh my god" "can you believe this?" drifting out.

A man's voice can be distinctly heard in the quiet din saying "Man now that is the way a woman should be treated" the slap heard must have been the reaction of his date followed by the scraping of a chair and hurried footstep as a woman in heels leaves the restaurant.

It doesn't really matter what I see around me following your strong back to the table. It almost seems like slow motion watching your shoulders sway and your ass wiggle as you walk...I want to reach out and touch you...let you know how much I love watching you move. But it is not my place. For now only your desires remain paramount for me.

We arrive at our table, which is arranged so we sit next to each other facing the room, so anyone who wants to can watch us.

You order a bottle of wine which we begin to enjoy as our waiter arrives. He is a young muscular, good looking man who is very turned on by my appearance and is having trouble concentrating on our order. He is staring at my collar and I forget myself for a moment and stare longingly down at the bulge of his cock in his pants. I lick my lips involuntarily and he gasps lightly.

I feel your hand slide between my legs and I brace myself for some kind of punishment...I wasn't given permission to entice this handsome waiter nor let him know my heat for him.

Instead I feel your fingers caress my pussy lips. My head drops back involuntarily. I suppress my moan by biting my lower lip I look at you my eyes tell you every movement of your hand has me closer and closer to my explosion.

The waiter finishes taking our order and almost trips as he turns to leave. Again we smile because we love seeing people react to our game.

We continue our conversation with your hand not having left my pussy yet. I can hardly see now I begin to lose focus I can only feel your fingers stroking me I can hardly concentrate on anything you are saying.

"I asked you how does your pussy feel now, my bitch?" you whisper into my ear your breath making me shiver and refocus on you.

"It feels soo good, Master...Ahhhhhhhhhhh yesssss!!" and as I say that you make me cum. I can't seem to talk again for a few minutes.

All heads seem to turn and I can feel the flush of red climb high into my cheeks. so many people glancing at us I try with all my might to try and stifle my reactions to cumming for you.

I shudder and close my eyes... Once the throbs and spasms recede I find myself looking at the eyes of the appreciative audience before me. I am glad they enjoyed it but I want you to know just how wonderful that felt.

I lean over and kiss your lips slowly at first darting my tongue teasingly along your bottom lip until I feel your lips part. Now my kisses are more searching and deliberate. Passion in every hungered moment of my kiss I want you and I want my kiss to convey all that and more.

My pussy throbs as you say, "we are just warming up. ."

The waiter returns with our dinner, stammering as he tries to make small talk that would allow him to stay there beside me. I smile at him a knowing seductive glance that seems to cry out...you may well get lucky tonight.

"Are you enjoying the power I am allowing you to have tonight?"

" oh yes master...it makes me so hot knowing I am pleasing you...everything that's happening and pleasing you makes me so excited."

You kiss on my hand makes me catch me breath my nerves are all a quiver for your touch I want nothing more then to feel you touch me. After you kiss my hand you lead it down beneath the table to your cock...

"Oh yes..." I think to myself. The glee I feel is so easily read on my face. Finally able to touch you. "Mmmmmmmmmm, now that is a real prize....thank you master."

"It will be yours, bitch, if you do well tonight!!" I can't hide the ever widening smile on my face.

As dinner is finished and the table is cleared, "are ready for dessert?"

"Yes I am Master. I'm ready for anything you desire." I watch as you get up from the booth, grabbing my collar you force me up from my seat.

"Now my little slut! It's time for you to show these people just what you are!!!" I feel it again...the redness in my cheeks...the fear of my limits...

A brief thought, "Honey...please no..." but shyly, softly, quietly, my voice catches in my thoat, "Yes sir." I panic a bit I knew immediately it wasn't loud enough.

"what did you say?!"

"Yes, Master." More loudly this time.

As more people hear this they turn to see what is happening.

"I think you should be disciplined for not speaking up, turn around and bend over using the table." I obey. I feel you lifting my skirt...my ass hanging out for all to see. I hear the sound of the men and women around us.

Each time your palm hits the soft round skin of my ass I find myself jumping slightly but at the same time my pussy throbs and begins to drip down my thighs.

"Please fuck me master I need it I need your cock deep inside me..." I feel you pulling my leash with each swat.

"Before I do that, I am going to give you your dessert" you call over the waiter. I smile as I see him approach.

"Sit down" you tell him, which he does immediately. You pull my leash and place me before the bulge in his pants. I can smell his need. I can feel his heat. I want to suck him hard and fast, please you and show you how well I can swallow him down.

"take it out, slut" show me what you can do with this boy's cock.". The waiter seems worried. He's worried... I am not... I know my abilities. I am going to make sure the waiter enjoys it and you too my master I think to myself.

His cock is long but not too thick...it so easily slip down my throat and to hear him groan and feeling him shudder takes me close to cumming. I feel my master's hand heating up my ever-reddening ass cheeks makes me want to swallow this man deeper.

The boy can't take it...the pleasure is too great and I feel his legs shake and his balls tighten. I feel he shaft twitch and throb as his cum shoots deep down my throat. Cumming right there hard and long.

I continue to suck him...softly cleaning his cock. I feel your fingers in my hair and you pull me up. I wince slightly as you push and bend me over the table.

"OMG!!! Bitch your pussy is so fucking hot, NOW FUCK ME HARD!!" I love when you reach this kind of fevered pitch...I lift my ass higher for you and slam back against your balls.

I beg, "fuck me baby...fuck me hard and deep...show everyone in this room that I am your bitch, my master!"

"I love showing what my slut can do." Your hands on my hips pulling me hard, the feel of your cock between my soaking wet pussy lips causes undulating waves of pleasure. Please don't stop is all I can think over and over again.

Bracing against the table, knowing you are gonna slam me like I ask, I get ready.

I lose control of everything, bucking wildly and scream loudly, "Yes!! Yes!! I want you master fuck me I want to take all of you!!!!"

I feel it. You are close. I can't wait for you to fill my pussy with you hot sticky cum. When you finally cum you explode inside me with such force I feel you splashing deep within my walls. We both fall into the table. As you continue pounding through your orgasm I can't help but cum over and over, wanting more and more!!

Slowly we come down from our sexual high and begin to separate from each other.

I know what you want...you push me down and tell me to clean your cock. I love the taste of our mingled juices. I look up and smile as I work I love knowing your watching me.

Once finished, we clean up and walk out the door with my leash once more in your hand. I strut proudly for you like a good slave does for her master.

We give the ticket to the valet and when he returns, ask him if he has earned his tip. He nervously responds that he parked in a special place and made sure he checked it every ten minutes.

I look to you as to whether this boy deserves such a generous tip. Your smile and nod immediately sends me to my knees before the boy. I proceed to give him the best blow job he has ever and will ever have.

As I finish with him I leave him with his cock hanging out, I stand up, kiss him. Letting him taste his cum on my lips and get into the car.

We drive home, laughing and reliving everything we did, which of course makes us so hot by the time we get home, we are ready for more...

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