tagBDSMMy Master's Bitch Ch. 02

My Master's Bitch Ch. 02


I get back in the car, so cold from the cold water in the gas station and the night air. I have the coat wrapped around me, just trying to warm myself. I say to you as you wrap the leash around the head rest again, "Thank you Master for allowing me to wash myself."

Your reply to that being, "If you were really thankful cunt, you wouldn't have that coat on, now would you? You'd be the good, little whore you're meant to be and you'd be on all fours and naked, your pussy on display for me to see as you were before I needed to pull over and piss-punish you. Do it now!" I pull the coat off and get back into the positioning you desire as you start the car and pull away. As we're pulling out of the lot, I see the gas station attendant gaping in the windows. I'm so humiliated, I turn my face towards the seat. "Look at me bitch, don't you dare turn your face into that seat. And do not act modest. You're such a whore your pussy pushed up, spread open for all to see. You loved that he saw you."

I whimper, "No master, my pussy, my body is just for you, only for you. I'm yours."

"Yes, you are mine, which means I decide who your pussy, mouth, all of you is for, not you bitch!"

"Yes, master. Thank you, Master for reminding me that all of me is yours to do with it what you please."

You just glance over at me and say "Now slide your middle and index finger of your right hand deep in that wet cunt and leave them there, don't move... and Do Not Cum!!!" I obey your command. It's agony, but I do it to please you. I do not move, I do not moan and I do not cum. The bumps in the road making it even harder to sit still.

The drive lasts for another 15 minutes, at least. I can see the outline of your cock through your pants. My body cramping from staying in the position you have me in, my pussy aching from the car's movements making my fingers move ever so slightly and all I can think of is whether you'll allow me to suck your cock, lick your ass and balls. Wonder if you'll allow me to taste more of your cum tonight. Wanting you so badly. Hoping there's still a chance you'll fuck me, driving your hard cock deep inside of me.

After what seems like forever in silence, you pull onto a dark street and park. Without saying a word, you get out of the car and come around to my side. You open the door and I sense you standing behind me. "Remove your fingers slut and lick them clean."

"Thank you, Master for allowing me to lick my juices from my fingers." Still on my feet and hands backwards, my belly pushed upwards, the cold air from the open door hardening my nipples. I feel one hand on my breast, squeezing and pulling out until it hurts, your fingers twisting my hard nipple, your other hand pulling my head all the way back, making me dizzy because I'm now looking upside down from the car.

I hear you say, "Such a good slut for not moaning or cumming, do you want to suck your Master's cock?" As I open my eyes, I see you holding your rock, hard cock in my face, glistening at the tip is one beautiful drop of pre-cum. My mouth waters.

"Yes please, Sir, may I please suck your cock?"

"Yes you may. Be a good little whore and suck me well, my cunt. I give you permission to moan, for now." I open my mouth wide, my tongue stretching out, licking the pre-cum into my mouth. Moaning, relishing the taste of you. Opening my mouth wide again, you push your hips forward, you cock sliding over my lips deeply into my mouth. I gag and you pull back, strings of my spit stretched from my lips to your cock as you pull your cock all the way out, just to plunge it slowly all the way back in, over and over again. My moans increasing as you go deeper each time. Going deep into my mouth, my throat, holding yourself deep in the squeeze of my throat, pulling out over my lips so that I can catch my breath, just to slide back in. I can feel your cock getting harder and harder, as you fuck my mouth faster and faster, my face and your cock covered in my spit. "Such a good girl, keep sucking me, suck me in my good little slut." I hear your voice getting deeper, huskier. I know it's only moments before I taste your cum. I moan louder at the thought. My pussy juices dripping down my thighs from the feeling of you face fucking me. The pain and twisting stops on my nipples and I hear you spit, the warmth of your spit mixing with the juices of my cunt, I thrust my hips higher as I feel your fingers thrust into my wet cunt. "Do Not Cum bitch. This is for me not you." As your cock goes deeper and faster in my mouth, your fingers fuck me harder and harder, it's all I can do not to cum, but I don't.

You pull your cock all the way out. I moan from the absence of it, begging, "Please Master, please may I please suck your cock more," "I don't want to cum yet bitch, suck my balls for now, maybe if you do it well, I'll let you have my cock again." You stretch my neck back even farther, let go of my hair for a moment to release your balls from your pants, my mouth sliding over them the second they're free. Sucking them into my mouth, sucking gently, from one side to the other, then both in my mouth, sliding my tongue over them. You pull them out and I take long licks from your ass to your balls, sucking them in each time. You stay close enough that my tongue can reach your ass. "Please may I lick your ass, Sir."

"yes slut, you may." Your balls resting on my face, your hand stroking your cock, my tongue reaching back, the tip sliding in your ass, I hear you moan and I want to go deeper. I do go deeper. Sliding my tongue in and out of your ass.

"Thank you Master, you taste so good." I can hear my own juices so loudly as you continue slamming your fingers in and out of me, every 30 seconds or so your thumb sliding over my hard clit, making me cry out. Making you remind me, "Do not cum!". I'm so close, the taste, feel and smell of your balls in my mouth and the feel of your fingers driving in and out is making it so hard to hold back and then I feel your fingers leave me, I whimper and moan, Thank you Master for finger fucking me.

I feel both of your hands holding my head, your fingers on either side of my jaws, your thumbs behind my head "Oh you fucking cunt, I'm going to come, open your mouth wider bitch." You ram your cock deep in my throat and I feel your cum explode deep in my, pumping down my throat. As your pumping your load deep in my throat, I hear you groaning with each thrust. You pull back enough for me to breathe. I can feel your cock throbbing on my tongue, the last of your cum spilling out in my mouth. You pull back, sliding your cock back over my head. I see you undoing the leash from around the back of the seat. Holding it in your hand you step back. "Such a good slut, My whore does know how to suck my cock well. Get out and get on your knees in front of me my sweet cunt. Reach up and put your Masters cock away."

"Thank you, Master" I reach up and gently place your cock back in your pants, closing your pants after. Kneeling on the ground, naked, spread and aching, I await your next command. "Lick yourself off my hand, suck my fingers, like you sucked my cock whore." "Thank you Master. Thank you for letting me clean your hand."

Pulling on the leash, you lift me up. "Stand back up my whoring pet, put your slip back on. Standing back up, I slide the slip on from the ground, the straps back over my shoulders. You close the car door and without a word and with me in just my slip, and heels, my juices still covering my thighs, walk me up the walkway of a house I do not recognize. Walking up the front steps, we reach a large door. You stop me. Walk behind me and slide the slip off my shoulders. It slides to the ground. Your hands come around me from behind, I'm expecting a hard squeeze, but worse is you just brush over my nipples with your palms, making my nipples hard and taut. You raise you fingers to my mouth, "Lick them bitch, get your spit all over them". I obey. Once your fingers are wet and covered with my spit, you go back to tormenting my breasts. Your wet fingers pinching and twisting my hard nipples. Your other hand reaches down between my legs from behind. Spreading my thighs wider. The back of your hand just brushing over my wide open and dripping slit. I feel your lips kiss my shoulder, the back of my neck, my jaw line. Your warm breathe on my neck makes me tremble. You see this and though I can't see you, I know you're smiling. Then I hear you whisper in my ear, "You're so wet my good little whore. How badly do you need to cum, slut?"

"Oh Master so, badly, I need to cum so badly. May I please, please squirt for you Master, please."

"I had what I needed for now bitch... it wouldn't be for me it would be for you, you greedy cunt. So, no, you may not cum. I just wanted to hear how badly you needed to before we go inside. Hands behind your back, bitch." I feel you placing leather cuffs over my wrists, tightening them and then attaching my collar and the cuffs tightly together, so my arms are pulled back. Still whispering softly in my ear, "Now shut your fucking whore mouth, lower your eyes."

"Yes Master. Thank you for binding my hands Master." "You can thank me properly inside by being the good whore I've trained you to be and doing everything you are commanded to do without the least bit of hesitation. Can you do that for me my good little girl, no matter what I ask of you?"

"Yes master, if it will please you, yes Master."

" Good girl, we will see if you're being honest for me." You come back around the front of me, raising my face with your warm hands, looking into my eyes, a slight smile croses your face. You kiss my cheek, the corner of my mouth. Your mouth covering mine, I moan as your tongue slides into mine. I get lost in your deep kiss and then you pull back, I whimper at the loss of your touch. "You know you are my good little whore, all of you. I own you my beautiful little slut, yes?"

"Yes Master, I am yours, Sir. You own me."

"Be a good whore, lower your eyes again." I do. I hear you knock on the door. It opens, you walk me in by the leash. I see a room of about 20 people, men and women. You tug on my leash and bark, "Keep your eyes down, my whore. Knees!"

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